Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Tiffany's Super-Practical Packing Know-how! [Heart_a_tag] 150724 ep.14

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I will teach you how to pack efficiently for your vacation.

Partition is the key.

Divide it into two, three areas.

Put clothes in this area.

And put the makeup bag separately here.

Underwear, swimming suit, and then

I packed my shoes


Zipper bags

Use zipper bags.

Slippers too?

Carefully, yes.


Put hair accessories like hats or snapbacks on top of it like this.

When you arrive,

But this will get wrinkles.

On top of it like this.

So that's why we need to put this.


And you can put this on the top.

By doing this, you know what you're missing,

you'll get less wrinkles,

and it's easier to find stuff.

It's easier for me to know what to wear and what I need everyday.

When you think of packing, you always worry about the volume.

Like if you can put more stuff in it or not.

Should we pack together?

Let me see how you pack your stuff.

It got smaller, right?

Normally, this is how I pack my stuff.

It helps me see my clothes quickly.

The volume

It's too big

There is this new way of packing

for those who always worry about this.

It's calledroll-roll.”


This is roll-roll?

Roll-roll, everything is rolled like this.




Socks, shorts.

Really, the volume got smaller dramatically.


T-shirt is like this.

So, let me tell you how to pack this.

Fold your t-shirt like this.



And fold the pants

and put socks on both sides like this.


Fold it at the end.


And if you roll it carefully

And put it like this.



That's amazing!

The volume of carrier

This is so cool.

The volume is decreased.

So this is one set.

Pack five colors, pack seven.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

If you take five like this, and put it in the closet.

You can directly wear it and roll it back.

So, you won't forget anything,

so it'll be a good habit, I think…?

And this shower cap you werecurious about.

I'm going to use it this way from now on.

Zipper bags can have air in it.

And, it can get dirty easily.

But it looks like this nowadays.

I love this idea.

You can do this.



I really love this idea.


I can put it like this.

This is really..

Awesome, right?


I can tell the volume got smaller.

When you use this, you'll get air like this rectangular shape,

so the volume gets bigger.

But, this is the best tip!

It's so useful!

I was shocked too.

People are so smart.



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