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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Which BEST FRIEND is the REAL Daniel in Game Master Hide and Seek Chase? | Rebecca Zamolo

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vision this is it this is where Daniel is kzm famine we just got back from

Australia and got a message from an unknown number with some coordinates and

we think it might be the real Daniel watch his Sam fan

and then a copy emoji so this must be the real Daniel right you guys told us

that the clone was the one that was with us at the g- capers yeah so right now we

need to figure out which best friend is the real Daniel yeah but one of the GM I

escaped room I think it was a clone I'm not really sure you guys thought that

that might be v2 which is Daniel's clone but we need to rescue him that means

that when we rescued him from Alice's apartment it might not have actually

been the real Daniel yeah we use very keen to figure this out okay all right

let's go open it open it it's walking back do you have something we can break

into it with yo check what I don't know who's in there that's my turn into items

each a so whatever we do we cannot slip up okay exam pin so make sure you are

subscribed turn on notifications and give the video a thumbs up so we can

find the real Daniel you have to Matt he's our best friend doesn't look like

anyone's here what is this place yeah yeah what is that the Danny Daniel we

don't know who's in here okay but there might be empty in all these weird penes

brains it's like a bunch of props or some it's joint though oh you're good

yeah why would they have this year and why would Daniel be here you need to

keep our eyes open okay whew that work just a mirror okay

it's just use your initiative Matt xantham you guys know them your

initiatives 9:28 I don't know is this even a GMI please there's nothing even

here there either these are the legs there's nothing here would be for

okay hot trends here we're not alone with maybe Daniel is here maybe they're

hiding here okay so here's the plan okay whatever we do we can't get separated

okay yeah and what we need to stick together I think we need to go and

follow him

Batsy Rebecca

so now what we do now what's the plan

whoa missed you yet I don't know it's like a room with a star on it okay

another room it's got stream of celebration room Peck of your birthday

do you think that has something to do with them your initiative it's this week

it's 90 180 it's coming up pull aside a statue just sitting there good gee my

statue what are they zff do you guys think that that's in this building right

now drop the TV okay okay Rebecca max Daniel Daniel Daniel Daniel

Daniel niggas here Daniel did him yeah Daniel Matt Rebecca

this is the real Daniel you can trust me and trust that guy I'm the real danger

I'm Daniel listen to me Daniel where are you it's a trap guys I'm inside here but

you might have to play hide-and-seek

listen to me I'm Daniel I don't know which one's the real Daniel I don't know

who to trap did you subscribe I don't know but I mean he sent us the who to

who and the coffee emoji it must be the real Daniel but it wasn't Daniel at the

prison he did that too okay Sam fam what do you guys think do

you think one of those is the real Daniel I think it is I think somehow he

hacked into a phone or something and sent us information to get here okay we

need to keep on searching hey let's go around here

Matt it's Daniels b6y look at that caution tape all the way around here

think of the pours lava do you think that it's gonna activate something maybe

there's an alarm but we need to get on there maybe that's a clue I mean that's

Daniels beanie okay so this is like the floor is lava challenge yeah careful

maybe we can leap onto that I just don't know what would happen GB TV okay see if

M you guys remember the other TV had brooms

this is a coon here okay nothing it is there in the room do you think they

might be in here do you think that this is surveillance footage of this room

right now it could be sampan what do you guys

think so we know that the quadroon knows that we're here and if the GMI agents

are here that means that it's only a matter type of the GMI agents start

searching for us so this is a hide-and-seek for us to find the real

Daniel I think the first thing we need to do is get his beanie or lemon next to

it looks like a mirror can you do this okay

you be careful babe I think I can do this same thing smash your thumbs up so

I can get across shout out to you guys I've got my marching tag me on

now would you go Rebecca I can hear you Rebecca what's nap-nap

what are you doing Rebecca is this place from it

okay Sam Kim that was close I'm not sure where Matt went but there are clearly

GMI agents inside this building we need to find Daniel have his beanie in this

mirror I'm gonna put the mirror down I don't know if it's important but I'm

gonna keep Daniels beanie Becca okay guys coming down below over Rebecca

we got separated okay see

it's like I escaped like in a photo lab now what is this no miss Rebecca okay

that's when we are in the GMI prison there's us searching for Daniel here's

the twin bunkers when she went in the water of a big bear this is a $10,000

treasure chest these are all photos of us that's just that just happened

Australia are there photos of this Rebecca the Barbie house this is the

last to leave the Brits challenge has coming down below why do you think they

are taking photos of us our YouTube channel this makes no sense if I'm

somebody someone's coming yes okay is there anything I should keep

an eye out for okay just making sure you know where Daniel I'm just did you

my agent he's talking to one of the quadric so it looks like the G my agents

gone but the quadrant is still in that other room so I'm gonna try to prank him

I think I can put my hand through grab him and then pull back and they won't

know who it is who's there see if you can comment below if you think I should

do it again I'm just over here developing photos

I think I'm okay if they're developing photos he'll stay there I gotta search

for Danny find Rebecca maybe she's found dannion right now od - it sounds like

they're both here that's coming down below this is where I lost her I'll go

back through here see and fam whoa I think this was the room where we saw the

G my agent and the quatrain what there's all these pictures of me look at this

this looks like all the last videos we've been in look there's something

through here I bet this also has something to do with the mirror

initiative happening on 928 my birthday don't use the wrong don't choose the

wrong room looks like there's three curtains there's a red one a yellow one

and a blue one comment below which one you think I should open and wonder what

will happen if I choose the wrong one also maybe Daniels inside one of them I

think I'm gonna choose yellow Zamfam three two one

look it's all this makeup that's so crazy what is this room hang on okay ZV

i'm comment below what you think this room has to do it do you think it has

something to do with the announcement I mean I haven't given that out yet whoa

for the yellow box lied to my best friend okay let's get

out of here okay so you guys saw the yellow room just had a bunch of makeup

so I think I'm gonna try it the red room now you guys what do you think is inside

we need to find Daniel and I need to find my husband Matt three

Daniel Rebecca Rebecca Rebecca we're here hey I think I just saw the Red Hood

what it's not G my agent and their head hood no I saw the GMI yeah gonna be the

quadrant you were tending to be the quadrants for the hoodie on okay so we

know for sure that there are GMI agents quadrant and now the red hood is here

too what does he not figure our way out of here we need Daniel

look at this looks like

what we dip it worked Tama that way let's go this family's

balloons do you see that happy birthday Rebecca Matt this is one of the rooms

that we saw on the TV he knows your birthday party birthday party what do

you it's not why do they have a step here look at this back happy birthday

Rebecca okay there's a bunch there's how many settings are there is one there's

eight places right here place it isn't me I don't know Sam p.m.

remember the number eight it might be important it's like a mystery box

remember the clue be gone back guess maybe I had to guess what they're doing

for me for my birthday maybe it has something to do with them

your initiative will you track me get out of here okay oh yeah we need to find

Daniel I'm keeping this though right I don't I want to know what's inside the

VM smashing thumbs up if you think I should open this present to me from the

GM I okay do you know who walks out with that d2 you gotta get here okay but we

also need to find Daniel and we can see what's inside this this has something to

do with the mirror initiative I know it because it's for my birthday shouts you

guys in the sampan my my my merge tag down in step down the video right here

where we think it was each you not deal that gave us clues to subscribe and join

the Zamfam we need to get out of here

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