Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Stranger Things 3 Cast Gaten Matarazzo, Joe Keery & Maya Hawke Break Down a Scene | Shot by Shot

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- Hi I'm Gaten Matarazzo.

- I'm Joe Keery.

- And I'm Maya Hawke.

- And we're going through a scene from Stranger Things

on Netflix.

- Shot by shot.

(dramatic music)

- Okay, clear.

Clear, come on let's go.

- Okay that was close.

(mouse click)

- I guess the first thing I remember

is being squished behind this--

- [Maya] There's no room back there,

and there had to be four people.

- Thank god I got no collar bones

because I was just like squished on in there

(laughter) like woo!

(mouse click) - Too close.

- Relax.

Alright relax, nobody saw--


(mouse click) - We're in a warehouse.

- This is a totally built set.

Yeah, this is a warehouse that they have--

- In a really janky part of town.


- Behind all of these walls is just plywood,

I mean it really does look like it was filmed

on some sort of location but they built everything

from the ground up.

- This next shot I believe is what we called

the Scooby-Doo shot.

(laughter) - Yes.

(mouse click)

(dramatic music)

- That also does look pretty Scooby-Doo.

- No this was also Scooby-Doo, it was like the, (gasp) shot

- If we are Scooby-Doo, which ones are we?

- We talked about this right? Priah--

- I think Priah was--

- Daphne.

I'm Velma--

- You were Velma, almost.

- I was Velma? I thought I'd be--

- I thought it was you were Freddy,

you were Shaggy, I was Velma

and Priah was Daphne.

- I thought he was Shaggy and I was Scooby.

- Then who's Freddy? He's gotta be Freddy?

- Why does he have to be Freddy?

- Because he's making a plan.

- Yeah.

You're right, you're right.

- Let's split up and look for clues.

- Okay cool.

(dramatic music)

(mouse click)

- I have great memories

of shooting this stuff. - Me too.

- This was like a really fun day.

- Really fun day.

- This was kind of the first day that we saw all the

extras also, the Russians.

- Oh yeah, looks like the Death Star.

- Yeah, exactly.

- We got the first tour of the lab, it was great.

(mouse click)

- Look out, Jesus.

(mouse click)

- Man, just how cramped were all of our legs.

- Oh my god. - Oh my god.

- Crouching for a few hours.

- Squats for...

(mouse click) - You sure?

- Positive. The door was open for a second.

I saw a bunch of lights and machines and shit in there.

- That could be a hundred different things.

- I'll take those odds.

(mouse click)

- Okay, there's the Scooby-Doo shot.

- Yeah, really a lot of work went into

making sure all our heads were in the right place.

- I went out way farther than it was.

(suspenseful music)

- Alright. We're gonna move fast, we're gonna stay low,


- Okay.

- How we would ever get away with all this

is just beyond me.

Because we are very--

- Obviously crossing through the center of the--


- Couldn't get out the chunk of dialogue we needed

to get out so we had to keep moving.

- Oh I remember that.

- I mean also this--

- The sneaking behind the golf cart--

- - How would we all fit behind this little thing?

- - And how does that guy not see us?


- Let's go.

- Shh, come on.

- This is George.

- From Russia, him and his family

joined the circus.


- That's so true. Nice.

- That was one of the coolest stories I've ever heard.

- Yeah, he'd had a long family saga right?

- Yeah.

- But the circus--

- He was back in Russia,

and in the 90s they joined the circus.

- (in Russian)

- (in Russian)

- (in Russian)

- I had to work on my Russian speaking so hard.

- You're Russian is very good.

I'm not Russian, but it sounds right.

- [Gaten] It sound very good.

(laughter) - It sounds alright?

Well we had the Russian consultant on set

who couldn't speak English very well.

It was a difficult, yeah.

- George said you did a job with it.

- Oh, that's nice.

- And if George said you did a good job--

- Then that's probably a solid, solid thumbs up.

- (in Russian)

- (in Russian)

- I say, "the secret code."

- [Joe] Yeah the joke is that--

- And then I separate this out,

and I separate in into little pieces.

- I know that you end it with, "China?"

- Yeah, I end with, "China."

- (in Russian)


- Oh, I was very hoarse because of this yelling.




- That's not you, is it?

- No, you did this all yourself.

- Is that you?

- Yeah. - What?

- I did all this stuff, yeah.

- Yeah, no stunt guy was involved.

- So fun.

- But all the stuff that really needs a stunt guy,

like George had to get the heavy hits

and everything like that.

- George did have to get the heavy hits. Sorry George.

- Sorry George.

- He was in the circus.

(mouse click)

(dramatic music)


- When I hit him on the head,

it's a plastic phone connected to this cord

and it was made of like foam.

You know you hide the hit and then do it

in front of his face in such a way that it looks

like you're hitting.

But then the stunt man,

he's actually hitting his head on the desk.

And he hits it hard, I mean you can see

that's not a joke.

That is like a hard, actual hit.

- That's a hard it.

- So, ow.

But they get paid to do it.

Each time they do it I think they get paid.

So they're like you wanna do it again?


He's like, "Oh yeah, let's do it one more time."

Make sure we do it one more time.

- Dude. You did it!

You won a fight.

(mouse click)

You won a fight.

- Won a fight. Thanks man.

(claps) Appreciate it.

- How long did it take to choreograph that?

- We did it on the day I'm pretty sure.

That was a really fun day.

- That was a tiring day.

- That was a tiring day. - Yeah.

- What are you doing?

- Getting us our ticket out of here.

- You want to walk all the way back?

- Oh no we can hang out for a little bit,

relax, have a picnic maybe.

- Have a picnic? We came here for the radio.

- [Dustin] If I knew Steve could knock out a Russian,

that would've been our plan in the first place.

- Oh I remember this.

- This shot is so beautiful.

- It's gorgeous, but like I remember how tired we were.

- [Maya] Thanks guys.

- Okay last take.

- One more time.

- One more time, one more time, one more time,

one more time.

(mouse click)

Guys. There's something up there.

(door opens)

- Let's go.

- What am I thinking about.

I'm looking at a bright blue light.

- How far can I stretch my eyeballs?

- Because I was doing it, and they're like,

"Gaten it's not clear that you're shocked right now."

Holy shit.

(suspenseful music)

(mouse click)

- They had the camera on this drone--

- The entire set is there.

- They just flew it slowly back,

this is all choreographed.

- [Gaten] And this set is all there.

The whole chamber.

- Yeah this is all there,

this is all real.

(mouse click)

(dramatic music)

(electrical noises)

- Remember when you saved my life?

- Oh when you almost fell--

- I almost fell off the--

- Where that thing is.

- Oh my god.

- There was like gaps in the thing where the laser

was supposed to be.

And she nearly--

- I took a foot off of it (Joe whistles)

And Joe just action-packed hero style just

grabbed me and pulled me back.

- You ever so lightly stepped off.

It wasn't like a fall, it was like--

- It was like about to be that.

(laser noises)

- Whoaaa.

- And that was all a blue screen right there.

That entire section of wall.

- No no that was real, they really shot a big laser.


The only thing that's really the effects

is the laser and then the glass.

And then obviously the big--

- Obviously the big giant gash in the universe.

- The big gate.

- Very death-starry. Very death-starry.

- Lord of the Rings, Sauron situation.

- It does look like Sauron, yeah.

(laser noises)

In the radio room set, you run up there

and then you just look out over the rest of the set.

And it's just like--

- So beautiful.

- Just plywood stacked up in this giant castle.

- It's just a shell.

- It's just a shell but it's basically the entire lab.

Looking out over that is really cool,

one of my favorite spots.

- I hope you guys enjoyed going through

this scene shot-by-shot.

We really enjoyed filming it.

- Check it on, it's out now on Netflix.

- Hope you enjoy it.

(dramatic music)

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