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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Clash-A-Rama! The Series: Ballad of the Barbarian

Difficulty: 0

- I want a wing! - Im the hungriest!

Guys, you have to be patient.

Its... Aaaah!

Aww, Barry! Why?

Sorry, I like it well done, yeah.

I think thats about it, and, uh...

Congratulations. Youre now Golem and wife.

Whoa, this just got weird.

So... Do I get the building permit?

You cant remodel a level 2 Laboratory into a level 7 Wizard Tower.

How about a level 6 one?

Why must two be followed by three? This town could think outside the box!

How about Archer Towers with a room to elevate you up it instead of stairs?

How about Freeze Spell lockers, so that I dont hold them in my hands?

Lets strike for a better Town Hall!

Whos with me?

OK, I hear you loud and clear.

Im gonna upgrade this whole darn place immediately!

What the...?

Thats as close as we get to immediately.

Yeah! We are awesome!

Amazing battle! Three stars! Put 'em up, boys!

My sword! I lost my sword! Oh no, its my best friend...

I cant live without my sword! What am I gonna do?

Calm down, buddy. You probably left it on the battlefield.

Ooh... Im gonna go look.

I gotta find... my sword!

Excuse me, I've lost my sword. Any chance youve seen it lying around?

Bout yay big, the most beautiful metal a Barbarians ever seen?

All Ive seen here is stuff that makes great soup.

Would some great soup interest you?

Check out that rubble. Theres all kinds of sharp stuff there.

Nothing good for soup though.

Ah, a replacement sword. Interesting...

Ooh, sharp piece of wood!

- En Garde! - Speak English!

Ah, who am I kidding? My sword is gone forever!

A Barbarian without a sword is just a...

Just a... I dont even know!

I was a proud Barbarian

Now I dont know what I am

A trusty sword my identity made

Is life worth living without a blade?

Im like a Minion whos lost his horde

Whats a Barbarian without a...

Thats enough of that.

Doc, how do you cure a Barbarian whos lost his sword?

As simple as changing you into someone who doesn't need a sword.

Hold stillHeeeyahh!

Ah, I don't know. Something feels off.

Not a deciduous type of guy. Got it... Heeeyahh!

Much better, no?

Now I see you, and I don't think "Hey, where's that Builder's Hut sword?"

Oh, geez, I dont know.

You got anything with two feet, and a place to wear a belt?


- What is this? - I warned you there were risks.

This is horrible. Ill be the tree.

Take me back to being a tree. I look like an idiot.

Cant do that. Im a Wizard, not a magician.


That flat Barbarian should have been me.

What the heck are you?

I dont know what I am anymore.

So, youre taking suggestions? You got a staff...

Youre a Witch!

- Summon something! - Huh?

You know, bring the bones out!

I have children? Ive always wanted to have kids!

Thank you. I feel much better.

Kids, attack the nice gentleman.

Found your sword.

My sword! Thank you!

But now I am a Witch with a Barbarian sword.

Ive got a soup for that.

Once again a Barbarian

I love being what I am

Thats enough of that.

Stop! It is normal to wait for upgrades.

Don't get angry. That just hurts you.

She's right! I hate anger so much!


I was reading that.

Everyone, instead of lashing out, embrace the wonders around you.

Builder, rather than pounding on that tree,

give it a big hug.

I feel better.

I wanna feel better. Gimme some of that.

I cant believe Im finally here.

Todays the day my son becomes a Hooooog Riiiider!

And to think this used to be my happy place.

This is a big moment, like when your mohawk grew in.

Dad, stop, youre embarrassing me!

Sorry, son. Im just so excited about teaching you to drive!

Ready to take the wheel?

Its not a wheel, dad! Its a rope! I know what Im doing.

Great, now I got to reset those!

Slow down now.

Oh! Watch out!

- Sorry! - Youre making me nervous!

Im calm, Im calm, Im... No, no, no! Youre about to make us dead!

- Dad, stop! - Stop what? Saving our lives?

- Get off my back! - OK, fine! Show me how its done, son!

Lets fire up this pig!

No, no! Not arrows! Not arrows!

We won't make it!

Yes, we are!

Okay, lets get this gold mine out of here.

Oh, no! Dont get up! I can get it myself!

Good. Good. Weve banished all anger and violence.

Breathe in peace and tranquility and love.

Youre all doing beautifully, enlightened ones.

Be proud of yourselves. Youre bringing peace to this village forever!

Attack! Were being attacked!

Come on, grab your weapons! This is real! Well be wiped out! Wake up!

Theres time for peace and time for violence.

I guess most of the time it should be violence.

Dont worry. Ive got a soup for this.

Thank you!

Why arent they fighting?

Its a thin broth. It takes three hours to kick in.

Its yours, son. The keys dont do anything.

Thanks, dad.

Sure, son. Ready for your brand new hog?

Now, at sunset, your hog is gonna think its bedtime...

- I know. - wake him up often with a shout!

Well, you didnt know, or you would have done it!

Hows the handle?

Well, like a... dream!

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