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Sun exists in our body

and there is a sun outside

The energy of sun within us and outside, are the ultimate energy

The remaining 8 planets derive their energy from the Sun

So anyone who worships Sun with devotion,

can increase the energy levels of their internal Sun

The internal sun located in our forehead, derives its energy from the external Sun,everytime we look at it

The other parts of our body are controlled by other planets

Like the mind is controlled by Chandran(Moon),

heart by Sevvai(Mars) etc

All the 9 planets exist within our body

Worshipping sun will lead to clarity of thoughts

There will be no confusion or tension or fear in our mind

Surya grants you enlightenment on this earth,

blesses with good physical health,

grants power

and he can make you an honourable person

During his exile in the forest, Lord Rama was feeling depressed

Sage Agastya advises him,"Sun is the ultimate energy.Worshipping Sun would free you from stress & turmoil"

Sage Agastya teaches Lord Rama "Aditya Hrudayam"(Hymn worshipping Sun)

Sage Agastya did so because,he was an incarnation of Sun God

As I have mentioned earlier the 9 planets represent 9 Siddhas

They are called "Navanadha Siddhargal"(Tamil)

Sage Agastya represents Sun among them

Lord Rama came out of depression and felt energised, after Sage Agastya taught him 'Aditya Hrudayam'

This is the basic story on why Lord Rama was taught "Aditya Hrudayam" mantra by Sage Agastya

Emperor Akbar founded a religion called 'Din-ilahi', to reconcile the differences that divided his subjects

Din-ilahi preaches worship of Sun

Akbar was the emperor during the golden era of Mughal Empire

There were golden eras for each Empire,like the Mauryas who once ruled India

Akbar would worship Sun from his terrace everyday

Because of this he was blessed with opportunities to earn name and fame

Even in his prayers he placed Lord Surya in the first place

People of Zoroastrian faith also primarily worship Sun

Anyone who worships Surya, receive his blessings in many ways

If sun does not exist there will be no light or heat on this earth.

In places like Seattle or Canada, there will be hardly any sunlight

People there become mentally ill

Vitamin-D is available in sunlight

Wherever there is limited sunlight,people tend to become depressed

They will have suicidal tendencies

Seattle tops the list with maximum number of suicides in the USA

Because, it has very low sunlight

Sunlight is an essential need for our body

Some of the girls from our colony had health issues

Doctor's diagnosis suggested Vitamin-D deficiency in their body

They were prescribed to stand under the sunlight for sometime daily

Coronavirus has spread all over world currently

Anyone who is affected by this virus should stand under the sunlight for some duration

That will help them to get healed faster

Vitamin-D from sunlight will help them to get healed faster

Without sun, there can be no photosynthesis or light or warmth on this earth

Photosynthesis in plants is impossible without Sun

Evaporation, Condensation & Precipitation cycle that causes rains will fail without the warmth of the sun


Meaning: the world cannot function without rains

Sun is the driving force behind rains

Sun is responsible for formation of rain clouds by evaporating water bodies on earth

All the activities on earth begin with sun rise

Now all of you would go to sleep

You would wake up the moment you feel the sunlight in the morning

Sun does not announce its arrival using a microphone to wake you up

The arrival of sun automatically brings light and warmth

All who were sleeping, would wake up

Birds and animals would start moving around

Water bodies would evaporate leading to rain forming clouds

All the farmlands would flourish

All the activities revolve around the sun

That is the reason we worship Sun during the Pongal festival,who is responsible for the growth of crops we consume

Among the 9 planets Sun is worshipped primarily or predominantly due to these reasons

Kalaignar Karunanidhi's daughter Kanimozhi advises him,

"If you are not involved in physical activities remaining seated in the wheelchair all the time, you may become obese leading to many health issues"

There was an institution named,"Krishnamacharya Yoga Mandiram" near Royapettah

Its founder was an Iyengar

He has been teaching Yoga that he learnt from a Mahaan when he visited North India in that institution

I think he is still alive

Kanimozhi brought him home to help her father learn Yoga

Krishnamachari tells Kalaignar,

"We pray to Sun or our favourite God before starting our activities"

"If you find it embarrassing since you are non-believer you may pray to your leaders like Anna or Periyar"

"You have to pray to someone,you may pray to them"

Kalaignar tells him,"I will also pray to Sun"

When the Yoga teacher questions him on how worshipping Sun would suit his personality,Kalaignar tells him,

"I love the Tamil language"

"Ilango Adigal has written Silapathikaram, beginning with prayers to the Sun"

"So even I would say the prayers to the Sun mentioned in Silapathikaram, before practicing Yoga"

"This way I would have worshipped Sun and Tamil together"

Kalaignar then told Krishnamachari,

"The man who first campaigned for recognition of Tamil as Semmozhi(Classic language) was called Parithimar Kalaignan"

"His actual name was Suryanarayana Sastriar"

"Parithi" means Surya(Sun)

"Mal" means Lord Narayana

"Sastriar" means Kalaignan(Artist)

So "Suryanarayana Sastriar" = "Parithimar Kalaignan"

"Hence I am a Sastri as well",said Kalaignar

"So I can be called Karunanidhi Sastrigal as Kalaignar means Sastri.",

Thus Sun is glorious

Silapathikaram begins with prayers to the Sun

The Description of Importance of Sun | Sri Siva Shankar Baba