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Hello, I'm Yulgokheim. Today

One-person creative company, who can, what support is, what is it?

I'd like to tell you something.

When I was preparing for a one-man creative enterprise in 2019.

There wasn't much of this. so

If I become a single-person creative company, I have to film this.

I thought about it.

So I'm going to take this video and share it with you today.

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First of all, one-person creative company, let's see who can do it, what entitles you to support.

I'll talk to him.

To be brief, almost anyone who's a potential entrepreneur can do it.

There are conditions like this for less than five people in the same business, but most of the prospective start-ups are not.

that it is possible

And the other thing that's possible is that the term of the founder is fixed.

There are some differences in industry, so I'll put up a link.

It's more accurate if you check your qualifications there.

So I'm going to tell you what kind of support you're going to get when you're a one-person creative company.

I'm looking at the computer now, and I'm looking at one of the locations where I moved in and another.

I'll talk to you in case there's any difference.

Well, I'm looking at the data from K Startup.

If you look at this, there's an office space for the support.

I've heard that this office space is probably pretty much the same.

This place I moved in has a desk like a reading room.

It's a desk where only one person can sit.

I could use it as my personal space.

But not everyone I've ever lived in has that space available.

And when the number of people moved in, they didn't have enough space, so we drew lots. (Every move in the center will be different!) 29 00:01:55,980 --> 00:02:08,530 I was lucky to get a seat in the lottery, so my little desk was a little bit busy.

There was. If I find the picture, I will attach it here.

Right now, I'm not using that office, so I want to take a picture right away.

I can't take a picture.

And office space, private office space, conference room, lounge, etc.

It says we're going to get space for the support centers, and I moved in there for a single person.

There's a small desk in the creative company, and there's people who don't have one.

I gave it to you. They're a very big table next to it.

Then there's a table. I could use it, and I could use it in the other conference room outside.

There are lots of spaces over here. You can use that place.

I have to draw lots and make sure that the spaces where I can work without my desk are pretty much everywhere.

We've got plenty ready.

So even if you don't have to be a one-man creative company, it doesn't matter if you don't have space.

No, you don't have to think about it.

And most of all, I loved being able to write the address here.

It's a little bit more reliable, and it's a lot better than your home address.

And there are meeting rooms and photo rooms.

If I could start a one-person creative enterprise,

There's a lot more to do.

Most of the office space is for public use, but I'm in the conference room.

There's a lounge, there's all this stuff, and the second one is management support.

Consultation and information provided by experts, including tax accounting, legal and marketing start-ups

That these things are free! I had a lot of questions about marketing.

I've been talking to the expert, and I've been able to find my way more easily.

It's free of charge, and it's the third best thing I've ever done.

There's another

Commercialization support! That means we're getting funding for commercialization.

I understand that it is common to get a few million won in funding. (Dependent on annual budget)

And I'm going to use that funding to patent and trademark those things.

I did

A lot of people use that money to go out to war.

It's really hard for a one-person startup to pay my bills and go to an exhibition in the beginning. the cost of war

It's usually 1.5 to 2 million won.

So I'm going to go out with the money, and I'm going to tell my company, and my product is going to tell you.

This commercialization support is really helpful because you have the opportunity.

And the fourth facility is a fax machine or a printer.

And I can use office furniture such as PC.

Uh, we're sending you faxes, or we're trying to print a printer, and we're going to get a lot of stuff.

It can be hard to get home when you do sheep. But here at the facility,

These are ready.

So I can see these things without a little more pressure.

Oh, my!

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