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Hello, Snowflakes (fan name)!

I'm Ice Flower Who learned drawing alone.

First of all, the sketch process is short and there is nothing to see, so let me tell you that I edited it!

Today, I drew a very delicious strawberry!

I drew the strawberries my parents bought me on paper.

Strawberry seeds are making me work again.

The last time I drew the meat, it was really hard because of Marveling, but this time,

the strawberry seed is making it hard for me.

It took me about 10 hours to draw, so I was able to shoot two live episodes and three recordings.

The tool I used is a freezama colored pencil.

Then let's go enjoy the painting!

I'll come back from behind!!

I drew two strawberries the size of my hand.

I'm so happy because I think the painting is better than I thought.

What should I draw next?

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