Practice English Speaking&Listening with: THE MOST BEAUTIFUL SUNSET I'VE EVER SEEN | VLOG 544 | LIFE IN MIAMI

Difficulty: 0

Good morning bosses...this was just a quick

1 hour z2 goal this week was to

complete all training sessions

2 of them i did

under what i should do but

1 have one more to go tomorrow and now

8:15am and i am going home

get my wife and my mother in law

my little brownie and we are going to


we are now in Clearwater beach and we came here

to have breakfast

this is the entrance of the city and it is very beautiful

the only thing this is not more beautiful is this


i told him to walk

Our tourism is conditioned to 2 things

Brownie being able to walk

and places that accept dogs...we just found one

since it is to hot for Brownie to walk

and he wants to stop all the time

i am going to see if i can find something to make our life easier

i am looking for some type of cart so i can put brownie inside and we can push him

but the only one they have is that one

that does not have a lot of space for him...i did not find it

but i think there is a pet shop behind here

i am going there try to see it

hey Brownie

oh the car is back there?

i didn't find it but behind us there is one

a pet shop

i want to go there

so lazy...we did not find a stroller for Brownie...we could rent one of those carts

that one is very a buggy

brownie...are you tired?


dad is tired

it is so hard to carry you

30 kilos

30 no...15

hold on that i want to record

lets go....Brownie

we just walked around Clearwater beach

we are going for a car ride now

trying to get to him before

that the rain gets to us...and Brownie

i carried him in my lap

he left a lot of hair and a drop of pee in my shirt

little pig...we found a way to carry Brownie

we are in Tunedine now

a city we don't know and we are looking for a place to eat

pet friendly

and that has food...they have everything here

meat, fish

dinner and lunch

chicken wings, burger

and health

lets go call my stay here and i will go call

i will accompany you

i am your husband

we found it

let's go brownie

let's you are awake and you can sleep more later

sorry for waking you up

we ate at a place that accepted pets

the food was so good that we forgot to

register we are going to get an ice cream

to pass the time...its only 4pm

and we are staying out until 8:30pm to see the Sunset here

that they say it is cool...but it is supposed to rain at 8pm

so i don't know what will happen

we were able to take a picture of Brownie with a cow head

i want to take one with Brownie also...take one of me and Brownie

everything you take it

with the cow? of course he is not dumb



so we are done with Dunhill

what is the name of the city?

i don't know it is a city with a name of

it is like a

looks like a

lord of the rings name

now Brownie is thinking if he will poop or not

king Brownie

if aliens came to earth, they would think that

dogs are dominant because we wait for them to poop and

we clean their poop


Dunedin...i have no idea how to pronounce that

now we are going back to Clearwater

to see the Sunset in 3 hours and a half

we are preparing

to see the sunset...and we can see it will be awesome

this camera

and that camera

i will also fly with the drone to get all angles


its cute right?