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Imagine that you are opting for a M3 Touring

BMW, were talking about here of course: BMW M3 Touring

It doesn't exist!

It's coming up with the current generation

But they never had it with previous generations

It's partly the charme of a brand like Alpina

The BMW M3 Convertible by the way, does exist

This is the Alpina B3 S


With Alpina you've got choice

Coupe, Convertible, Touring, Sedan, four wheel drive, rear wheel drive

It's all possible!

Manual, I'm not so sure

I don't think so with this generation Alpina B3. Automatic only

Except for the transmission, the configuration is very personal with Alpina

That's a part of the charme of the brand

The other part is that Alpina really change a BMW

The brand makes cars really faster

For example, when you drive lots of kilometers, but you also love to drive

Then this car is perfect for the job

You could say in a way it's perfect for Germans

On the autobahn, driving really fast

But also on the 'Langstrae'

Where there are far more corners in comparison to The Netherlands

It's a little bit more boring here if its about driving roads

The maximumspeed here is also lower

If you encounter an exciting corner in The Netherlands

Then the maximumspeed is usually 60 km/h, or 50 or 30 or your not even allowed to drive there

Whilst in Germany, everything is 100 km/h and it's your own responsibility to brake on the right time

This is where Alpina's are being developed for

This car is an Alpina B3S Biturbo

Generation E91/E90/E92/E93

The generation code depends on the variant of the car

Nice color eh?

It's Alpina blue

It almost looks like purple blue in some way

A very outgoing color

The Alpina striping has not been applied to this car

You do get the striping with the car if you purchase this one

So if you want, you can put the decal on yourself on a nice Sunday afternoon

I would recommend to have this done by a professional by the way

The whole package looks great on this car

Should I show you some exterior changes compared to a normal 3 Series?

Of course, there are the wheels that are different

There are multiple types of wheels on a Alpina

I personally like these wheels the most

Then there's the front lip

It's a bit lower and has the Alpina branding on top of it

What I think is odd, is that Alpina never choose to mirror the branding

Because if the car in front of you checks his rear view mirror, he can't read Alpina properly

On the rear, we've got quad tail pipes

The Alpina badging

But stil, it looks quite understated

Don't get fooled however

This car has got M3 worthy performance

The drive is brilliant in this car

The funny thing is, everything look recognizable from BMW's of this era

The differences are in the details

For example, the steering wheel has the Alpina logo

The steering feels more heavy, but maybe my memory is wrong

This car has a switchtronic

That means there are small buttons behind the steering wheel to shift up or down

Eventually, Alpina choose for flappy paddles as well in later generations

Ah, this engine has so much to offer

Even in low gearing you've got plenty of torque

That's just really nice

It almost feels like an 335d, for example

But then, you can pull forever with this thing

Because yes, that's possible!

I want to show you two nice things beneath the bonnet

First of all, the chassis number

The original BMW chassis number has been scratched through

This is also the proof that it's a different product

Alpina is a manufacturer, with it's own chassis number

And then the engine

The classic recipe

A straight six BMW engine. In this case the N54

That means it got twin turbo's, so it has two of them

Alpina has increased the turbo pressure to 1.2 bar

New oil cooler and more lightweight pistons

This means the power has been increased significally

400 hp and 540 Nm torque

That makes this a really fast car

From 0-100 km/h

4,7 seconds for the sedan, thats the fasted version

Because of the increased weight, the Touring is 0,1 second slower

Therefor, the sedan has the highest topspeed as well

But most people do want the practicality of the Touring

The sedan goes faster then 300 km/h

303 km/h, to be exact

The Touring has a topspeed of 298 km/h

But if you look on the speedo in the car, it will probably tell you 300 km/h

That's the magic number!

Don't you agree?

Alpina also refined the suspension

For example, the stabilizer bars on the rear

Just a little bit more thin

Alpina really put their own sauce on this car and you can feel that

The spring comfort is really nice

And at the same time, the car really likes to take a corner fast

Then the sound. Also very nice. Thumbs up for that

Because it's an Akrapovic exhaust system

The smart thing of Alpina is the level of comfort, even with big wheels like these

Maybe a little bit too big to be really comfortable

But they have really done this right with this car

These are cars you can really drive fast on a daily basis

You'll arrive on your destination in all serenity

Again, in Germany with high average speeds on the highway

After the highway you take the exit, for some nice country roads

This car is build for that purpose

And that makes a big difference compared to a big manufacturer like BMW

A manufacturer that has to make different choices

Maybe this is the car that BMW always has meant it to be

Other details, the blue speedo that reads till 310 km/h

The car does not reach that speed, but it does come close

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