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What is up guys quick update for you in the world of fortnight

What is up guys quick update for you in the world of fortnight

If you're an Xbox fan, you're pretty salty because you don't get any exclusives when it comes to fortnight. There's all kinds of PlayStation bundles

Celebration packs, I mean, there's all kinds of stuff all kinds of love for PlayStation. But up until this point nothing for fortnight

well, there is now a

Rumor a leak that is going around that you will be able to get an Xbox

Exclusive bundle soon and you guys can see it on the screen here and it is an eon

Outfit in the bundle. There isn't a price tag on it yet. It's supposed to give you access to fortnight battle royale

2000 B bucks the EON outfit battle royale only resonator pickaxe in the Aurora

Glider now this is not confirmed in any way, but it is being reported on by your major


Websites. Okay, and this was according to a report by true?

Achievements that this was going to be exclusive to Xbox one now. Here's where I'm going to maybe possibly

Bum you out

There's a 50/50 shot

That this is fake. Okay, and I know there's a lot of videos going up talking about it and reporting on it

But there is nothing nothing that has confirmed this at all

And if you go over to fortnight leaks this is a Twitter that I follow

They make some really good points

As you guys can see on the screen here

everything that shows the skin is fake articles don't show evidence that show real no files are

In at the data mining section for this thing for night hasn't confirmed a skin for Xbox and Xbox has a contract with pub G

So now go on to say we've got more evidence since the skin is fake and not an Xbox

bundle because of the contract with pub G

PlayStation as a contract with fortnight and that kind of that's kind of how it has been in the past at least

That's how it looked from the outside looking in that fortnight couldn't really do anything with Xbox because we haven't seen anything

exclusive for Xbox and that makes sense

And then the last tweet says here's evidence that it's not real and not a bundle for pre-ordering the new Xbox

One or XS one here are the only four bundles for the new Xbox?

they say that this exclusive Xbox bundle for four-night is

Fake so I'm gonna let you guys kind of give your opinion

And I hope for the sake of hoping that it's real I play 49 on ps4

but I know a ton of people that follow me playing on xbox and they deserve something cool as well in this whole

Exclusivity thing eventually has to die

It really really does we have to get to the point where all platforms get everything equal

It sounds like I'm a politician and I'm running for president, but it's true

It is absolutely true. And we need to get to that point. We need to quit this hole

This console gets it a month early or you get this exclusive whatever incentive just give it to everybody across the board

So I will keep you guys posted if it ends up being true or if it ends up being a fake

But I didn't want to let you know that there's a possibility that it's not true

And as soon as I put up this video, we'll get a we'll get a confirmation that it was true or fake

I'm sure you guys let me know what you think and I'll see you soon

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