Practice English Speaking&Listening with: All We Want for Christmas is Wu

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My parents keep asked me what's on my holiday wish list.

Me too. I don't even know what to ask for.

Really? I only want one thing for Christmas.

Yeah. What's that?

I'd like to see Wu one more time before I leave for Christmas break.

Me too

Speaking of Wu, has anybody seen him lately?

Let's huddle, guys.

Okay, so we should all probably try to find Wu before we all go home for holiday break

So I think if we split up we can cover more ground on campus.

Good idea. We'll check the Shocker Store.

I can take the library. I'll have to Koch Arena. I'll do Shocker Grill &Lanes. I can talk to UPD.

I'll go to the Marcus Welcome Center and I'll head to McKnight

All right, everybody hands in and on three "all I want for Christmas is Wu". One two, three

All I want for Christmas is Wu!

You're not Wu!

This is crazy, I feel like we've looked everywhere.

That's fair. Maybe we should sit down a regroup for a minute. He's gotta be around campus somewhere.

Wu, you didn't have to do all this!


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