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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dentale and Gavin Smith DUST UP | S5 E36 Poker Night in America

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- [Announcer] From Choctaw Resort in Durant, Oklahoma,

this is Poker Night in America!

(lively orchestral music)

- Hello and welcome to Poker Night in America!

I'm Chris Hanson alongside Joe Stapleton.

What are you doing?

- Just gotta get a quick pump in.

I heard Mike Dentale take Matt Glantz's seat.

If he's coming after Glantz he can come after any of us.

I'm cramping.

Day two

and we've got some fresh blood to close out the night.

Esther Taylor has the most work to do,

down $25,000 but uh-oh I hope you bought some tickets,

seat three, the gun show's here.

- And don't forget about Will Berry,

because his name is both a statement and a question.

- You might've just lost your road partner.

- [Announcer] Blinds are 25 and 50 and yes,

Mike Dentale in seat three.

- His word is worthless.

- [Announcer] There's Will in the white hat,

he's bought in a little short.

I would expect to see him all-in

before the end of the night.

I love that Choctaw has these free roles basically

where their players

can come and play on Poker Night in America,

and that's where Will comes from.

Will's not gonna wanna mess around with Ace-four

when he has got far fewer chips

than everyone else at the table.

- It was a bad river.

I mean it just you know.

- Right.

- [Announcer] Esther Taylor with pocket nines.


Dentale on the button.

- [Announcer] Must be laundry day,

he was forced to wear a shirt with sleeves.

- [Announcer] But I like how he rolls the one up

just to compensate.

- [Announcer] It'll get rid of them soon.

- I'm gonna stack Gavin, right now it's just so disgusting.

I mean I like the guy too.


- I lost 20 K against this hand and I've lost--

- My heart's not there.


And you can't get my pulse from my heart.

- [Announcer] I don't hate the fact

that she's thinking about folding nines here.

Gavin's been playing pretty snug.

- Call.

- [Announcer] And isolating Dentale

is probably exactly what Gavin wanted.

- Gavin I really mean this sincerely.

- You give me your word?

- I don't want to really hurt you too bad all right?

- Yeah.

- [Esther] So this is actually the hand I would win right?

- [Announcer] Oh Etay!


But for Dentale,

what a flop!

This is almost dream material for him.

- [Announcer] This flop is bigger for Dentale

than his freakishly large right arm.

It's like that Thunderdome episode of Rick and Morty.

- I'm all-in.





- [Announcer] Dentale all-in,

so many draws out there

Gavin probably shouldn't be folding here.

But as you can see this would be a coin flip for $23,000.

Can't say I hate a fold either,

when Gavin's ahead it's not gonna be by a lot,

and sometimes he'll be flat out behind.

Can't really blame him.

Who wants to flip for $23,000?

[Announcer] Especially when you already have the pair,

I mean basically you're drawing dead.

- [Announcer] Yeah, there's no way to improve,

you're right.

- [Announcer] There you sit with your Queens

and that's gonna be it.



- I got a big hand though.

- [Esther] Show us.

- I got a big hand.

- [Esther] Show us!


- He's such and underdog in this hand it's not even funny.

Folded around to David Baker.

- All right Mikey you get your wish,

we get to play a pot.

- Yeah,

not on the button,

I mean easy to call on a button.

Play on a position!

- I can't help it,

they gave me this hand on this time.

- Baker goes,

"Yeah, I'm gonna play a pot with ya on the button."

Yeah, thank you, look.

- [Announcer] Alec playing out of,

is it Alex or Alec?

- [Announcer] It's Alec.

- [Announcer] Are you sure?

- [Announcer] Yeah, A-L-E-C.

- [Announcer] I feel like it keeps changing

like that Berenstain Bears things.


- [Announcer] I don't feel like he'd get that offended

if he got called Alex anyways.

- No it's Alec,


- [Announcer] I know what it is--

- [Esther] I don't think you'd be offended.

- [Alec] No I'm not offended, but.

- [Announcer] See, they don't even know!

Maybe they're talking about more than one Alec.



Maybe he's twins like in The Prestige,

and that's why he's so good.

- [Announcer] Is there a big reveal coming at the end?

- [Announcer] Oh yes,

spoiler alert!

- [Announcer] Yeah, you should tell us

before you start saying stuff like that.

Now I don't even wanna watch the last three episodes.

- [Announcer] Alec!

It's a movie Chris.

Alec, singular,

raising for value and protection.

And I don't think dirty old Baker

is gonna be able to fold it.


Flush draw, too strong.


Does Alec keep firing?


Looks like yes!

I give him a lot of credit

for always knowing exactly where he's at in a hand,

it's like he has hand GPS.


- [Announcer] $1900 the bet.

Baker still got two overs in that flush draw,

if they're clean outs,

it's a fair amount of equity to have in this hand.

And Alec's done a great job of not giving him a good price.


- [Announcer] Baker hoping and wishing

for a club on the river.


- [Announcer] Brick!

- [Announcer] Mm, not happening!

- [Announcer] Alec's pair is good.

- [Announcer] No, it's Alec.

- [Announcer] Alec's pair is good.

- [Announcer] Oh, oh, oh you got, okay.

I thought you were confused again.

- [Announcer] I've never not been confused.


Torelli wins 35, 75.

- [Announcer] Ah!

- Game on for Alec Torelli!

(lively orchestral music)

No respect for your raise!

And outplayed Baker like a mofo!

- Smashed that so well!

- [Announcer] Who is mofo?

Is it faux?

- Torelli starts off the evening

with a step in the right direction

towards eliminating some of that debt.

- Our program continues

after a brief message from our sponsors.

A quick message,

not a message about briefs, sorry.

(lively orchestral music)

- [Announcer] Poker Night in America

brought to you by Kimo Sabe.

- Showdown value!

- [Announcer] Day two continues here at Choctaw.

Big tournament field here this week too,

they do a lot of big tournaments

here at Choctaw in Durant, Oklahoma.

- You see my hand?

- Yeah.

- [Announcer] Is that why they're playing in a stadium?

- [Announcer] Well,

we are actually playing in a concert arena

here at Choctaw's.

- [Announcer] Well this thing's gotta wrap-up by morning

because monster trucks are here tomorrow.


- [Announcer] You'll pay for the whole seat,

but you'll only need the edge.

- [Esther] How much?

- [Announcer] Why would they even advertise that?

That you're getting ripped off

for the amount of seat you're gonna need.

- [Announcer] Well, because I mean technically,

somebody couldn't sit on the other edge,

on the back edge of the seat,

so I mean you gotta buy the whole thing.

- [Announcer] You gotta pay for it

even though you are just gonna use, yeah.

- [Announcer] Four ways to this flop.

Flop is Queen-high.

That favors Gavin Smith.

David Baker's open-ended.

- Mike I think it's on you.

- I checked!

- [Announcer] Checks around to Gavin with this top pair.

David Baker up and down.


yes, he has an up and down straight draw.

Mike's got to have Dave's straight outs.





- [Announcer] Dentale is gone,

so we're heads-up now.

$4300 in the pot,

here comes the turn,

nine of diamonds on the turn.

Not one of Baker's straight outs.

- [Announcer] And not a scary card for Gavin,

so my guess is he will be betting again.

He does not want to give a free card.

- All in.

- [Announcer] That is not a free card,

that is gonna cost you the maximum!

- Nice hand Gavvy!

- [Announcer] And Gavin Smith

will not go down without a victory

here tonight on Poker Night in America!



- Gavin Rossdale!

- Let's go Gav!

- Let's go Gavin!


- You don't even know how to do it!


- All right.

- It was better but.

- It was pretty lame. (laughs)

- I was rooting for you like a soccer mom.

Come on Gavin!

You can win this one!

- You were in the pot!

No I folded.


You didn't fold to the flop!

- No, I folded the flop.

- [Esther] He had a big hand.

- I did have a pair

in the hole.

You know it's on you right?

- No, I don't actually.

- Take you're time now.

- I will.

- No rush.

- I am table captain I can do whatever the hell I want.

- Chan!

What did you--

- Chan, Chan he's our man!

- [Announcer] Dentale started this off with $100 straddle.

Both Pelton and Baker have called.

- He's got it!

I so hope I have a big hand!

- You're never raising anyways.

- I hope you guys limped in with a big hand

but mine's bigger?

That's gonna be so great!

It's gonna be epic!

- Two things you're wrong about then.

- Come on,

please let them both try trapping and I'm gonna re-trap.

- [Announcer] Suited Ace-King.

- [Announcer] What a beautiful hand to wake up with

when you've straddled.

- [Announcer] The kids still don't call it Anna Kournikova

do they?

- [Announcer] I don't believe they do,

who's that?

- [Announcer] I really love that reference.


I mean you gotta go back to the early 2000s

to get to that one, sorry.

- [Announcer] I don't think the kids call it anything


- [Announcer] Kids today.

- [Announcer] I cannot condone this call by the way,

King-three, suited,

what are you doing?


- [Announcer] And worst of all is he hit it.

- [Announcer] Yeah,

this is pretty much worst-case scenario for David Baker.

It does say a lot however

about what Dave thinks about Mike's game

that he would call with King-three, suited before the flop.


- [Announcer] So you're saying,

"Play more of the player than the hand."

- [Announcer] That's what he is doing.

Oh my Goodness!

- [Announcer] Come on now!

- [Announcer] Things change.

I'm really looking forward to the Dentale blast-off,

that's probably gonna follow the showdown in this hand.

- [Announcer] I think those sleeves

might get blown clean off!

- I'm all-in.


- [Announcer] Wow!

- [Esther] He has eights.

- Yeah, he's winning.

- You got a set?

- I have Ace-King of Clubs.

- [Esther] He has fours.

Oh, He has King-three. (laughs)

- Oh, what a turn card for ODB!

You're gonna have to prove this.

- I'm not lying.

- [Announcer] Well,

this is basically a flip.

- I'm just gonna look at Dentale's face,

I don't even want to see that board.

- Look at my face.

- [David] Whoo!

- All right.


- [David] You run good!

- Then nothing else matters.

- [Announcer] Pelton raising Kqueen, suited.

Dentale is silently complaining.

- He was still just getting chips.

- [Announcer] You know he's saying it in his head.

- [Announcer] I'm just wondering

where all that negative energy's going right now

if not outside his body.


Maybe that's what his biceps feed on.

- [Esther] So what's going on?

- [Alec] He opened, he posted.

- So is the bluff thing off this hand or not?

- No, it's on him,


- [Gavin] Who's it on?

- [Alec] It's the next hand obviously.

- Oh, it can't be mid-card?

- [Matt] It can be mid-card.

- [Alec] No!

It can't be mid-card.

There's no way.

- [Matt] What do you mean?

Why not?

- Yeah,

because you start hand,

I just wanna get this heads-up with you so I can bluff you.

- Exactly.

It's clear that you can't,

you can't do that.

- [Announcer] Okay, so remember when I said

it didn't look like Mike Dentale was steaming?

I would just like you to look at the fact

that he just called with eight-deuce.

- [Announcer] Oh, he's coming right back after David Baker.

I hope there's no goose, gander thing here that happens.


Here comes the flop!

- [Esther] But he's 10K behind on us right now.

- [Announcer] Mike has hit a pair!

But it is not good enough to beat a pair of aces.

Checks around.

- [Announcer] Ooh, free turn card!

Jack of Spades.

Pelton picks up.

Flush draw to go with his two overs.

- [Announcer] Probably gonna be no more checking here

for David Baker.

- [Announcer] This will not check around again.

- [Announcer] No, ODB is betting $800.

- Is that eight?

- [Announcer] Oh Mikey!

Hey, maybe take the rest of the day off,

hit the gym,

make it other arm day.

- Do you think he's gonna snap-call your raises from now on?

- [Announcer] And Pelton's obviously interested

with his two over cards and flush draw.

Cannot fold.


- [Announcer] Almost $5000 in the pot as we go to the river!

And there's the flush for Pelton!

- [Announcer] See, it's worthwhile sticking around.

- [Announcer] He's got a lock on this hand,

Dentale has checked

and my guess is

that Pelton might not want to take the chance

that Baker checks behind.

- $3500.

- (beep) amazing!

- [Announcer] When he leads here

I think that's gonna illicit a lot of folds.

Oh, is Baker gonna call?

He's shaking his head no,

but his chips are saying yes!


- Flush.

- [Announcer] You!

- [Announcer] Oh, I hate it when that happens!

- [Announcer] Baker must've thought

he'd bet that big with a Jack

or maybe he was stone-bluffing.

- [Announcer] Well he picked up that draw for free

on the turn and it only cost him $800 more to see the river.

Sorry, but all those numbers check out sir.

- Welcome back to a green screen in Fargo, North Dakota.

- We will now insert footage

of our previously recorded poker game

presented to you as live.

(lively orchestral music)

- [Announcer] Poker night is brought to you by

Sit & Go 2.0!

Go to

to claim your free Sit & Go 2.0 strategy E-book.

- [Announcer] Come on,

somebody pick something up!

Will how about you?

All right pocket threes!

We should get a bet here!

- [Announcer] Berry, Berry!

I don't even know what to say.

It's not Berry good.

- [Gavin] Apology's already been given!

- [Esther] I shouldn't have done that.

- [Announcer] Esther Taylor and Mike Dentale called.

- [Alec] Whatever!

- She would've just raised those pre-flop right?

- [Gavin] I don't recommend with your $400.

- [Announcer] Three still somehow good after that flop.

Checks around.

- [Announcer] Oh, really good now on the turns!

- [Announcer] Yeah, three's really good!

Now I can see as a Berry, Berry good hand!

- Do you recommend opening the eight-deuce often?

- [Announcer] Etay has decided to bet her gut-shot.

I feel like smooth call is the play here,

it's really hard for Esther to be super-strong in this spot.

So you generally just wanna call

and hope she bets it again on the river.

- I was very surprised to check that time.

- [Announcer] Oh, he's raised!

- I checked the flop and then I checked the turn.

- [Announcer] And Esther should probably be folding now.

This is why I suggested against raising.

Oh no, wait!

She calls!


What the hell do I know?

- I really don't want to think about it.

- [Announcer] All right,

here comes the river.

- [Announcer] Oh!


- [Announcer] Oh man, you gotta be kidding!

I hope Will Berry does like yoga or something

so he's a calm person,

he doesn't get too freaked out by the fact

that he just got gutter-balled!

- [Esther] All-in.

- [Announcer] Well he's bet and he's been jammed on.

This is one of the drawbacks

of coming in with a shorter stack than everyone else.

So many of his chips are in the middle already.

It's really hard to fold

and leave yourself with a teeny-tiny stack behind.

- [Announcer] All right Mr. Berry,

what do you say?

- [Announcer] It is so tough to fold a set!

[Announcer] Ah!

I hate it!

I hate it, it hurt so bad!


Lay down!

- [Gavin] That was pretty good,

the other one was.

Etay's on the comeback now!

She's another 20 with hands like that!


- [Esther] Almost there!


What I'm saying is,

when you check raise you're like begging not to get called?

- No, but I'm not begging to get called.

- I'm actually begging to get called!

- Wow!

How good do you run?

- Because I'm begging for the dead money on the flop.

- A good way to run is

you wanna get called when you have a flush going.

- [Esther] When he called me with nines,

I'm actually wanting him to call with nines.

- When you wanna get called when you have a flush draw

that is insane.

- I'm not saying,

you're misunderstanding what I'm saying.

- I know, I understand.

- [Esther] I don't think you are, but.

- I don't like obviously hate mine.

- Etay, you don't have to put up with this.

What's that?

Did you say raise her?

- Gosh darn it,

I thought you didn't!


- [Announcer] Etay out.

This game is playing pretty wild!

I like it!


Dentale calling $975,

King-Queen, suited.

- [Esther] You're misunderstanding what I'm saying.

- [Announcer] The dad from Modern Family

not sure what to do here.

- [Esther] You're gonna win on a lot of turn cards

no matter if you make your hand or not right?

- [David] Yeah.

- [Announcer] Phil (mumbles) to do a magic trick.


- [Esther] Cards you bet on the turn are gonna win.

- [Alec] For sure,

like Ace-three and Ace-two should be bluffs.

- [Announcer] No way Baker folds this.

- [Alec] Off-suit and he has Kings

but he's never gonna be drawing dead when he goes on.

So something has to be a bluff.

- [Esther] I'm saying,

you don't feel great about being called

but you're not like bluffing.

You're not.

- I don't know.

I have to think about it.

- You know what I'm saying?

- Yeah.

- Sometimes I wanna be getting called on the flop or turn.

- Maybe that can be Wednesday or Thursday's hand of the day.

After you think about it.

- It's gonna take 17 and a half minutes.

- After you think about it and I'll watch that video.

I'll actually promise to watch the whole video.

- [Announcer] Check, check, check.

Four of Spades.

So Baker now picks up the flush draw.

- [Gavin] I don't know how three people

all can have Aces in this hand.

Cause that's the only hand I can call $1000 pre-flop with.

- [Announcer] If only anyone had a hand remotely that good.

No one's even got a pair.

- [Gavin] I think we're gonna need the deck checked

after this.

- [Announcer] $2200 is the bet.

Alec's really giving it a think with a double-gutter.

- [Gavin] I'm just trying to establish what my max would be,

it wouldn't be enough to make you happy.

- [Announcer] Torelli will fold.

- [Announcer] And there's no way Dentale can call.

- Show me if I fold Baker?


Honest question.

No Bullshit.

- I don't really know what I'm.

- Just this hand,

you show me if I fold?

- [Esther] Come on,we only have two more hands.

- Well, what's gonna happen?

What is my answer going to,

if you fold I'll make a decision.

- I think I'm all-in.

I think if I'm all-in you'd fold,

but I'm gonna give it to you

because I think you have pocket nines.

Am I right?

- I'll show you one.


- Oh!

How good is Dentale!

We'll be back to wrap things up

with our final chip counts in just a moment.

- Or maybe we'll show you more poker.

Find out when we return.

- [Announcer] Welcome back to Choctaw resort

in Durant, Oklahoma where our session has come to an end.

Esther Taylor will notch the biggest loss at over $26,000.

Mike Dentale is stuck $12,600.

And Alec Torelli,

who traditionally crushes here,

is down $8000.

Will Berry books a small loss as well.

David Baker, Chan Pelton and Maxx Coleman

all book five digit wins.

Matt Glantz, Gavin Smith booked teeny-tiny wins as well.

- [Announcer] Now, if you want more Poker Night,

you can find us on social media including Twitch and YouTube

where you can find full episodes,

livestreams and exclusive content.

Also, don't forget to download our free poker app.

You and your friends can have your very own poker night

as well as a chance to win a seat in our show.

Search for us in your app store and download it today!

For everyone here at Poker Night in America,

I'm Chris Hanson,

he's Joe Stapleton.

Thanks for watching!



- Do you wanna tell who else is at the table

or should I just keep doing this for awhile?

- Yeah, you just keep posing.

My goodness!


- [Announcer] Poker Night in America is brought to you by

Kimo Sabe mezcal,

and Sit & Go 2.0.

The Description of Dentale and Gavin Smith DUST UP | S5 E36 Poker Night in America