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That's really what this is all about. This is why such fear and resistance of the Holy Spirit

The ego doesn't want to be forgotten.

And that's precisely what's required. You have to forget the ego.

Because it's a false memory. It's like a memory of

pain, of hurt, of


of guilt, of shame... It's a death wish that's being held in memory.

It's like almost like if you had a virus on a computer.

You know, you could try to keep using that computer

and make the best of it. It would get slow and sluggish.

You would get heavy.

It may flicker.

It may become more unstable and more inconsistent the more you left it go.

But what you would be told if you went to an expert would say we need to remove

the virus

from the hard drive.

And the hard drive is what it's the symbol of memory, right? That's what hard drive is. It's just memory.

That's what the whole computer is. It's just using memory, memory programs,

RAM it's using. It's accessing, you know, accessing

AM of RAM - Accessing Memory. It's always accessing memory, but you actually have to forget the ego.

You don't try to destroy it or kill it

but you have to forget the ego to remember God

Because the two memories don't go together.

The memory

recalling that fall from Grace, recalling that

descent into hell, recalling that error.

Constantly recalling that with the power of your mind is blocking the remembrance of God's Love.

And Jesus says in the Course memory was its skill that you made up.

But now the Holy Spirit can use it. How would the Holy Spirit use memory except for one thing -remember the Holy Instant?

Remember the I AM presence before time was. Remember the innocence.

Remember the Love. Remember God so you see just like I said it was like an inverse

equation, like with an eclipse when you have a total eclipse,

you eclipse whatever seemed to be with something that is in the foreground

and that's how we remember God. We have actually forget the ego.

We actually are

cleansed and washed of that memory. That memory of the unholy instant, so that the Holy Instant can have a total eclipse

over the unholy instant.

It's really about memory and so this is so good if you can't describe it with human words, you know

Anybody who just tells you

that you just live your normal life, but you just do it with Jesus - that's a step,

you know, we've talked about that, eat with Jesus, exercise with Jesus, do your chores with Jesus,

you know, where's that heading? Its heading to

forgetting the ego and remembering Christ, but as you open up fully to be inspired

by the Source

you can see that the things, the pursuits of this world:

trying to keep up with the Joneses, trying bigger, better, faster, more...

What does bigger, better, faster, more have to do with eternal life?

There's no bigger, better, faster, more in eternal life. That's just a scheme

a whole scheme. And it doesn't matter how many millions or billions of people seem to be moving in that direction.

Your way will be different.

You are going to forget the pursuit.

Forget the busyness, forget the complexity, forget the striving.

Forget the goal orientation of future goals.

Chasing carrots that are always dangling and then when you finally get the carrots... is that all there is...

more carrots. It's the best the ego can offer, is more carrots.

And all of us know that we've chased a lot of carrots. All of us have to admit that we've been carrot chasers.

Are you a spiritual seeker? No, I've been a carrot chaser!

Even making a carrot of God, putting God out in the future. That's another carrot!

You know,

we're coming to the end of the search, the end of the seeking, my gosh,

do you think your life would look different if you actually

decided in your mind you weren't going to be a seeker any longer?

You were gonna go for beingness, you were gonna go for

smelling the roses

accepting the beauty and the joy and the glory of a still mind if you actually

said, "I'm not gonna use my skills and abilities to improve this world at all." It's like trying to improve the distractive device.

You know, why would you improve the cover when you could remove the cover?

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