Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Introduction to Cohorts and Legions

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The Imperial Restorationist system is a brand a new feature that's just been added

to Conquerors Blade. It is designed to allow solo players and others whove yet

to find a home in the game a means to take part in Territory Wars - and get as many players

as possible regularly fighting for the control of fiefs and settlements.

The new system has spawned four Legions - one for each of the main regions. These are administered

by the game rather than players, and contain up to six Cohorts each. Cohorts are effectively

NPC-controlled houses, but it is the Legion that is the main focus. All legion members will receive

weekly war targets, which, if achieved during the next Territory Wars, will earn you

rewards - among them Acclaim points for use later on.

None of the Legions have any interest in waging war beyond their regional borders and will

never march into the Borderlands. Instead, war targets will be randomly selected from

among the player-controlled fiefs within the region. Any fiefs that the Legion subsequently

controls will be accessible to all players active in the region, with no restrictions

on travel or resources. Members might but, Legions never hold a grudge.

You can sign up to a legion in the same way as you would a player House or Alliance. Press

N to bring up the recruitment panel and you will see two new options. On the left Free Houses -

Which is the new collective name for player-run groups, and Imperial Restorationists,

which are the NPC-controlled Legions hoping to unite their respective regions.

Before you sign up, however, there are a few things you should know: First, you will

be assigned a Cohort rather than allowed to select one. You can assign yourself to a different

Cohort subsequently, for the cost of a few Sovereigns. Secondly, once you are in a legion,

you are indentured for 7 days and cannot leave to join another Legion or a Free House before

a week has passed - think of your time in the legion as your patriotic duty or a form

of national service!

Hopefully, now you've got some idea about the new Imperial Restorationist

system, how one goes about joining a Legion, and what the benefits and limitations are.

Ultimately, we hope that as a new legionnaire, you will one day want to create your own legacy,

which you can better achieve as a member or founder of a Free House. Until then, long

live the legion!

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