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Hello, I'm Rick Gillan,

President of Coolerado Corporation.

Welcome to Coolerado.

Coolerado is fresh, cool,

filtered air conditioning

that is affordable to install

and operate.

Coolerado brings high quality cooling

to your home or building

like you have never experienced before.

With traditional refrigeration or

compressor based air conditioners

you recirculate the same stale air again and again.

Recirculating the air

in this manner

concentrates the carbon dioxide people exhale

making them sleepy and lethargic.

Recirculating can also dry the air out too much

adding to an uncomfortable environment.

This Technology has been around for over a hundred years

and has not significantly changed during that time.

With evaporative coolers,

which are more commonly called swamp coolers,

you get blasted with unfiltered air

that is nearly saturated with water.

This high volume, high humidity air

containing dust and mold

is blown into your building

and can make an environment -that is also uncomfortable.

Direct evaporation technology

has been around for thousands years.

At Coolerado, we take a different approach.

Coolerado coolers bring you

fresh, cool, filtered air conditioning

that is affordable to install and operate.

Instead of recirculating the same stale air over and over,

Coolerado adds 50 to 100 percent fresh, cool, and filtered air.

Coolerado air is conditioned to temperatures

lower than evaporative coolers

and no moisture is added to the air entering the building.

Coolerado brings this high quality, conditioned air to you

using 1/5 as much energy as traditional air conditioners

with out chemical refrigerants

or expensive compressors.

Coolerado cooling is made possible

by a newly discovered thermodynamic process called

the Maisotsenko cycle.

The M-cycle, which uses water as the fuel for cooling,

is the result of 35 years of work

by Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko.

This is a small Coolerado cooler that we use

to demonstrate the principles of the Maisotsenko cylce and Coolerado cooling.

This simple cooler consists of a fan,

a dust and allergen air filter,

a Coolerado heat and mass exchanger,

and a clear plastic box.

We start by adding fuel to the heat and mass exchanger.

This is just ordinary tap water that is at room temperature.

Before I plug in this air conditioner,

let me point out that the only componant that recieves power is this little fan.

We have four thermometers, which have been sitting on this desk awhile,

and have come to equilibrium.

They all read about 65 to 67 degrees.

We'll place two of the thermometers

in the chamber of the fan

to get a reading of the air temperature

before it reaches the heat and mass exchanger.

We'll place the other two thermometers

in the product air stream.

Now, we'll add some heat

with this little personal heater

to simulate some hot summer conditions.

While we wait for this system

and thermometers to stabilize,

let me describe what's happening here

and how a bigger version of this little cooler

could be installed in the outside of your home or building.

The Coolerado cooler

draws in air from the outside

in an entrance here,

the air than goes through an air filter

before it goes into the heat and mass exchanger.

Half of the incoming air goes straight through

the top portion of the heat and mass exchanger

and is cooled without adding moisture to it!

This fresh, filtered, and cooled air gets ducted into your building from here.

The other half of the incoming air,

is the working air stream,

and it enters into the lower portion of the heat and mass exchanger.

The working air is than turned

and gets rejected out the top

where it is discharged to the outside.

This rejected or working air stream

removes the heat from the conditioned air stream that enters the building.

The working air stream is almost completely saturated with water,

because water is fueling the cooling process.

All the water and humidity comes out the top.

No water or moisture is added to the conditioned air that enters the building.

We'll zoom in here so that you can see

where the working air is leaving the top.

The working air stream is completely saturated with water.

Notice that moisture from the working air

is condensing on the clear housing at this end of the demo cooler.

Moisture collects here because the temperature of the box

is below the dew point temperature

of the first portion of the working air stream.

This air stream is very hot at the beginning of the unit

and gets cooler, and cooler

as it works its way toward the end.

At this end, the working air is still saturated with water,

but the air is much cooler.

Let me again remind you

that the product air stream leaving this end

is the same absolute humidity

as the air coming in this end.

No moisture is added.

We've given this demostration

to many experts around the world,

They were taught that what we're doing

is physically impossible

and, therefore, find it difficult to believe.

That is why we build our demonstration coolers out of a clear material.

This way, all can see that there are no illusions going on.

When we give this demonstration to industry experts,

we usually ask what is the largest temperture depression

you've seen across one cooling device?

The answer is 20 degrees Fahrenheit.

Let's take a look at the thermometers now.

The hot air we're bringing in here

measures about 156 to 157 degrees Fahrenheit.

The conditioned air coming out here

measures about 53 to 54 degrees Fahrenheit.

That's approximately a 100 degree temperature drop.

That 100 degree temperature drop

has occured in 13 inches of distance.

When we view this Coolerado Cooler

through a thermal imaging camera,

we can see the hot, 150 degree air

entering the heat and mass exchanger

represented in red on the left.

We can also see how the air gets cooled down to 50 degrees

Fahrenheit as it moves towards the opposite end.

The US Department of Energy

has tested two different Coolerado Coolers

and both reports show

that the Energy Efficiency Ratio or EER

is above 45.

The higher EER number represents

higher electrical efficiency and lower energy use.

A Coolerado Cooler with an EER of 45

is about 5 times more efficient

than the best vapor compression systems on the market.

Coolerado Coolers bring you

fresh, cool, filtered air conditioning

that is affordable to install

and affordable to operate.

This high quality cooling is fueled by water,

which is a completely renewable energy source.

Coolerado is tapping into water as an energy source

by employing the Maisotsenko Cycle.

This comfortably cooled air is produced

without compressors or chemical refrigerants,

and only uses 1/5 the amount of power compared to traditional air conditioners.

We are very excited to bring this people-friendly,



and affordable cooling to all of humanity!

Thank you for your interest in Coolerado.

We invite you to view the next video titled

Coolerado Cooling Basics.

Where we will explore how the cooler

and heat and mass exchangers work, in more detail.

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