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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Picnic Time - ChuChuTV Storytime Good Habits Bedtime Stories for Kids

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ChuChu and her friends were very excited.

They were getting ready to have a picnic.

I put chocolate milk, fruit, cake,

sandwiches and cookies all in the basket.

Well eat them at our picnic.

Mmm! It looks delicious.

Ill bring this ball.

We could play with it at our picnic.

And I have a new camera.

I can take pictures of us at the picnic.

Everyone was looking forward to the picnic.

But suddenly dark clouds filled the sky.

And it began to rain.

Oh no! Its raining!

What about our picnic?

ChuChus father noticed how upset the children were.

He knew how excited they all were for the picnic.

Dont worry, children.

If the rain stops soon, you can still go on your picnic.

But the rain didnt stop.

Big drops fell from the sky

and ChuChu and the other children were very disappointed.

I put so many delicious goodies in our picnic basket.

They would have been delicious at our picnic.

And this ball is of no use now. Huh!

We cant play with it in the house.

And I cant take any fun pictures with my camera now.

ChuChus father watched the children.

They all looked so sad.

He wanted to cheer them up,

so he came up with an idea of something

they could do to have fun in the rain.

ChuChu and the other children heard some voices.

Do you hear those voices?

It sounds like someones laughing outside.

Come on! Lets go see who it is.

The children stepped outside,

and to their surprise they saw

all of their parents playing in the rain.

Oh look! Our parents are all playing soccer!

And theyre having so much fun!

Come on, children! Come and play!

All of the children joined their parents playing soccer,

jumping in puddles, and having loads of fun in the rain.

Splash, splash! This is so much fun!

Everyone cheered for the rain.

The children had a lot of fun that day.

And Cussly took some great pictures.



Then everyone sat together under an

enormous garden umbrella in the backyard and ate the snacks

that ChuChu had packed in the picnic basket.

Its a rainy day picnic in our backyard.

The rain has made our day even more fun!

ChuChu, ChaCha, Chika, Chiku and Cussly

had a wonderful time that day.

They were glad that it had rained.

They thanked ChuChus father for cheering them up.

And showing them how much fun they could have

playing in the rain.

Thank you, Dad!

Thank you!

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