Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Live, Die, Repeat! (DEATHLOOP) #5

Difficulty: 0

how's everyone doing

i hope you're all doing well let me get the game going check the audio see if she changes

it she did and didn't change it back

are we playing

while doing death loop today oh i forgot to turn the lights

and professional streamer hi how's it going

ah really this is a download

[ __ ] why is it saying 10 hours

25 gig update what the [ __ ] why

okay it's starting to go quick um so yeah like i was saying uh before and i forgot to

mention again the internet's back so i can finally start streaming but uh this last week

was kind of busy so there wasn't much streaming to be had um the internet only came back i

think wednesday it was and then it seems about like when we first moved into the house that

speed so it's like 500 up 500 down it's not too bad and right now it's doing 61 on uh

47 megs a second

that's not bad

what are you doing stealing my gum oh just grab the whole thing here i got you because

you're gonna make a mess

are you okay

what do you even have those you only put them in the drawer so you stop grabbing them and

you keep tangling them with my other stuff you don't need them anymore they don't fit

into your new phone

you're like a cat that's like but i want the thing

all right cool so it feels good to have internet again it's already twenty percent done but

anyways how's y'all doing um we had some offline falls this week uh one is lizard paul oh sorry

no that was a host um celine de la cruz jasper di guzman uh louisville no loser serena michael

[ __ ] and carl r i think that as follows welcome to mobile instructors now you're all

one of us

but i hope everyone's doing well um yeah so oh i've also been uploading more videos to

youtube which is nice everyone enjoys that um been getting a lot of good views on uh

there so it makes me happy um one of the other things that makes me happy and it's the craziest

thing is that some of y'all which if you're watching this now on the vod some of you'll

watch vods and probably so you pause it and stuff and i actually love that so i just wanted

to let you guys know that i appreciate you whoever you are all like 25 to 80 of you like

crazy people that uh might not catch me live but you all catch the vods so that's cool

and the rest of you catch them on youtube when i slowly upload them because i'm slow

as balls and i know i'm bad at it but i'm glad people bear with me on that

oh that's what i thought something was missing give me one second

websocket no dogs

that's not what i'm looking for at all

that's good though um so yeah with all the upgrades we've done over the last two years

it's only using 11 of my cpu why would anyone use streamlabs obs looking at you streamlabs


crap and we're tired of pretending that you're not crap

oh by the way we are 10 follows away from 2100 so 2100. if you want to um you know present

my stream to a friend and uh show our awesome community feel free

i don't really like self promotion but that's about as deep as that's going like y'all know

like even this week i was like to uh c2 and them i'm just like how do you uh how do you

see other streamers promote themselves like do they just go on like r slash gaming or

something and just drop stuff or what do they do and they kind of explain to me i'm like

ugh that's actual self promotion that's gross

i don't really like doing that sort of thing like it's just not my style but yeah if you

feel like you uh like something in a game or there's some funny glitches or anything

like that always feel free to clip them i especially love clips and stuff like when

i do catch them uh if i don't see them feel free to put them in the chat or um dm them

to me one way or another i will always watch them and half the time i don't even notice

how funny something is until i watch it later on i'm like oh that's freaking hilarious like

uh one of the recent ones was me saying uh something about thoughts around the world

coming for me in a game i think it was uh it was a pathfinder i think it was pathfinder

and like out of context beard so um i think you can still do that on vods by the way if

you are watching a vod i think you can still make clips so any of you guys that like to

watch through the vods like you know feel free you're a part of the community just much

as everyone else and i mean that like y'all are awesome so do what you feel be creative

you know stuff like that

oh yeah okay that's why it looks like that i forgot i had to set the quality to 160p

because uh the using my phone is internet to stream that one day just to give it a try

i mean it worked it just wasn't great and then like half an antenna for my wi-fi like

i don't know we made do it was a fun stream i think that was when we were doing battlefield

i think it was battlefield but the internet was down the whole time battlefield was out

so i got to play like the night before that stream and then that day and that was it i

i wasn't able to play battlefield any other day just because the internet was so dead

is that the big stuffed animal over there yes it is that's her ass okay i just wanted

him like i want to see a big gray thing there that's eleanor's booty

all right 60 boom bam you know for now i can actually shut that off so you guys can actually

look at the background see how pretty it is look at the cars going boom i'm sure we all

enjoy that i did like the old intro for a little bit there or the new old intro the

one where i used the planets i really kind of dug making that and uh i think i might

make some more of those sort of things um for like moments like this where we're waiting

on something and you just see like the earth rotate or something or other planets

what i always want to do which will cost some money um so event it's going to be an eventually

thing like a lot of things on this channel have been for like six years everything's

eventually like most of the stuff i do all myself a lot of the art is just me the only

thing that's not me is like the emotes i had someone else make those because as some of

y'all know i used to make my own emotes but i kind of got sick of that um it's just too

time consuming and because i don't have a tablet or nothing it was all pixel art it

still looked good i'm not gonna lie it looked great but it's basically pixel art

um those who remember the fallout 76 emotes when we thought that was going to be awesome

you remember the homemade emotes of like you know ophelia and whatnot the tribute stuff

all that stuff um yeah since then you know i've decided to try to hire some artists to

do some stuff and a lot of it's just taking forever and that's fine but um the emotes

was the easiest one to knock out i find that was like two weeks i think around two weeks

and then um after that yeah i've been wanting to do other stuff but like i said it's all

commissioned anyways so what i was trying to get at is um i want to commission someone

to make like a drop ship or something like that where it kind of makes sense that you're

getting flown through like a city or something like it would just basically be like i don't

know maybe the canopy or something or maybe like a back door kind of looking thing and

just play like a video in reverse kind of thing so it looks like you're flying along

i don't know it'd be cool

i think that would be the best way to is uh reverse the video but anyways also as i always

say if anyone has streaming uh needs or tech tips or how to how to fix a broke ass stream

one way or another i always got you i've been doing this longer than they've been tutorials

so i'm always good about that sort of thing i like to actually help other streamers some

streamers get weird about it but a lot of them i don't really try to help with that

sort of thing unless i know them but um like do tech support type [ __ ] but some some

streamers do get a little weird where they're just like why are you telling me that my volume

is too loud and that you know whatever reason a lot of streamers uh forget to do the audio

stuff when they first start a new game and ask chat hey can you hear me over the big

booms because yeah that's just how it is like that's the biggest thing i always have to

do when i start a new game is bump everything down so that you can hear me over like loud

explosions because if you can't hear me what's the point

if i was just gonna put up a silent gameplay video i just you know record then shove it

on youtube and be like enjoy but that's not really my style like having fun with y'all

like having reactions i like having a face cam there's a part of me that's always wanted

to get rid of the face cam though for the idea i had forever go but the idea i had was

two thousand dollars and basically youtubers have kind of taken over the niche thing that

i was gonna do and it was closer to code miko but yeah the commission was about two grand

and i was like i don't have that kind of money just lying around but that would have been

cool and what it was going to be is rico's armor basically and then animation where that

it can actually like have my real face here kind of like what's that thing called bass

rig or whatever kinda like a face rig type thing where it's fully rigged and then um

you know i push a button or whatever i do and then the helmet comes up and around my

face and that one's sweet i thought that would have been really cool um because as some of

y'all know i used to have the the jacket i wore during streams but it's just been so

hot lately i mean we just fixed the ac last week so maybe i could start wearing the jacket

again the mobile live tree patches on it and stuff were cool it's just it was so hot to

wear because leather

yeah it's just some of the stuff that i usually keep to myself to really talk about you okay

are you all right do you need tylenol or something

you do you need tylenol or something you're staring at me like i'm stupid okay let me

know if you do

all right death loop's ready to go you know what that means

and as usual it takes forever

um dpi dvi dpi 4000 okay cool

hey why is the internet open

oh yeah okay

oh i broke it

oh there we go it's alive

i don't got nothing i could turn off the camera for a minute

okay i'll be right back with the camera i'll keep the audio going

but yeah so i don't know that's all the future plans i've always had like this is the stuff

i've been thinking about since like 2016 2015 things i want to do but there was no way to

now there is so life's been interesting it's just everything costs money so it makes it

harder to do that sort of thing

i wonder how far we are into this play through

it's got to be like 50 by now because we've done like four hours straight kicking ass

oh yeah we're going for the havoks lab that's right

are you gonna get it

oh let me check my loadout before i go out

um i think i'm gonna keep the shotgun here

wait is this a different one than this

oh it's the same one okay okay

you get nothing for sacrifice only lammy all right um i think that's it

there's my suppressed weapon there's my loud weapon i can grab a random cool weapon um

no gear i guess i haven't gotten gear yet so i guess

that makes sense

all right we'll hold off on all that

all right i think she found pants so we're gonna go where's the camera why is the camera


there it is

i don't know what that crap is behind me let me uh look at that real quick it's kind of

because we're cleaning the room oh it's the bag in the corner of the room oh okay eons

are only hope for the future proof

okay good to go

why does it feel like my sensitivity is super low

i guess it feels fine now but like

i don't know it feels off whatever we'll find out i guess

yeah i guess that's kind of okay those are all headshots

can't be that bad

this is kind of fun uh how do i do this again

oh it's the wrong ability isn't it um

what is nexus 2 again

i thought it made me teleport



i'm feeling just fine all right let me try to throw one of these on someone's faces i

know that's something we haven't done for science yet we haven't just straight decked


oh i missed let me find another one

wake up dad

it doesn't seem to do any damage or something oh wait that's a person the other one is a

damn mannequin no wonder all right let's try one more time

me recognize human me recognize human good

okay so head

i think she just shot at me okay just make sure it's not a player again

players cheat there she is


hurry up lady

julian ago

where the [ __ ] did she go did i kill her

i don't think so

someone died there


oh [ __ ]

where are you

yeah where she keep like disappearing off to

there's over here now

where the hell is she

he would heal

i literally feel like i can't touch her with the ability

that's stupid

where the hell is she

she keeps disappearing like yeah i run away to go heal but like where the hell is she

going look is she teleporting away or

i want to figure out how she moves or whatever

don't hurt her

i don't feel like that's affecting her what the hell

supposed like blow them away isn't it

i don't know i'll just shoot her now with that let's hear [ __ ]

wait i'm out of power

gotcha how are you kidding me how many times do i have to [ __ ] shoot you

like there's no [ __ ] way you survived that many hacks of the face

i don't understand this game sometimes man it's a [ __ ] machete oh you should be able

to sneak up behind her like you do with the others like maybe i'll try kicking next time

because i know kicking works great for a lot of things

the [ __ ] is she

i literally think she heals every time she [ __ ] off like that so i'm gonna pick this


i don't know what nexus does oh next this is the one that makes them feel the pain of

the others around them that's right

your every desire oh i'm good that's right it's all the healing's here

okay just don't have a crank wheel generally yours a journalist

don't need it

you know i'm sure make my way over there

i know i just heard

let's see it


any more bullets

i think i got away from her templar temporarily temporarily

hey you have to look right

where is she

man i'm having to be such a wuss today i'm like just take her but i guess i should have

kept the shotgun on

you win by relaxing

hit her with one of these


know i hear you


it's not working

there we go i think that's better and tip one two one two three thank you for that follow

welcome alex trooper i think you're one of us pretty sure you're just a bot account aren't


the hell is she

watches like down here or something

i hardly dislike her our collective coma

safety for the moment

oh there she was

i'm gonna try nexusing uh her and one of these [ __ ]

damn it's like all the power just disappears

[ __ ] come on

bro you are so annoying i'm gonna [ __ ] die like legit [ __ ] i can't fight her like this

this is dumb as hell


haven't seen much healing here either

usually there's a lot more soda crab around but this map's kind of barren

yeah i'm gonna bring the turret with me how about

that oh no it's above me

uh when she glows red it's slab ability when she becomes very strong stay away use that

shots you have been trying that but it just doesn't seem to be helping which is really

annoying because normally she's really easy to take down but right now she's ridiculously

strong [ __ ] all right yeah i'm permitted god damn that's my first real death

[ __ ] also she seems to be like teleporting out of nowhere next to me which is also [ __

] that's like the second or third time i've had to deal with the um the ai just freaking

out and coming out of nowhere and i'll be like oh well she's going to cross this way

she never does like it doesn't make any sense to me it seems like she's able to just teleport

around the map if she's the the ai one the players actually have to walk so they're easier

to track but also like don't like the players because the players uh the player i ended

up going against was kind of bs had a freaking grenade launcher on like the second misses

shift lab teleport havoc's lab super strong yeah i had the shift but for some reason didn't

stay permanent and now i think the game just froze oh it's fun oh wait there's had something

in the way of it well that's fine i guess i lost 45 000 in infusion points or whatever

the hell you don't want brazilian oh yeah because she [ __ ] cheats that's why she won

that's the first time she's ever beaten me it will only say between loops if you yeah

i know that that's why the rest of my items are fine

that whole loop i was just using it to get the havoc and i couldn't get the havoc um

because she came in right then it's really annoying havoc slab happening at noon

so it's not like i missed much honestly like i don't i think my little should be fine too

yeah everything is good

do i not have grenades oh yeah yeah grenade okay yeah everything's fine all right cool

i literally didn't lose the thing but it's still one of those things it's just annoying

like i so should have been able to take her out i might have to bring down the purple

uh shotgun i don't know we'll give it one more try without it

oh maybe i didn't infuse the purple shotgun so oh that sucks that really sucks

well whatever


the smart thing is to use the morning to get residium and that's what i did last time i

don't feel like wasting time today so we're just gonna run straight to murder town all

right let me prep this thing there we go nice and pretty

all right murder time wow i actually missed that headshot oh i actually got caught this

time last time i head shot all day

all right that's a little better that that helped my confidence all right let's see if

juliana pops back in for like any reason if she comes back we're gonna shoot her in the

face again juliana's piece of

and i stand by that until proven otherwise

oh what the hell was that my aim went all over the place it was like

i've never seen the slide mess up my aim like that

oh it keeps doing that that's weird it didn't used to play like that like it's only been

a week that i've been playing other games and [ __ ] maybe they put that in the nerf

the sliding or something oh that's so snappy why is it like that


it feels super limiting too uh i don't like that um

don't need it um as much as i don't really like this shotgun i'll i'll try it don't get

green cold i don't think i've tried those i'm feeling just fine or whatever the rare

one is i already read this


still need the crank

dude no okay i just love the skull and i thought that was a head i see heads i click on heads

that's how i win yeah i think they uh oh for honor or um i'm pretty sure that's supposed

to be for honor or something like that i forgot what i said last time when i saw that

all right man i didn't mean to do that

let's see if that thing was oh it is still here okay oh it's a different one i want to

see that with that weapon seek one

all right so hopefully this plays a little bit cleaner now oh there was ammo right here

the whole time damn i am so blind

where'd you go i just saw your okay whatever i can't believe i didn't see this the first

go there i guess that's what i get for taking a week off on the game oh hi oh you actually

hit me all right


i do like this relic better

i didn't realize you can slide into it at the same time that's kind of cool for science

oh um dishonored and wolfenstein

um i'm guessing for honor guessing this one's for honor 2 and this one's piranha or not

foreign dishonored two this one would be dishonor one or something

all right um there's something i was hearing over this way

it feels like the mouse is giving me issues i don't know if it's my mouse or if it's the

game itself it like keeps getting stuck on things for some reason

yeah i'll reset the game into this run

about what i meant to do nope don't want him

there we go


all right clean

i hear a dead zone up there

yeah it's like bioshock so i i really like the gameplay in this game i haven't really

heard any bad reviews of it yet

um i guess i already have that map nothing good under there always good to check though

and onward

oh yeah okay

i don't remember is there anything in here

like they build these clubs in like the weirdest places

i think that dude just playing guitar up on the cliff so i can go the other way and end

up right at him who was

at least someone's playing some good music in this game

i can make that wait why did you give up you stupid [ __ ] he stopped sprinting why did

he stop sprinting like that

oh that's so dumb how's it going to give you a death for that i guess i can get

that back what oh stop that anyone else

what can i say i see heads like quick heads

i see if i can quickly grab this run back around without touching water yeah he he gave

up on that jump i'm i'm gonna say that was definitely uh him he's like right here he

just stopped sprinting for some reason anyway i don't even know if i double jump did i double

jump because i tried to

i'll let you lift for now because you're making some good music you're not the other one i

kept doing like two notes and tuning the guitar

yeah i actually enjoy the music in this game

it's pretty chill all right let's see what's in here oh that's where her studio

need is

all right uh she's not wrong

okay let's see bottles bottles bottles no ammo

really should clear out that other air before coming here i think that's what i'm gonna

do front entrance is taken so i can come back here let me uh go clear that top side area

just so that reinforcements if they come these turrets don't have as much trouble

all right i think this is where i hung out last time i had all the good stuff oh hi

i'm getting like a weird bit of lag that i didn't get before maybe update my graphics

driver or something

i think the best part about this game though is that bodies itself clean like they clean

up themselves oh that's right i gotta go into the top it's all coming back to me after like

a week and a half

i think he died to help with the lag get into settings and turn shadows down i think that

like i didn't have this lag before so it's really weird it should already already be

down enough that it should be fine i don't need low latency i don't really need reflex


shadow shadow shadows

shadows right now

90 i don't know what i touched that first time

oh advanced okay yeah i found it i found it yeah we put on very high we'll see if that

helps i shouldn't need to because 20 80 like it's solid but whatever


all right let's see if that fixes the sliding issue i'm having i mean it kinda does feels

a little bit cleaner though

no still doing the weird jumpy thing that didn't really do before

all right let's see where's everyone at

i don't know if i can land on people i haven't tried that yet for science

i don't know what's worse not really i definitely could stop the [ __ ]

i only bounced off her head so hard i don't know about you but that would have killed

me i saw something pop-up that was weird oh okay

i thought there was a weird secret door there

that was kind of fantastic though oh science i found out that uh you can kind of kooba


i played that

don't know how a door that opens sideways gets stopped by a pallet that's just me

so fun game oh yeah let me heal up before i go ballistic

all right i remember seeing you around

well maybe not

i thought i saw one more over here all right not mine

i'm gonna kill cool dude last or chick

and person jamming out to them all right let's go

see the bullets will even reach that far cool

nice and clean i'm not really seeing

oh [ __ ] okay

i don't like the landmines i don't know where the next one is i came from this way though

it's probably safe

oh there's one

just dinking in the brain

i guess i could use that to kill them but i mean one bullet a piece ain't bad it's pretty


i think this was back entrance into her area all right cool cool cool no i know

sorry sorry

i don't have a third weapon anymore all right wait what oh i do okay okay it's this the

rapier is pretty nice though i do like rapiers back interest gives you a code for delivery

hub oh that's cool ah [ __ ] let's get the [ __ ] out of me stop doing that all right

let me go before i get blown up that's what i get for not paying attention to where i'm

walking always blowing my shirt

all right we're all good now remember kids get blown up by land mines you just go touch

the red thing and it jiggles a little makes you feel better

oh there it is i wonder why this doesn't work oh it works now okay weird it wasn't working


his scream i forgot how good that was oh it were

i heard

someone where are you at human

fire my god i live forever you know why because groundhog day up in this [ __ ]

i've lived a thousand lifetimes

in this single day

seriously where this there's a lady

that weird feeling the minds up there but i know it's not all right so hopefully i don't

land on one

i'm noticing a little bit of visual lag

i didn't know there was real gore all right that's first time i see someone's body parts

fly off i think

oh maybe i shouldn't have done that


not bad not bad

i guess i'm full up on all this stuff

do you know

get [ __ ] on sir

ooh a button for things i know what i could do with that

all right let me uh try to look for the other ladies shinies

um let me see

oh it takes mags

that's not half bad actually i thought this thing was gonna be a piece of crap but then

again i'm also noticing this ain't half bad the early version kind of sucks that one's

not so bad um

yeah i'll stick with the shotgun for now that way i can crowd control

oh this is here oh i didn't even see this before okay it's all making sense building

that mental map

ah all right cool cool cool i like that all right cool let's go grab a [ __ ] almost ran

on top of that thing

um go grab that battery and not get blown up

still here mine i don't like that where even is it

crap i actually want to see what's up there

reload everything not sure prepped

wrong button fudge that's so big

all right so let's run up in here and see what happens

wait i got a battery for nothing oh okay that's what say also can you make it through that

hole i didn't have to get the battery are you kidding me

god damn it

just in case if there's some kind of weird ambush



all right all good

i'm the best sneakiest person around if there's no one to know that no one knows

oh i can steal the battery out of that

oh yeah i guess i can't oh wait i see how to get the battery now good job brain i want

that reactor dead and buried before

i trust you understand why

good to know good to know all right what do you link to this jenny i don't know what the

jenny's for but i want to put power in it so

let me go and uh grab that battery

yeah still a little bit of lag i'm still noticing a little bit so i don't know if that was the

windows update the graphics card uh graphics driver update or if the game updated because

that was 25 gig update today so i wonder if that did something weird it doesn't feel clean


i don't know what it does

whatever at least i got a battery inside i guess all right any weird weapons or anything

real cutting edge

oh well

i think he closed my face wait

i don't even know why these are here

okay i got it i was like one of these i'm gonna get in there

all right that's one way to move through keep that in mind

i finally got a crank wheel

i thought you could keep this forever though because i keep finding things that need crank

wheels and i never have one

i'll keep it on top of

the paint so i can know where to find it

all right

a whole lot of nothing but it looks pretty who nails i guess i've been full on nails

for a while

all right

i wish these were a thing in real life free ammo for everybody it's kind of nice all right

here's the one on my right

okay so she's close let's see what that other way has

looks like i'm playing cod but with a little lag

oh yeah crescent items such as a crinkle drop next location in the morning yeah yeah i haven't

i was gonna say i've used it like once it's pretty cool

so freaking loud

well let's hope it doesn't just turn on

i wonder if i can shoot oh you can okay

oh is there multiple fears now

let's see what happens

all right caboose

you can shoot their foot if it goes through the mesh that's funny


she sounds high off her nuts


she doesn't belong here

her great work

i was actually wondering if i come over here can i absorb this it looks like residium okay

back then what i was originally gonna try to do

take a look around oh okay so this loops back out to here

yes that's stuttering i'm getting

the game first came out was a lot smoother in my opinion so i don't know what changed

oh this is that front entrance oh okay i know where i am now cute

damn i would have been like right on top of all her eternal lifts if i went this way glad

i went the other way i could fight my way through not terrible but like it would have

been a little much

quizzing herself yeah it's probably all that lead paint

let's see the turret there

watch she likes us to watch

damn you got some health on you don't you

what just happened

bleed out what was that

that was so weird i don't know suddenly i'm getting my ass kicked in this game i was doing

so good before and now i'm getting weird jigglies yeah jiggles

all right three two one

oh wait listen i gotta shut this down huh


why am i dead again

oh i guess it's like radiation or something yeah like what the [ __ ] i'm just watching

my healthcare flip flip flip flip flip like there's nothing i can do about that ah it's

so weird it's gotta be like radiation

damn that means i need to sneak up behind her like or something i don't really know

this is the first time i've had any trouble with this game is like today juliana got me

the first time that was my first real death and then fia got me by slowly but surely you're

wasted like it doesn't really make sense i'm guessing that's radiation there's some kind

of unstable reactor in her bunker she's not about blowing up the whole island to protect

her secrets if she sees me coming okay so yeah i should try to sneak a little better

damn i'm glad i don't have to go through the beach scene anymore that got kind of old

all right like too bad you can't set things up in the morning for you in the afternoon

kind of thing or whatever like that'd be cool

yeah i guess seal the havoc slide all right now that we're more prepared

it shouldn't be as hard oh i forgot to look at my loadout [ __ ] that's fine that's fine

that's fine we'll be fine it's all good i don't know why you guys are playing so much

it's fine so everyone here forgets every day except you and sometimes me um

you're gonna burn that's what it meant but you're gonna burn his radiation

i don't know what's wrong with my aim right there

all right so

killed all them grab the ammo

what is that oh a pair of shoes that's kind of neat

this was the second one around here oh there you are what


you have no power here gender off the gray

all right let's crush some butts in this i keep looking at that mannequin thinking it's

a dude why is it okay

that took entirely too long sitting there just jamming the melee key i mean there's

the kick and you start utilizing the kick

oh well

what was that 360 spin you're trying to flex on me honk

don't get greedy

cold she's trying to flex on me and just be like your dog [ __ ] the game 360. no scope

oh here's where i need that crank wheel all right well now i know the crank wheel is so

shouldn't be so hard to go get

um i'm not trying it here it's too deep and insta kills you


spicer's left building freak out nope i'm good

oh i just thought about it i feel like i know how i would kill them all like easily um every

time that you know that they're somewhere um with multiple cults you do like nexus but

i have them all linked and just shoot one in the head that's right here we go this was

just a hit just one

and then a tug on the bottle sure [ __ ] looks like this place the color [ __ ] via what's

in this

don't fully understand what he's talking about but i'm guessing he got high off them pills

god damn i was just thinking i wonder

why is it not working there we go

gonna let that do its thing

escape this way

yeah even the audio is starting to get that weird lag so i want to beat this game in the

next like two days in order to not have to deal with the lag anymore starting to mess

with my head and give me headaches

feels weird not having nexus

don't need it

damn what the [ __ ] it's single player why does she have the grenade launcher again it

literally one shots you it's so unfair

today sucks just getting my ass creamed the entire time

god damn

if it's not radiation it's goddamn grenades if it ain't grenades it's juliana's super

strong for like no reason maybe i do need to grab one of those rapiers real quick

where's she at i know she's around here somewhere being a dick

are you waiting

there we go

that time wasn't so bad

where's her gun i want that grenade launcher give me

with the havoc equipped with the brutal brutality incarnate deal more damage and receive less


what's it called havoc oh this is the one i was trying to get like early on in the game

when it first let me be like free that's right

havoc sounded like the most fun basically makes you like immortal play your cards right

ah man feels like a giant load off all right so let me do i was originally planning

are you kidding me it's on its side

i guess there's only like three left so

come on he died right in front of you

you want to move

there you go

at least i don't have to worry about juliana now

wait it worked now i'm so confused

there's no reason that should have worked

i'm feeling just fine

how the jingle jangles hey i'm missy not telling you your business or nothing but uh what i've

set these things all over the island routed daily deliveries between the major districts

and tested the machines compatibility with every form of aeon program paraphernalia oh

paraphernalia duh um plus i've blasted ads on repeat for months and you want me not to

give out codes i get we don't uh don't really do money here but there's no upkeep this thing

will never wear down that's the whole point so why limit who can use them anyways just

a thought gftg

all the delivery you guys think

so i guess it wasn't a grenade launcher it's this one specifically the shotgun so


there's a good rapier yeah that's why i was killing juliana out so easy earlier must've

been all the headshots i was doing because it was all headshots every time i was fighting



i'm gonna go hack the thing so i can get out of here in a little bit

yeah and the rapier just one tap sir which is just glorious oh yeah sorry i didn't mean

to shoot you in the neck

yeah i'm getting that stuttering it's just really annoying kind of reminds me of the

one from fallout

here she's close

i'm just down here

that's what

yeah i don't know if you guys are catching that stuttering but it's a little weird and

i don't think it's the shadows i don't know what that is it might be reflex or something

here i always turn that crap off in most games because my system is powerful enough that

it shouldn't matter

reflex off let's try that

feels about the same

i want to try uh using the turret on them this time all right now reminder to myself

there are mines here this time


good stuff

she kept turning around like i don't know i'm getting shot here let me try to move here

i wonder if you can hack the mines yeah okay

that worked a little better

it almost sounds like doom too like a little bit more of a dad rock doom

i like that he's ignoring me

i don't see anyone else that needs to kill

army of the motherland keep hearing that stuff

why'd it do a one jump and not a double dump that's weird battery station

no i still haven't tried the new gun let me reload this first

how does the spread on this thing look i feel like i might put on oh damn that's a lot of

spread i could put reflex back on because it kind of made it a little cleaner i mean

i shouldn't have let uh geforce fix my [ __ ] because it does feel like it [ __ ] it up

my keeping graphics card clock frequency is high i mean i don't really need that

i don't need it

goth bloom off let's flare off

i need to see what settings i used when i uh went through this the first time

i'll try that

yeah it's still stuttering like ah i don't know how to get rid of that yeah whatever

they update i don't like it

it's making the game a lot harder to play that needs to be

oh all right let me try the top floor

oh i sound really close okay um i didn't super think this through and that lag ain't helping

is there like an auto sense like because this sucks like this is so rough this shield view


it'll kick you back on

like shafts

blue performance see if all that kind of kicked it back to how it was

where's my double jump oh isn't it working there we go it's like what the [ __ ]

this all goes havoc

oh field nullifier actually i can use that

use it on her

make sure she dies real easy

the voices tell you i'm coming

come on you come

play there's one more

yeah i'm getting all sorts of lag today i mean when you restart settings like that you

really should swap out um like restart the game so no not tomorrow maybe it'll be smoother

i'll go through settings and stuff and re-fix it

because maybe it's just me

oh hey look batteries

that's right your battery chargers duh my brain i forgot

oh let's get the [ __ ] out of me i don't remember that being there last time but all

right oh i jumped like that was the hardest i've jumped in a while that actually hurt

god damn

[ __ ] october i guess


all right and then i think it was right here

well hopefully there won't be a land mine right here

finally i can see what's in one of these

oh oh damn

i was shot shots have wire spread buckshot for everyone or just have water spread bug

shots for everyone i like this one better plus it's sparkly look at all that glitter

can i not get the crank back nope you cannot all right fun fun fun fun better shotgun better

range better everything

this is the same how you do it interesting

i was back up to 45 000 though

that means there was no real big loss

all right so this time i got to sneak up to her

and just mess her up

best way to do that we already found was


i remember wasting my grenades on other things

yeah probably did

damn they're throwing [ __ ] at me are you really

search the area

she got the radio off before i can even get her

damn it did she she didn't see it coming things

so i can't see nothing

it's so all right so tonight was completely unsuccessful i'm just gonna go with like i

can't play like this yeah i have no way to play this like this is so broken right now

right cool at least i figured out what havoc does so that's good i guess it's just

all right that's gonna be it for me tonight three [ __ ] real deaths like i didn't do

very good at all

i don't know i'll believe it on that weird study though because i can't play like that

like it's so inconsistent and it just throws me so off like i don't like that so all right

i'm gonna go i'm gonna try to figure out those settings uh before we play tomorrow how about

that because we got zero progress today with all that and we've been playing for two hours

yeah i'm gonna go

have a wonderful evening everyone i'll see you tomorrow killer name bleed a bit oh that's

weird that's different

but yeah thanks again temp one two one two three thank for that follow once again welcome

to the home of the mobile infantry trooper now you're one of us uh carl r michael [ __

] lucille serena uh luzil oh wait i just read that one uh jasper de guzman and celine de

la cruz thanks for those followers as well have a wonderful evening i'll see you all

next time

The Description of Live, Die, Repeat! (DEATHLOOP) #5