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- Previously, on "Below Deck."

- Ooh, where did they go?

- I don't know, you have to go find out.

Simone is a yachtie with no experience.

She literally did not speak to one of them.

They don't need any drinks or anything?

- Oof! [bleep]

- We're gonna have to get a doctor out here.

- My knee is getting worse and worse and worse.

- Yeah, anything.

- No!

- Do you like him a little bit? - A little bit?

- Oh, that's dangerous.

- Once you commit to that then that's...

- That's it.

- I have a new deckhand coming.

- Okay. - It's Rhylee.

- Surprise!

- You have to be ----ing kidding me.

- Can you order something paleo?

- Dude, I'm not your chef, all right?

I'm the charter guests' chef.

- How do you say [bleep] off in Thailand?

Tell me, "chef."

Talk to me about this bullsh--.

- Shut the [bleep] up. Who the [bleep] are you?

- You are the only person that has come in new

and there's ----ing drama. - Why? Why?

- Shut up, and then you can ----ing hear what I'm saying.

- You're a joke.

- Don't walk away, Ashton.

- [bleep] off, Rhylee.

You belong on a fishing boat in Alaska.

- Well, buy me a ----ing ticket and I'll be back.

- Oh, my God. [bleep].

- What is your problem? - You are the problem.

- Explain it. - I can't...

- You haven't explained it yet.

- You need to self-reflect and understand

what upsets everybody else around you when you get

to a ----ing dinner table.

- Shut up when someone tells me that I'm ordering paleo

and that's a problem for him.

- All the men in your life that have been authority issues

in your life, you have a problem with.

- You think you three are the only ----ing men of authority?

- I'm done with you, Rhylee.

You ----ing lasted two days.

- Two days, got it.

- God, you're so lost. I feel so sorry for you.

- [bleep] you, Tanner, don't ----ing stand up to me.

Who the [bleep] are you?

You're not anybody that's talking to me when Ashton

and I are talking, you understand that?

- What the [bleep] are you talking about?

- Exactly what the [bleep] I just said.

- That's so sad. That's so sad.

- So I'm sorry you had to go through that.

Unfortunately, she's a new crewmember,

and it is my department, and I'll deal with that.

- Yeah.

- How's it going? - She's a nightmare.

- Every crew dinner has been non-dramatic.

Everyone's been having fun.

- Really? I don't feel the same way.

Kevin is always super intense, loud-mouthed, overbearing.

Rhylee was finally like, you know what, shut your mouth.

It's kind of a relief to see Rhylee fighting with Kevin.

I'm like, thank you, friend, you handle him for a while.

Kevin acts like he's Gordon Ramsay.

But I think even Gordon Ramsay

is more pleasant to be around than Kevin.

- Wa-wa-wa-wa!

[ laughs ]

- Have you been to Thailand before?

- No, I've never.

- There's a lot of massage parlours.

- Cheers, cheers. - Cheers.

- You ----ing limit.

- I see tiger, I see raar.

- This is really the last place I wanna be,

hanging out with a bunch of ----ing assholes.

[ drunken shrieking ]

- Can I have another one of these, please?

- Did I think that coming to Thailand

was gonna be a fresh start?

One hundred percent.

But there's obviously a bias on board.

- Are we all right?

- The fact that this is how it's going already

is just foreboding.

[ all cheering, exclaiming ]

- Are we dancing?

- Oh, sh--. Dude.

- I don't know.

[ vomiting ]

[ exclaiming, cheering ]

- Jiminy-- [ vomits ]

- Holy [bleep].

This is where I usually clock out.

- I love it! I ----ing love it!

Oh, do that, do that, do that.

- No!

- Yes!


- Do you?

- Yeah, we can sit down.


Like, damn, son, you took your time.

- I ----ing love it!

[ shouting ]

- Hi!

- Gross...

Clearly, these two are not afraid of PDA.

- ----ing sorry.

- Yeah, Tanner. Dirty little man.

My man, I love you.

- Let's go, let's go.

- Stop...stop, stop, stop.

- I wanna run in traffic!

- Kevin, stop being so destructive.

- Ooh!

- Kevin, get in, bro.

- Nothing's easy.

- Hi. - Rhylee, honey.

- Kevin!

- I have to pee. I have to pee.

- Kev!

Sh--. Jiminy Cricket.

- Can we do the can-can, can we...can we do the...

- Oh, the can-can.

- Brian, Brian, Courtney.

- Not good.

- Kev, let's go, brother.

- Top or bottom? - Bottom, bottom, bottom.

- [bleep]

[ laughs ]

- [bleep].

- This is so confusing intellectually.

I'm like, ugh, what am I getting myself into.

But emotionally, I can't fight the attraction.

[ sighs ]


OMG. - Jiminy Cricket.

I'm a little surprised I'm waking up next to Simone.

I don't remember bringing her to bed,

but it was bound to happen.

You know, there was sexual tension there.

If I get to hook up with a hot chick

with a ----ing phenomenal ass, then I'm in.

- And how are you, Simone?

- I'm pretty well rested, thanks.

[ laughs ]

- Why do I detect a note of hesitation there?

"I'm fine, goddamn it!"

- Oh, sh--.

[ knocking ]

Come in!

- What's up, Brian? - What's up, bro?

- How you feeling dude?

I feel disappointed and frustrated,

because I thought by now my leg would be okay

and I'd be able to work again.

- It must be driving you mad.

- At this point, the thought has got through my head

that I'm gonna lose my job.

But I mean, that's not even the worst.

I'm literally getting to the point where I might lose my leg.

[ sighs ] Oh [bleep].

- It's so nice not being on the morning shift for a change.

- That is nice.

- Good morning, Kate.

- Morning.

- I love the out-of-the-bed look.

- Yeah. There you go.

- Oh.

I'm so sorry I argued about appetizers

- I'm not oblivious to the fact

that fighting with Kevin and Ashton last night

was not a good idea.

I am quick to anger.

One hundred percent I think my temper comes from my father.

He walks out the door with a firearm in hand

when the FedEx truck shows up at Christmas,

because he wants to know what the [bleep]

you're doing on his property.

So I am who I am, but you know,

I'm gonna try my best not to rock the boat.

- We scrub with the grain, all right?

- Oh, you wanna go with the grain?

- That's the way I've been taught.

- Yeah, whatever way you wanna do it, it's cool with me.

I was always told against,

but I'm down for with, because with makes it so much easier.

- Tell me about your sleepover.

- ----ing hell, dude, I don't know.

I woke up next to her, and I was just like, oh...

- Hey, Ash?

Okay, where would you like me?

- Uh, dah, dah, dah...

- Well, this certainly couldn't be any less awkward.

- Can you start preparing everything

on the sundeck, please? - Okay.


- [ grunting ] Ugh. [bleep].

You know, we've been out for four nights together

as a crew...

- Yeah, and that's never happened, you know?

- We've always had a ----ing great time when we're out.

I don't wanna be ----ing dealing with drama and issues

on our night off.

- Yeah, it was so embarrassing.

- If I'm 100 percent honest, I don't personally like Rhylee.

She's got a bad attitude.

- Oh, [bleep] you!

- She really just ----ing pisses me off.

You know, like...

- ----ing hell, dude, with the grain is so much easier.

- Rhylee, Rhylee, Ashton.

Will you meet me on main deck aft, please?

- Copy that, on my way.


I mean, any time somebody's called down

after an incident like last night,

you know you're going to be reprimanded.

- Coming up...

- How you doing, Bri?

- How about if I ship your ass off to the hospital?

The reality of it is if he can't do his job,

I have to have somebody that can.

- So obviously, we had words last night,

which is unfortunate that it happened already.

I don't really know what happened

with you and Kev, but...

I don't like the way she handled herself last season,

and history has proven to repeat itself.

But I've got a crew to think about.

We're all here to make money,

and I need to make this work for all of us.

- Yeah. Thank you.

- I cannot iron for sh--.

- Kate, Ashton, and Kevin,

meet me in the crew mess for the preference sheet meeting.

- Copy, Cap.

- What's up, guys? - Hey, Cap.

- Hump charter.

- Woo!

- Okay.

Charter five's gonna be a shortened charter.

And we have a half a dozen ladies.

- Six?

- So it's gonna be Lynn Schuster and her fabulous friends.

They're all moms, and can't wait for a much-needed girls' trip.

It's gonna be their first international trip together.

- Wait a minute... I recognize Wendy from last season.

- Yeah, Wendy was a guest of Steve's last charter season.

Mr. Foam Man.

Come on, girls!

It's hot! It's hot as sh--.

- I've gotta hide in the galley or something.

- From what I remember, Wendy is relaxed and chill,

and that's exactly the kind of charter I need right now.

- Foodies, and their favorite cuisines,

Kevin, are Asian and Italian.

So she wants an entire dinner to be authentic Italian cuisine.

- This white-themed dinner party...

- Lunch on the beach.

- I think they're gonna be a good time, polite...

- I think they will.

- I don't really see any dicks in this group.

- I would concur with that, Kate.

- We need to do this side, port side, and then the tender.

- Hm...

- Rhylee, Rhylee, Kev.

Can I just see you on main deck aft?

- They're both wrong.

I blame Kevin more.

He's a higher rank.

That's not the way you welcome a new crewmember.

- Hey, Kevin.

- I'm upset about how last night went down,

because it got too heated, and I didn't wanna back down.

You know, and we just went, pfft,

and I'm really sorry for that.

- I appreciate you apologizing. - Yeah.

- I didn't expect that. - And no...but yeah, I'm sorry.

I didn't want it to get heated like that.

- Well, I don't hold any grudges,

and I hope you don't either, and so...

- Yeah, no, me either. - Thank you.

- Hug it out. - Thank you.

- Oh. - I appreciate that.

- Okay. No problem.

- I'm okay.

- What's up, Kate? - Not much.

- How you doing, love?

- Just working.

- That's about it... Looks good, guys.

- [bleep]. - Damn it.

- Sorry.

- All right, you guys, good night.

I'll see you in the morning.

- [bleep].

- Hi. - Hello.

- [ moaning ]

- Oh, woke up this morning in Tanner's bed.

I feel very happy, and, like, warm inside.


- Check in the bosun's locker for the other hose,

and then we can start rinsing and washing, yeah.

- Good morning. - Good morning.

- They gotta make anti-wrinkle fabric,

because I can't live like this.

Take all the covers off, check all the windows.

I think that's it.

- We're down Brian again? - I think so.

- Yeah.

- Let's get things going. Let's get on top of it.

- Have a good day. - And, break!

- Break! - Okay.

[ knocking ]

- Come in!

- How you doing, Bri?

- How's the leg?

- How about if I ship your ass off to the hospital,

get you some IV antibiotic?

You feel all right with that?

It's been three days,

and we should see significant progress, and we're not.

The reality of it is if he can't do his job,

I have to have somebody that can.

I'll make arrangements for it, okay?

- All right? Okay, buddy.

- Morning, Simone. - Morning.

- I was just curious how last night went?

- He's just nice to cuddle with.

- So you're not, like, hoping for more than canoodling?

- Rhylee's like, "What do you mean,

you've cuddled two nights and you haven't banged?"

[ laughter ]

- Oh, okay.

- That's what she's actually asking.

- Oh... oh, no, I like to take my time.

- Mm-hmm.

- All crew, all crew, provisions are arriving.

- Copy. - Copy.

- Thank you.

Thank you.

[ sneezes ]

- Bless you! - Thank you.

- Ashton, Ashton, Lee...

the car's here for Brian, so if you can get him up here,

we'll get him out. - Let's get you outta here.

- A lot of emotions going through my head at the moment.

First of all, I don't wanna lose my job.

Second of all, it could be serious.

- Bye.

I feel so bad for Brian.

- I really hope it's not anything permanent.

- Oof.

I am very worried and really scared.

[ vehicle back-up alarm beeping ]

- Coming up...

- Tell Rhylee what you just told me.

- Went down on Simone last night.

- Wait, Simone said you only cuddled.

- That's my idea of cuddling. - That sneaky little bitch.

- I'm gonna put Rhylee on lates. Tan, you're on earlies.

I'll wake up earlier, obviously, to help out

with the morning stuff,

and I might stay up later to help you out.

- Okay.

- Simone, I'm gonna have you on lates this charter.

I'm gonna be earlies, and... - Okay.

- ...Courtney's gonna be middle.

- We're one man down, but we've been one man down

for the last four charters.

All right, we can go down and get into our epaulettes.

- Okie-doke. - Yi-yii.

- [bleep] - Oh, we need a bigger room.

- Radio check, radio check.

- Loud and clear. - Thanks, Ash.

- Oh, great!

- Attention all crew, attention all crew.

I need everybody on the aft deck,

guests are approaching.

[ laughs ]

- Ready, bro, ready.

[ sighs ] - This is amazing.

- Oh, my gosh, I'm so excited!

- Yeah.

- Hi! - Hi!

I'm Lynn. - Hi, how are you?

- Nice to meet you.

- Hi! - Simone.

- Simone, nice to meet you.

- Courtney, nice to meet you.

- Nice to meet you.

- I'm doing well, thank you. - I'm Tanner.

- Hi... oh, you're easy on the eyes.

- Thank you so much.

- I'm Jen, nice to meet you.

- My pleasure. Welcome to Thailand.

Welcome aboard Valor. - Thank you.

- We've got a lot of fun things planned,

so without further ado I'm gonna turn you over to Kate,

who will give you a tour of the boat,

and then we will get the party started.

- All right. - Okay.

- Hi, ladies. Right this way.

Watch your step right here. - Oh, thanks.

- I'd better watch my red wine intake on these white couches.

- Oh, God.

[ laughs ]

- This is your master stateroom.

- Oh, my gosh, that's beautiful.

- They really did.

- We have two queen rooms, they're both identical,

and then one room with two twin beds.

- Yeah, I love it. - Where are we going?

- Ooh! - Fun.

- Nice lemon-slicing.

- Oh, whoopsie.

- We ready to go? - Standing by, Cap.

- All right, let's do it, bow to stern, now.

- Pull in, pull in, pull in, quickly.

Quickly all the way in.

- Show us that booty!

- Big pull, Rhylee, big pull.

- Maybe that should be our daily workout.

- All right, Cap, that's all lines on deck,

all lines on deck.

- Cheers. - Bon voyage.

- Cheers, girls. - Cheers.

- Stern is clear of the dock, Cap.

- It's so weird that we left the dock without Brian.

Like, see ya later. - I know!

[ laughter, chatter ]

- Do you know how to cut limes like this?

This is... it looks like... - Compost.

- I feel bad, because she clearly...

it's hard to get thin... slices that thin.

You gotta really try.

Simone does not know how to cut citrus.

It looked like this... - That's what it was!

- that...

It's like if Helen Keller cut an orange.

It's just, like, all over the place.

Oh, God.

- What's up, homie? How you feeling?

- I feel good.

I went down on Simone last night.

- You went...


- Yeah, it was fun.

- Only got, like, a 12-second handjob,

and I was like...

- Oh, a little bit of a tease?

- Yeah, blue balls up the yin-yang right now, though.

- I don't know, maybe Kate's right.

Maybe Simone isn't so great at service.

[ laughs ]

That's funny.

- I'll just keep refilling.

[ laughs ]

- I'm kissing lots of girls this trip.

- Tell Rhylee what you just told me.

- Oh, no.

- Went down on Simone last night.

- [ gasps ] Why would you tell me that?

Wait, Simone said you only cuddled.

That's a lot more than cuddling.

- That's my idea of cuddling.

- That sneaky little bitch.

- Can I get you a refill? - Thank you.

- You're welcome.

- Face-down, ass-up, every night.

- Captain, just on standby with the anchor.

- Copy that... and drop.

- Okay, anchor secure, Captain.

- Start getting the toys.

- We need everyone to do a shot of tequila with us.

- Winching down.

- Holy hell, it's ----ing hot.

This is Florida summer.

- Permission to proceed, Captain Lee?

- Absolutely.

- We would like you to join us at dinner tonight.

- We can arrange that.

- What should I give them tonight?

- Is there anything happening tonight?

A white party. Can't make white food.

- Yeah. Well, you can't do chicken?

- Yeah, that'd be nice.

[bleep], that's why I love you, sous chef.

[ laughs ]

- You never tell me you love me.

- Life, love...

- L'chaim. - ...happiness...

- L'chaim. - ...Thailand.

Bangkok, shots before noon.

[ cheering, exclaiming ]

- Amen.

[ phone rings ]

- Hello?

- Captain, it's Brian here, how are you?

- I'm doing well, Brian. What's the verdict?

- Mm-hmm.

[ sighs ]

- Coming up...

- Look at the jellyfish. - Holy crap, they're everywhere.

- Who's gonna urinate on me if I get stung?

- Huh?

[ grunting ]

- Okay.

[ sighs ]

Brian's a hardworking kid,

and I'm sure he doesn't feel good

about this situation either.

Well, we'll ease into it. We don't need a relapse.

If Brian can't recover quickly, he's of no good to me.

- All right, buddy, look forward to it.

- All right, Captain, I'll see you soon.

- Thanks for my drink. - My pleasure.


- Oh, no, no, no! [ laughs ]

- You wanna see where we're having our beach picnic?

Guess. - By the second boat.

- that cave.

The guests wanna eat lunch on a beach,

but it's hot outside, so I found a cave.

It's my dream beach picnic cave.

- They sleep through the day.

- And then poop on you. - That's good luck.

It's like a VIP room at a club...

secluded, dark, away from everybody else,

the general public.

Cave picnics... this is the new thing.

- Gross!

- Cap, I see a boat approaching

with some blonde and a gimpy leg.

- Kick him in his good one.

[ laughs ] And tell him welcome back.

- What's up, Tanner? - Welcome back in.

- How you feeling? - Much better.

- This is Brian, everybody. - Hello, hello, hello.

- Are you the one with the bad knee?

- Not anymore, it's a good knee now.

- Aw, oh...just put that right up here,

you need to elevate it.

- Bro, I'm walking, I can actually walk.

Hey, Simone. - Brian!

- Hey!

- Hi. How are you? - How goes it?

Good. - Have you showered?

- No. - Ooh!

- Smell me. - Ooh!

I'm covered in hospital germs!

- Oh [bleep] you, just go through, man.

Seafood here in Thailand,

you can tell it just came right from the sea that morning.

So I'm making sushi because it's super fresh, super easy.

You're on the beach, it's super hot here,

and it kinda lines the stomach

for these girls and their cocktails.

It just all works.

- It looks great.

- I think it looks like sh--.

- Ugh. Okay.

- Oh, the prodigal son returns!

- Thank goodness, I can walk again.

- I imagine what they did, there was, like, an abscess in there.

They pack it with gauze.

- Okay.

- Well, we're glad to have you back, buddy.

- Thank you very much, Captain.

- Now get changed and get to work.

- Cool.

- What do you want me to do?

- Okay. - Thank you.

I tried doing service with Simone last charter,

but I prefer having Courtney on service,

because she's so good at it and Simone is not.

[ sighs ]

- Oh.

- Okay.

- We need chardonnay, sauvignon blanc...

- They come with a lot of baggage these days.

- Ha-ha. - Look at the jellyfish.

- Holy crap, it's like we're sh--ting jellyfish,

they're everywhere.

- So who's gonna urinate on me if I get stung?

- Tanner and Ashton might be more than willing.

- Huh?

- Touchdown!

- Oh [bleep] that hurts. - Got enough wine bottles?

- Quick, quick, quick.

[ bats chittering ] - Those are bats.

- I know they are. - Ah.

- Of course, it's a cave.

- Oh, yeah, this is a pretty cool spot, actually.

- Do you think you could hang the disco ball?

I think it'd be really whimsical.

[ bats chittering ] Oh, they sound like they're mad.

They're mean bats.

- Espresso martini shots.

- You're so sweet. - We love you.

- Thanks. - Woo-hoo!

- Woop, woop, woop...

- Whoa!

- All right, let's go, girls.

- Oh, yeah, baby!

- Oh, Ashton sandwich.

- Oh, Tanner. - You gonna sit here?

- Batcave, batcave, this is batmobile, en route.

- Copy.

- Welcome to the beach.

- I've never thrown a beach party

in a location quite like this.

- There's a disco ball in the cave!

Nature is amazing!

[ bats chittering ]

- You hear that animal in there?

- Oh sh--.

- I said, how's the laundry going?

- Good, do you wanna fold stuff? What are you doing?

- I have to finish drying stuff upstairs.

- It's just nonstop. - I know, ugh.


- This is tuna, chicken, and tofu.

- Perfect. - Thank you.

- Are we seriously eating sushi in this beautiful location?

- Mm. - Wow.

...But the tide's only going further down.

So I'm not gonna be able to get them outta there now.

- Are there rocks and sh-- there?

- Yeah, it's like a reef. - Oh [bleep].

- Yeah.

[ phone ringing ]

I'm working long hours, so when I get a break

I think it's just important

to kind of connect with my daughter.

So what else is going on?

Even if that's just to send a few emojis,

my daughter loves that, you know?

Give her a couple of frog emojis.

And then she sends me poop ones back, you know?

Just laughs at herself.

Are you still keen to go to New Zealand for school holidays?

Because I need to get our plane tickets.

The reason I'm here in yachting is

to provide a better life for her.

For me, it was pretty hard. Dad wasn't really around.

You know, Mum always had three jobs on the go,

raising four of us kids.

I started putting clothes on my back at the age of 12, you know?

I'm just working away all the time, working, working, working.

It's super hard to be away.

Right now I'm just concentrating on my job

and getting back to my daughter.

Okay, my love, I love you.

[ beeping ]

- Oop.

- Another round? - Another round.

[ laughs ]

- Kate, we have lost a lot of water,

so if you can have Tanner walk out to the edge of the coral,

I'm gonna give him the water shoes to take to the guests.

- Copy.

- The tide's dropped way lower than we thought it would.

There's coral, there's sea urchins...

it's really not an ideal situation.

- I wanna get one from behind too.

- Now we know how you like it.

- Good shot.

- Ashton, Ashton. - Go ahead, Cap.

- How much stuff you got to load up?

- It's pretty much all the chairs

and the tables and things.

I can bring those clear-bottom kayaks in with the bike.

- That's not a bad idea.

I'm gonna need to wait here.

Just tell the girls they have to put them on.

- What you're gonna do is you're gonna put these

in the water and tie one to each side of your prop.

- Okay.

Oh... right in the kisser there.

- They're not the most stylish,

but I highly recommend putting a pair on.

- Ash, Rhylee's on the way with the kayaks.

when you're coming...

- What you're gonna do, have a look at it.

- Let me see.

- Oh. - Did you feel something?

- Yes.

- We have the tide dropping extremely quickly,

and we have someone that stood on a sea urchin.

Any guest getting injured

while in our care is an absolute sh---show.

- Captain Lee, come save me!

- Coming up...

- I'm not sure that you are a great second stew.

- Okay.

I can see how you would feel that is not okay to...

- I don't feel that it's not okay,

I'm telling you it's not okay.

And now you've made our department look bad.

- Ah, there is something stuck in me.

- Like, in your leg? - Yes.

- Could be a sea urchin... huh.

- All right, let's head back to the boat.

We'll have a look at that.

Captain Lee, Captain Lee, Ashton.

- Roger that.

- If you wanna just stay on the sand,

I'll walk the kayaks up. - Okay.

- Oh, my God, ants everywhere all of a sudden.

- Really?

- Look at my life, look at my shoes.

I'm wearing weird water shoes, sweating,

getting bitten by Thailand batcave ants.

It's going great.

- Nice one. - Nice throw, Tanner.

- Interior crew, you've got incoming guests at 60 seconds.

And we're gonna need a bucket of vinegar, too.

- I'll get the vinegar out.

- Sea urchin injuries are fairly common,

and they're spiny little bastards on the ocean floor.

If they get stepped on, one of those spines'll break off.

But they're barbed, so you can't get 'em out.

You have to dissolve them,

and the easiest way to do it is the old vinegar trick.

As sweet as it smells, vinegar.

- Okay. - [bleep]

- Is it painful? - Mm-hmm.

- Just pray no big boats come along.

- Take me to the yacht. - Woo!

- You're doing great.

- Oh!

- Is that really as fast as it goes?

- I don't have any higher gears.

- Does it have different speeds on it?

Is that all you got?

- Courtney, Courtney, Kate.

Can you meet me in the galley for service?

Okay, Simone, you can go on break till 7:00.

- Okie-dokie.

- You did well.

- Hey, Kevin.

So I just went down, I brought drinks to the guests.

- Okay. - I said dinner's at 8:00.

- 8:00, okay.

- And they were like, "Can we eat inside, it's so hot out."

- Okay.

- So we're gonna have dinner with the captain

right here at this table.

I cannot believe the guests have requested

to eat so close to the stew pantry.

We have to work in silence. - Yeah, I will.

- We have to. - Yeah, I will.

- It just makes everything more difficult.

- We can do anything. - Yes, we can.

- Oh, I'm glad you're feeling better, though.

They got it all out.

- Hot mama!

You and Tanya both are sparkly girls.

Let's go say hi to Captain Lee.

- Oh, I could do that.

- Oh, yeah, oh, yeah, oh, yeah.

Tonight we have a lot going on.

It's a white party, but considering

their alcohol consumption throughout the day,

it's probably gonna be more like a blackout party... yay.

- Where's Captain Lee?

- Oh, he's got no shirt on!

[ squealing ]

[ trills tongue ]

- Wow, you keep yourself in nice shape for working on a boat.

- Captain Lee, I'm gonna say...

- I'm gonna say... you look good, though.

You'll have to go up this way, and around.

- How am I on turn-downs again when I'm on late service?

It's a joke.

[ phone ringing ]

- Hi, Mum?

- This is absolutely ridiculous.

I am a mathematician,

and I speak all these different languages,

so I can learn how to do service.

[ speaking foreign language ]

- Okay.

- Someone needs to teach me, okay?

Like, Kate is probably upset that I'm smarter than her,

and therefore, she's trying to make me look dumb,

but I'm not.

- Oh, my goodness. - Oh, my goodness.

- Is it a pineapple? - Good evening, ladies.

- Oh, my goodness.

- Thank you so much.

- All right, let's go.

- It's kinda nice having such a quiet galley.

It's a calmer vibe.

[ loud buzzing, vibrating ]

Except for the appliances.

- Can I get you a drink?

- A glass of sauvignon blanc?

[ sighs ]

[ cork pops ]

- Hello, Chef. - Hey, how are we?

- Hi, Kevin.

- Can you say "beer-battered" again?

- Beer batter, beer batter. - Beer batter.

- All right, enjoy, guys. - Thank you.

- Thank you, Chef.

- Mm! - Mm!

- Oh, my God. - Really good.

- Cheers to Captain Lee.

- No, Wendy, you go there, and then you come back to Jen.

Come back to Jen. - How quickly they forget.

- So this one's really easy, but I love eating this.

So it's just chicken parm.

I put some lemon zest and parmesan cheese,

with some roasted pine nuts in the crust.

And then grilled broccolini. - Yeah.

- It's very simple, but tasty, all right?

Thanks guys. Enjoy.

- Mm. Oh, my God.

- It's really good.

- This is a great filet...

...of chicken.

- We just want everyone to party with us.

We don't want anyone to have to work.

[ sighs ]

- You didn't see him with his shirt off.

[ laughing ] - That was a surprise.

- You were like Thor with no shirt on.

Aye, I'm a pirate.

That's why I have a hard time finding a man.

- So when it's right, it'll happen.

- That's what I feel like.

I'm like, how long have I been single?

- And Wendy has left.

- What's happening? - We're just plating up dessert.

- How about... can I serve?

Could I be... I gotta do something.

They're all... I'm so bored with the conversation.

Like, about relationship kinda stuff.

- Oh, we need to break that up.

So if you wanna carry one out,

you can put it in front of the captain.

- Yes... no, I know how to do that.

I know... like, I will stack 'em up...

- Oh, oh, oh... - No, no, no...not...not good?

- No... - No?

Just one on each hand? - Oh...yes, it's great.

- What's happening?

- So you just take that one to the captain,

I'll take that one.

- Okay, you don't want me on service,

but you have a guest... seriously?

This is bullsh--.

- You take the captain's, that's the most important one.

You take that one out.

Go, go, go, go.

- Captain, I'm serving your dessert.

- Oh, boy.

- Here we go.

- You, my child, cannot be trusted.

- So this is just a take on a tiramisu.

It's not deconstructed, pulled apart,

or anything like that, but you know...but it is a take on one.

- Wonderful. - Enjoy.

- Meal was good, I enjoyed it.

- So good. - Taste the dessert.

This is, like, melt-in-your-mouth.

- Mm.

- You excited for tomorrow to be over?

- Yep.

- You wanna be serving and not doing laundry?

- Well sh--, I'm sorry, Sims.

- Thank you.

I worked hard to freaking get here.

I have the experience.

And that's why Kate made me the second stew,

and she needs to start treating me like one.

- Tanner's an asshole.

I don't like him on deck, either.

- He's a silver fox. - Oh, he is a silver fox.

- So how did you morph from Chicago to California?

- Oh...

- Okay.

I pierced noses and ears.

- And hairs? - God, this is a revelation.

- I know!

- This man... - This man.

- Thank you so much, my dear.

- You going to bed? - Really had a good time.

See you guys in the morning.

- Good night, thank you.

- Good night.

- How's it going with the girls?

- It's nice to have stewardesses who don't assume

that if you ask them to do something

you're, like, personally attacking them.

- So I'm expecting her to progress as time goes on.

- Mm-hmm.

- Eh, my patience is getting less.

- Do you know where Simone is?

- No, is she not working? - I don't know where she went.

[ sobbing ]

- Simone, Simone, Kate.

- Go ahead, Kate.

- What's your 20, Simone? Courtney was just wondering.

- Just in the bathroom.

[ sobs ]

- She sounded upset.

- She did, actually.

- It sounded like she was crying.

- Courtney? - Yeah?

- Do you maybe wanna check on Simone and see if she's okay?

- Kate, you go talk to her, I'm not good at this stuff.

- It's not my room. It's not my room.

- Simone here. - What's up?

- You all right? - Yeah.

- I just don't understand what could be the problem.

- I don't love that Simone is sulking.

You're not good enough at your job to sulk right now.

Your best quality was your good attitude.

Don't lose that, honey.

Hey, Simone, are you okay?

You don't seem okay.

I don't know.

- Do you need me to tell you all the time what to do?

- I assumed that you knew the job well enough...

- Yeah... - ...that I didn't have to...

- It feels like Simone acts as if I owe her,

when really, she's not good at her job,

and training is a gift.

I'm not sure that you're ready to do service.

- I'm not sure that you're a great second stew.

- Okay. - It's not personal,

but when you go hide in your bathroom for 25 minutes...

- And then you came out and were very sullen.

- You told other crewmembers

you were going to speak to me about it?

- No, I was just - It's not appropriate.

The first person you should ever speak to should be me.

- I don't feel that it's not okay,

I'm telling you it's not okay.

And now you've made our department look bad.

- But I'm telling you that you have.

- Next, on "Below Deck".

- Instead of washing the boat today,

you're gonna watch elephants.

- Look at him, look at him, look at him.

- Oh, my God.

- He said he went down on you. - Oh, my God.

- And then he said, "She touched it for, like, eight seconds."

- This guy's an asshole.

- Tanner is not my boyfriend, but I do sleep in Tanner's bed.

- Gross.

- Tanner, you ----ed up big time.

- What do you think I am? - Kind of a bitch.

- Brian!

- This is a crew mess shared by the whole crew and the captain.

- I agree.

- Come tomorrow, we're gonna have a come-to-Jesus meeting,

where I say you sure were a dumb sh-- last night.

- What respect do you have for yourself,

and for your ----ing captain?

[ sobbing ]

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