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So what are some cool tech gift ideas Technology for the person that you are shopping

for you came to the right video

Hey whats up Sean here and I just want to share more gift ideas with you in the tech

arena technology And maybe some little known little thought

out ideas for that man or woman boyfriend or girlfriend spouse

parent who loves tech stuff check out this video and by the way I'll put some links in

the description as well as show notes and everything else

that im talking about in this video just so you can reference that any point in

the video read a little bit more about the stuff mention

as well as probably some bonus stuff that I forget to mention in the video

alright let's jump into it

the first tech idea is of course a hot item and that is go pro cameras now go pro this

is an older model this is the hero 2 is up to the hero 4 black and here is the thing

you can probably of course the newer ones cost more

you are not going to go very working if you potentially jump into one of the older models

but the cool things about go pros is people from all the walks of life can find ways to

use them whether is for extreme sports I know a couple of friends

of mine that just got married they just went on a road trip

and they were taking photos with it on the road they've taken video clips they went like

turisty stuff they went scuba diving and so go pros are just a super rad tech idea for

almost anybody they are going to find a way to use it their

fun to use there's a lot of accessories that you can get them maybe

you don't want to spend as much or they already have one look into go pro accessories

now the second gift idea is my favorite camera in the world and that is the Sony RX 100

now the Sony RX 100 it's a great point and shoot camera but here is the thing it's not

just any old camera its some have said it's the best point and

shoot camera meaning it fits in your pocket but it takes

incredible photos and so I really recommend looking into the Sony RX 100 now there's a

mark 2 and a mark 3 and so again you can still probably still

get the oldest one is awesome right ? so you can still get the sony RX 100 is going o be

a lot cheaper and or you can get the newer models so do

some research as far as the RX 100 and the other

way to go that's a sonys model would be a canon S 120 similar kind of idea takes brilliant

video brilliant photos as you can see here are some of my favorite

photos that have come out of this camera and this is something

that the tech enthusiast even if they already have some other camera gear or equipment will

absolutely love eithr the sony RS 100 or something like the

canon s 120 the next gift idea is to accessories for their

phone now you might just want to get the tech person in your life

a new phone because seasonally or what ever that would be a cool gift

one of the gifts I absolutely love is the wide angle fish eye lenses for phones this

is the olly clip and this clips on to my phone that is older now

iphone 4 s and it's slides with on there but it also have differet models that work for

different phones as far as the olloclip which is like a higher end kind of brand

but you also can get a generic a kinda one like this I'll put a link I forget what it's

called in the description but this is gonna give you a fish eye effect

it will clip right on to your smart phone and so

whatever they have a Samsung galaxy a droid and iPhone of any kind its still gonna be

able to work and check out these photos the results are

super fun super creative and so think about ways to accessorize the tech they already

have cases you know cords cables these are definitely the things

their tablets how can you accessorize their phone or their tablet that is great tech or

gift idea for that person in your life

the next kinda tech idea is to give that person a tablet

now a couple different tablet ideas this is an ipad and this is certainly a great option

now you've got ipad mini ipad airs and a lot of higher air ipads that you can get that

person but I also recommend that you look into something

like the kindle fire amazon kindle fire and those are not just

coming down in price but I got one from sony a while ago

great to watch my wife great to watch hd videos on and social media and surff the web

and so if you are looking for a really good tech idea check out tablets and you know if

you go to best buy or some where just get some recommendations

get hands on with them and find a tablet that she'll love

now the rest of this gift ideas are kind of in the music arena I know everyone loves music

they've got their favorite song their favorite type of music and so

one great gift idea would be get them a nice pair of headphones these are super cool super

affordable and I think these are by actually Oneil and they are certain kind of brand I

put it in there they've got like cool fit headphones

but here is the thing with head phones you can go cheap you can go designer meeting looks

and then you also could get into what is called the audio file arena and I'll put some of

the top headphones in the description bellow if someone really loves music and they care

about the quality and the acoustics and the sound of their music.

That could be something that's maybe higher end you want to invest in

That would really impress them in the tech arena and then along with that I would recommend

trying to look for headphones amplifiers you may never

heard about this this is a lower end one what a headphone amplifier will do is that you

get nicer headphones but you just plug them into to a phone or you plug them into an ipod

there's not enough power to fully make sound as bright or brilliant as they could and should

so what you do is you get a headphone amplifier so this little FiiOne which is a brand that

is kind of medium range I mean this is maybe 20 bucks I think around there you can spend

hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of dollars in headphones and headphones amplifiers and

so there's like a big scope and scale but like these two together I think it were probably

barely 50 bucks So ill put a couple of different notes or

things in the description but think about headphones as a rad tech gift you cant really

go wrong

Especially if it's a music enthusiast that you are shopping for

And then a head phone amplifier would probably blow their mind with a gift like that that

they maybe never heard of that's just going to bring the music listening experience to

a whole 'nother level

And then the last couple ideas thinking about music you know for tech you can always get

the tech person that you are shopping for an itunes gift card you know they want to

buy the latest music they want to download new movies and watch those movies on the itunes

store all these kinds of apps and all these different things that tech people just love

So a cash filled itunes gift card is something that every tech enthusiast is going to love

and lastly would be to get a look into bluetooth speakers and this is a beats pill kind of

trendy the whole beats brand but this is a solid super cool Bluetooth speaker

not only you can plug on into it of course just traditionally with a 8th inch cable

but also has near field communication and Bluetooth so you can start

streaming music from your mobile device on that so what a cool thing maybe they open

it over the holidays and you've got music playing and so forth a there's all kind of

different ranges of these and I'll put some of the top ones down on show notes but definitely

consider a Bluetooth speaker for the tech person your shopping for

so hey thank you so much for checking out this video hit the like button

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gift ideas and read other peoples comments 'cause we can have a conversation and get

some great ideas that maybe we haven't thought of as we are shopping for those tech people

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