Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 착착! 접어서 만드는 초간단 접는김밥 Folded Gimbap

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Drained tuna

Mix mayonnaise

Dissolve 2 eggs

Put cooking oil on the pan

Pour the egg

Can I flip it all at once?


Its a success haha

Cut the egg fat into the size of cheddar cheese

Chop the remaining pieces of paper as well

Also make fried eggs

Come out~ Yap!

Spam using a kitchen towel

Removes oil

Cut the spam to the right thickness

Burns spam in a preheated pan

The rice is coated with sesame oil

Spam is salty, so salt passes

Drain the water from the fire chicken kimchi

Cut the seaweed only to the center

Spread the rice


2 slices of ham

Add cheddar cheese

Now~ Shall we fold it now?

Arrives in order

Finally, fold the rice and it's over.

Wrap it one more time with wrap and fix it


Put buldak kimchi on rice

Spam 2

Cheddar Cheese

Fried eggs

Fit and fold


This time, its tuna kimbap

Put tuna on sesame leaves

3 slices of ham

Also raise the egg fat

Shall we fold it?

I think I've become a master of folding now

It's done

I'll also make crab-flavored gimbap with the seaweed

Try using scrapped eggs as well

When folded

The crab meat kimbap is complete

I'll make it a little different this time

Mix the rice with buldak sauce

Put the rice with buldak sauce

Sliced ham

Cheddar Cheese

Buldak Stir-fried Noodles

Add mozzarella cheese

Until fried eggs


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