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The Wifes secret

Episode 07

Minglang, Lily



Minglang, Lily

Lily, wake up


You cant tell Li Tian the truth

You know?

If he finds out

He is not our biological son

He wont treat Minglang well

And he wont treat us well

We raised him 18 years for nothing?

No, this cant be happen

He is an adult now

We shouldnt keep it from him

Why is that?

If you dont say it, I dont say it

No one will know

Im telling you

This thing we should keep it between us

If his mother treated him well

Li Tian wont grow up like this

He was born healthy

She ignored him, turned him into a cripple

I hate to be your hypocritical brother

I want to be your real enemy

Li Minglang

What does this mean

My right eyelid keep junping, and I got burnt

Are those signs of ill omen?

Ning Xia, Ning Xia

Get up yet?

Ning Xia

Ning Xia, Ning Xia

What happened, Aunt Hong?

Ning Xia, are you okay?

What could happened to me?

Good, good. Thats good

Ning Xia, no matter what happened

Be good to yourself

Wait for a second

Youve been working hard

Go to the supermarket

And buy some snacks and beverage

And the money left is yours

Ning Xia, I dont mind hard working

As long as youre happy

Ning Xia

I want to ask you something


Do you remember your little sister?

I keep thinking

Where could she be

Little sister

I remember I have an elder brother

But, now he is somewhere far away

What happened?


Come to eat

Here, come

I am thrilled and up for the whole night

Caocao, look

Is that Lilys car?

Its Lilys car

Today we will restart our factory

I think she must arrived here early

Look, Minglang is with her

Thats nice

Lets go, time for work

Lets go


Wake up, Minglang, wake up

Someone, help



Tell me why

Why you helped your brother?

What if he fall down from the floor

And got limp like you did

What should we do?

Li Tian wouldnt be a cripple

If his mother took care of him

He was born healthy

Now he is disabled

Come in everyone

We need your help

Here, my workmates

Wait a minute

They are people from Lis to help us

If theres anything

Please help them



Okay, we need 3 shifts a day

as from today

We hope you can do your best

and work hard

to rush out this order

Please help us

We appreciate your hard work

Thank you

Lets start to work

Okay, go


Do you know

Where did Lily go?

Im wondering of that

I called her several times

But she didnt answer any of it

Is it possible that something happened to her

Dont say that

She wont

God will reward the kind people

Heres the thing

The finance told me

Lily offered my Yunduo an education subsidy

It will be paid by month

Is it true?

I dont know how can I thank her

Lily is so kind

Its great

Can you do me favor?

Please thank her for me when you see her

No problem, leave it to me


- I will go back to work okay

Remember it

Of course

Why are you keep walking around in front of me

Cant you just sit there?

How can I sit there

Im so worried

Li Tian

Did you get ready for the presentation in the afternoon?

Its all set

What presentation?

We cant even find Minglang


Actually, I was looking for him too

But he wont answer my call

So you stop calling?

Give up when you cant find him?

Keep looking

Maybe call the police?


Right, call the police

I dont think now is that serious


Dont make things big

Minglang is an adult

Give them some space

Dont push them too hard

What do you mean?

You think I am a trouble for him?

Thats okay

Go out and take a stroll

Then come back

He cant stay out the whole night

Now the youth like to be leave alone

The world is just about them two

Without mom keep nagging by his side

They feel peace and quiet

Peace, right he got peace

Dont he know

His mom is worrying about him?

Right, you remind me

I saw Lily asked Minglang

to give her a massage that day

So I said something to her

Do you think

Lily is a narrow-minded woman

So she called Minglang out

and hide from us?

Look, look at you

You monitored them secretly

and scared them away?

Why you said that?

Monitored them secretly?

Tell me. is the any mother

Who wouldnt care about their children?

I watch her

So she wont make mistake

They are together and alone

What if she got pregnant

What shall we do at that time?

Leave this to their own, will you?

Li Tian

Li Tian

What happened

Why you look so bad

Im okay

This conference meeting in the afternoon

Make sure everything is okay

Li Tian

Are you feel tired

after those hard work these days

Maybe you need go back to you room and rest a little?

Dont worry

I will make it good

I will go and get prepared for that


Someone, anyone here?


Minglang, Minglang, Minglang,

How do you feel?

Are you okay?

Im fine, you?


I cant move my leg

I cant move it away


Dont, do not move that

Im afraid something will fall on you

- dont What shall I do

- Dont move it Minglang

What shall I do?

Dont move

How do you feel

I feel dizzy, so dizzy


This is the candy you gave me

Eat this, it well make you feel better

Eat it

Its our lucky candy

Everything will be okay

Dachuan, dont read

You have the mood to read a magazine?


Call Minglang again

What the hell is going on

How is that? No answering still?

We should call the police

I know my son

If nothing happened

He wont disappear

Dachuang, is that possible

That he got kidnaped?

How is that possible?

Why thats not possible?

Then why he didnt answer the call

Jiangs Corp is such a chaos

My right eyelid is jumping

Left eyelid jumping is fortune, right one means trouble

- That wont be good, wont be good. Enough

Stop guessing

Nothing bad will happen

They need to attend to

the news conference about the merge of Lis and Jiangs

They knew it

Besides, we have Li Tian

Right, Li Tian can represent Minglang

But not Lily


Do you know how much I love me

I know you love the same way

You give yourself to me

And allow me to feel you all the time

Now I feel like a King who regains his lost ground

That feels much happier than before

I want to tell the world that

Youre mine

I will never give up

Even just be the woman behind you

For you

I am willing to love you in this humble way

Minglang, dont sleep

Wake up

Wake up, Minglang

Who is there? Anyone?

Theres a ghost! Ghost!

Help! Help us

Dont go

Are you human or ghost?

Im a human

Please help us

Im Jiang Lily

Who? Jiang Lily?

Jiang Lily, why are you here?

Please help him

His leg is bleeding

If I helped you

What can I got?

What do you want?

My budget is a bit of tight lately

How much do you want

A hundred thousand

Okay help me, move this away

No, you accept it too easy

You want me to help you first

Then just get rid of me, right?

I promise I will keep my word

I will give you the money


You promise, so what

Last time, a man promised me

To give me a hundred thousand

And I got none

- No - dont leave

Trust me

I will give you the money

Maybe you can make a record?

I can make a record on my phone

You say it to my phone

Hurry, before its too late

I, Jiang Lily

Promise to give

Mr. Zhao Qiansun

Mr. Zhao Qiansun

A hundred thousand as a reward

I will never regret it



Dont, dont

If this fall off

It will hurt him

Relax, I know this

Minglang, Minglang

Are you okay? Minglang


Minglang, are you okay?



Its not my fault


Minglang, Minglang

Minglang, dont go

Dont leave us

Minglang, Minglang


Minglang, how do you feel?

- Lily Minglang

Caocao, Caocao, Caocao

Have you seen Lily and Minglang?


I didnt see them today

I called Lily

But she wont pick up


Their car is parking outside the warehouse

The car was there since this morning

What happened?

Lily left her phone at home

I called Minglang

But he wont pick up either

So I came to find them


Is that possible something went wrong?

Lets go

Lets find them together

Lets go

Hurry, hurry

What the hell happened?


He will die there

Someone, help



After they emerge

We can go public

Who knows if its a good thing or not

I heard this Jiangs is like a sack


A big sack I suppose

Old saying goes

A starved camel is bigger than a horse

Am I right?

Vice president Li

What happened?

We prepared this news conference for days

But I really dont understand

What are you saying

I think if Lis and Jiangs merged

I dont see what can we do in here

What nonsense are you saying?

Im not talking nonsense

Think about it

According to the agreement

If Lis and Jiangs merged

Jiang Lily will have 30% stock of the company

Each of your brother have 10% stock

Your parents have 30%

And the other stock holders have 20%

Fine, lets say your parents will

left their 30% stock to you

So you are just have the same share

as Minglang and his wife

Besides, you parents will

treat you and your brother the same

They wont left it all to yourself

If you are out

We will be out as well

Do you know during the three kingdom period

How did Yang Xiu die?

His smart kill himself

Boss dont want a such kind of men

About this part

We will discuss it later

Mr. Li, do you have time

for a brief interview?

Miss Anna

I think you made a mistake here

This news conference is not about me

But you are also Lis Corps heir, right?

Li Tian

Have you seen Minglang?

The meeting is about to begin

Right, its late. He should be here

He is not here yet?

Im so worried

Is that possible something go wrong?

Right, they still not answering their phone?


Jiangs is rushing out that order

Its a lot of stress


I didnt call them


Today is a big day

They should come

So you mean

Youve already made contact with them?

Li Tian

If theres anything

Dont hide it from me and your father


Dont worry

If theres something

I will tell you

President Li, President Zhang is here

Okay, I will go see him

President Zhang

Nice to see you

Nice to see you

So glad to see you here

Its our honor to have you here

Of course I will come

We were Mr. Jiangs good friend

He helped us a lot

Mr. Li

Lis Corp is indeed has affection and faith

I came for that

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you

Secretary Ning, take Mr. Zhang to the VIP Lounge

Yes. Mr. Zhang, this way please

Now you see

We merge with Jiangs Corp

Is also showing them what kind of corporation we are

Its win-win

What gesture

Jiang Lily is holding Jiangs Corp.s stock

She has 30% of their stock by herself

More than Minglang and Li Tian both

If her father knows

You are so generous

He will laugh even in his grave

What are you saying

I give Lily 30% stock is because

I have already make a deal with Mr.Jiang before he died

We must be a good and trust worthy leader

Integrity matters the most

Right, you kept your promise

But does Jiang Lily know that?


She hasnt come yet

Right, maybe she regretted

But I just cant understand

What happened to Minglang

Im telling you

If Jiang Lily wont show

I have make a announce that we merged


If Jiang Lily doesnt sign this agreement

Can we merge with them?

I am thinking

Is that possible that

Jiang Lily is gonna ask us for a big sum of money

And Minglang

He is always stands on her side

This cant be good

President Li

News conference is about to begin

Begin? How?

Minglang hasnt showed up

Who will sign it?

You guys begin first

I will go and find Minglang


Since Minglang is not here

Let Li Tian host the meeting


Let him do it then

Lets go inside

Ning Xia

Are you here today for the news conference

or a funeral

Why youre wearing a white flower

Besides, dont you know Li Tian

is allergic to the flower?


Dont take her words in mind

I like your dressing today

Thank you, vice president Li

Even you like it

Im not wearing this for you

all the distinguished guests

friends from the media circle

Good morning

Welcome to attend

Lis clothing trade corporation

And Jiang Dachuang clothing corporations

merger ceremony

I, Li Tian here to announce that

merger ceremony begins

Jiang Lily

She came. Camera, camera

Now lets hear from Jiangs representative

Jiang Lily

Hello, everyone

Im Jiang Lily

Welcome to attend our news conference today

The merge of Lis and Jiangs

was my parents biggest wish

when they were still alive

Im sorry

To let you see me like this

The truth is

I almost died before I came here

Almost died?

But now I am here

I can achieve my parents wish

I feel very happy

After that big fire

Lis Corp helped us a lot

I very appreciate that

Thank you

I will never forget their kindness

Dahua, tell me

What does she mean

Why is almost died?

Itsits like this

Dont worry

And I want to thank my husband

Mr. Li Minglang

He is the one who gave me

the courage and hope to reborn

Jiang Lily

What do you mean

What almost died?

Wheres my son, wheres Minglang

Aunt, I

Everyone, that concludes todays conference

Thank you

Tell me

Wheres my son?

Aunt, dont, dont

Lily is still suffering a high fever

I know what happened

Tell me now


Here is the thing

You asked me to find Minglang

So I went to the warehouse

I couldnt find them anywhere

Look, their car is still here



What are you doing up there

Its dangerous

Come down

I will spank your ass if you dont


Aunt Caocao

I heard someone is calling help in there

Seems to be Aunt Lily

Dahua, go and check it out

- okay Go, hurry

Yunduo, come down, be careful

What happened?

Be careful, does it hurt?

120 is not here yet

Minglang, your leg, Minglang

Im okay

You need to attend the news conference now

Im okay

Lets go to the hospital

Im okay

This conference is very important to you

Dahua, you go with Lily

What about you?


Go, Im here

Its okay, Minglang


Take good care of her





Hold on, Minglang





How is my son?

Tell me

How is Minglang

Theyre doing their best

He is fainted when we got here


Dahua, hurry

Come here

Sit, sit, Dahua



Minglang, my son

Why youre so unlucky


Jiang Lily

How many time I have told you

Dont mess with my son

Why you wont listen

My son is good and healthy

Why this kind of things keep happening

When you two are together

So I say youre a jinx

Enough, Fenfang



Doc, doc

Please tell me

How is my son

His leg has lost too much blood

Its quite dangerous

All the experts are having an urgent consultation

the worst situation, is to cut off his leg

cut off his leg?

Lily, Lily, Lily, Lily

Calm down, take her there to sit

Hurry, take her there

Doc, please, Im begging you

Please save my son

Doc, please tell me

If we keep his leg

use the conservative treatment

How many percentage do you have

Its also very risky


My brother cant lose his leg

No matter what you do

You must save his leg

Doc, please

Save my son

My son is so handsome

He cant lose his leg


I dont care what it costs

Im begging you

Please calm down

We havent decided yet


Hurry come in and check him




Where am I



Minglang, Minglang, Minglang


Caocao, how is Minglang

Lily, listen to me

You must be good to yourself

Yesterday, when you fainted there

They dont even come to see you

- I need to see Minglang Lily

- I need to see Minglang Lily

Lily, listen to me

You cant go in this condition

Caocao, please

Let me see Minglang


Okay, Ill take you there

Lets go

Ill kill you



Minglang, its all my fault

You came for me

This all happened to you because of me

Its all my fault

His leg, actually

Shut up

In the future, I am you

We are one

I will always be there for you

I mean, his leg

I mean

Its none of your business, go

- No, I mean go



Minglang, you awake

Its so heavy

How do you feel?

Im okay

I fall asleep just now

What happened? Why you are crying

So many tears, why

Doc said they need to cut your leg

Cut my leg?

Dahua didnt tell you?

Tell me what?

Doc said my wound didnt infect

I had a surgery

Doc said I will be okay

Just need some rest


Dahua didnt tell me


I am the one should say sorry

I didnt take good care of you

And got you hurt

If it were not for you

Maybe I wont survive

I will never make you worried about me

If I wouldnt worried about you

Then who shall I worried for

We will never be apart


We will never ever be apart

Then when I check out

Lets be married, okay?


President Liu

What are you doing here?


Jiang Lily, its hospital

What are you doing?

You did this to Minglangs leg

And you still

Still come here and lying in his arms

Minglang, how is your leg?

Feeling better?

I wont become a cripple

What cripple?

You just wont listen to me

Look at you

Your elder brother is limped

If you became a cripple

We have so much money

For what?

For two limped sons?


Lily is here, she will take care of me

Dont worry, Im okay

Ning Xia

Arent you worried about Minglang?

Dont you cook for Minglang?

Come here, come

Allow me


We are in the hospital

Why are you still so aggressive

You dont look good

Why dont you go back and rest


I want Lily here

How about this

You go back with Ning Xia

Today, you must listen to me

Lily, go back

You just need one person here to take care of you

They both will do

Why you just wont listen to me


- What? Minglang

Have a good rest

I will go back first

Aunt, bye


Leave. What?

Youre not sure to leave him to us

We will take care of Minglang



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