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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Marvel Super Heroes: What The--?! Avengers vs. X-Men Part 2

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>> Wolverine: I'm on both the Avengers and the X-Men teams, and

still they both treat me like crap!

Maybe these pencil necks need a little shakeup.

Just a little prank war to keep them on their toes and off my back.


>> [MUSIC]

>> Cyclops: Ah!


>> Captain America: Hello, Avengers' Tower, Captain America speaking.

>> Wolverine: Yes, this is the refrigeration unit over at SHIELD,

is your refrigerator running?

>> Captain America: Indeed it is, sir.

I make a point to check that every morning.

>> Wolverine: Well then, you better go [BLEEP] yourself.


>> Captain America: X-Men!

>> Gambit: Oh, this here be the most beautiful picnic there ever been.

Oh boy.

>> Speaker 5: Oh, Gambit,

y'all have charged the full kinetic energy of my heart.

>> Gambit: And you know that's true.


>> Aah!

>> [LAUGH]

>> Wolverine: Hey, Thor.

It's me, Storm, from the X-Men.

Feel the surging power of rain.


>> Cyclops: Mm?






>> Natasha: X-men. Also, it is not my birthday.

>> Batman: What the [BLEEP]? >> Wolverine: Had to have been the X-men,

bub, I mean Your Highness.

>> Cyclops: Optic blast.


>> [NOISE]

Marvel your


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