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Lyubov ORLOVA as Marion Dixon

E. MELNIKOVA as Raya, the circus manager's daughter

V. VOLODIN as the circus manager

S. STOLYAROV as Martynov

N. MASSALSKY as Kneischitz, entrepreneur

A. KOMISSAROV as Skameikin, amateur designer

F. KURIKHIN as Captain Borneo, the tamer

Directed by Grigory ALEXANDROV


Camera by B. PETROV

Co-Director - I. SIMKOV


Production Designer - G. GRIVTSOV



"Marion Dixon, perpetrator of the history's biggest crime"

I beg your pardon...


Alex, now go and tell my dad

that we're getting married.

- But, Raya, dear... - Go and tell him.




I'm telling you - no!

You're such a pest.

I've told you thousand times - No!

Your doggie's repertoire is too much indecent!

- It can say only 3 words! - But what words!

Merci, Bonjour and Dog my Cats?

For such words it should be given a good hiding!

But the public in Saratov adored it!

I'm losing my patience with you!

What? Two against one?

Get out!

Two against one, eh...

No and no!

You should shoot like this...

I hit 396 out of 400.

- Martynov! - Hi.

- And let us not worry. - Vanya!

You're the man I need!

Next for your attention

a foreign number

"Flight to the Moon"

performed by an American artist

Marion Dixon, under leadership of a German artist

Franz von Kneischitz!

I want you to get obsessed with this number.

Okay, we'll see.

Dear public of the USSR!

Coming to you in the world's

most famous number

"Flight to the Moon"

the one and only performer

of this unique stunt -

Miss Marion Dixon!

Our experiment is possible

thanks to Marion's

bravery and agility,

and other artists' attempts

to perform likewise

only ended with catastrophe!

Give a round of applause to Marion Dixon!

Hello! How do you do?

Hi! The cannon will send me to the sky!

In the miracle believe I,

I am going to the sky!

Oh, this jump is a dismay,

For the stars are too far away!

In the miracle believe I,

I am going to the sky!

Mary going to the sky. So, good luck to you, good bye!

I'm flying away, good bye!

I am flying to the sky!

I am off - good bye!

Over yonder shines the moon,

And the stars sing their tune.

In abode of blue-blue light, I will live knowing no plight.

I'm flying to this place feeling no fright...

Shines the crescent high above,

Hide your tears, my dear love.

Like a river - flows in you consolation blue...

What is she singing about?

She sings that life on the Moon is nice.

I bet it is, with the money we pay her!

I'm flying to far away...

You see? We need a number of our own, with our own materials.

But we need a number better than theirs.

We've such aviation, can't we make a dummy of a flying machine?

- We'll need a designer. - We'll find one.

We either get married or get divorced!

Go and tell my dad.

- And we'll need a girl partner. - We'll get one.

- Take my Raya. - She's heavyish.

I'll make her thin as a skeleton in a matter of a week!

I beg your pardon...

You're disposing of your daughter, but I...

- Who are you? - Skameikin.

- What can you do? - I am her fiance!

- You work solo? - Of course!

On the floor? On the trapeze?

I seek the hand of your daughter!


I thought, it's about a number. Glad to meet you.

I am Skameikin, an amateur designer.

There you are. I need you for a word...

- Look, Skymeikin... - It's Skameikin.

Right. Can you get into obsession with a number?

- Obsession? - Yes, I mean, get inspired.

Can you design a cannon better than that one?


Give it to me.

Say "yes".

- Let's try. - No, you should say "yes".

- Let's try. - Say "yes".


Let me give you a hug!

On behalf of our management...

On behalf of the circus ministry...

Where is my bouquet?

- Where is it? - It's... eh...

You see?

- Okay? - Okay.

Raya, you will be flying!

- Flying? - Come here.

- Flying to the Moon. - Stratosphere.

- Flying with whom? - With Martynov.

The stunt will be called "The Flight..." to where?

"To the Stratosphere".

- The two of us. - What about me?


What about our love?

I sacrifice my love in favor of Art!

"The Upmanship of Valour"

"Ivan Martynov"

- My suitcase! - Excuse me?

My suitcase... by mistake...

I don't speak Russian.

It's all right.

I am director Martynov,

I have just arrived,

and they brought my suitcase here by mistake.

From the northern seas to southern mountains

Our borders stretching far and wide,

Walks our Man, a master of his country,

In his heart - an overwhelming pride.

Summer breezes blowing in the air,

Every day is better than the previous one.

Can you hear? - Our laughter is most joyous,

Our love the strongest, brightest our Sun!

Come on, together!

Live, my country, live in all your vastness,

Live the life of sweetest symphony:

All your fields and rivers make us happy,

All your forests make our breathing free!

Sing, Petrovich!

"What about the management?"

"What about the management?"

What about me, eh? I'm here, I came in time

and am looking at the watch.

The rehearsal was to begin at 10 a.m.

Now it's already... What is this?

It's the bill for The Flight to the Moon...

Well, I never...

- Where is the pen? - I forgot it.

Please, listen me out.

I've told you already:

I won't let your doggie face the intelligent public.

Where are Martynov and Raya?

Where the hell are they?

I made investments to build this cannon,

I'm going to annul Kneischitz, and they...

Where is Martynov, where is Raya?

Thanks, to eat is a no-no.

Oh, you are such a pretty Russian lady,

such a darling.

What's the matter?

Did the doctor prohibit you to eat?

- It was not the doctor. - Oh, really?

It was my dad.

Your dad?

You see, we're building a cannon, something like yours,

only a better one.

We're preparing a stunt with Martynov.

He may get killed, should I put on weight,

- even half a kilo. - As little as that?

- Are you sure? - For artillery

half a kilo is unimportant.

Okay, one shortcake wouldn't hurt.

A very satisfactory snack.

I don't want her to leave!

Why don't you want her to leave?

Because I love her, Ludwig!

That's a pretty thing! Let us not worry!

You mean, your love should cost to your country

500 dollars a month?

I thank you

on behalf of the management

and the Circus Ministry!

No way I'll fly off the handle because of you!

How do you, my dear fellow.

Your dear fellow?

Those damned chairs!


I'll kill you! Who is the next?

Hi. What's wrong?

- We're rehearsing. - Rehearsing?

Dear sir,

tomorrow our contract term expires.

The term expires,

and someone retires!..

After such a big success

that we had,

I want to know

whether the management

- will prolong... - I'm sorry, but...

To the left!

Now - the safety cord!

- What? - What about your tempo?


You should hold it straight.

- My back? - Yes.

You should hold it very straight.

And your stomach, too.

- Understand? - Yes.

Come on!

- Come on! - One moment.


Get ready.

Raya - to your place!

Get ready!

One, two!

Are you all right?

I went higher than needed. But why?

You fell all the way wrong.

Didn't I tell you?


I am very sorry.

It's such a misfortune,

such a terrible misfortune.

And you call it misfortune?

But Mister Martynov...

He wanted to excel you. And I warnef him

that it was useless.

- So... - So...

After this little accident we forget about our incident.

- How much do you want? - I want...

I want...

I don't want anything!


Vanya dear...

Dear sir,

dear gentlemen,

I am intending to break for you

a very interesting secret...

This woman...

I'm coming...

Sleep my baby, sleep tight.

Sleep my baby, good night.

In my lap my baby lies,

All the toys have closed their eyes.

Under starry canopy

Sleep my baby, sleep sweetly.

Sleep, my baby...

Shines the crescent

high above,

Hide your tears,

my dear love.

Oh if I could only reach for thee,

Silver stars' serenity!..

Let the stars

Sing their tune...

Sleep, my baby,

See sweet dreams...

"My dear..."

"Your Marion"


"Director I. Martynov"

"Someone is intending to compromise me.

"I need to tell you the truth.

"I'll be waiting at the left entrance to the arena.

"Someone wants me to love him. It's only you that I love."


Liza dear!

There is a certain lady considering you, Mr. Skameikin,

to be a real gentleman.

What lady?

She prefers to keep incognito.

Our next number:

Roman gladiators from the USSR,

under the leadership of Timofei Moreno!

Timofei! A foreign lady is in love with me.

You owe me a drink then.

"At the left entrance..."

If this is the right side, this is the left side.

But if this is the left side, this is the right side.

The right side can be the left side, and the other way round...

Unbelievable architecture!

I'll be waiting here.

"It's only you that I love..."

For what?

- Is it clear now? - Yes.

Hi. And don't let us worry.

One - we'll make that number,

two - stop crying,

three - you're being loved.

"A certain person wants me to love him..."

- What is this? - To Skameikin from Mary.

- To whom? - To my Skameikin from your Mary.

"A certain person wants me to love him..."

Hi, Mister Certain Person.

One, two, three...

In our next number

- the tamer Boris Eder

with a group of predators!

What're these rods for?

- Skymakin! - It's Skameikin.

- How did you get here? - I'm having a rendezvous here.

Oh yeah. The lions will be here any minute now!

- Who? - 100 lions!

- How many did you say? - Enough number to eat you!

Eder, there's a man in the cage!

Look, it's an abnormal situation,

I mean, there's a man in the lion's cage!

I'll show you!


Just you wait!

Don't! Whoah!

Go away!

Jesus, I thought they were going to eat you!

- Who was going to eat me? - The lions.

Nah, I don't waste words with lions.

I go - whack! - with a bouquet on his mug!

Take him away.

A farewell performance

of the American artist

Marion Dixon

who is leaving

the Soviet Union tomorrow.


Who wrote this?

I did.

Thank you.

But I wanted...

"Today, on April 29, A farewell performance"

In the miracle believe I,

I am going to the sky.

Oh, this jump is a dismay,

For the stars are too far away.

Mary going to the sky.

So, good luck to you, good bye.

I'm flying away,

good bye!

"A Farewell Performance"

"On April 30, at 8 p.m., Inauguration of the New Manege"

Come in.

- Miss Dixon... - Raya dear.

I knew that he loves you,

that you mean everything to him,

absolutely everything.

It's all over between me and Martynov.

- Martyov? - Yes. Petrovich.

Miss Dixon.

Who was the addressee of the letter?

How come you have it?

It was meant for Martynov.

And not Skameikin?

I wrote this letter to Petrovich.

I thought I will be happy in this country,

but there is no hope. Impossible.

No! It is possible! You're everything for Martynov,

absolutely everything, understand?

- No. - He loves you. Understand?

- Stay in Russia, understand? - No.

It's high time! Outrageous!



It's high time!

For shame! Raya didn't turn up!

- Plague on that girl! - Like father like daughter.

She needs talking practice!

- What? - Stop discriminating my doggie.

- Give her a chance. - No!


Hurry up, your train is in 24 minutes.

Good bye.

Where is the manager?

- Now is the time! - Where is the manager?

- Let me out to the arena! - I'm telling you, no!

Then I will commit a crime!

I would sooner let myself out!


Ludwig! Our premier dying on its feet!

Your daughter has disappeared!

No supporting cast! No powder in my powder horns!

So, we are it, eh.

There will be powder for you. Announce a number.

- A new one? - No, our old one.

- A wheeled miracle? - Right. Announce it.

Is there yet powder in your powder horns, eh?

Aye, Sir!

Still going strong, eh?

- Aye, Sir. - Get ready to perform!

- Right now? - Yes.

Toot-hoot - very good! Voila - o-lah-lah!

"1903. Cinizelli Circus. A Trio."

"A Wheeled Miracle! Do We Need to Go on?"

There are people on the Earth, their faces all so wry,

And the only thing they do is weep and cry...

We dislike such sour types who are sobbing all the time

Look at us, look at us - let us sing a happy rhyme!

Let us sing a tune, sing a tune or two,

Screamie-meemie, what is wrong with you?

Toot-hoot - very good! Voila - o-lah-lah!

- My daughter, I say... - Oh, stop it...

She ran away!

Just be happy, and don't cry, even, even if you die!

- Has Raya turned up? - Not yet.

Our premier died on its feet!

- What do we do? - Call it off!

- Let us sing a tune. - A tune? Much more than two...

Screamie-meeie, what is wrong with you?

Jesus, it's hot!


Oh, something must be wrong with my head.

I took you for someone else. Where is Raya?

She won't come.

She is saving out one person and a child.

She will be away for another 30 minutes.

30 minutes?

Jesus, this is the end!

Oh, come on!


I'll be the one to perform with Martynov!

- For dollars? - For rubles!

Is it okay with you?

- Lemme kiss you! - Go ahead!

On behalf of our management...

Our trade union...

And the Ministry of Finance!

And I thought you were a Soviet person, Ludwig.

I kissed her for business.

The premiere will take place!

I managed to persuade her.

Get ready!

Petrovich! I addressed my letter not to Skameikin,

but to you, only you!

I'm not leaving to America,

I will stay here in Moscow.

"I love you". Is it correct?

Oh, yes!

Mount the cannon!

I'll manage myself.

Come on, guys! The premiere!


- Well? - Good. Announce!

- What the hell? - I've nothing to do with this.

Gee, you're so grimy!

It must be my blame!

A world record of Soviet artists!

The latest achievement of circus engineering!

Our new number -

A Flight to the Stratosphere!

- Get ready! - Yes, sir!


- Well? - Super!

- Well. - Super.



All this light so bright around me! Can you hear the waltz's melody?

To a tender song, This big blue sky

Spinning on and on. Oh - what a joy!

It's only you and I...

My love is near, And I have no fear...



This woman!

Keep away from that creep!

She was a mistress of a Negro!

And she gave birth to a Black child!

A Black child, ladies and gentlemen!

What's the problem?

A Black child!

A white woman giving birth to a Black child!

- So what? - It's a racial crime!

She should be banished from civilized society,

which belongs only to White people!

Why on earth?

Don't give him the child!

Why are you all laughing? Is it so funny?

What did you expect? What's the tragedy?

Ludwig, look!

Mister Dreams stepping soft,

Maketh he no noise:

Many roads run ahead

For my baby's choice!

Teddy bears snoring soft

To a tender tune:

Sleeps the sky and the Sun

Sleeps a slice of Moon...

So, feel snug in my embrace,

Little girls and boys,

Many roads run ahead

For my baby's choice...

Squirrels sleep and elephants,

Lies the world in beauty.

May everyone see nice dreams.

But not when you are on duty!

Alex, go and tell my dad that we're getting married.


What does that mean?

It means that in our country

we love absolutely "all" kids.

You may have a kid of any color:

a black kid, or a white kid, or a red one,

or even a kid striped like zebras,

or polka-dotted kids, whatever! It's our pleasure!

Summer breezes blowing in the air,

Every day is better than the previous one.

Can you hear? - Our laughter is most joyous,

Our love the strongest, brightest our Sun!

Live, my country, live in all your vastness,

Live the life of sweetest symphony:

All your fields and rivers make us happy,

All your forests make our breathing free!

But beware, enemy aggressive,

Our borders strong and fortified!

Our country love we like a mother,

Our country love we like a bride!

Live, my country, live in all your vastness,

Live the life of sweetest symphony:

All your fields and rivers make us happy,

All your forests make our breathing free!

- Now you see? - Now I see.

All your fields and rivers make me happy,

All your forests make my breathing free!

Translated by Svetlana Chulkova

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