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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Kids Meet A Plastic Surgeon (Ethan & Helena) | Kids Meet | HiHo Kids

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- Since you're a plastic surgeon...

- Yes?

- What's more disgusting, your ear or your nose?

- Nose, definitely.

- What?

- Unless little boys haven't cleaned their ears out.


- Hi. - Hi.

- What's your name? - Helena.

- I'm Shahram.

- Nice to meet you.

- And what's your name? - Ethan.

- How old are you?

- Seven and a half.

- Gotta get that half in there.

- You remind me of a doctor.

- You know what?

It turns out I actually am a doctor.

- What kind of doctor you is?

- I am what's called a plastic surgeon.

- Why called plastic surgery?

- Great question.

Plastic means that we change the shape of something.

So it's not like a plastic cup or a plastic bowl.

It means to change the shape.

- It's like if you didn't have a nose.

- Right, we could make a nose for you.

Do you know we can do that?

- If you get to the plastic surgery,

you wanna change your face, you can look like someone else?

- Oh, that's a good question.

Can we make you look like somebody else?

- Yeah. - The answer is not really.

We want to make people, grown-ups, remember, not kiddos.

We can change things about their face,

or about other parts of their body,

that either they don't look great,

or they're not working the way they should.

- Wait, can people don't have face?

- Can people be born without a face?

- Yes.

- It's not that common.

Most folks have some kind of face.

- Say you don't have a foot.

- Would we make another foot? - Yeah.

- No, you need a plastic foot or something.

- You should listen to her, she's on it.

- Helena, how can you make teeth?

- Oh, really good question.

Teeth can grow.

- What if you don't have the growing parts of the teeth?

- You can get plastic teeth.

- Perfect.

- I got a question.

- Yes sir?

- Knife, right?

- Knife, yes.

- Big ginormous knife, it goes to space,

or the very weenie weensie knife?

- Are you asking me which one I would use?

- Yeah.

- We use a little tiny tiny tiny little knife.

- Like this small?

- Yeah, sometimes I have to use

these fancy glasses to see what I'm doing.

These are glasses with their own microscope attached.

- Can I see?

- Of course you can see.

You wanna put 'em on?

- Yeah.

Gimme your hand.

- Yeah, okay.

How many fingers am I holding up?

- I can't see anything.

- Whoa, your hand is way bigger than before.

What do you have to bring in the operating room?

- Right, so we have to put on certain things,

on our face, on our hair.

Do you guys wanna put on some doctor stuff?

- Yeah. - No.

- This one goes on your left hand.

See that?

That's your thumb--

- What way does this go?

- That's actually perfect.

Just like that.

- I got a question.

- Yeah?

- Have you ever scarred yourself

and you need to fix it yourself with no help?

- I have definitely put scars on my body,

but I have never had to fix it myself,

I've had other doctors fix it.

- Oh.

- My mom cut herself with a knife and her thumb,

the same thumb, every time.

- She's done it more than once?

- Yes.

- Is it like when she's cooking or something?

- Yeah. - Yeah.

- Can you guys fix this?

- Oh, how did you get that scar?

- I did it.

- You got hurt, do you have a scar too?

- No, I did it to him.

- Oh, you did it to him.

You are very interesting.

So the question is can we fix that?

- Yeah.

- I think it looks pretty darn good right now.

Is it making you unhappy in any way?

- It took some hair off.

- That's pretty awesome though.

You look like a pirate now.

- Arr!

- Yeah.

- Thank you, Shahram. - One more question.

- [Shahram] Thank you, guys.

- You're welcome. - One more question.

My sister has three boobies.

- Wow.

- But we can't find a doctor.

- You can't find a doctor to help her?

- No, the first doctor we called is for grown-ups, not kids.

- Oh, yeah, well, you know what?

The third booby is not hurting her right now.

She'll be fine. - It's growing.

- It's growing, yes, they do tend to do that.

- Thank you Shahram.

- Thanks, Ethan.

Thanks, man. - Thank you Shahram.

- Thank you, ma'am.


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