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Dan- Okay peeps, Dan here in Barcelona and I've just picked up my Go Car from the guys

here at GoCar. Now, these cars are absolutely unbelievable.

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Now, you don't need to be a

genius to drive one of these things around Barcelona, nor do you need to know how to

read a street map, because they come with their own built-in GPS. They'll guide you

around the entire city for the whole map that you've been scheduled for. So when you're

going to get a GoCar, you tell them what part of the city you want to see, they'll upload

it to your NavMan, then it's just a matter of starting the engine and following the guided

tour. Let's see what she's got to say.

GPS: Hey, you're not a bad driver for a tourist.

Dan: Thank you.

GPS: Continue straight through three lights.

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Dan: So, if you find yourself in Barcelona, and you wanna have a fun way to explore the

city, definitely give the GoCar's a run for their money. They're not too expensive and

they're and amazingly fun way to explore a beautiful city and learn a whole heap about

it. You can tell how tiny I am on the road here, look at this bus, i'm just up to it's

wheel. This is my Lamborghini for Barcelona.

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The good thing about these cars, their so

tiny, you can just squeeze in every nook and cranny. So these cars run on petrol and they

go up to about 40 kilometers an hour, which is plenty because you're in a big city here

and most of the traffic doesn't go much faster than 40 kilometers an hour anyway.

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Dan: Barcelona, seriously, what a beautiful

city. Loving all of this architecture around here. So many beautiful buildings and cathedrals.

I'm gonna have to try an squeeze in down here. It's telling me I've got to turn left. So

easy having a NavMan guide you around.

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Dan: Alright, now this La

Rambla. This is where all the action takes place.This is probably the busiest section

of the whole of Barcelona. This is where all the tourists come, this is where all your

great bars and restaurants are.

GPS: The energy on this street is incredible and it needs to be walked to truly be appreciated.

If you see anyone admiring me, please keep them away.

Dan: Hola

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GPS: If you look to the right, you will see the narrow entrance to La Bocarita with it's

beautiful mosaic sign. This food market is not only the most important in Barcelona,

but also one of the largest in Spain and is a great place to eat and take some colorful

photos. This Rambla is now referred to as La Rambla de las Flores or the flower Rambla.

Dan; The flower Rambla! Beautiful. Dan: It's so funny how many people point .

and take photos of this car. It's hilarious

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GPS: This part of La Rambla is occupied with artists and artisans. I particularly like

the crazy caricatures that they do.

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Dan: If Notty was here, he'd be sitting right next to me, enjoying the adventure around

Barcelona. The absolute gold.

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Dan: Woo!! Yeah baby! Dan: So guys, if you find yourself in Barcelona,

dead set , give these GoCar's a go. They are so much fun, easiest way to cruise around

Barcelona and see so much because it's convertible. It's absolute gold. It is too easy. Too easy

to see Barcelona in one of these. Dead set, give it a go guys, you'll absolutely love it.

Please subscribe to the channel, like the video, leave a comment, and i'll see you

at another time, another country. Ciao.

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