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After a month we're leaving Ecuador and entering Peru

It's my second visit in this country

I'll show you the procedure for crossing the border in Latin America, it consist of 4 steps

Step 1: on the departure you should take a stamp

New stamp in my passport

Step 2: Give back the temporary import papers (for the motorbike) at the customs office

Step 3: Get the passport stamp on the entrane

"Janiszewski, and the camera you have, how much does it cost?"

Step 4: Preparing import paperwork for the motorbike at the customs office

Step 4 was done unusually fast, without any fotocopies or hustle

So now you can see that crossing the border with a motorbike is quite easy, just takes some time

Here's quite expensive piece of paper, a montly incurance for 35 dollars

Mancora 1321 kms to Lima

So I'll tell you something about tuk-tuk, how does the tuk-tuk looks like?

Tuk-tuk is basically a three wheel motorbike with a roof

Tuk-tuk contains a half of a motorbike and the passengers section

To make one you need a saw and cut it in the half

Mileage for this one is 194 kms

So I'm leaving Mancora and heading to Piura

Nuro, 1299 kms to Lima

So we're going to swim with turtles right now

I found one dirt road which took me on this little plateau

Can't see anything, can't hear nothing

Let's see what happens when I drop it inside

Now I'm going to do an experiment, I'm going to see how deep this hole is

So I need another rock and a stopwatch

4 seconds (in perfect conditions an object falling down for 4 seconds will cover 78 meters)

"I'm travelling from Mexico to Argentina, through all Latin America"

Piura, 1136 kms to Lima

So we're here in Piura, northern Peru

And we're heading to Lima

This globe has 40 years, the countries are not exact anymore

So I'm leaving Piura and starting my 4 hour trip on the desert

So I made myself a little brake, just to let the engine cool down a little bit

Chiclayo, 926 kms to Lima

Huanchaco, 722 kms to Lima

Hunchaco, preparations for the Christmas Eve

Huanchaco, Christmas Eve

I'm in Huanchaco and I'm ready for the beautiful mountain road to Huaraz

So I need to do a quick fix for my motorbike, there are some problems with the chains cover, the box needs to be adjusted a little bit

I'm in Yuracmarca and was attacked by a bunch of drunken, dressed like women guys

They made me to buy them beer, initially they wanted 6 bottles but we settled on one

They keep bugging me, it's better to buy them the beer

- My name is Edgar - And my name is Juan Carlos

So they figured out that they can offer me also a dance with a guy dressed like women, just for 6 bottles of beer

Now they call me a friend, I have money so they call me a friend

- One beer please (Sounds of disappointment)

Canon del Plato, one of the most beautiful roads in 14000 kms of travels

When entering the tunnel you are supposed to honk, honk before and inside the tunnel

Tunnels are long, dark and narrow so the honking is the only way to let other drivers know that you are close

Huaraz, 397 kms to Lima, 3052 m above the sea level

I'm starting the Santa Cruz trek in Cordillera Blanca

We're here and going there, somewhere in the middle I'll set my first camp

The second camp will be after the pass and on the third day I'll go down to Vaqeria

Where I'll catch a bus back to Huaraz just for the New Years Eve

So I meet the first animal during my trek

Cordillera Blanca during the rainy season

I'm at the Punta Union pass, 4750 m above the sea level, the biggest point of Santa Cruz trek

It wasn't easy to get here but finally made it and now it's going to be downhill

Nice lake here, here are some nice mountains (photo), but the rainy season makes hard to see it all

New Years eve in Huaraz, 3 hours left to midnight and we're looking for some friends

New Years Eve party with climberes

After a week here in Huaraz and the mountains around I'm ready to take off to Lima, the trip should only take 2 days

And Lima is quite nice destination itself but you'll learn why just in a moment

Huacho, 130 kms to Lima

This is my second visit in Lima, the first time I came here in 2013, traveling from the south, Ushuaia in Argentina

In the meantime I went back to Poland, travelled to the USA and Mexico, bought this marvelous motorbike and came all way down to here again

Through Central America, Darien Gap, Colombia and Ecuador

Thanks to my second visit in Lima I was able to cover whole Latin America from south to north, from Ushuaia to Tijuana in Mexico

One stage is over, the other one begins because it seems that my adventure in Latin America is going to be much bigger than these 11 months

In the meantime we're going even further, not sure where and for how long

But definitely I'll see you later in new episodes of Latino Soap Opera, wish me a good trip!

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