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The next day.

Amy, good morning! I thought you were still asleep.

No. You know that I'm used to getting up early.

And where is Victoria?

She had to go to the apartment in which she lived to take things from there in the morning.

After she returns, we'll go look for my phone.

It is no longer necessary to look for it, since it has already been found.


Did you find the phone somewhere in the house?

Yesterday some guy called and said that I found your phone on the street.

I gave him our address and he should bring it soon.

Wow, what a gentleman!

Yes, I was also surprised. By the way, I hope you're going to college today?

I'm going to, do not worry. I have time for the second lesson.

I want to go to someone else, so if this gentleman brings my phone, then thank him from my face.

But are not you going to wait for it yourself?

I can not know at what hour he will come and you did not ask?

Yes, I did not ask.

Probably it's him. Do you go to open it yourself or do I have to go?

Go better than you, I'm not combed.

Oh, that's a tragedy ... Okay.

Amy, it's me.

I'm sorry I was late. Looking for your phone?

It is no longer necessary. Knight appeared on a white horse and he brought it to me.

What knight? I do not understand anything...

Yesterday Yasmin rang a guy and said that he found my phone.


It's nice of him!

That's for sure!

Are you going to college today?

Yes, but to us to the second lesson?

There is still time.

I have to go to the same type and give him the discs he asked for.

If you want, will you come with me?

And what type?

This is my childhood friend and by the way, he is a musician who is already known to many.

Recently he returned from the tour.

Are you serious?

You'll see for yourself. Perhaps you know him, too.

Okay. Honestly, you surprise me every time.

Still would! I'm amazing and for some, I'm a mystery!

But one thing I know for sure is that you are good!

Thank you! Okay, shall we wait for the knight or shall we go?

Yasmin will still be at home.

Well, I do not know ... Do not you need a phone?

It is necessary, but I do not know at what hour it will be brought and if we wait, we may be late for lessons.

Yasmin, Victoria and I are leaving.

Amy, but if you're still at home, open the door. It's probably that guy who brought your phone.


Good morning! I apologize for my early visit, but yesterday I called and agreed that I would return the lost phone.

Yes Yes. I lost it yesterday.

Very nice of you!

Thank you so much!

It's my pleasure! Next time, be careful.

Of course. I do not even know how I could lose it ...?

Well, shall I go then?

Oh sure. Thanks again! I spend.

Thank you!

Oh, did you see that ?!

Well, yes, I was there.

Oh, my God, how handsome he is!

Look, it seems to me that I saw him somewhere ...

But I can not remember ...

His face is familiar to me.

Maybe you lived next door?

No no. I saw him somewhere, but certainly not in the neighborhood.

Girls, are you still here?

Who came?

The guy who found my phone came.

Okay, we're already running away. Bye, sister!

Come on! And do not try to skip classes!

So, okay. I wanted to go to Cloe.

I wonder how long they stayed at the club yesterday?

Well, girlfriend, yesterday you did a great job at the club!

I did not know that you were dancing like this!

How could I not know? We went with Yasmin to dance lessons. You do not remember how you were offered, but you refused.

Yes, I forgot.

By the way, why did Yasmin leave the club so quickly?

She tried several times to get through to Amy, but she did not answer. Yasmin decided to go home to find out what was wrong.


I forget to ask you for your clothes store, when are you planning to open it?

I think that soon. It remains to finish the repair inside.


I'm sure that your collection of clothes will be in demand!

Thanks, friend!

What a sweet girl! Unusual, mysterious!

Surely she is a creative person ?!

This can be understood by her style.

It was an excellent opportunity to get acquainted! And I did not even ask her name ...

I hope that there will be a chance to see her again!

Hello, Wayne!

What people!!!

Hey, Amy!

Meet it, it's Victoria!

Very nice!

Me too!

And are you alone in the studio? But where is your friend?

Must come back any minute. He went out to buy new CDs.

I did not go long. I decided to just bring my musical projects along the way, as promised.

Can I get you coffee or tea?

Victoria, will you?

No thanks!

Then we'll manage. Wayne, call him when he comes?

Is it me who is waiting for me?

At last! Penn, we're about to leave. Hello!


And this is Victoria, my friend.

I am very pleased!

Amy, honestly, I did not think that among your friends there could be famous personalities!

Get used to, girlfriend.

Thank you, Victoria, for the compliment! I am also glad to get acquainted!

By the way, how were the concerts?

Great, but although in the last tour I was very tired.

Yes, I understand.

Okay, I brought you my musical stuff, you'll listen at your leisure.

Are you in a hurry?

Of course. We're going to college. I can not skip classes any more, otherwise I will be expelled.

And here I'm already bored with you.

Nothing like this. We are friends!

Oh sure. Okay, we need to escape. Call me later, I will be interested to know your opinion about my mistakes in the music project.


And with you, Victoria was pleased to meet you! I hope that we'll see you again?

I hope so too, Penn.

Victoria, let's go, or we're already late.

I have not seen this girl before with Amy.

Yes, I am too. They probably study together and have recently met.

She's beautiful.

Oh, my friend, did you fall in love at first sight ?!

Is it possible?

Believe it is possible.

Surely, when you say this, do you mean yourself?

And this is due to last year's concert, where you met Maci?

Yes, Wayne, you're right.

I can not forget Maci. Has passed or has taken place already the whole year, she has married.

You know, Amy reminds me of her. They are distinguished only by character.

I wonder what Maci was now?

I'm waiting for my next concert to go to that town again and meet her there.

Do you think Maci will come?

I do not know.

Hello, Wayne!

Hello, my love!

Hello, Raven!

Guys, I'll leave you. I'm going to finish the rest of the tracks.

All right, Wayne. Do not forget only one of them to reduce to three minutes, which we talked about.

It's done, Penn.

How was your performance at the club yesterday?

Great. There were a lot of people and at the end of the speech I was already struggling to stand on my feet.

But despite the difficulties, you managed!


Penn ..

What did Amy do here?

I saw that she did not come alone?

Amy brought me her musical piece, which I myself asked for.

Excuse me, dear, but it seems to me that she has come here too often.

I do not know which of you is looking for this occasion?

Raven, what nonsense?

You know that we have been communicating with Amy for a long time. She is a tall girl and very helps us with music projects.

But I am also connected with music, however, you pay more attention to it.

Penn, you're my boyfriend and we're dating. I do not like that you're messing with this girl.

Do not say these nonsense. I already explained to you about my relationship with Amy.

Yes, we meet with you and for me you are important, but do not forget that you owe your songs to Amy, because she writes lyrics for you.

Penn, I'll tell you frankly.

In that case, I no longer want to sing songs for her lyrics.

I do not want Amy to come here anymore.

Raven, but you can not.

Your jealousy has no reason.

Let she herself is engaged in their music. And you have enough of your imagination and mind to do without someone's help.

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