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hello hello hello everybody my name is Steve Ford welcome to your English

lesson do you need English for you work do you sometimes get nervous when you're

speaking to native speakers do you feel that sometimes you get stuck tongue-tied

you freeze when you want to say something if this is you you're not

alone and I hope that with this lesson you're

going to learn some new phrases so that you don't get stuck you don't get

tongue-tied you don't freeze and I hope that you remember these phrases for the

rest of your life so let's go bring me up to speed

give me a rundown well do we stand where are we at keep me in the loop keep me

posted everybody on the same page let's touch

base sometime next week well the first few phrases that we're going to be

talking about today are often asked by someone who is in charge of the team

someone who is a boss a manager when they are asking for updates and this

first one is one of my favorite ones bring me up to speed

can you bring me up to speed on the project for example this simply means

can you give me an update other ways of asking it where do we stand with the

project or where are we at with the project you can use all of these when

you're asking for updates and sound like a native speaker the next one is to

praise someone a job well done other ways that you can say the same thing or

hear the same thing great awesome well done Congrats wonderful fantastic

just like sometimes we give positive support by praising people we can also

show our sympathy a general one would be ah that's too bad

you could also say what a shame and what a pity

just make sure that you note that what a shame is more American and what a pity

is more British you're not going to hear that in these parts if you say what a

pity asking for a summary I have a really good one here for you which is

can you give me a rundown can you give me a rundown you can also say can you

give me an overview can you give me an outline now if you're working with

someone and you want to show your support there are a few phrases that you

can use I'm sure that things will work out I'm sure that we can fix this next

when you're wrapping up a meeting when you're finishing a meeting when you're

saying goodbye to someone and you want to ask for future updates keep those

updates coming there are a few ways you can say it too you could say keep me in

the loop keep me posted let's touch base okay so now we're going

to listen to a model dialogue hi Jason hi Dave where are you guys out with the

Italian contract to tell you the truth I'm not sure we're gonna get it really

yeah it's been a huge letdown for the whole team I mean we worked so hard to

win these guys over well I'm sure it'll work out let me know if there's anything

I can do from my end actually I was planning on meeting with them later this

week great just let me know when you have a day figured out I'll see if I can

come okay everybody I hope that this lesson was useful for you to see how you

can learn and use new vocabulary at work so that you can boost your

self-confidence so that you can feel more comfortable that's the most

important thing I will be posting a quiz to remember all of this vocabulary all

of these phrases if you need private lessons I teach a lot of business

students one-to-one and you can contact me at the link below

this video and I hope to see you in our next lesson bye for now

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