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Once upon a time, there was a symbol which, in spite of its simplicity, had a long long

story. The very first time the symbol was made in

the neolithic Era. In the South-East Europe a big big bearded man drew it, but no one

knows why. (Maybe he was thinking about the beautiful

sun?) Ancient Greek people loved it so much that

they used it for clothing and coin designs! Through the ages it became a traditional sign

for many religions: a tantra for Jainism, a representation of Ganesha for Hinduism and

the eternity for Buddhism. In 1920 a bad bad baaaad man called Adolf

Hitler with a strange mustache decided to use it as a flag of violence, racism and war

destroying nations, families and children like me for over 10 years.

A war.

And Now?

Now we need to think again. To love again this symbol.

Evil destroyed. This is why now, more than ever, we need to bring it back, with all its

positive meaning. To show that love wins.

And you? Do YOU want to help?

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