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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 3 PEOPLE LIVING IN A VAN | Van Life in Scotland ???????

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we're Eamon and Bec and for the past two years we have lived quite

comfortably in our tiny home on wheels and as two people who love to host we've

often maxed out our 60 square feet with dinner parties and travelling friends

but even with such limited space we've decided to invite another six-foot-two

adult to come and stay with us for a week in Scotland we'll all be sleeping

cooking and pooping in our wee van Trinity

hi everybody and welcome to

Scotland. Scotland! we last left you guys in Northern Ireland and from there we

spent the day of exploring in Belfast while we waited for our overnight ferry

to get here and go away we booked an overnight ferry to save $40 and I'm not

sure I was worth it was yes no plan for today is to head north

but first I'm gonna head into the pet store to see if I can get some coconut

coir for our composting toilet and I'm fine so this is what we use for our

composting toilet and it's coconut core but you need to rehydrate it so we just

put it in our cooler and then let it sit for a few hours while we drive and then

you'll see it I'll make it like a almost like a woodchip kind of material nice

and dry and then that's what you use in the tumblers until I take a nice vegan

dump on top of

you guys know we're using expert planners so we've come to this spot it's

one of the small so far tonight and I'm sure we're going to fit concern number

one concern number two it's all soft oh this is beautiful this we've got a

private beach right there I'm tempted

spots like this are really great to just take a couple of hours and give a

deep-clean of the house because we can open it all up clean it out so I'm gonna

do kitchen area fridge that sort of thing and that image up on the roof

cleaning up the solar panel Oh on the roof you've got solar panel and toilet

duty once I start cleaning I honestly cannot stop I'm now cleaning the drawer

faces the baseboards you name it I'm cleaning it

hiya thanks for going and dealing with the poop away from the van that's always

nice oh look at you and you cleaned out the fan oh you guys wouldn't believe how

dirty that gets okay hello mr. Johnny Foucault that's a funny-looking Ohlone

patch you through oh hi yeah that'll be fine okay see you


this is what I make I make breakfast switches yogurt and fruit I make coffee

in the morning I make Mama's new key soup from the cookbook and I make

stir-fried rice you can count on a hand also I was gonna say we're in a good

habit of having a like a rice or quinoa prepared in the fridge so it makes

lunches so much easier also it's taken a while but we finally got gas for Oh

sound baby for the SodaStream

oh wow well looks like there's no service here no problem

another reason I really love just slowing it down for a day or two in

between all of our travel is we just take the time to reset not only the van

but ourselves so Emma and I are going to jump into a quick little workout you

looking at me I'm looking back at sigh is that music

back back the riddle is so good

you comin off just like I told you

hello welcome to the day after the last so

yesterday was a pretty random day we had lots of things to do because today as

you can see we're at the airport picking up a special guest we also launched our

EB cook for me with our very first guest in the house thank you to Vicki for

being so amazing if you don't live in the country that we're doing the contest

for at that time please don't use the hashtag because I've had to write

everyone who actually lives in Scotland out on the list handwritten and now

we're gonna use a random generator there's only 15 of use of the hope tests

are good random number generator that sounds good right and then I'll put them

1 to 15 who is it so the username is that Tory tree Wow

Thank You Simon welcome ladies enjoy what do you think of this ooh it's

really good you can tell by how much I've eaten already even though it's

spicy okay so the victor has invited us back to her place I just want to say

really quick it's been so lovely first of all I've been eating you Mickey

yeah okay yeah and to like open ourselves up to this because I didn't

tell the camera I was nervous before I did I hated the idea no what have I done

and now we're here to pick up someone very special so let's go get him good

last time Adam came to visit us we're at the wrong Airport to pick him up

and so just now of course we're standing in the wrong arrival like a bunch of

daughter it is oh we found that we didn't have the camera that true welcome

to Scotland I left three degree weather it is like

19 degrees welcome home baby right light showers couple hours towards I love


we're realizing today's gonna be a bit of a drive and mellow day so we will

catch you guys tomorrow I have a full itinerary planned don't worry for all

those wondering are we gonna see Adam in the yellow trunks

yes I'm wondering the same thing we'll catch you tomorrow

Exhibit A here you'll see the throw oh don't do that you've lost the pee thing

oh you don't want that happen in the piers everywhere make sure that that

guy's on I still need to get a better clip for that now don't just rush and

sit down that'll be a complete disaster but you have to make sure that guy just

folds down and you'll have a look and it's just compost in there I'm a more of

a bigger physique which I think you are as well is if I just sit down I'll get a

little bit of back spotter right there so just a little inch just like lesson

it's just a little bit quite an in depth to it and then you'll go right in lean

forward yeah don't worry about urine it's not

right here if you've got a seriously heavy flow maybe slow with the flow down

all right so we got a pretty action-packed day planned here today

from our number one head chief planner first stop of the day is for all the

Harry Potter lovers out there which we're not really big fans I'm sorry

really big but we've seen a couple movies and we're gonna check out the

famous choo choo the excited kid let's go

we've just realized that we're just going to make it to the train to see now

it's a 10:50 this just keeps adding this congestion

whatever is happening we decided it's switch seats and I've got the drone and

the only way we're gonna make it is with the drone because still 10 minute walk

from the park I just saw the train come along here it's right here we're gonna

pass it see guys we missed it by 10 seconds Wow there and I just caught the

end of it it just parks up there unless passengers off I guess I think it's like

kind of to show I read that it slows down so did you get it over there I

heard the bread there's two ways to look at that we could have got up earlier or

the traffic screwed us but we gotta roll with the punches we kind of got to taste

it a little bit just by being there and kind of seeing the smokestacks but hey

what are you gonna do magic in our breakfast and now more importantly

breakfast rating out of 10

the unanticipated first stop of the day is a castle let's go check it out we

just hit a little bit of a roadblock what is that Peyman block yeah

ticket you have to get a ticket to go in and I don't know if it's worth it I

don't know going inside a building and looking at walls doesn't really do it

for me old walls old walls yeah six entry walls so like I said we need we

need back at I hit the fax nine pounds per person to go into the castle which I

was gonna get and then I realized he can't film so although we're not

bringing you inside today I wanted to give you a fun fact this castle was

built in 580 but don't be fooled because most of what you see back there was

roughly 1920's 1930's Shellback Terada

wasn't all that successful but we now have made it to the beautiful town of

portree and we're actually gonna go for lunch we're gonna get out of this van

and I've been cooped up all day I don't even know if I need my beautiful

kill your little car sex I didn't have lunch but we tried a veggie burger

tomato soup between us and Adam had a mac and cheese in the food so we just

left the town of poor tree we're driving and 15 kilometers which should only take

a few minutes but run these really tiny roads they're double and then they go

into single and I guess there's like a real proper etiquette to waiting your

turn and just saying hello thank you

we'll be there in five minutes and we've arrived to the old man of storr not

exactly sure what we're gonna get up to here I'm not sure if there's a walk in

the area or if we're just gonna check her out but it is very beautiful anybody

know what flag that is leave it in the comments below

all right I don't want to my guess is like Austria so we talked to some people

who just came down from the hike and they said that it's actually one person

who just drive along more you can get a good look at it because once you get up

there just the rock so we'll just do a little viewpoint and then we'll go to my

height instead of liking we're just gonna let mr. zoomy pop up there and

show you what it looks like

I went down to the city with a suitcase in my hand looking for about a day

around the streets absolutely useless time and if I'd seen

her that in there I would have asked the to be mine

well another safe flight good boy so now we've arrived to use the brothers

head trail I read a great blog I'll link it below if I can remember where I read

it it's often the one with no tourists it's kind of like this random little

sign with a monk on it told me how to get there before that we're letting the

drone charge so we're gonna make some Mota and I was doing the dishes which is

really good come to school and we'll be fun they

said my forehead yeah we see that

it man bad

I'm communicating with the animals

this is the best place we've been all day there's like no tourists here the

Sun is setting it's a little choppy with the wave I know complain by now I'm sure

you know that I love nothing more than a hike with a great view this hike had an

amazing year and as much as I'd love to stay here I wish we had packed a picnic

dinner we're gonna head back to the van

back in the van so guys we have another about an hour in the Vans been pretty

drive heavy day and we've been listening to an audiobook that Adams selected this

time we're really excited to say that audible has yet again sponsored us and

supported this channel Ottawa has an unmatched library of books and we love

using it because with all these long drives were able to stay informed and

entertained and this week we have selected Oh can't hurt me David Goggin

honestly we are really dialed in we're kind of at the point where we get to a

location where like 10 more minutes this just slow and finishes thought because

it's such a raw engaging the guy has an unbelievably horrific story and he's

he's just got a really strong mindset and lots of cool key learnings crew

motivator once you yeah anyway you guys want to try out audible you can go to the way you never know

within hours they strip me and everyone else of our uniforms and reputations

until we all look the same officers lost rank and minted Special Forces warriors

like me became nobodies tribe got our camp spot for the evening it is

absolutely beautiful we've got Adam and shucks Amon in the kitchen we've got a

beautiful sunset happening

and I'm just trying to clean up the house and restore order gets a little

hectic with three we made an absolutely enormous amount of rice the other day I

don't know why but we just did this is there's still more in the fridge so we

made a real and it's basically lentils and coconut

oh yeah oh my god this is Adams contraption I think we told you in

Mexico we had just bought a piece of foam folded in half and said Merry

Christmas now he's gotten fancy Merry Christmas was such a good line he

uses all the time yeah I stole that from the book

also guys this is gonna be our last vlog here in Scotland and we're moving on

back to England next which we're really excited about because we're doing a

hashtag EB cook for me if you don't know what that is basically we're gonna cook

for one of you all you need to do is drop the hashtag in this video below as

well as pick up a copy of our cookbook was 52 plant-based recipes

choose your recipe and we will come pick for one of you breakfast lunch dinner

whatever you want all right bro have a good night okay

what should the homies do subscribe to the channel uh-huh yeah

oh they could like it too you can't like it there I love ya peace light so no

it's not that light switch

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