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Good Morning, Locarno. Welcome back to the PardoLive studio inside the PalaCinema.

- As always, good morning, Carlo Chatrian. - Good morning, Lorenzo.

Tonight's Piazza Grande film takes us way, way back in time. It's set 5000 years ago.

It tells the story behind the Ötzi, the Similaun mummy.

Iceman is a voyage through time, strongly based on historical research.

The film was written in partnership with the Museum of Archaeology in Bolzano.

It's a great adventure, starring two amazing actors, Jürgen Vogel and Franco Nero, who will both be here.

By the way, Vogel is arriving with a private plane, so we're checking the weather.

There are great performances, but also unique landscapes: ice, mountains and plains.

The dialogue is spoken in ancient Rhetic language, but the spectacular adventure makes it intelligible.

Another kind of adventure is the exploration done by Open Doors, focusing on Southern Asia for the second year in a row.

Tonight Piazza Grande will host the closing ceremony, to honor this exploration.

Open Doors is invaluable in helping young producers and directors with their projects.

We're currently dealing with Southern Asia, where the film industry is young and vital.

This year the main focus is on Pakistan, Afghanistan and Sri Lanka.

This is the closing party for a project that is very enriching for these young directors.

The Festival is also a laboratory: Cineasti del presente features the directorial debut of Cyril Schäublin,

who previously took part in the Filmmakers Academy here in Locarno.

He is indeed an Academy veteran, and his first film is somewhere in between Antonioni and Tati.

It's a film about today, about alienation and scams, but also those who do well financially.

The Concorso internazionale continues to look into cinematic genres, with the film 9 Fingers.

It's the new film by Ossang, a director without rules, with his own universe that sort of interacts with Tourneur's.

He works on genres, and this new film is a black-and-white blend of Tourneur, Melville and Tintin.

We already mentioned mines with Winter Brothers. This time that area is explored in a documentary.

Good Luck deals with mines on opposite sides of the world.

They serve as the front and back of the same world, the world of workers.

On the one side we have the depths of the Earth in Serbia, and on the other the open sky of Suriname.

Ben Russell, a visual artist, doesn't just convey the human experience, he goes beyond that.

Signs of Life features another fascinating contrast: a meditation on nothing, featuring Iggy Pop.

In Praise of Nothing is a truly unique film, a worldwide journey with footage coming from multiple filmmakers.

It's written in verse, and narrated by the strange, ironic, beautiful voice of Iggy Pop.

We still have a few seconds left, so let's talk about Easy: a journey through the Ukraine with a coffin.

It's a journey, it's a comedy, a trip from Italy to the East.

A little like Le fort des fous, which goes from one side of the ocean to the other.

That's all for today. Thank you, Carlo Chatrian.

And here's the customary snippet of what you can see in Locarno on this day.

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