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obviously headed where has made you know in the parents on that letterman last

night during the top ten which is

uh... he also said that he's never seen the injury he never plans to see the

injury that they are probably to me yesterday in the kitchen over here

about how

and it is

is making it easier and they're making these warm-up shirts

more louisville

twenty four dollars and ninety nine cents that's how much is riding to the


rice initiatives incision

but as the result

correct tear ok rise to the occasion

it's arye five-b_ to the occasion so far for kevin where became spell rocks

those number and i have a candidates on the back of the serbs also big number

five with the moodle color you know they do that new camouflage look

and therefore behavior interest

that they could be

ten years later when these guys look back in a quilt

and then above that is the final four logo

and on the front was as rusty cage in this to be a slow and removal cardinal

those making money off this abuses may coming out this incidentally is making

money off this

succeed it's making me nervous because more from what

is this good morning watching anyway idea i i one i would receive yes and i'm

not going to buy some psych

the market making money

the germany ordeal is in the dismally being made everywhere offer the final

four jenrette yahoo com

delivers is not making money off this ticket was late when backers then was

sticking out of the scare tactic that's with item unless that closely my belief

is that because the rules of the select they're not allowed

not to be one of one of two anyway

delaware's found that a lot to get a dime of this might not a penny

uh... so

that opportunistic

that endeavor did is took on to say

with regards to support

for for kevin where his leg injury and hopefully that your card will come

through in the fed's wilshire linen bolivar texas for twenty five dollars


was blowing this all about

uh... because somalia blues either by the circuit court of law arrived finally

gave him out to our look too bad and doing this

this at all you know

uh... we're going to apportion or the proceeds to the mobile scholarship fund

vogel said oh you know what you know what i can take our normal cut for

things these are a lot of other stuff we're going to have it all go that

direction was badly goes back to school to make more money anyway

uh... so its all gonna be the same thing in which you to use a kid

at his worst moment a potential cree indian g in the only person is getting


is kevin where again ok exits

is not needed

n_c_a_a_ walls

that they can

hanover money before hand

so what kind of changes should be made

it'll make the check via effective

if it's ok what little guy is that i understand that as well

so u_n_ brother then disorder as a team

go buy some white shirts

got a few magic markers and sharpy's in just going to end this is for kevin


that clears that up because this is in for the team

this certainly for teams

you don't don't do you do not buy it

student she may wear certain certain asserts or or officially

no one was the first of all the changes like that we talked about yesterday

that's changed when i was in school

there were certain asserts that athletes war they were sold turmoil psy gap

course so you can create starts if you want the team to wear this

lets certain thing to do it so that you can see that it was a compromise

they can't give money to get where

which arguably is ridiculous but let's leave that part out right now that

they're under operating under the rules that they have

so usually sure for twenty four ninety at which have a premium price that i

should show some of website louisville teachers range from seventeen ninety

nine twenty seven nine nine so it's in the it's in that race and i could

anybody of you on the shirt no

uh... make it right out of the could make it ten dollars

right birch people about it

they could partner with kevin where

all of the money

every single sent

of the money

goes to louisville's general scholarship fund

and i would say that the money is used to create the

cavan where scholarship to get to some

needy student who wants to study medicine

that's something forget where whose name it's a legacy is o_j_ are saying that's

not enough

so i don't know once the money to directly go together or do whatever it

takes so around sayin is is that you could do something nice for capital

where you could not be greedy i don't want indeed is the making

uh... dot

a penny

i want the n_c_a_a_ to make a penny

but if you are legitimately putting the money into a general scholarship fund

some gate k_-two income study

uh... architecture or medicine and with over might not be able to afford it and

for the next five years one kid

mister goetz part of his tuition paid for together where scholars of the money

made up the t-shirt that at least feels like something moderately good has

turned out of this that's not

by the way what they're doing

they're getting a portion

and is it a hundred and portion

or is it like a little baby portions

now you know maybe and i may be other parts of told us but

what portion is governor doesn't know either they don't really don't know

abortion maybe one percent

but we don't know how much the given to this not supply

one hundred percent that's what you should get to the scholarship fund

one hundred justices ladder she did this around the site dot that's on the

details what to do it

but you get about mylapore that said that i think they will feel a lot of

money if kevin where goes out there with his broken leg will be cast on it

lift up the edge of this will check in front of the arena as people pilot to

watch his team play in admitted she says that he got made on the street at

t-shirts plus

dept screen printed form hurdles

support mobile everywhere

twenty five thousand feet from the use of the hell out of the sole factor

opcode blahblah proved deadly china probably thought entry white castle what

are you doing you know your exactly is must be a fucking same

that's contaminants argument that this is the the losses algebra or really if

you give you can't light


that he should do it

so today i don't want to get rid of eligibility let go

was going to be a brochure loses eligibility that we take a back next

year not only a few because i read one thing the second said louisville has not

get committed to giving him a scholarship for next year

work i don't know the store there's no way of

they loved your governor william scott maybe it will happen to you at the

national titles for a gallon yet but it's not my fault your legs they have to

do is it

you know majority the comments that i've seen of the videos that we don't i think

we need to be as on the injured

although all the comments are

we need to do it for now

you know a lot more milk is needed for the bottom it even more milk this

wouldn't happen gibraltar

it's going to italy doctors coming out here to return to the pacific facility

uh... or the like this is a

of political issue usually he laid off in the church's rules

the rules we talk about the reason they came to this one

so because knowing that

they don't put that they'll put

his name at the bottom they don't put where they'll put kevin booth at kevin

they put a fire

is an arbitrary figure it a lot of people in in the five

right to say well we can use his likeness it's for baron davis yeah

quincy avenue number five seats remain there's a lot of artificial over

and i and so you get so this whenever whatever is really something open allows

for for quite a bit later these said about you know what it means that we

have you guys invited to this the wrong way i don't think that is they thought

about this

fully hubbard to make some money off my i don't think you need argue that she

did occasion of the shady aspect i got and it's pretty obvious naked stand and

and the reaction seems to be fairly universal that it's just totally

encore the issue

it is the last two really given all this money to help you to a school that had


then while jr's point still seems valid the delaware is moderately exploited and

that in their leases exploitation solely for the good of people who could use


anybody behind it probably shouldn't do it without checking with him for

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