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We're back with the Rio de Janeiro mayoral debate.

Candidate Luiz Renato, Candidate Pedro Silva.

-Candidate Luiz, you have the floor. -Thank you, Norma, viewers

and, above all, God. He and you all know

I am the most qualified candidate to take the Rio city hall.

Unlike my opponent, who, after years of public service,

has yet to be cited in any corruption schemes

or be accused of receiving bribes to approve a project.

Meaning, entirely unqualified for such a key role.

Candidate Pedro Silva, your answer.

Thank you. You all must know our dear partner

claims to be a man of God, a Christian man.

He's never used the church to get votes.

And he's got three kids and never got any of them into politics.

Completely disconnected from our city's demands.

Norma, please, I'd like to request the right to reply. It's a lie.

Everybody at my church knows I've been there to collect tithes.

For social projects. He has a church,

but no TV networks to launder money, no newspapers.

There are rumors he actually believes in God.

Best to be accused of that than promoting myself, as you do,

as the West Zone candidate but not dealing with the militia,

not exploiting any van stops.

How can such an individual negotiate with a councilman?

-That's the question I have. -I'll reply with the truth.

I'm tough. Look.

This is the mark of my ankle bracelet.

I know ankle bracelet marks. My family knows it.

That's the mark of a saint ribbon.

He plays capoeira in a Barra building complex.

He's all about health.

He eats granola and drinks chlorophyl juice.

He's never snorted like a real politician,

-never smoked a clove cigarette. -This gentleman is monogamous.

He's never done orgies sponsored by bus company owners.

Who would sign contracts with this man?

And a candidate like you, who pays his taxes properly

with values that match his salary.

Folks at home will think you can't get rich as a politician.

-Honestly, will you please? -I can explain once you explain

how you own a chocolate shop and actually sell chocolate.

I will, as soon as you explain how you buy real estate like everyone.

Giving a down payment, paying your installments.

Never even bought a studio with hard cash paid by a straw-man.

Candidates, let's keep our composure.

-No personal attacks. -Forgive me.

But you're too impartial

and give both candidates equal time.

Always giving opinions on news based on facts.

This lack of scheme is about to end.

And now the candidates for city council, Toninho do Mangue,

who's running from the cops, and Rubo Valente,

who couldn't be here because he's arrested

and will participate over the phone.

I promise that whoever doesn't vote for me, will be shot.

I have 35 pairs of shoes to leave at Agatha's shop.

I also have white shirts that people like, '80s style.

That's right. Talk to me. Alright.

I don't even...

know what to say.

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