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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: How to Improve Your English While Commuting

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hey everybody welcome back to our weekly

live stream my name is Alisha and today

we're going to talk about how to learn

English on your commute I will give you

some ideas for your studies that you can

use on your way to work or on your way

to school and of course on the way home

as well

so today will be just some study ideas

some methods that you can consider I'm

going to cover some ideas whether you go

by bus or by train or you drive a car or

even if you work from home maybe just a

couple of ideas to consider to start and

end your day so we're going to cover

reading and writing and speaking and

listening ideas and of course if you

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fantastic let's begin today's topic how

to learn English and if you missed the

beginning Facebook might have been a

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let's get started so first I want to

talk about some listening and some

speaking ideas for maybe those of you

who drive a car or you have some kind of

private space where you can practice on

your way to and from work so first idea

first study idea is to listen to and

repeat after I do lessons audio lessons

so for those of you who have an account

on our website at English class 101 you

can download and listen to our audio

lessons there are about a 10 or 15

minutes long some are a little bit

shorter so I'm a bit longer so if you

have this kind of private space where

you can actually repeat like you're in

the privacy of private space in your own

car or maybe like in your house in the

morning you can actually repeat after

the lessons if you don't have a private

space maybe you can just listen to the

audio lessons so some thoughts about

this is first choose a lesson that's

focused on a key expression or a

specific target so when you're choosing

like which audio lesson to study during

your commute maybe it's better to choose

a lesson that's focused on something

like this

likes some ideas might be how to

introduce yourself so how to say like my

name is and so on or how to order at a

restaurant or how to talk about your

hobbies these are just a few ideas the

reason I would suggest these kinds of

lessons are because if you especially if

you're driving it's really important to

focus on the road right so you want to

make sure you can easily listen and

repeat the information studying grammar

trying to think about grammar might be a

little bit difficult to do so try to

choose a specific target for the lesson

like you're trying to you have a

specific expression you're practicing or

you have like a specific phrase or

question that you're practicing so

choose a lesson that's focused on a key

expression another idea is if your

commute is 20 plus minutes or 20 plus

meaning 20 or more minutes then you can

think about this idea do one new lesson

so you have a new lesson on your way

like like your first lesson is a new

lesson so a lesson you have not studied

before and then you do a review so you

review like the previous day's lesson or

you review an old lesson something like

that so if you if you have this time you

can give yourself the opportunity to

learn something new like a new

expression a new a new phrase a new

question and you have the opportunity to

review something from a previous study

session so this can be good if you have

a longer commute or if you just have a

little bit more time on your way to work

or school or of course on the way home

as well okay and then the last point

here is just remember to review on your

way home so whatever lesson you listened

to in the morning consider listening to

that lesson again on your way home so

like eight hours nine hours later ten

hours later depending on your schedule

so this is something you can do as I

said of course you can listen to it just

listen to the lesson if you're on like a

train or a bus and there are other

people around but if you're in a car you

can actually speak like repeat after the

native speaker repeat after the person

who's talking

in the lesson so some ideas you can

check out we have lessons we have audio

lessons on our website of course so

please have a look at those there if you

don't know at English class 101 not to

come we do have audio lessons lots and

lots of audio lessons there so please

check those out some other ideas

especially for like intermediate or

advanced learners some listening ideas

our English news English news especially

English news for learners so if you

google just English news for learners or

English for learners I'm sorry English

news sites for learners you can find

some resources online where people will

share the news but they use a specific

English a specific type of English for

learners for people who are studying so

they'll introduce key vocabulary points

idioms and other expressions finally

another cool idea is podcasts podcast if

you don't know what a podcast is a

podcast is kind of like a radio show but

a podcast is made like by individual

people so you can choose a topic that's

interesting to you and find a show about

that so you can do this like with your

phone like just with your smart phone if

you have a smart phone or even if you

don't have a smart phone

you can search for podcasts on like

Apple podcasts or Spotify or other

podcast libraries directories and you

can find a topic that suits your

interest so if you have maybe if you

have a podcast that you like you can

send it in the chat so other people can

find it so if you have a recommendation

for something you like to listen to you

can check that out and oftentimes

podcasts have notes there are like notes

about each episode of the podcast so you

can check maybe some of the key

information in written form there so

that's another resource that you can


okay uh let's see

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I'll continue on then with part 2 for

today's lesson so if you're just joining

today's topic is how to learn during

your commute how to learn English or

other languages on your commute so I've

talked about learning with audio

listening to an audio lesson or like to

news into podcasts and if you can

repeating after the native speakers so

let's go to part 2 then part 2 part 2

excuse me is

to use an app or a site to study

vocabulary words so app this word app a

PP app means application a smartphone

application so you can use an app or a

website some tool that you prefer to use

to study vocabulary words this is one

that I did for a couple years in the

morning and at night that's true

I had an app I studied Japanese on my

way to work and on my way home from work

15 minutes in the morning and 15 minutes

in the evening because I knew vocabulary

was my weak point and this was so

helpful for me I learned new words every

day and I could use them at work every

day - so this was personally really

really helpful for me every day some

ideas I've talked about this app unki a

nki unki is a free flashcard app a flake

free flashcard and like a vocabulary

basically a study tool so you can choose

I'll talk about in a moment you can

choose like a group of words and you can

study them inside on key this free tool

so when you use unki you can choose like

when you see a word appear in the app

you can say yes I know this word or I

don't really know this word or I totally

don't know this word and according to

your answer

the software will remember your like

your level of like ability to identify

that word so it will show you the word

again at a later time according to your

answer so that's cool also of course if

you don't know about our website we do

have stuff on our website too an English

class 101 some of the features are free

so you don't have to have a paid account

to get access to some of these the free

things that we have there our vocabulary

list so if you go to the website and you

click on vocabulary in the men

you you can choose vocabulary lists

vocabulary lists so you can access the

vocabulary lists for free and you can

access the 100 core words lists for free

too so if you do that you'll see there's

a picture for the vocabulary word or the

expression and there's also audio so you

can listen to that as well so these are

a couple of ideas for places to study

places to get vocabulary lists to study

and how to study those so what you can

do is when you when you are deciding

what to study what app or website to use

choose a list of words or a list of

phrases or a deck so deck it comes from

like a deck of cards the word we use in

English is a Dec Dec K so that means one

set a group of playing cards so on key

this software I talked about they use

what's called decks it's like a group of

vocabulary words or a group of phrases

but in other software like we have

vocabulary lists so choose a list or

choose a deck of words that you want to

study and you can choose from lists

already available so for example we

already have a lot of vocabulary lists

prepared that you can choose from or you

can make your own list so if you want to

make your own list yes it can take some

time but you also have that ability to

make your own list for something and

create your own kind of deck or your own

group of words in your vocabulary study

app okay uh I don't see specific

questions to today's lesson so let's

continue on to this point I mentioned

already study on your way to and from

work in school so I mentioned earlier

but when I was studying vocabulary like

really focusing on studying vocabulary I

would study

in the morning I had a nap in my case I

was using a Japanese study app I studied

in the morning like as soon as I got on

my subway my subway train and in the

morning I started and then when I

arrived at my work like my station I

stopped and that was about 15 minutes in

the morning I did the same thing on my

way home at night so it seems like a

short time but in one day that's 30

minutes of study and over the course of

a week and over the course of months

that's a lot actually so this was this

strategy was super helpful for me to

build my vocabulary so I really really

like this I can recommend this for

improving your vocabulary someone I mean

hun said write down myself

yeah if you if you can like that's great

to practice your writing to to write the

words as well I think that's great I

guess it depends a little on what you

want to focus on if you want to just get

new vocabulary in your head you can use

just an app if you want to practice the

vocabulary and practice reading and

writing with the vocabulary sure that

sounds great too

okay Oscar says what does commute mean a

commute commute means your travel to and

from work or school so every day many

people have a commute to work or a

commute to school so commute commute

I'll write it on the board your commute

mean travel to and from work or school

or other other obligations may be so

travel to and from work in school is

your commute other questions yes someone

says how do i improve my English when

commuting that is today's lesson topic

so please check out all of these tips

for today all right we're about 20

minutes in so I guess I'll take one more

break in case you missed it earlier so

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or Facebook okay let's continue uh time

is going quickly as always to a couple

more ideas and in this section

especially for number four here I hope

that you can share a few ideas with

everyone to the first or rather the

third the third idea for your commute is

to read news sites in English to

practice your reading skills so I know I

know I do this all the time like I open

Twitter and I check the news but I check

like English news like my native

language news so a thing to consider is

just to shift your thinking and start

trying to read news articles in English

in your case if you're learning English

so sometimes I do this I'll try to read

focus and read in Japanese something so

that's really helpful for me some ideas

if you want to look for something that

you can read you can try like the BBC

you could try the New York Times you

could try CNN these are all like online

they have online news articles

I put the BBC here first because the BBC

has a program specifically for English

learners so you can find like video news

and you can find written news articles

that have English specifically for

people who are learning so they share

keywords they talk about special idioms

they talk about special expressions a

thing to consider though the BBC is

British English so the BBC will sound

very different from me for example they

have a different accent there but you

can read the articles for sure but just

keep in mind pronunciation and some

expressions are a little bit different

from American English New York Times is

an American publication as is CNN these

are both American publications maybe if

you if anybody out there has something

that they like as well they can suggest

it and I will write it here uh which one

do you recommend for beginners for

beginners I would recommend you do a

google search I mentioned it in topic

and point number one today but if you do

at English Google search this English

news for learners English news for

learners there are a few actually quite

a few a lot there are a lot of services

that provide news articles at different

levels so check around to find something

that suits your level there are many

different sites you can check those out

see which is maybe the best for you so I

recommend a google search for this

Google English news for learners you can

find a list of publications of other

services that have this so I would

suggest you try this and find something

that's good for you

someone says for news Julian says news

in levels ok news in levels sounds like

a good one other specific questions I

don't see any yet hello from Minnesota a

Facebook okay so let's get to you on

then if you have another suggestion send

it in the chat I'll try to write it here

if I catch it I want to conclude my last

idea are really my last tip is to get

creative with your studies so these are

of course like tips one two and three

today are fairly straightforward things

you can do but I would encourage you to

get creative with how you study and how

you practice and again not just

listening to things not just reading

things but working on producing things

so these are tips that you can use if

you're on a train or a bus or a subway

something you don't have to drive right

you can read or you can type in an app

or something some other ideas you can

make a social media post so a great

example of this I met a person of many

years ago actually I was so impressed he

he was a yeah he was studying English

he lived in I think the UK for maybe two

or three years and came back to his home

country but he wanted to continue using

English so he had a one-hour commute to

and from work every day this is a true

story and he's created what he called

and on the way album post so for his

everyday English study practice he

listened to an album he liked like a

60-minute about one hour so music he

listened to it and then he wrote a

social media post like a review about

the album so he talked about each song

on the album he talked about the history

of the album so he was listening to new

music which was his hobby and he was

using English so he made a bilingual

social media post every single day five

days a week on his commute so that to me

that was amazing like he said it was

really hard actually really really hard

to do but I thought that was such a

creative a creative way to combine his

hobbies and his studies yeah so that's

one idea make a social media post I like

to do this to actually when I post on

social media I try to do it

bilingually I tried to write my social

media posts in English and in Japanese

that's one way for me to study others

I'm looking for your questions I don't

see other questions yet so a couple more


right in an english-only journal right

in an english-only journal this can be

on your phone it can be a physical

journal it can be something that you

type like on WordPress or another

journal software so right in an

english-only journal that's another way

to create your using vocabulary that

you're learning maybe you can write

about a recent news story something like

that or you can use something that you

heard in an audio lesson so this is

another idea you can do again on your

commute if you're not driving a car so

write in an English only journal that's

something else you can do and another

idea read an english-only Twitter feed

so I've seen a lot of people seen some

people have followed me on Twitter

that's they make an English study

account I've seen this on Twitter

actually a couple on Instagram - they

make English only or like accounts

specifically for their studies so you

can open that Twitter feed and check

only things in English so these are a

couple of different ideas for kind of

more creatively using your language

skills and developing your language

skills um all right some other things

viola says can you tell me about audio

please i talked about audio lessons in

point number one so if you missed it you

can check out some ideas for studying

with audio lessons this is being

recorded so when we finish you can go

back and check out point number one yeah

someone else says how do i improve my

listening please check point number one

from today's lesson I think that's good

for listening specific tips how to take

notes fast while listening well why why

do you need to take notes fast you can

take notes and pause and take notes and

pause as well I think it's okay to go at

your own pace it's okay to do that some

other and if you have other ideas for

your studies yeah will include I'll

include them here so please feel free to

send something

kay says how about reading and listening

to us president's speeches it's

something you can do sure but just keep

in mind speeches are very different from

the way that we speak in everyday life

so you might get some interesting

vocabulary you might learn some specific

vocabulary for politics and for

government but just keep in mind that's

it's different from the way that people

talk in everyday English so I mean you

can learn something of course someone

says can I learn using chatroulette

mm-hmm I really don't know I would

suggest maybe not using chatroulette

like I feel like it's better to do

something to approach your studies to

study with some kind of material you've

prepared or like you can kind of guess a

little bit what what the other person is

going to say so mmm I don't know if

chatroulette is the best the best way to

study good be I don't know I have not

used it so I can't say other ideas other

ideas someone says right go slowly I

can't right

this video is being recorded you can

watch it back again uh other points some

people say I can't understand songs well

some ideas if you want to use music if

you want to use music I'll include that

here listen to music if you want to

include music in your studies I would

suggest and if you can't understand the

songs google the lyrics look for the

lyrics of the songs that's what I did

when I first started studying Japanese I

couldn't understand the music I had no

idea what they were saying so I googled

it and I had to find it in like English

characters and then I had to study the

grammar and then I had to study

vocabulary so many different things so

if you can't understand the songs google

the lyrics and then study the lyrics

line by line that is exactly what I did

when I first started that's a true story

that is exactly what I did so that was

my strategy to understand

songs but also keep in mind not all

songs in English used correct to grammar

sometimes we change the lyrics of the

songs or we change the way we say words

to fit the song so please keep that in

mind music in English is not perfect

English or isn't that what should I say

music in English is not textbook English

please keep that in mind other points I

don't see any oh ma see ya hey Messiah

on Facebook says watching on YouTube

with subtitles is very useful odd it's a

great idea I'll put that in number four

so watch YouTube watch youtube videos

with subtitles nice point great of

course we have many covers we have many

many YouTube videos with subtitles so

you can please watch our videos we would

be very happy if you watched our videos

yes thanks mulling a great tip great tip

why do words in English have ten

meanings not always do they have ten

meetings many words in many languages

have many different meanings so it's up

to it depends on the word it depends on

the word

okay someone says in discord I talk

everyday with native people uh yeah

discord that's another one so I have not

used discord myself but to my

understanding you can make communities

have you used this part yes you can make

it easy you can make communities with

maybe people who play the same video

game as you or people who have the same

hobby or interest as you so that's

another good one all right all right

is this a discord groups discord

communities I don't know the word they

use in discord discord chats okay

discord chats that's a nice idea nice

one okay other points yeah great ideas

everybody I like that uh Tiago also says

watch movies with subtitles yes so I

have YouTube yeah but watching movies

with subtitles can be helpful also very

nice ideas alright oh my I am late sorry

thank you for your ideas everyone sorry

I got excited about the chat so I'm

sorry about that I have to finish

unfortunately but these are some ideas

you can use for learning during your

commute so on your way to or on your way

from home from school or work so I hope

that you found some ideas some new

things you can do with just 10 or 15

minutes in your day it adds up you can

do a lot of things over time so we'll

finish there for today but we will of

course be back next week next week's

topic is yes how to talk about your work

with present perfect tense everybody

always wants to practice present perfect

tense next week I'm going to focus on

talking about your work or your studies

with present perfect tense

if you don't know present perfect tense

present perfect is like that I have been

I have done I have worked and so on next

week I probably won't talk a lot about

present perfect continuous but maybe

we'll see so join us next week that will

be December Wow December 5th Wednesday

Wednesday December 5th 2019 nothing p.m.

Eastern Standard Time that is New York

City time if you don't know your local

time please google it or set a

notification on YouTube or Facebook so

that you don't miss the video so join us

to talk about your work with a key

grammar point next week I will finish

here for today please don't forget to

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there so thank you everybody for joining

us as always live this week we really

appreciate it and thank you very much

for liking and for sharing the video too

and I hope that you enjoyed the rest of

your day and the rest of your week we'll

see you again soon

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