Practice English Speaking&Listening with: CRM WARS: Episode VII

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Remember? Bad idea...

Oh Chewy, where have all the good times gone?

How long until we can make the jump to light speed?

Just a few moments. We need the coordinates from the navicomputer.

Are you kidding? I thought you said this thing was fast!

This is an emergency, not some smugglers' adventure trip.

Watch your mouth, kid. She'll be safe enough when we get to a hyperspace.

Traveling through hyperspace is not like cannulating veins, girl.

You need precise calculations,

or we might fly right into a star or bounce too close to supernova.

And that'd end our trip real quick, wouldn't it?

Medical Falcon to Medical Freegate: Bringing in Twi'lek with severe hypothermia from Tatooine

Going into hyperspace in 3...2...1...

Right... R2 start with the cooling pads.

Yep, she's declining! JUST what we want.

Yeah, I know she's declining quite rapidly. It's exactly what we need. We're fine!

Severe reaction to entering hyperspace?

Come ON!

No one's ever seen malignant hyperspace disease in a Twi'lek! We're good!

Keep cool.

His lack of faith is disturbing. Who is the MEDI here? You already made your diagnosis.

Thinking twice is for the insecure.

What kind of leader are you, letting them question your clinical judgment?

Always aware of fixation error a MEDI must be. Common they are!

Contagious they are!

Yes, yes.

Always reevaluate you must

Doubt. An important part of decision-making it is.

Help already you have.

Different ideas. An ally they can be. And a powerful ally, indeed.


She's still declining quite rapidly...


Twi'leks have a higher body temperature to start with. R2, what makes you think this is MH?

Okay, let's just... check her liquid for typical signs of MH, just to be sure.

Shit. Good call, R2! We have a situation back here!

I got a bad feeling about this. That kid is kind of nervous.

Right. R2?

Open the checklist and read it back to me.

Let's first leave hyperspace and then stop anything that's cooling her down.

And switch the cooling pads to heating.

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