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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: the Travelers /aileen's journal

Difficulty: 0

I didn't see you eating shop boy. You really doesn't want to eat this girl

Good morning, please Saturday open. Fuck my mieze

Engine-driver nothing

And I'm inside NASA Walmart

Sorry mark, but the coalition Magan owns a vehicle why you gotta wear down

Seven, yeah

In America, you got a dress up so, you know head Northwest then turn left

Turn left forward Liberty Robin and turn left


Turn left turn left toward Liberty Road, then train left onto Liberty Road turn left onto Liberty Road then use them

And guys we are eating shakoy like donuts in Amera peo peo dollor dollor

Bissalameh' dollar dollar for dollar each guy's lucky

we are lost guys

Well see the church the church

I'm just gonna video the old church

Boy so be

Looks on my own yeah. Yeah

Okay, where are we

Catch I'm look at that

Guys, this is another Funeral

see my outfit guys

When I hear for roaming around we're here for a real funeral

my friend's father in-law pass away. So it's a military service because he is WWWII Veteran.

Because he is a veteran

Guys so going for funerals

Anytime look at that

Guys, this is another funeral Doublemint. This is a real one

See my outfit

When I here for roaming around we are here for a real funeral

my friend, but pass away. So it's a military service

Because he is a veteran see that actually I show you


Or fun sergeant a card to me and make sure all rock is gone thing, please up Brett


Let me say on behalf of the family

For the family

who remains here Lord and

tries to make sense of it all

Lord I pray that this day of celebration of his life

Will stand out in their memories and it will serve as hope and encouragement through the hard days

what I know that

They will need their friends and their family

Most of all, they will need you and your peace that passes all understanding

Be with them I ask in the name of Jesus and amen

river out there in

Thank you for coming

Sir figure ah, hey



like the view

Our till it's gone you go there because I want to see the river I'm blogging

See guys, this is the river I

Second it's not really a Kentucky River

see that

You see that guys it's river down there


It's so nice. It's like it's like in Philippines .oh no its raining guys

we're like, this is

really pretty

Look, oh my gosh so nice over here. So nice over here

Swettie sweetie

Look the river so nice

Is it a for nice

Sweetie look

Hold on it's okay. Where the driver? Okay, just just a little bit. Just hold dry because I'll be doing


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