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I think the value for the SOGI 123 campaign for educators is

is many I think it provides the educators the administrators the

districts with the tools to develop policies which is really critical in

terms of creating that type of environment where it's inclusive

without stand-alone policies explicitly referencing lesbian gay trans and other

members of the LGBTQ community it's too easy just to gloss things over when

school districts or schools retreat to simply talking about bullying our

research has really been looking over the last year's about how policies and

how different practices in schools actually can help young people in

schools not just anti-bullying but also policies that set up how schools welcome

and celebrate people of diverse orientations and gender identities and

what we found here in British Columbia has been really interesting compared to

school districts that don't have inclusive policies those that have LGBTQ

inclusive policies show lower levels of discrimination lower levels of problems

because of alcohol or drug use and lower rates of suicidal thoughts and suicide

attempts not just among sexual minority youth but actually among straight youth

as well a lot of times the sort of homophobic or transphobic or biphobic

bullying is focused around the perception that people aren't fitting

sort of the gender norms and the reality is that if you're being bullied because

people think you're gay you're still being bullied and that has

those negative consequences policies are a great start how do we actually create

inclusion for the diverse range of young people across gender across sexuality

across ethnicity and the variety of diversity that we see in schools the

development of our inclusion policy here in Nanaimo Ladysmith public schools has

has been an evolution we had difficulty getting people to know that it existed

we decided that really we needed an inclusion policy so that we could

protect the rights of all of our group's business or invisible and that

gave us the teeth to do the important work around SOGI we decided that we

needed a gender-neutral washroom school has been accommodating for

students who were required separate bathroom facilities but we found that

they were inadequate I didn't actually make action towards this until the GSA

zone students came forward and said we need to get us gender neutral washrooms

here at the school so it was actually based on their actions as of September

this year we will now have our first multi-user gender neutral washrooms

installed and ready for use for all of our students at our school we realized

early on that not all of our schools had GSA so not all of our students had that

ability to connect with a safe adult within their building so with the

blessing of the school district we decided that we would host our own GSA

at the school board office it has been such a wonderful experience for me

personally but I know for the kids as well it was a way for us to provide

resources and safe adults for them to talk to I always remember the first time

they walked in the door and realized they weren't the only kids and you know

the success story is we have between 40 and 60 kids that are able to come to our

district GSA on a regular basis and it's been phenomenal and and it's hugely

rewarding when you're studying class and you're getting to know the students it

can be really good to create a lot of opportunities for people to disclose

their pronouns doing it verbally in front of the entire class where the

person's just walked into the classroom and hasn't been able to build a trusting

relationship with you as a teacher can be a little jarring for everyone

and so if you can create a form where you can fill out information that would

be useful for them to share with you you could have a little box that says like

can I disclose this with the class it's sort of up to you but the more

opportunities you create the more a chance there is for a youth or a few

youth to step up eventually when they're comfortable to say these are my pronouns

and this is what you're whenever you need training for teachers for

administrators for school staff for everyone you also need to make sure that

there are those other opportunities to sort of create that inclusion in the

classroom so that might mean including information in curriculum

it may mean actually the opportunity to write about social justice in your

English class my advice would be to continue to learn everything you can

there's a lot of great researching good ideas out there the other thing is to

listen to the kids

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