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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Crash en Enfer - part 1

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Fuck ! What the hell is this flight?

We have to escape.. we've got to find a way.

- Yeah but we're in a plane.

I've lost control of the plane!

- Damn! We're gonna crash!

Yo motherfuckas we're gonna crash!

Look! There's an island over there!

This won't be easy but try and land the plane!

Damn it nothing's responding!

Put your seat belt! Crap!

Get off me!

Kiddy kiddy!

Go get it!

Ouch my back!

There's another one...

Hey John!

- What?.... We're still in jail?

Oh goddamnit...

- The plane crashed.

- I'm still in prison...

- I don't know where we ended but...

it's definitely not human!

Ohe, over here!

I'm Marquez... I can't remember anything!

- Marquez de la Rosa?

- Isn't that the guy who staged a coup in Val Verde?

- He's a legend.

- No, he's a living legend.

- Yes that's me, sentenced to 6000 years in the prison of Palos Verdes.

I've spotted some plane's wreckage over here.

- Let's check it out, there may still be survivors.

- Let's go.

Caramba, un dinosaur!

- Hurry let's go!

These creatures came from Hell!!

They're gonna taste that little toy I was keeping for the guards!

Oh no... out of ammo!

What is that accursed island?

A waterfall? If I can go across if I may be able to escape...

I was pretty lucky against these raptors...

Madre de dios...

Major Rape?

- What is it?

- A plane just crashed on Site B. - What kind of plane?

- A prisoner transport plane. - What?

- Where was it heading to? - North West.

- There's at least 50 passengers. - The Boss won't be pleased.

- Colonel, get an update on the area, scan the island.

We must locate them and send an emergency team to clear the area.

- Yes sir!

- This operation must remain top secret, got it?

- You can count on me!

- And you, keep doing your investigations. - Yes Major.

Yo man that's messed up!

- Where the fuck are we? - Yo where did we land what the hell is that?

- I'm sure there are chicks down there.

- Get lost asshole! - Yo man what the hell is your problem?

- Don't fuck with me motherfucker - Yo you wanna piece of me??

What's that? Yo miskin what's that?

What's that miskin??

Yo no fucking way Toufik!!

Yo that's it, i'm outta here that's messed up!

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