Practice English Speaking&Listening with: UCF College of Sciences | Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement

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("Pomp and Circumstance")

(light music)

- [Narrator] Things are a little different this year.

A little different and a little distant.

They say it's unprecedented.

We say it's a chance to show our strengths

through innovation, ingenuity, patience, and generosity.

Things Knights are known for.

Your time at UCF ended differently

than we all thought it would.

No pomp, no circumstance, and no hard earned

well deserved walk across the stage.

At least, not yet.

But here's the thing, that walk doesn't make you a Knight.

You've always been a Knight,

ever since you stepped on campus.

Maybe long before then and nothing will ever change that.

You have years of experiences

that no one can take away from you.

Exciting memories, inspiring moments,

challenging triumphs, and dreams come true.

- [Announcer] Unbeaten, 13-0.

- [Narrator] No one will ever have

the same college experience as you,

and that's a wonderful thing.

- [Reporter] Classes beginning for the first time

at UCF Downtown, the 15 acre campus is the new home

to more than 20 degree programs.

- [Narrator] The future is yours to shape, too.

No matter what your focus was in the classroom,

you are now a better version of yourself.

Ready to make an impact right here in our community.

- [Reporter] UCF is handing out free

take home food for families in need.

- [Narrator] Across the country.

- [Reporter] Limbitless Solutions is 3D printing parts

for masks for first responders.

- [Narrator] Around the world.

- We have scientists, we have engineers, we have others who

could be thinking about how do you test?

How do you diagnose?

How do you cure?

- [Narrator] And out beyond the stars.

- [Reporter] Determined to return to the moon by 2024.

UCF is a critical part of that plan.

- [Narrator] Right now, we celebrate you, the class of 2020,

in the best way we can.

And simply ask that you take care of yourself and others.

Stay strong, stay curious and as always, Charge On.

(light bagpipe music)

- Welcome to the 160th commencement exercise

of the University of Central Florida.

I'm Dr. Tosha Dupras, the Interim Dean

of the College of Sciences.

To begin our ceremony, our vocalist, Jose Velez,

and our organist, Andrew Walker,

will lead us in singing our national anthem.

(triumphant music)

Oh, say can you see

By the dawn's early light

What so proudly we hailed

At the twilight's last gleaming

Whose broad stripes and bright stars

Through the perilous fight

O'er the ramparts we watched

Were so gallantly streaming

And the rockets' red glare

The bombs bursting in air

Gave proof through the night

That our flag was still there

O say, does that star-spangled

Banner yet wave

O'er the land of the free

And the home of the brave

- Mr. President, the Spring 2020 graduating class

of the University of Central Florida's

College of Sciences are virtually assembled.

- Thank you, and thank you all for being

with us online today.

Obviously, this virtual commencement is not our preferred

way to honor your achievements,

but given the new realities the pandemic

has forced upon our community, nation and the world,

we do hope we are able to provide some recognition worthy

of your successes until such time as we can do so in person.

This is a big milestone in the lives of our graduates,

and I am very pleased that so many friends,

family members and guests have joined us virtually

to help celebrate their accomplishments.

It took a lot of hard work for them to get to where they are

and I am honored to reward them with the degrees

and certificates they are here to receive.

They have definitely earned them.

I know you are proud of your graduates.

And, I also know that a good part of their success

is because of your love and support.

Family and friends, thank you for all you have done

to help get them this far,

and for all you will continue to do.

Today is a celebration of your success, too!

Before we continue, I would like to acknowledge

some special members of the UCF family who may not be

with us online today.

UCF's brave men and women who have been

called away to active military duty.

I would also like to acknowledge

two additional groups of graduates:

graduating members of our ROTC programs who have just been

or are about to be commissioned as officers

in our armed forces, and our graduating student veterans.

All of these graduates deserve

our special thanks and congratulations.

To UCF's faculty:

you are the foundation of our great institution and mentors

to the next generation of pioneers and innovators.

Thank you for your contributions and impact.

The dedication you, and all educators, have displayed during

this pandemic is nothing short of amazing.

Our commencement speakers today probably need

no introduction to Knight Nation.

Identical twins Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin

both received their Bachelor of Arts

in Human Communication from UCF in 2016.

Growing up, both excelled in football and track,

and, of course, went on to play together here at UCF.

Shaquem was a two-year starter at outside linebacker.

As a senior in 2017, he helped the team to a 13-0 record,

a Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl victory over Auburn

and a National Championship.

He was selected as the Chick-fil-A Peach Bowl Defensive MVP,

named American Athletic Conference Defensive

Player of the Year and a two-time

First Team All-Conference honoree.

Shaquill was a two-year starter

at cornerback for the Knights,

earning All-Conference honors in 2016.

His 15 passes broken up as a senior were the second most

by a Knight in a single-season and he ranked fifth

in the nation in passes defended.

In 2017 NFL Draft, he was selected 90th overall

by the Seattle Seahawks, and was named to his

first Pro Bowl in 2019.

Shaquem joined Shaquill with the Seahawks in 2018 when

he was picked by Seattle in the fifth round of the draft.

Active in their community and an inspiration to people

everywhere, they embody the spirit of Knight Nation.

Please welcome, by video, Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin.

- What's up, Knight Nation, class of 2016 here, Shaquem.

- And Shaquill Griffin and first and foremost

I wanna say congratulations to everybody

that's graduating in this year's class.

Also, I wanna say thank you to UCF for giving me

and my brother this opportunity to speak at this years

commencement speech, definitely an honor.

And today, I thought about writing a speech down,

you know you usually do, but I wanna be authentic,

I wanna be real.

You know, so, I'm here, no pen, no paper, just me.

First thing I wanna talk about is just real life

and real life after graduation.

And first thing first you gotta know your worth.

Know your worth, know the sacrifices

you made to get here today to graduate.

And you all earned it, you all deserve it.

So, going off that I wanna say, well,

I wanna tell you guys a little story.

I'm gonna revolve it around athletics

because it's the easiest way for me to express how I feel.

So, you guys just bear with me for a little bit.

I remember leaving high school,

attending my first year at

the University of Central Florida.

And I was on my high horse, you know I was on cloud nine,

just felt like I was that guy.

You know, coming from high school,

well know guy in high school,

you was that dude, and I got comfortable with that.

And that's who I thought I was,

and I attended UCF, you know, you start to go through

different scenarios and hardships

through college and all you guys can relate.

You know, there's always been some hard times in college.

So, going through my freshman year, my sophomore year,

head into my junior year I hit a little wall,

and this wall caused me to forget who I was,

forget the worth that I thought I had,

and it put me in a position where

I felt like I couldn't finish.

I thought I wasn't gonna make it and I had second

thoughts about who I would become or who I am becoming.

And it's kinda cool to tell this story because my brother

being the guy that he is and he motivates so many people,

he doesn't even know that he's one of my biggest motivation.

Going into my senior year, his junior year,

you know, him finally get the opportunity

to play for the first time.

You know, if most people do know our story,

you kinda know everything that he went through, you know,

since he was a child, attending UCF, and just to see him

get the opportunity and take full advantage of it because

he always knew his worth, he never forgot his worth.

Everything that he's been through, he overcame it

because he always knew who he was, should I say, I'm sorry.

That kinda brought the light back to who I was and who I am.

I figured out who I wanted to be and I found my worth.

I knew I was gonna be something great

and I had to believe in that.

Only thing I could ever ask for was the opportunity,

just like he asked for.

And I knew once I got the opportunity

I was gonna take full advantage of it.

So, the main thing is never forget your worth.

To this day I will never forget again,

and you guys should never forget your worth

because look where you're at today.

You made it this far to graduate

and you deserve that and now,

it's time for you to just find your purpose.

What's the reason why you do all of it?

What's the reason why you sacrificed so much time?

So much time away from family to able to get

this next exam done, make sure you had the best grades

so you can achieve whatever you wanted to achieve.

So, find your purpose, find what's make you happy,

find what you love, and take full advantage of it.

And remember, being a UCF Knight,

all we ever needed was an opportunity.

And being a fellow alumni it's all we ever needed,

and then you take full advantage of it.

I feel like there's no one better than UCF,

and I feel like we are the future.

So, let's continue to be great,

and let's continue to try for a better tomorrow.

Let's do it, you know you deserve it all.

Now, I'll let my brother take it on from here.

- Yeah, that's a tough one to come behind.

I wanna say thank you to UCF and fellow alum

and future alum for allowing me and my brother

to do this commencement speech.

Yeah, there's a lot I could say,

I mean, coming to UCF, man,

being a young pup and not knowing what's going on,

but one thing I can say about UCF is it allowed me

to figure out who I was, it allowed me to experience certain

things like adversity, and not only adversity,

but certain prejudices that poses,

you know, meeting new friends, new family,

being a part of a great nation like Knight Nation.

UCF did so much more than just being on a school campus

and seeing the beautiful scenery and being in Orlando.

UCF brought brotherhood to me and brought family to me.

It brought so much more than I would never have thought

to accomplish or gain at a school.

I know it's a little crazy right now,

I thought about writing a speech, but I did not.

I thought about getting help from my agents

or somebody else to help me write it,

but it wouldn't be true to me

and to you unless you heard my words and how I feel,

and I feel that y'all should hear it from the heart.

And all jokes aside, I'm in like a half-suit right now,

and I appreciate you guys at home comfortable.

And it's like wonder why we doing a commencement speech

over the phone, but during this very, very serious topic

and with the coronavirus and everything,

make sure we all practice social distancing.

Well, yeah, we wanted to make sure that you hear from us,

and the one thing I really wanna talk about is adversity.

And I think adversity made me who I am today.

Just to put more into it,

don't let adversity dictate who you wanna be.

I mean, this is a time in your life when you're going

into the real world, like what our parents would say.

But take advantage of every opportunity you get.

Don't allow obstacles and different barriers that's gonna

be in your way to dictate who you're gonna be and what kinda

person that you wanna send out to show everybody.

Just to give you an example, you know,

I just come outta college, I didn't know how it was gonna

go, I didn't know how the Draft was gonna be,

I didn't know where I was gonna be at.

You know, by the grace of God I had

a opportunity to be back with my brother.

You know, the best feeling that you can ever get.

And even through that time I felt like everything

was going my way, I felt like everything

was figured out until it wasn't.

I experienced a lot of adversity

my first year in the league.

But that was just something I needed to go through.

That was something that taught me, that was something

that built me to be a better person, but I wouldn't know

how to do that unless I was an alumni of UCF.

What separates us from everybody else at other schools

and other nations is that we strong, we know adversity,

we've felt it before, and we know what to do when it comes.

You beat it, you fight it, and you attack it

every single day it comes at you,

and you become a better person, a better you.

Now, through the adversity,

you always gotta learn how to strong.

Y'all gotta know when things get hard,

you fight even harder.

And that's one thing I want you all to take with you.

Don't let adversity or don't let

obstacles stop you from being great.

Don't let obstacles stop you from helping

the next person out to you.

Look to your left and look to your right and know

that you got people behind you supporting you

and always know that you're never alone.

I got you, Knight Nation got you, we all got each other,

so always remember that.

And one thing I want all of you to take with you when

you're leaving this beautiful campus and you can't come back

unless you're coming for more schooling, help somebody out,

be great, change the world, that's what we're here for.

That's what we came to UCF for because we wanted to help,

we wanted to change the world,

we wanted to make the world a better place.

If I know that I can help one person, that one person

can help 10 and that 10 can help 1,000 later.

So, with your help, with your greatness,

the Knight Nation greatness,

let's make the world a better place.

And I'm pretty sure I'll be seeing all of you out there.

Knight Nation, fellow alum, congratulations,

I'll be seeing you soon.

- And one more thing.

Knight Nation being the best nation,

we refuse to be put in a box or be categorized

and think that what we can't be and what we will be.

Let's continue to be great 'cause

we are great and we are this future.

So, like my brother said, let's change the world.

Go Knights.

- Thank you, Shaquem and Shaquill.

Your example motivates us to charge on!

And now, the exciting time in our program

when degrees are conferred and we read our graduate's names.

Given the number and diversity of names at UCF,

we apologize if there are any mispronunciations.

Will Dr. Michael Johnson, Interim Provost

and Vice President for Academic Affairs,

please commence with the conferral of degrees?

- The doctoral degree represents the highest

academic achievement a person can earn.

To receive the doctorate, candidates must demonstrate

proficiency through advanced graduate course work

and examinations and demonstrate to their university

professors and peers that they can engage

in substantive research that adds

to the body of knowledge in their fields of study.

Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research

and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies,

will present the candidates for the doctoral degree.

- Mr. President, on behalf of the dean and the faculty,

I am pleased to present these candidates for the degrees for

which they qualify and recommend that they be conferred.

- Thank you, Dr. Klonoff.

Candidates, by virtue of the authority vested in me

by the State of Florida and with the concurrence

of the UCF Board of Trustees, I confer upon you the degree

for which you have been recommended

and for which you have qualified,

with all the rights and responsibilities

thereto appertaining.


- The hooding ceremony is traditional

for the conferral of a doctoral degree.

The hood is a UCF hood,

as its black and gold colors denote,

and the velvet represents the field of study.

Regrettably, we cannot perform this ceremony at this time,

but we will read the names of those

who have qualified for this distinction.

(upbeat music)

- [Announcer] Jason William Bentley.

Brandon Thomas Blue.

Ryan C. Challender.

Christopher D. Charles.

Ting Du.

Dene Michelle Ford.

Shima Gholam Mirzaeimoghadar.

Md Mofazzel Hosen.

Stephanie Gibson Jarmak.

Charles G. Lewis.

Xin Peng.

Eduardo Enrique Romero Camacho.

Dawn M. Sarno.

Andrew Curtis Towers.

Demetrius Alexander Vazquez.

William Glenn Volante.

Trisha Lyn Whitmire.

- To all of our doctoral candidates, congratulations.

- Dr. Elizabeth Klonoff, Vice President for Research

and Dean of the College of Graduate Studies,

will present the candidates for the master's degree.

- Mr. President, on behalf of the dean and the faculty,

I am pleased to present these candidates for the degrees

for which they qualify and to recommend

that they be conferred.

- Thank you, Dr. Klonoff.

Candidates, by virtue of the authority vested in me

by the State of Florida and with the concurrence

of the UCF Board of Trustees,

I confer upon you the degree for which you have been

recommended and for which you are qualified

with all the rights and responsibilities

thereto appertaining.

Congratulations to those who have earned this distinction.

(light music)

- [Announcer] Ryan Daley Ridenbaugh.

Nicholas Albert Altizer.

Anthony Phillip Asilador.

Emily Lauren Bernstein.

Laura M. Blank.

Katelyn Barbara Bobek.

Isabela Caicedo.

Jennifer Marie Cook.

Morayma Melissa Cubero.

Mariana Davila.

Steffen Matthew Davis.

Austin Jacob Deal.

Michael James Distaso.

Katarina Dos Santos.

Tiago Gil Dovale.

Rebecca Ann Dupont.

Arlena Francine Durant.

America L. Edwards.

Mitchell Alex Eid.

Breianna Marie Engelson.

Devyn Tyler Escalanti.

Sixto Flores Jr.

Skylar L. Freeman.

Rachel Mae Friant.

Lauren Y. Friedman.

Raul Jacobo Gamboa Achach.

Tristin William Halfman.

Robert Franklin Hellmuth.

Charlotte Ruth Holden.

Jacob Hollander.

Sherman Lee Johns Jr.

Robert L. Johnson.

Kaitlyn Keiko Sasaki Johnston.

Annie Mae Jones.

Clay Douglas Killingsworth.

Abigail Kay Kindler.

Brandon V. Kmetz.

Cassandra Kroon.

Michael Morris Lafferty.

Kira Dior Leach.

Thomas Warren Lee.

Emily C. Lennert.

Anne K. Lott.

Min Luo.

Keyera Denise Lyn.

Andrew Ree Malfavon.

Eric Dean Michael.

Jordan Moats.

Justine Nicole Moavero.

Thialita Moura Do Nascimento.

Wheeler Hiroo Nakahara.

Ryan T. Nguyen.

Natalie Amanda Paquette.

Sarah M. Parker.

Brenna Jessie Raisor.

Robert Lawrence Reaney.

Mark Adam Reed.

Justen Rosenberg.

Alfred Robert Schaub IV.

Michelle Senter.

Victoria Lynn Slaughter.

Sonya Spence.

Salih Tuzen.

Lauren Ashley Valdes.

Danielle Megan Joan Waite.

Yaxuan Wang.

Frances Ann Whitehead.

Danielle Nicole Young.

Xinyue Zhao.

- Will Dr. Tosha Dupras, Interim Dean

of the College of Sciences, present the baccalaureate

candidates from the college?

- I am proud to present the baccalaureate candidates

from the College of Sciences.

Interim Provost Johnson, it is my pleasure to recommend

that these students be granted

the degrees for which they qualify.

- Thank you. Mr. President, the baccalaureate candidates

have been recommended for graduation

by the dean and faculty of their college.

I concur with these recommendations and present

the candidates to you for the awarding of degrees.

- By virtue of the authority vested in me

by the State of Florida and with the concurrence

of the UCF Board of Trustees,

I confer upon you the degree for which you have been

recommended and for which you have qualified,

with all of the rights and responsibilities

thereto appertaining.

We will begin with our honor recognitions.

These names are available in the online program.

A printed version will be mailed

to graduates with your diploma.

Will Dr. Sheila Amin Gutieérrez de Pinñeres,

Dean of the Burnett Honors College,

start us off, followed by Dr. Johnson.

- The Burnett Honors College,

which represents the top students at UCF,

is committed to cultivating talent and inspiring excellence.

Burnett Honors Scholars are prepared to not only tackle

the future, but also fundamentally change it.

They further the intellectual mission and the tenets

of the UCF Creed through their outstanding accomplishments.

To those students who are graduating with University Honors

or who completed Honors Undergraduate Thesis,


- We are very proud of our distinctive

LEAD Scholars Academy,

the only one in the State University System

and one with few peers across the country.

During their years at UCF, LEAD Scholars have a unique

opportunity to engage in the academic study of leadership,

to lead others, and to serve our community.

To these students, please accept our congratulations.

Honor Medallions are presented to the students who have

achieved the highest grade-point averages in their colleges.

To these students and their families,

thank you and congratulations.

We are also very proud of our distinguished

President's Leadership Council,

whose members are selected on the basis of scholarship,

leadership, service, and the ability to function

as ambassadors and hosts for the university.

Thank you to our graduating President's Leadership Council

members and congratulations.

And lastly, in 2001, the university established

the Order of Pegasus, an honor that recognizes outstanding

senior and graduate students who have demonstrated

overall excellence in university involvement, leadership,

academic achievement, and community service.

Because of the breadth of accomplishments required

for this award, the Order of Pegasus is the most prestigious

and significant student award

that can be attained at the university.

These names, along with the names of

all of our honor graduates, are available in the online

program and the printed version that will be mailed

to graduates with their diplomas.

Thank you and congratulations.

- We will now recognize the top honor graduates,

followed by the baccalaureate graduates from

the College of Sciences, in alphabetical order,

followed by closing remarks from The Honorable Kyler Gray,

student body president and member of the UCF

Board of Trustees and President Cartwright.

Congratulations, graduates!

(light music)

- [Announcer] Samantha Karen Berg.

Giorgi Beruashvili.

Marley Savannah Denierio.

Jenna Leigh Dovydaitis.

Michael David McWaters.

Madeline Jennifer Mills.

Zoe Rochelle Barbeau.

Elizabeth Fernandez Paz.

Justin Rene Francisco.

Erica Michelle Lindbeck.

Leah Tamsin Rittenburg.

Abigail Elizabeth Weisse.

Bianca Abello.

Linda B. Abomoelak.

Lydia Aboulhosn.

Thayane Abreu.

Elise Nadine Acevedo.

Mackenzie Layne Ackerman.

Ashley Star Adair.

Teyerra Adside.

Francis Naomi Agosto.

Elizabeth Aguilar.

Sophia Olubisola Akinnifesi.

Gisella Marie Alcazar.

Emilie Claire Alfonso.

Troy Clinton Alford Jr.

John Jairo Alguera.

Cheyenne Karine Alia.

Victoria Josefine Allanson.

Hailey Anne Allegra.

Dorothea Shiana Allen.

Kyra Lachelle Allen.

Nayah S. Allen.

Ayesha T. Alleyne

Spencer Thomas Allvord.

Sona Almassri.

Nikole Almodovar Rivera.

Nicholas Joseph Alonso.

Carolina Alonso Domech.

Faiza Altaf.

Mary Evelyn Alton.

David A. Altschuler.

Alyssa Leanne Alvarez.

Cristina Alana Alvarez.

Paulina Loreto Alvarez.

Philippe Alvarez.

April Alzamora.

Paul Matthew Amari.

Sohed Nicole Amaya.

Jennifer Amparo Ballesteros.

Jillian Grace Anderson.

Mia Isebel Anderson.

Kiley Patricia Joanne Andrews.

Marissa Rita Anton.

Destiny Marie Antonelli.

Seher Rabia Anwer.

Alycia Marcella Araj.

Anna Maria Araujo.

Thechna Areus.

Angela Maria Arias.

Aspen Kaylee Arias.

Annissa Lissette Arnaez.

Albert Aronov.

Tiffany Christine Astacio.

Mysheala Danice Atwater.

Amanda Josephine Aull.

Sarah Elizabeth Auricchio.

Jennifer Marie Avery.

Jorge Luis Avila.

Raquel Olivia Aybar.

Taylor Coryn Azeltine.

Desiree Riane Babinsack.

Christopher Seungyup Baek.

Galvin Baez.

Junaid Baidar.

Robyn Elizabeth Bailey.

Margaret Elizabeth Baird.

Ravi Nirvan Bajnath.

Acacia Louise Baker.

Tiana Marie Baker.

Angelica Matilde Balcarcel.

Maria Balcazar Castillo.

Philip Mark Balikowski.

Charles James Ball III.

Leanne Elizabeth Ballard.

Bryant Kerry Balmaceda.

Nicholas Aaron Barber.

Samantha Lee Barbiere.

Allanah Taileye' Barnes.

Chloe Anne Barnes.

Franki Erika Barnes.

Rashaun Nicholas Alexander Barnes.

Ayana Kisha Barnett.

Chelsea D. Barrineau.

Jose M. Barrios.

Brandt Heidrich Barry.

Anny Rose Batista.

Tanya Batista.

Zoe Rene Batista.

Emily Sydney Bauer.

Heidi Rosemarie Bauer.

Sarena Dawn Baustert.

Katharina Bianca Bayona.

Jessica S. Baz.

Breanna Kary Bechtel.

Coral Jordan Beck.

Renee Marie Bedford.

William Giovanni Bedics-Lopez.

Olivia Lily Bednarz.

Jason Michael Beede.

David Joseph Belfort.

Sabine Nysa Beliard.

Brett Michael Bell.

Demaine David Bell.

Dustin Michael Joshua Bell.

Julissa Bello.

Addyson Elizabeth Below.

Taisha Nicole Beltran.

Noelia Magdalena Beltre.

Anna Benali.

Bijan William Bendt.

Badreddine Benjarara.

Brianna Nicole Bennett.

Kimesha Cherry Gay Bennett.

Charles Jeffrey Bentson.

Daniel Jordan Bernstein.

Christa Anamelia Berrios.

Dylan Andrew Berry.

Megan C. Berry.

Megan Michelle Bertino.

Claudiris Betances.

William David Bevan-Thomas.

Alexander Michael Biby.

Krystal Lea Ann Biron.

Natalie Cheandrel Blacknall.

Sadiyah Danielle Blair.

Amber Ann Blatchford.

Bethany Hope Bledsoe.

Jennifer Ann Bocker.

Madelyn Bell Bodi.

Ashley Carol Boelke.

Allison Rose Bohn.

Megan Rae Bolin.

Kaitlyn Alexis Bonilla.

Djessica Bonzil.

Tiffany Marie Borbon.

Eric James Borders.

Amanda Marie Bordonaro.

Sarah Ahmie Boswell.

Austin Craig Bottoms.

Julian Boutros.

Rebecca Michelle Bowers.

Austin Christopher Bowlin.

Nicole Rae Boyd.

Robyn Natalie Boyd.

Todd Eric Boyd II.

Maria Camila Boza.

Heather Lynn Brace.

Margaret Ryan Bradfield.

Evan Francis Bradshaw.

John David Brady.

Madison Alexandra Brady.

Maleah Breanne Brandt.

Lindsey Rae Bransfield.

Samantha Hope Brantley.

Haley Song Breit.

Jeremy Brener.

Miguel Angel Breton III.

Tasha Leslie Bridenback.

Nichole Bridger.

Kaylee Nichole Broad.

Erin Elizabeth Brocksmith.

Nicole Brok.

Adina Bronshtein.

Melissa Kathleen Brooks.

Bianca Natalie Brown.

Cherae Lachelle Brown.

Raynard Antwan Brown.

Reinhard Neal Brown.

Ryan Thomas Brown.

Samantha Alexis Brown.

Zakilia Rahsaana Brown.

Dominique Brown Estrada.

Karissa Alyse Brunelle.

Alan Bruns.

Alexandra Ciera Bryan.

Ivan Everett Bryson.

Danielle Kelly Buckles.

Conner Matthew Budzinski.

Eagle Viet Bui.

Leilany Michelle Burgos.

Carlos David Burgos Laboy.

Shannon Jean Burke.

Zachary Jason Burke.

Grace Melissa Burkett.

Christina Anne Buro.

Marcia Denise Busby.

Marial Patience Butler.

Brittany Butterfield.

John Schofield Buzby III.

Lauren Alexis Byerley.

Hannah Alexandra Cabral.

Katie Ann Cadwell.

Joshua Keenan Cafiero.

Ashley Elizabeth Cahalane.

Joseph James Cain.

Alexis Michelle Cajiao.

Kazandra Cajina.

Frances Eved Calzada Del Valle.

Kasey Elizabeth Camacho.

Brian Daniel Cammarano.

Heather Lynn Camp.

Asha Anita Campbell.

Colin Joseph Campbell.

Maxine Helena Campisciano.

Lauren Leigh Camposano.

Sofia Cannavina.

Liam Canning.

Elmira Kerr Cannon.

Tranard Lamoore Cannon.

Thalia Capetillo.

Ryan Bello Ines Capozzi.

Kaitlin Nicole Caputo.

Christopher Joseph Cardello.

Victoria Leigh Cardello.

Jessica Cardo.

Diana Cristina Cardona-Salva.

Sarah Elizabeth Cardullo.

Taelor A. Carera.

Ceeara Taylor Carlos.

Stephany Carmona.

Colleen Marie Carr.

Ryan Lewis Carr

Tiffany J. Carr.

Danica Esther Carrasco.

Jacob Anthony Carrion.

Kaylyn Marie Carson.

Tavon Roy Carson.

Lucas Carvalho.

Sergio Andres Casas.

Ashley Juliette Castaneda.

Renzzo Alfredo Castaneda Yrigoyen.

David Calvino Castro.

Elke Gabriela Castro.

Nidianeth Castro.

Tiffany Kirstie Castro.

Alyssa Suzanne Catapano.

Kevin Cedeno.

Jeffrey Joseph Cefalo.

John A. Celano.

Kayla Lorean Cerda.

Benjamin Thomas Chalone.

Kadia Jamila Chambers.

Raeanne Ruth Champion

Jaime Rene Chandia.

Pamela M. Chaparro Collazo.

Jensen Annette Charbonneau.

Savannah Grace Charbonneau.

James Hamilton Charles.

Tyler Evan Cheung.

Kareem Peter Chin.

Percy Chingay Jr.

Alexander Christopher Chioma.

Anders Matthew Choez.

Ramisa Chowdhury.

Tyler James Christensen.

Colin Joseph Christian.

Lauren Amanda Christie.

Kelly Marie Christlieb.

Nicholas Jeffrey Christoffersen.

Zachary Frank Christopher.

Michael Thomas Churn.

Patricia Diane Cieszkiewicz.

Javier Enrique Cintron.

Samara Faith Cintron.

Warnelly Ciriaco.

Virginia Cisneros.

Danielle Devere Cissna.

Maya R. Citron.

Rachel Nicole Clark.

Thadius Dewayne Clark Jr.

Brian Nigel Clarke.

Courtney Anne Clarke.

Caroline McQuaid Clayton.

Derrick Jamal Clayton.

Grace Victoria Clayton.

Kyra Marie Clayton.

Hope T. Clinton.

Brittany Alexa Cobb.

Lauren Marie Cobb.

Madyson Joy Cobert.

Amanda Hellen Cochran.

Angel Mariah Coffin.

Adrian Cohen.

Ashley Cole.

Joshua Chase Coleman.

Brigitte Michaela Collado.

Akilah Angelique Collins.

Brian Carl Collins.

Hannah Kaile Collins.

Alexandra Bernice Compas.

Jacklyn Michele Condon.

Thomas Francis Conigliaro.

Carley Marie Conrod.

Charlai Evans Cooper.

Jacob Matthew Cooper.

Andrew Aaron Copija.

Yairimar Cordero Vazquez.

Genesis Cordero Zamot.

Manuel Cordovez Diaz.

Meghann Jai Cords.

Alyssa Ingrid Corneille.

Bryana Faith Correa.

Theresa Marie Correa.

Jorge Andres Cortes.

Caitlin Christine Cosio.

Sean A. Coskuner.

Patricia Rose Costa.

Kayla Marie Cote.

Nicole Cortland Coughlin.

Jordyn M. Coulter.

Kadejah Joyce Courtney.

Ashley Nicole Cox.

James Weston Cox.

Kelsie A. Cox.

Sarah Grace Cox.

Keneesha Celeest Crawford.

Nikia B. Crews.

Alex Luke Crispin.

Erin Lynne Crites.

Calvin Raymond Crocker.

Autumn Rose Crouch.

Jessica Marie Cruz.

Karla Damaris Cruz.

Thor JJ Cruz.

Ivan Xavier Cruz De Hostos.

Sebastian Cubillos.

Christina Paige Cuervo.

Vincent Culebro.

Eberth Giovenni Cumpa.

Braden Lee Cunningham.

John Gary Cunningham.

Michaela Nicole Curri.

Grace Curtin.

Alejandra Maria Curtis.

Tyler Lane Cutcher.

Elijah Fabio Da Costa.

Jada Laronique Dailey.

Brianna Taylor D'Amelia.

Madelyn Nicole Dameron.

Marcellus Demonde Daniels Jr.

Kaitlin Elizabeth Danzig.

Pierre Nabil Daoud.

April Michelle Davenport.

Breana Lee Davey.

Bryan Jose David.

Drew Madison Davidow.

Angelica Davila.

Jonathan Davila.

A'Sonta Tae Davis.

Joseph William Davis.

Yvan John De La Cruz.

Joanna Nicole De Mauro.

Jordan Nicole Dean.

Vanessa Eve Dean

Kaylee Marie Dee.

Rudolph David Dees III.

Argina Matisko DeJesus.

Tatiana Esperanza Del Valle.

Roberto Enqrique Deleon.

Natalia Delgado.

Annabella Nicole DelGrosso.

Kaylyn R. DeLisle.

Emma Rose Dellecker.

Nicholas Robert DeMartino III.

Jamie Lynn Demelo.

Hope Haleigh Demetropoulos.

Sara Ruth DeMonaco.

Eric James Denfeld Jr.

Frederick Niles Denny III.

Jacquelyn S. Denton.

Sami Loren Depass.

Mayan Derhy.

Andrew Charles Descheneaux.

Lisa Deshommes.

Dashiell Desravines.

Lucas James Destout.

Demi Rose Diaz.

Hanna Alexandra Diaz.

Jessica Barbara Diaz.

Kayla Ravina Diaz.

Kim Alexia Diaz.

Nicole Marie Diaz.

Susana Diaz.

Samantha Maria DiCaro.

Bethany Christina DiMarco.

Danielle Nicole DiMarco.

Taylor Nichole Dinkins.

Daniel T. Diprima.

Johanna Lynn DiVirgilio.

Naseeka Loretta Dixon.

Jankie Christina Dolcharran.

Kailee Marie Dolezal.

Danielle Rae Dolmaten.

Jacinda Jolene Dolwick.

Kezia Domond.

Kathryn Elise Donahue.

Jaime Lynn Donelson.

Jennell Jackquline Donovan.

Allisson Victor Dos Santos.

Dinah Douge.

Ashley Michelle Downey.

Alexander Maximino Doyle.

Sarah Jean Drake.

Dustin W. Drakesmith.

Marleina Corina Drane.

Karina Mercedes Drummond.

Deja Deanna DuBose.

Evan Orlean Duga.

Joshua David Duke.

Michael Alexander Dumeng.

Michael Ryan Dunn.

Stacey Nicole Dunn.

Alejandro Duque.

Jaimelee Duran Mendoza.

Ayesha Durrani.

Melanie Nicole Duverge.

Jordan Weithman Eads.

Sheena Shardaa Early.

Alexander Ivan Echevarria.

Samantha Edel.

Evah-May Ruth Edgar.

Emily Claire Edmiston.

Mallory Edmondson.

Shealyn Rae Eichensehr.

Tracy Janine Eisenberg.

Stephanie Jo Eiserman.

Dena Belal El Marabet.

Chantena Chanta Elizer.

Hesham Mohsen Elkholi.

Lars Karen Elmqvist.

Alicia Rachelle Emerine.

Brooke Anne Emison.

Ena Rachelle Engebretsen.

Samantha Muree Engler.

Bianca Nicole Enriquez.

Stacy Nicole Erickson.

Matthew Scott Ersek.

Ana Cecilia Escalante Ortega.

Veronica Maria Estremadoyro.

Samantha Joyce Evans.

John Patrick Eynouf.

Sara Maria Ezzitouni.

Andie Leigh Fabian.

Dorailys Fagundo.

Brenda Liane Fairbrother.

Nicole Alejandra Fairfoot.

Adrianna Isabel Fajardo.

Jessica Ann Farley.

Benjamin Michael Feciura.

Olivia Fraguio Feild.

Arielle Ramona Feldman.

Andrew Lorenzo Ferguson II.

Brandon Kyle Ferguson.

Cullen Lewis Ferguson.

Mariah Fermin.

Mariana Fernandes Marques.

Alexandra Biondo Fernandez.

Christopher Andrew Fernandez.

Matthew Thomas Fernandez.

Natalie Fernandez.

Nathalie Fernandez.

Gabriella Victoria Fernandez De Salvo.

Kevin Melvin Fernando.

Brianna Marie Ferrer.

Rachel Snowden Fidel.

Emma Dorothy Fiedler.

Alexander Joseph Field.

Antione Edward Fields.

Christina Marilyn Figueiras.

Delia Marie Figueroa.

Christopher Leo Finnigan II.

Gabriella A. Fiorino.

Toni Maria Fischer.

Amber Marie Fisher.

Kristina Janine Fisher.

Catherine Sarah Flatt.

Danielle Lea Fleming.

Brianna Irene Flesher.

Joseph Frank Fletcher.

Shannon Victoria Flonnery.

Rian Elizabeth Florence.

Irina Flores.

Jasmine Carina Flores.

Chad Michael Fojo.

Catherine B. Foley.

Camille Melisa Font.

Monica Grace Foster.

Boris Alexander Fouchard.

Shawna Alexis Francis.

Breanna Lee Franz.

Lauren Taylor Frost.

Tiffany Morgan Funderburk.

Tatiana Christine Fyodorov.

Gabriel Gadbois.

Elliot Mark Gafter.

Nia Kerry Gallinal.

Loren Maxine Gallmon.

Antonia Gangale Russell.

Tiffany Marie Gantt.

Alba Sofia Garay.

Carla Karina Garcia.

Diana Maria Garcia.

Emily Anne Garcia.

Ethan Roi Garcia.

Grethel Garcia.

Jazmin Victoria Garcia.

Nalani Leddin Garcia.

Rachael Lynn Garman.

Geoffrey Alexander Garrido.

Tyler Steven Garris.

Tyleeha Nishell Gary.

Giovanny Andres Garzon.

Sandra Garzon.

Fernando Garzon Tosetti.

Hunter Lynn Gauldin.

Lucy Clare Geiger.

Alan Wayne George.

Alana Heaven George.

Allison Christina George.

Sarah Elizabeth George.

Jacquelyn Ivy Gerson.

Sarah Nicole Gibson.

William Brice Giles.

Kieran Danielle Gillooly.

Abigail Sabin Giraldo.

Brandi Nahrain Givargidze.

Patrick Miguel Glass.

Karime Gloria.

Patricia Camill Kho Go.

Nicholas Joseph Gocklin.

Christopher Albert Godfrey.

John Hunter Godinez.

Brianna Szollosy Godwin.

Tanner Chase Goin.

Jessica Christiana Golding.

Samantha Leigh Goldsmith.

Breishka Sileeany Gomez.

Carolina Gomez.

Gabriel Gomez.

Brenda Michelle Gomez.

Jomaries Ohamy Gomez Rosado.

Elizabeth Gondar.

Brendon S. Gonzales.

Camilo Andres Gonzalez.

Christina Marie Gonzalez.

Dania Melissa Gonzalez.

Gabriela Nicole Gonzalez.

Leopoldo Emilio Gonzalez.

Natalie Enid Gonzalez-Vazquez.

Destin Ellery Gooch.

Kyle Charles Goode.

Austin Phillip Goodluck.

Francine Joan Gordon.

Shanice Venita Gordon.

Daely Joy Gossett.

Julie Nicole Gough.

Shannon H. Grace.

Sarah Elizabeth Graff.

Chase Garrett Graham.

Naomi Ruth Grammer.

Paige Elizabeth Gravely.

Benjamin Dwayne Gray.

Adrian M. Green.

Allana Joy Green.

Amanda Rose Green.

Bianca Kiyanna Green.

Bre'Janna Lashae Green.

Nathan Andrew Green.

Nicole Green.

Sean Michael Greener.

Ashley Jeanette Greindl.

Payton Jane Grewal.

Nicole Frances Grigoryants.

Janessa Lee Grim.

Molly Elizabeth Grimes.

Cimone Alexis Grinion.

Alexa Danielle Grippo.

Megan Nicole Grondin.

Travis Austin Grover.

Michelle Elizabeth Guadalupe.

Matthew Alexander Guerra.

Hira B. Gul.

Jesse Patrick Gust.

Heiber Steven Gutierrez.

Judith Gutierrez.

Sarah Marie Guy.

Laura Daniela Guzman.

Daniel Majd Habib.

Jacqueline Diane Haddad.

Sabrina Haddad.

Hayden Michael Hadley.

Zoe Theresa Haeck.

Lena Diane Hageman.

Connor Joseph Halden.

Stephanie Katherine Hall.

Laura Katherine Hamaric.

Mustafa Muhammad Hammad.

Zoe Hammerschmidt.

Gregory Justinian Hammock.

Stefani Hartsfield Hammond.

Sydney Brooke Hamood.

Laquita Hampton.

Sarah Jennifer Hardin.

Erin Danielle Harris.

Austin Reed Hart.

Kyle M. Hart.

Alexander Blake Hasson.

Lindsey Marie Hatcher.

Hollie Megan Hayes.

Hannah Renee Haynes.

Jasmine Deseree Haynes.

Selina Hays.

Kaitlyn Ann Heffner.

Victoria Patricia Hehli.

Alyssa Nicole Heiden.

Kelsey Breanne Heinis.

Robert Karl Hellmich.

Timothy James Hellmich.

Zachary Scott Helsel.

Kiera Lynnell Henry.

Wavanie Yolanda Henry.

Andrea Shea Henson.

Weiman Ken Herard.

Bianca Isabella Hernandez.

Lisa Minelly Hernandez.

Zuleyka Hernandez.

Wendy Maydee Herrera.

Tanner Savannah Hess.

Alec Hester.

Daicy Lee Hicks.

Dylan Casey Higbie.

Mikaela Paige Hildreth.

Devin Lee Hill.

Juliette Olivia Isobel Hill.

Sydney Lee Hill.

Siera Nicole-Maria Himmerich.

Tihani Kealakai Hing.

Alexandra Rae Hinkle.

Ethan Cole Hipps.

Margot Lynne Hirsch.

Danielle Brooke Hoffman Jr.

Kiley Paige Hoffman.

Emma Nicole Hoffmaster.

Breilyn Hadley Hofmann-White.

Joshua Minton Hogan.

Dakota Shane Hogg.

Clayton Paul Holmes.

Marilyn Jean Holmes.

Morgan Lee Holmes.

Skyler Mercedes Hoover.

Lauren E. Horde.

Alexandrea Leeann Hornick.

Cayla Nicole Horowitz.

Mira Leah Horowitz.

Anna Katrina Frances Hostetter.

Tristan Dena Houser.

Elise Renee Howard.

Jesse William Howard.

Kyle Christopher Howard.

Michelle Sonny Howard.

Ashley Nicole Hoyle.

Weijun Huang.

Brooke Lindsey Hubbs.

Angelica Victoria Huertas.

Brittany Huff.

Kelsey Marie Hundley.

Anne M. Hunihan.

Shawneece Evangelette Hunt.

Kayla Marie Hurn.

Madison Taylor Hurst.

Allison Kaley Huss.

Ariana Nicole Hussaini.

Monica Huynh.

Mary Katelyn Hynes.

Alexis Taylor Iaderose.

Ashley Rose Iannizoto.

Madison Elyse Iferd.

Julian Alexander Igualada.

Jared Nelson Illa.

Brenda A. Ilojiole.

Tiffany Nicole Irvin.

Mari Renee Irving.

Brett David Iscovitz.

Daniel Ishay.

Huda Rizwan Ismail.

Kamilya Ismailova.

Oumaima Jaayfer.

Brian Cameron Jackson.

Rebecca Frances Jackson.

Larissa Jacques.

Robert Owen James.

Shaiheem David James.

Daniela Vivian Jarquin.

Corey Anna Jarvis.

Stephanie Germaine JeanBaptiste.

Junivia Q. Jeffers.

Alvin Charles Jenkins.

Taylor Ann Jenko.

Kelsey Ann Jernigan.

Alliyah Natalie Johnson.

Alyssa Noelle Johnson.

Andrew Michael Johnson.

Ashley Christine Johnson.

Chelsea Brianna Johnson.

Jordan Amman Johnson.

Kale Evan Johnson.

Leah Jean Johnson.

Rikki Lynn Johnson.

Deavien Japri Johnson-Robinson.

Lathmara Lise Jonassaint.

Alison Faye Jones.

Austin J. Jones.

Damian Alexander Jones.

Evan Christopher Jones.

Megan Noelle Jones.

Mya Jeanae Jones.

Samuel A. Jones.

Shelby Catherine Jones.

Harry Mertins Jorgensen III.

Guerdie Joseph.

Abhinav Jung Joshi.

Sonali Joshi.

Samantha Josephine Jourieh.

Fania Juste.

Bruno Kallas.

Guoguang Kang.

Wadad Raj Kantor.

Mason M. Karim.

Rohit Karnati.

Sarah Elaine Kassem.

Lauren Samantha Kasson.

Hallie Joy Katzman.

Jacqueline Colleen Kavanagh.

Eden Hp Kawabe.

Kelly Ina Kay.

Kelly Kehoe.

Kiana Adell Keighley.

Loula Anastasia Kelarakos.

Bari C. Keller.

Claire Elise Kelly.

Zachary Ray Kennard.

Kristalyn Alyssay Kennedy.

Brandon Robert Kerby.

Ahmadreza Khademi.

Fatima Khan.

Habib Ullah Khan.

Shahaan Ali Khan.

Jamal Amjad Khayat.

Jasmin Valentina Kheder.

Benjamin Tylar Kidd.

- [Announcer] Stacey Carraway Kile.

Daniel Inho Kim.

Hyeonjin Kim.

Leah Irene Kindell.

Aviana R. King.

Jessica Renee King.

Meagan Lee King.

Hayden Scott Kingston.

Tracey Wangeci Kirima.

Rachel Rose Kirkley.

Hunter Jared Kirkman.

Brooke Alexa Klaiman.

Chelsea Blake Klaiman.

Aimee Louise Klaschus.

Hannah Lin Klonowski.

Eleanor Margaret Knight.

Thomas Hunter Kolasa.

Athena Ann Kontinos.

Michael Anthony Korgan II.

Lora Valentina Korpar.

Rylan Jacob Kortus.

Ioannis Kotrupas.

Victoria Mariska Kovacs.

Kristina Hope Kranites.

Macy Noel Kraus.

Kendahl Krause.

Zev Chaim Krausman.

Paiton Glenn Krebs.

Priyank Krishnamoorthi.

Jonathon Alex Kross.

Nylla Lee Kuchta.

Nancy Scabrini Kulscar.

Stephanie Sophia Kuruc.

Evelyn LaBonte.

Alexa Carolina Lacayo.

Melissa Marie Lacroix.

Julianne N. Laird.

Neill Daniel Lake.

Aidan Hunter Lakshman.

Blake Austin Lancaster.

Mikayla Hope Lancieri.

Kaitlyn Cheyenne Land.

Amanda Ruth Lantieri.

Derek Justin LaRiviere.

ChiAnna May LaRoche.

Oluwatoyin N. Lasisi.

Lauren Elise Lasso.

Tatiana Ingie Laurent.

Thomas Lauterbach.

Nicole Marie Law.

Alexandra Nicole Lawson.

Linzie Lawton IV.

Errol Gianni Lazo.

Justin Le.

Kenasia Larayah Lealie.

Abigail Grace Leatherow.

Joshua David Lebron.

Carlton Laroy Lee.

Jung Min Lee.

Mikayla Camille Lee.

Samantha Abigail Lee.

Tamara Nicole Lee.

Zahariah Donelle Leggett.

Emily Marie Lehman.

Jonathan Aaron Lemus.

Jenna Hope Leon.

Lucas Alexander Leon.

Juan Carlos Levy-Magana.

Alexander Hart Lewis.

Chayce Wilfred Lewis.

Shate Lewis.

Rebecca Anne Ley.

Daniel Shizhi Li.

Lindsay Pearl Littell.

Peggy Sue Little.

Lourdes Maria Llopiz.

Samantha Gustina Lobdell.

Kierstyn Judia Lockey.

Antonino Larentz Lombardo.

Melvin Eugene Lonas III.

Mateo Londono.

Alexa Isabelle Long.

Matthew Dean Lonnon.

Kaliah Calyn Lopez.

Karina N. Lopez.

Paola Lule Lopez.

Richard Lopez II.

Xiomayra Arelis Lopez.

Dianne Alexandra Lorenzana.

Saori Julia Lorkowski.

Junior Lormeus.

Lukas Losiak.

Briyana Gabrielle Louis.

Christiana Rose Lovell.

Kayla Jenell Lowe.

Daniela Lozano.

Ian Michael Lukas.

Kelsey Danielle Lunsford.

Krystal Emily Lurius.

Cynthia Luxama.

Maria Andreina Machado Rosa.

Natalie Kiyoko Macrina.

Valerie Michelle Madrid Belardo.

Travis Alexander Madyda.

Miranda Gayle Magnan.

Abigail Nona Maguire.

Rose Mahdavieh.

Katherine Elizabeth Mahon.

Sarah Renee Maier.

Don James Mak.

Habib Malik.

Megan Eileen Malik.

Connor Edward Malley.

Annabell Grace Mango.

Geoffrey Preston Mann.

Noel Manring.

Rasheena Latrice Mansel.

Emily Blythe Manuel.

Mark Alexander Marante.

Ricardo Emmanuel Marcano Colon.

Alexandra Wood Marchesani.

Anabel Marchildon.

Dominique Lee Marcus.

Armando Antonio Marin.

Marilyn Rosana Marin.

Jordyn Emily Markhoff.

Jorge Francisco Marquez Jr.

Christian Javier Marrero.

Ashley Andrea Martell.

Charles Layton Martin.

Abrahan Jose Martinez.

Ivonne Christine Martinez.

Maria Fernanda Martinez.

Milan Marina Martinez.

Monica Maria Martinez.

Victor Samuel Martinez Rivera.

Noelia Alexandra Martinez-Mercadal.

Fernanda Melo Martins.

Nathan Roy Anthony Martus.

Shelly Jessica Massre.

William Taylor Mathews.

Desiree Andreah Mathis.

Ashley Fay Matthews.

Brittney Ann Matthews.

Cassidy Taylor Mauth.

Jessica Deborah-Helene Mbuyamba.

Aedan John McBreen.

Todd Austin McBride.

Colleen Marie McCaffrey.

Monet Kenise McClain.

Camp Carlisle McCoy.

Jacob Tyler McCoy.

Brendan Lenox McCrea.

Lori Elizabeth McDonald.

Reynae P. McFarlane.

Diamond Tyesha McIntosh.

Pierce Rogers McKee.

Tiffany Monae McKelton.

Marli Kendall McKown.

Tiffany Alane McKoy.

Ariel Gisela McLemore.

Gabrielle Francesca McLeod.

Reagan Patrick McMahon.

Nicholas Ryan McMichen.

Lance Lamar McNeill.

Joshua John McNulty.

Molli Michelle McPherson.

Kiersten Leigh McSheffrey.

Madison Joy McTaggart.

Trista Lynn Mears.

Marisa Jeanne Meder.

Daniella Nicole Medina.

Luz Marina Medina.

Lauren Alyssa Meek.

Kiernan Kathleen Mehan.

Bianca Paola Melendez.

Eduardo Melendez.

Bethsie Christelle Menard.

Esthermary Mendez.

Gerilynne Janette Mendez.

Emilie Anne Menendez.

Emily Marissa Menendez.

Leticia Araujo Menezes.

Brittany Ashley Merced.

James Wayne Merchant III.

Christophe Merilus.

Kaitlyn Louise Merksamer.

Claudia Eve Metsch.

Christopher Angelo Miele.

Ava Shadi Milani.

Alexa Rose Miles.

Sophia Cristina Millan.

Jessica Ann Miller.

Karly Hannah Miller.

Sarah Lynn Miller.

Tyshani Rose Miller.

Brianna Nicole Millevoi.

Hailey Grace Mills.

Sasha Monche'l Mincey.

Alexis Miranda

Kimberly Gabrielle Mitchell.

Cynthia Ann Moffett.

Daniel Gerardo Molina.

Steven Agustin Molina.

Antonio Enrique Mondragon-David.

Quinn Margaret Anne Monplaisir.

Luis Fernando Monroy.

Brogan Jackson Montemayor.

Hunter Neoma Montesino.

Maria Gabriella Castor Montoya.

Savanna Rae Moon.

David Edward Moore.

Hailee Kay-Ann Moore.

Julia Christine Moore.

Kasey Amanda Moore.

Seairra Dawn Moore.

Amber Lynn Morales.

Anthony J. Morelli.

Giselle Moreno.

Jillian Nilda Morgan.

Robert Thor Morgan.

Samantha Katherine Morgan.

Kelly Dawn Morneau.

Brooke Taylor Morris.

Abigail Lee Morrison.

Mina Morsli.

Darby Lee Mortenson.

Kristy Morton.

Victoria Benedetta Moscone.

Malcolm Lynn Mosley.

Mare Marmalade Mossholder.

Shanelle Tanika-Tasia Moulton.

Ruba Hamdan Mubarak.

Karla Munoz.

Tatyana Munoz Roman.

Carvel K.F. Munroe.

Arta Muqaj.

Peyton Michael Murphy.

Shannon M. Murphy.

Brian Maurice Musa.

Lauren Patricia Muse.

Musa Musri.

Sydney Myers.

Kyra Airianna Nadzam.

Alexandra Grace Nagales.

Sarah Elizabeth Nagy.

Jakob Wyatt Namon.

Zachary Christopher Nason.

Lilly Nava.

Jessica Michelle Needham.

Taylor Blair Negrin.

Amber Lee Negron.

Ashley Nicole Nelson.

Fady N. Nessim.

David Anthony Netto.

Nathalie Netto.

Kasia Isabella Neves.

Caleb R. Newton.

Cheryl Yuen Yan Ng.

Vivian Ha-Mong Nguyen.

Makaila Lynn Nichols.

Chelsea Kathryn Nitsch.

Kylie Morgan Noble.

Emily Consuelo Nole.

Jay Ervin Nulph Jr.

Nicole Nunez.

Ivian Nunez De Villavicenci.

Thelma Rhea Oates.

Caitlyn Josephine O'Brien.

Rikki Belle Ocampos.

Emily Shauna O'Connell.

Haley Catlin O'Connor.

Bailey Marie Odum.

Tabitha Jean Ogle.

Chase Zachary Oknefski.

Darwins Richie Olcima.

Laura Kim Oldendorp.

Austin Lee Olinger.

Ashley Danielle Oliver.

Jalen Khalil Oliver.

Nicole Marie Olivieri.

Kevin Anthony Olsen.

Austin David Olson.

Matthew Justin Ormaza.

Camila Sofia Orozco

Maria Camila Orozco.

Alberto Carlos Orta Vera.

Daniel Ortega.

Krystal Marie Ortega.

Nycol Ortega.

Christopher Andrew Ortiz.

Jennifer Ortiz.

Monica Michelle Ortiz.

Sergio R. Ortiz.

Helen Sofia Osorio.

Jesse Osorio.

Laura Ospina.

Veronica Ospina.

Olivia Anne Ostrowsky.

Sara Ouassari.

Laura Rebecca Owen.

Jordyne Lorraine Owens.

Robert Scott Owens.

Juan Jose Pacheco-Mercado.

Billy Lawrence Pacher Jr.

Giana Maria Padilla.

Jay Padron.

Brigitta Aleksandrina Pakler.

Christine Marie Palmer.

Jessie Diane Pantazi.

Valentina Alexandra Paralitici.

Loren Leigh Pardo.

Manali Himanshu Parekh.

Baileigh Rebecca Parker.

Karl John Parker Jr.

Yariz Eliuth Parrales.

Lauren Nicole Parsons.

Kyle E. Partain.

Gregory Luis Partridge.

Daven Shailesh Patel.

Habeebah Patel.

Kajal Rakesh Patel.

Mithil Bansikumar Patel.

Rahi Hiren Patel.

Tulsi J. Patel.

Ubiadurrahman Patel.

Michael Joseph Patellis.

Madelyn Diane Patten.

Saisri Pattisapu

Autumn Noelle Paul.

Naomi Paz.

Richard Peacock.

Mathew Jonathan Peart.

Zachary Ness Peart.

Amber Nicole Pellicone.

Shantanu Pendharkar.

Laci Kay Penton.

Estefania Perera.

Areli Noelle Perez.

Dempsey Marie Perno.

Alyssa Nicole Perrigo.

Deion La Troy Perry.

Gregoria Juliani Petropoulos.

Andre Alexander Phillips.

Cori Jolane Piazza.

Eryn Raquel Pierce.

Tanner Nash Pierce.

Deborah Pierre.

Samuel Howard Pinson IV.

Bianca M. Pizarro Vazquez.

Amanda Marie Plaugher.

Julian Joseph Pollifrone.

Joshua Robert Pollock.

Joseph Dennis Pomeroy.

Iulia V. Popescu.

Emily N. Porterfield.

Ashley Sarai Portillo.

Alex William Potocki.

Alexandra Marie Pourteau.

Megan Elizabeth Prather.

Jonathan Pray.

Ryan William Preston.

Anne Marie Prevosk.

Dale De Villiers Prichard.

Monica Anne Pritchard.

Jessica Jane Provenzano.

Samantha Nicole Provenzano.

Randolph Emmanuel Prud'Homme.

Katherine Cayne Puglisi.

Melanie Pujols.

Carley Althea Puskar.

Jose Nicolas Quine.

Amber Renee Quinlan.

Alexis Marie Quintana.

Melody Quintero Gonzalez.

Elizabeth Kristina Raatma.

Courtney Michelle Radi.

Syed Sharar Rahmain.

Tristan Andrew Raimundo.

Christal Ramirez.

Jaime Felipe Ramirez Sr.

Nica Angelica Go Ramirez.

Tanya Marie Ramirez.

Jacob Miguel Ramos.

Jerald A. Ramos.

Pedro Silveira Monteiro Raposo.

Destiny Rochelle Rawlins.

Kathryn Lynn Rawls.

Julie Ann Redavid.

Kayne Shon Reevey.

Jillian Ashley Reid.

Trevor David Reilly.

Matthew Alexander Reinhard.

Lindsey Maria Relue.

Jessie Justine Renaud.

Sara-Sofia Rentas.

Monica Raquel Reusche.

Amanda Maria Reyes.

Charles Ariel Reyes.

Genesis Selimar Reyes.

Paola Maria Reyes.

Heather Marie Reynolds.

Rachael Brynne Rhategan.

Sammantha Grace Rials.

Victoria Elizabeth Ricketts.

Kyle Douglas Riedl.

Christopher Paul Rienzi.

Cristina Rinella.

Alexandra Rios.

Sarina Nicole Rios.

Jayleen Rios Baez.

Bethanni Jordan Ritter.

Riley Marie Rivara.

Clara Elena Rivas.

Brianna Miriah Rivera.

Catherine Rodgers Rivera.

David Jose Rivera.

Eddie Louis Rivera.

Marena Alexandra Rivera.

Vanessa Danielle Rivera.

Pedro Juan Rivera Diaz.

Jorge Gabriel Rivera-Martinez.

Jose Luis Rivera-Ortiz.

Logan Michael Roan.

Jodikei Ann-Marie Robb.

Alyssa Tatem Roberts.

Cade Joseph Roberts.

Emilee Suzanne Roberts.

Meena Anisa Tara Roberts.

Samantha Joann Roberts.

Camille Juanita Robinson.

Daniel N. Robles Duprey.

Coral Lynn Robson.

Betsy Ivette Roche.

Jhenelle Annaleece Rodney.

Emily Gabrielle Rodrigues.

Daniel Rodriguez.

Rosmery Rodriguez.

Stephanie Monique Rodriguez.

Victoria Alexis Rodriguez.

Krystal Rodriguez Otero.

William Edward Roebuck III.

Gary Ryan Lee Rohe.

Renne Areli Romano.

Emily Lia Romero.

Samantha Michelle Romero.

Ivan Enrique Ronceria Florez.

Evelyn Rono.

Suhan Mary Rosario Marrero.

Amber Renee Roseman.

Andres Rosero.

Sloane Elizabeth Rosin.

Caitlin Jane Ross.

Julie Maria Ross.

Jordin L. Rosser.

Dominique Deonte Roundtree.

Robert James Rowe Jr.

Alessandra Ines Ruiz.

Teresa Maria Ruiz.

Gabriela Marie Ruiz Cruz.

Josimar Angelie Ruiz Feliciano.

Kristen Nicole Rukes.

Catherine Rose Ruth.

Amanda Kim Rzeczka.

Karen Aljandra Sabillon Castro.

Danielle Amelia Sackett.

Joel Sada.

Alexi Sadaka.

Danna Camila Saenz.

Hannah Elizabeth Sage.

Jordan Farley Sagosz.

Chiquita Sailor.

Ricardo Louis Saint Jusma.

Mitchelle Saintilme.

Daniel Junior Saiz.

Mariane Doret Saldana.

Mustafa A. Saleem.

Kimberly Salinas Gomez.

Savannah Salyer.

Karen Elizabeth Samaniego.

Jesully Rose Sanchez.

Luis Eduardo Sanchez Jr.

Santiago Sanchez.

Maria Jose Sanchez Velasquez.

RaiAnne Lynn Sancho.

Jackie Citlali Sandoval.

Shamiya Lanae Sands.

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Ariel Santiago.

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Natalie Santos.

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Olga Zhorzholiani.

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Nicholas Anthony Zottoli.

Valan J. Zuccolillo.

- Hello friends, colleagues, and most importantly,

graduates of the Spring 2020 class

of the University of Central Florida.

While I understand that this is not

the ceremony you expected, or frankly,

the ceremony you wanted, here we are,

and I am right here with you.

Here we sit in front of you still able to recognize

your contributions to our beloved UCF,

and even in the midst of the chaos

that has overtaken our country and planet, this is your day.

Your day to reflect on all of the things

you have accomplished, but most importantly a day

to eye further, and to ponder on the things

you will and want to accomplish.

Each of us has a unique story, and at UCF,

we celebrate this diversity, we acknowledge the fact that

we have all come from different backgrounds to be here

and have all overcome unique barriers

and constraints throughout our college careers,

and this COVID-19 pandemic is one of them,

but I assure you that it will not be the last.

Nonetheless, everyone sits in this room under

the same title: Graduates of the Spring 2020

class of The University of Central Florida.

I have always said that the best part about attending UCF,

is the fact that we are a part of a story,

a book if you will, that is not yet finished.

Today, you are authors in your own right,

and while your pen has metaphorically run out of ink

on this chapter, your book,

and UCF's book is far from finished.

As a graduate, a new chapter is now to be written

as your new role as an alumni, and with this new role

you have now earned a very special platform.

You should use this platform to pursue your passion

and to bring positive change to the world around us.

This commencement marks the beginning

of a great journey that starts today,

and you should be looking forward to many more.

At this historical moment, you have the opportunity

to scale new heights, to do more, to be better,

and to charge on with a conviction to serve

and make our world a better place.

Paired with your passion, serve this world

in your own unique way, and never forget your alma mater,

the University of Central Florida.

It has been said that the best is yet to come

for our beloved UCF, and while that is definitely the case,

the best is yet to come for all of us as well.

Charge on proudly as a UCF Knight now and forever more.


- We are living in extraordinary times,

and the class of 2020 finds itself

in an unprecedented historical moment.

The fact that we are unable to safely join together

in person today as planned to celebrate your milestone

is a reflection of this new reality.

We do hope we will be able to do that soon,

but until then I'd like you to reflect on what

I'm beginning to understand as the defining spirit

of this young institution.

The motto at UCF is Reach for the Stars.

People talk about having a 1-0 approach to tomorrow.

And when someone says "Go Knights,"

I always hear the reply, "Charge on!"

I know these are more than catchy phrases;

they sum up a philosophy at UCF.

When you say, "reach for the stars,"

it's a call to push oneself to dream big.

To refuse to be limited by what others say is possible.

When people say "1-0" they mean that

when you achieve a goal, set a new one, a harder one.

Cherish the victory, but don't rest on it.

Reset, because the next challenge awaits.

And when, like now, there are obstacles,

when there are inevitable setbacks, charge on.

Some call that perseverance, or grit.

But from what I've seen of this great university,

it's just part of what it means to be a Knight.

UCF is a place where defying odds is not the exception,

it is the expectation.

So take this place with you as you go out

to change the world.

You are needed now more than ever.

We will close our ceremony by singing the alma mater.

Thank you for joining us for today's commencement ceremony.

Go Knights, Charge On!

(student sighs)

All hail to Alma Mater

Whose banner's black and gold

Will wave in fame and splendor

As the passing years unfold

May loyalty and friendship

Within our hearts unite

And light the star to guide us

Ever upward in our flight

With honor and affection

Our friendships will renew

We sing of thee our Alma Mater

Ever true

(light bagpipe music)

- Fellow Knights, Nicole Stott here,

wishing you happy graduation.

Not the commencement you planned on, I know,

but life is always an adventure.

I hope that you go forth and do great things,

and always remember that we live on a planet,

we are all earthlings and the only border

that matters is that thin blue line of atmosphere

that blankets and protects us all.

So, live like crew, not passengers here on spaceship Earth,

and I wish you all the best.

- Hi, I'm Orange County Mayor, Jerry Demings.

Congratulations on your recent graduation

from the University of Central Florida.

We're very proud of you.

We look forward to working with each of you.

I know that things are different this year,

but I'll offer you this bit of advice.

Pray first, aim high, and stay focused.

- Hi, I'm Orlando Mayor, Buddy Dyer,

and I wanna congratulate the UCF class

of 2020 on your graduation.

We know that you'll do great things as you embark on your

next step in your life

and you'll make your alma mater proud.

I want you to know your mayor is proud of you

and your community is proud of you.

I'm honored to be able to wish you my sincere

congratulations during this special time in your life.

Best wishes, Knights.

Charge on.

- Hola, Knights.

Cyndia Morales Muniz, Director of HSI Culture

and Partnerships at UCF and class of 2013,

doctorate in Educational Leadership.

My advice, continue to seek out

opportunities for professional growth.

Learning never stops.

Congratulations, (speaking foreign language), Knights.

- What's up guys?

It's Tacko Fall.

First, I hope that all of you are healthy,

that your families are healthy and doing good, as well.

I just wanted to congratulate y'all on graduation.

That's a huge milestone, that's a huge accomplishment.

Something that you all should be really proud of.

Go out there and make the world a better place,

and now welcome to the UCF alumni club.

- Congratulations to the class of 2020.

You guys have been a part of more wins and more

championships than any class in the history of UCF.

- Hey, Knight Nation, this is Coach Bear with UCF Softball.

- Congratulations to our 2020 graduates.

- You guys have worked hard and it's a huge accomplishment

to be earning your degree and we are so proud of you,

that you're representing Knight Nation and going out.

- We are so, so proud of you

for everything that you've done.

- And remember once a Knight, always a Knight.

- Go forth and do as well in life

as you did representing the black and gold.

- Congratulations class of 2020.

- And I wish you very best of luck.

Go Knights. - Go Knights.

- Go Knights. - Go Knights.

- Go Knights. - And charge on.

- Congratulations graduating class

of the University of Central Florida in Spring 2020.

- Congratulations class of 2020.

You should be so proud.

- We will truly miss you and congratulations

to all of the class of 2020.

- Remember, wherever you go from here,

you'll always be a Knight.

(dog panting)

(upbeat music) (students chanting)

- [Students] UCF Knights!

- Spring 2020 graduates, congratulations.

Despite this being an extraordinary time

for our university and our world,

you have proven that Knights can always be counted

on to rise to every occasion, no matter the obstacles.

I am sorry that your semester did not end

as any of us planned, but I hope you know that your

perseverance is inspiring and the grit and can-do attitude

you've shown these past few weeks and the past few years,

will help you succeed in whatever you have planned next.

Your excellence is defined by your ability to rally

around these challenges and to accel in trying times.

Just as we celebrate you today,

we also recognize your family and friends,

and all of your faculty and staff mentors

who have helped you along the way.

We are all so proud of what you have accomplished,

and we look forward to celebrating this milestone

with you in person when the time is right.

Until then, to UCF's newest alumni:

Go Knights and Charge On.

(light bagpipe music)

The Description of UCF College of Sciences | Spring 2020 Virtual Commencement