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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Adopted Twin Babies - Gender Reveal! / AllAroundAudrey

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(upbeat pop music)

- Hi guys it's Audrey,

and today I'm here with--

- Jordan from JustJordan33.

- And--

- Stephanie with nlovewithreborns2011.

- Yes. - And we

are doing something super exciting.

We are creating Susan's siblings!

(Jordan screams)

- Look at this Reborn baby, it's so realistic.

- It literally looks like a real baby

and it feels like a real baby too.

- And it smells like a real baby.

- It's pretty much, like, oh my gosh.

It's insane.

- So Stephanie is an amazing Reborn artist.

- Thank you. - She creates all these babies

and she's gonna be helping us out today

and we're gonna be making some twins.

(Stephanie inhales)

- Yes.

- So do you kinda wanna explain the process

of what with making reborn babies and--

- The adoption process.

- Yeah. - I sure can.

First, twins are great.

I don't get to do those very often, so you guys are lucky.

- Ooh. - Ooh.

- [Stephanie] It's just, it's a real treasure.

So what's gonna happen is, I work with a company

they're called

where I'm gonna let you guys go

and look at features of babies.

If we want awake, asleep, maybe smiling when it's sleeping

- Aww.

- There's just so many different varieties of a baby.

Closed hand, open hands

and so once you pick a kit, then I'll order it.

It's gonna take about three days for me to get it

and because you girls are special...

- Aww.

- We're special.


- I'm gonna start working on them right away,

so I can deliver them to you, when I am in Utah.

- Oh yes.

- Sweet.

- We can adopt our babies.

- The process is, I get 'em, they're just blank,

they have nothing on them and I'm gonna paint them,

and the weirdest thing is,

is that these babies are gonna go in the ovens.

- Ooh. Wait.

- Baby Susan's siblings are going in the oven?

Wait a minute, I did not know this.

- They're in the process

they spend like 90% of the time in the oven.


- That's how babies are born, guys.

- [Stephanie] Right they are born in the oven.

- Stick the baby in the oven.

When they say buns in the oven, they're not kidding.


- [Stephanie] No, we're not kidding

about the buns in the oven,

and then I will send you photos throughout the process.

When you first you're gonna see you're baby

you're gonna be like: "ooh, it's kinda ugly."


You know, you get to experience that process.

That, when a baby's first born, they're kinda ugly

but you'll see that that transition

and when your baby's born, it's gonna be cute.

- Aww. - Aww.

I'm so excited.

- You're gonna have two, so we get to decide

boys, girls, I don't know what you guys want.

Asian, Bi-racial , Caucasian.

Sky is the limit really.

- Okay, Let's decide what features

we're gonna have Baby Susan's siblings are gonna be.

- Honestly, this this kinda looks

like Baby Susan's sibling already

but it's not, it's just an our example baby.

- Our example baby.

- Her name can be.

- Well, what is her name?

- Her name is actually Rainbow, it's funny because

she's my first show doll that I created

after a storm, where I had to sell

all these dolls I had made, for the doll show.

And so, I was like, first one, Rainbow, after the storm .

- Rainbow. - Aw, that's so cute.

- [Stephanie] I always dress her in rainbows, So cute.

- Yeah!

- Cute.

- Alright so, Jordan and I are gonna discuss

and pick out some features

of what we want our twins to look like.

- I'm so excited. - So we're gonna go online

and do that process,

but then in the mean time

you should check out Stephanie's channel

if you wanna watch more doll-making videos,

if you wanna maybe get one of your very own,

the links will be in the description box below.

So, let's go.

Okay, we're back home now and we are gonna pick out

what our new twins are gonna look like.


I'm so excited.

So, we visited the website and now

there's a few options we can look at,

so let's just see which ones we want.

This baby is so cute, she's in a little bunny costume.

- [Both] Aww.

- I actually don't know if it's a girl or boy,

but it's so cute.

- Yes.

- It's ready for Easter.

Oh my gosh, this baby is literally like Tyler

when he was born.

- When he was a baby, aw he's a cute little baby.

- That's crazy.

And the hair though.

The hair's so realistic.

- That's insane.

- Oh my gosh. - Oh my goodness.

The hair! It's like all curly.

- Curly hair.

This is gonna be so hard, that baby is cute too

with the brown hair.

Oh my gosh.

- Whoa. - Whoa.

Blonde baby.

I don't know if I want a blonde baby.

I think I want a dark-haired baby.

- Okay, okay, let's see.

- Do you have any preference?

- Well, I don't know, we have to get twins,

so we have to make sure that they're similar.

- That's true.

- Aww. - Aww


- That looks so cute.

- That baby is so sleepy.

This is so hard.

- Whoa.

- Oh, that baby has big eyeballs.

- That does have big eyeballs.

- How does that baby have big eyeballs?

That's kind of funny and our babies have like blue eyes--

- Blue or Grey eyes.

- Yeah, some have brown.

- Really?

Wait, do we have brown eyes?

- No but some do.

- Wait, did I have blue eyes at one point in my life?



- Then it changes when you get older.

Oh, this baby is cute.

Oh my gosh, I don't know, this baby's so hard,

and also, she can customize features on our baby

so whatever we want.

- She could honestly, she could make us as babies.

- She could, I don't know if I want that though.

- I wanna see, if we,

she could make me as a baby

and then I'd hold myself, that would be even insane, whoa.

- This baby's cute too.

- Aww. - Aww.

Oh wait, what's on its hands.

- Little mittens. - Little mittens.

That's cute.

Oh, there's the sleep baby. - Aww.

Okay, that one is so cute, I wanna get that one.

- Okay, okay, we should do this one.

Okay, we're gonna get this baby.

It's called the Zuri baby.

- Ah, that's so cute.

- And Jordan, I think is getting the sleepy one.

I'm gonna get...

Aww, this awake one.

But, the awake one, we're gonna make it have darker hair--

- That way, it matches. - And, darker eyebrows, too.

I think so, I think that's gonna be so cute.

And the hair will be painted on.

- Yeah.

- Okay, those are the ones we want.

We want those twins.

Ah, I'm so excited, this is getting so real!

Now, we just have to go shopping for supplies.


Let's go baby shopping.

Okay guys, we're here at TJ Maxx and we're gonna shop

for some clothing and items for our babies.

So, when they come, like, we don't have to like,

be like "oh no, we don't have anything."

- Look at this.

I found this little, like onesie,

like night time little clothes and it's so cute.

- The problem with this, is that we have to get sizes

from zero to three months.

So, super tiny, literally, super tiny.

- Yeah.

- So, we're gonna work through our options.

- I'm not gonna reveal if my baby is a boy or a girl yet,

so I'm getting neutral colors.


But, they're still cute,

they'd work for either a boy or girl.

- I'm still deciding what I wanna get but

I think I'm gonna go to a different store,

find some clothes.

Maybe not even this blanket, I don't know.

Okay guys, we're at Ross now and I'm noticing

that they don't have a lot selection of baby clothes.

Like, this much is newborn

and the rest is like, big baby.

So, it's very hard but I think this is so cute

because my favorite animal was a lion and it's a lion.

And, also baby clothes are a rip off, you know

you wanna know why because you get this much material

for like, as much as this shirt would cost.

It's a rip off.

Okay, we're in the accessories section.

I, also I picked out some pants for myself,

'cause gotta do some shopping as well.

But, I'm deciding between leggings, I don't

or socks, I don't know which socks I like more.

This is so hard.

Guys, I'm starting to feel like a dad because

I'm looking for the benches every time I go

in the store now.

And, we found a secret fort among the Adidas clothes.

We're kinda getting a little distracted,

because Jordan is trying on some clothes,

not for the baby.

She's trying on her own clothes and I also have some clothes

but it's for our upcoming trips, so...

Yeah, but this mom is worn out

and I have to look for other baby supplies too.

I'm hangry.

- [Jordan] Oh, hi Audrey.


- Just having a party here in the baby clothes.

- [Jordan] Oh I love it.


- Good thing there's no workers nearby.



Just taking the whole cart with me.

- Take the whole cart with ya.

- Her baby's gonna grow up, we're gonna need this guys.


- Bye.

See ya.

- Jordan look.

- Look at this!

Oh, it's got a little ears.

That's cute.

- I reckon it needs a Sunday dress.

- Wait, wait where was it?

Oh, it was over here.

Look at this one.

Okay this is way too big for the babies but like,

look how cute that is.

- [Audrey] Wait, come here, come here, come here.

Come here.

Baby pose.

Okay, try to re-enact the picture.

- Wait what?

- It's over here.

You're trying to re-enact the baby picture.


- My turn.


Wait, wait.

- [Audrey] Open up your eyes really big.

- Wait, it's like.

- [Audrey] Oh, I found another one.

- [Jordan] Oh man.

- Ready?

This one's like, a model baby.


How do they get the baby to hold its shirt.

It's just unnatural.

(imitating an explosion)

Oh my gosh, the toddler section.

I like this kid.


- Okay.

- I don't think we need to worry about toddlers,

'cause I don't think our babies are gonna grow.

- [Jordan] Look at this.

Look at all these little.

There's so many good ones.

- A star is born.

The Sun doesn't know it's a star.

- It was meant to be.



Oh yeah, this is all of our other stuff

that we actually got for ourselves too.


So, I'm just here carrying a massive horde of clothes.

- Guys when I was little, I used to love Winnie the pooh.

Do you think my little baby will love Winnie the Pooh too?

- Possibly.

I don't know.

- In my imagination if I make it, it will happen.

Oh my gosh, wait.

Me, when I see a playground.


Jordan you have to explain what I mean.

- Oh she's just being a nutso because literally,

playgrounds are like her trigger for her and when she used--

- She used the bathroom.

- Uh, it's like a trigger for her that whenever

she sees a playground she has to use the potty.

And still is to this day.


Whenever she sees a playground she goes "oh."

- Playground or movie theaters,

which is what I do one with my friends

on Mondays, so that's awkward.

Okay guys, so as you can obviously tell,

it's been a while, it's been actually a couple weeks.

I just got back from Africa with my new hairdo,

and my hair is in a million different braids,

with extensions.

I also feel a little bald on top

but we're gonna ignore that 'caused like, the braids

are just like pulled.

But anyways, I have been so excited

to see my babies and see how the progress is going.

So, I'm gonna call Stephanie

and we're gonna see how everything is.

I haven't heard from her in two weeks, so let's call her.

Hey Stephanie!

Oh, I'm good, how are you?

Okay, so how are the babies,

like how far are they coming along?

Oh, oh, I'm so excited!

Okay, she just said she has pictures and videos for us.

Oh my gosh, okay so you're gonna be able

to get them to us soon?

Okay, yeah we've been shopping,

we've been shopping for a couple of clothes

and we're trying to look for our beds still,

but I'm so excited.

I'm like, I'm so excited to see them.

Okay, awesome, sweet.

Thank you so much!

K, bye.

Okay guys, Stephanie said

that the babies are coming so close,

she has everything, she's working on them right now

and she's seen them.

She's sending some videos and pictures to my moms phone,

so I'm gonna go get my moms phone real quick.

Okay, I got my moms phone and they look adorable.

The babies are not done yet,

but they looks so cute already.

I cannot wait to see them in person.

- Alright, so we're back and I picked up

our babies.

- And, I'm back from Europe and I have not seen them at all.

- Audrey went to Europe while our babies

were getting ready for adoption.

And so, I picked them up and I haven't seen them yet,

so it's gonna be a first reveal for all three of us.

Aww! - Aww, baby Susan!

Okay, bring in the twins!

- [Father] Okay girls, here are your babies.


- Oh my goodness!

- My baby!

- You got a baby boy.

- Look at it.

Oh, you're crushing Susan!

You're just like, bye Susan.

- The first child is ignored now.

- No.

- So, we got twins, Jordan got a baby boy

and I got a baby girl.

Look how cute they are.

- Mine is asleep, oh my goodness, its little head.

Mines asleep.

- Oh, they're so adorable, I don't even know

what I'm gonna name mine.

- Me either.

- Oh, we should have you guys comment down below.

What should we name our baby twins?

- Comment a girl and a boy name.

(girls cheering)

- Look how, like look at their little noses.

They even have like little baby,

white freckle thingies on 'em.

And, they've got even like eyelashes

and they feel like a baby.

- Yeah, it's like much heavier than baby Susan,

even though baby Susan is older.

- I know, baby Susan is bigger and lighter.

- Yeah, but we got twins!

- We got we got our new family.

- Aww! - Aww!

- It's a (murmurs) family of sisters.

- And, a brother.

- We've got, we've got, we've got the sisters

and then we've got sister number one--

- [Both Girls] Sister number two and brother.


- So, we're gonna go on lots more adventures

with our new babies and you guys should tell us

in the comments down below, along with their new names,

what we should do with our babies next.

So, that's it for today's video,

we hope you guys enjoyed it.

If you did, give it a big thumbs up.

And also, remember subscribe and hit the bell icon

so you're notified every time I post a new video.

And, we'll see you guys next time.

- [Both Girls] Bye!

(soft pop music)

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