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Respect children's rights - in tourism, too!

In many countries, children have to work in tourism -

often long hours or even at night.

In some destinations, it is common

that children are sexually exploited by tourists.

These children and their families often live in poverty

and children are expected to contribute to the family income.

Even child trafficking can take place in tourism destinations.

Fixers offer families to employ their children

and thus to provide them with an additional income.

However, the children and / or their parents

often receive no money in the end.

The children are forced to work

or sold for sex services abroad.

This exploitation clearly violates international law.

In 1989, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child was adopted.

The Convention comprises 54 articles

and established the following four principles:

- non-discrimination;

- the best interests of the child;

- the right to life, survival and development;

- respect for the views of the child.

Protecting children against economic, sexual or other forms of exploitation

is particularly set down in Articles 32 and 34-36.

Then there is the Code of Conduct for the Protection of Children from Sexual Exploitation in Travel and Tourism.

By signing this Code,

tour operators pledge to adhere to the criteria laid down therein

to protect children from sexual exploitation.

It is essential

that they state zero tolerance toward child prostitution,

communicate this within the company

and to customers

and implement appropriate measures.

Travellers can see which tour operators have signed the Code


But tourists can also actively contribute

to the protection of children in the destination

by keeping their eyes and ears open.

Should you see a child working day and night

or someone taking a child that is obviously not theirs to their room

you can contact your tour operator

or the reception at your hotel.

Another possibility is to report at the platform

ECPAT International and the national ECPAT organisations

offer comprehensive information, including information on child protection in tourism.

On you can find contact information

for ECPAT organisations in 76 countries.

Respect children's rights

in tourism, too!

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