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- Previously, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

- Cynthia spoke to someone that we both now in common

and have talked about me like a dog,

and, unfortunately for her,

they recorded everything you said.

- May have to upgrade that ring situation.

- I don't even remember what the ring look like,


- I feel like he might propose tonight.

[gasps] - No, you don't think he's gonna do it tonight.

- Why would you bring that up to her?

That is not cool.

- I grew up going to Toronto Carnival.

There's a lot of, like, history behind it.

- I came to shake my ass.

- Here we go. Get it, Eva!

Aha! Jook.

- Kenya, you came up to me and said,

"I think Mike is gonna propose to you tonight."

- If that somehow translates to me

messin' up a moment for you,

I would die if that's the case.

- Hey, sissy!

- What's up? How you doin'?


- Let me-- let me just finish this

because this was his moment.

He's been planning this for months.

- We didn't know.

- He felt like it could have ruined the surprise.

- Yeah.

- In the end, it didn't but-- - Well, thank God for that.

- I just wanted to have that conversation with you.

- I receive that. Thank you for sharing.

- You're welcome. - And look at this beautiful ring.

- Yes, ring. Yes, shiny baub.

- Kenya just likes to have moments.

She does not care how she gets them.

That is, like, really messed up.

- It was beautiful, too.

- It was-- it was such a moment.

It was absolutely gorgeous.

- I'm really sorry I missed it.

- You weren't there! That's true.

Oh, you woulda been boo-hoo cryin'.

- Listen, Kenya, I wish you would've tipped me off

'cause I would've flown back to be there.

- It was so sweet. I was, like, doing like this,

like I had just gotten proposed to.

Like-- - It was a feeling. Yeah.

- Me not being there felt weird.

I would've loved to have been there,

but that's out of my control.

I miss a lot of big times in her life.

I wish it was different.

It just wasn't.

- It was very sweet, and the kids were involved.

- That was nice. - Mm-hmm.

- That was cute. - Guys, it's 9:00. Let's--

- Yeah, let's go 'fore we lose our--

- Our mojo.

- Hi, sis.

So good that you could make it.

- Oh, blonde sisters. - Hi, Kandi Burruss.

- The crazy situation is,

NeNe is only getting along with me, right now.

She is done with Cynthia, fell out with Porsha.

She unfollowed Eva.

NeNe and Kenya is like false hope,

so I don't even wanna waste my time

even trying figuring them out.

Looking at our past history,

these guys have a mighty long way to go.


Ooh yeah

- Every band has a king and queen

that represents their band.

It's a good introduction to Carnival.

It'll be fun.

Toronto Carnival kicks off

with a week-long set of activities.

The King and Queen Showcase launches all the Carnival floats

that will lead off the festivities on the road.


- Go, go, go, go, go! Wow!

Honey, I have been dancin' and shakin' my bum-bum for years.

This is right up my alley.

I absolutely love the costumes.

Oh, my God!


- Oh, she is everything.


- I feel like I'm a queen.


- I feel like the Caribbean culture

is just in my blood. Like, this is beautiful.


[cheers and applause]

- That was amazing, Tanya. - That's just a warmup.

- I mean, we are in Tanada, honey.

- Tanada!

Welcome to my country.

Tomorrow morning,

we're gonna try on our costumes,

and then we can change,

and we're gonna go out for the day.

- Good night, everybody. - Good night, ladies.

- I'm gonna go my room.

- Y'all have a fabulous evening.

- Come on, y'all, honey.

Yes, girl.

We done kidnapped Kandi.

It's fixin' to turn up, honey.

Get the handcuffs, Marlo.

Yes, honey.

- What is that? - What's that?

- From Walgreen's. - Handcuffs, honey,

and whips and chains, bitch.

- Oh, let's get it, NeNe.

- How come you was quiet as a mouse all day?

- When? - You.

- When I first arrived, I didn't know what you guys

were talking about. - Uh-huh.

- I was kinda lost.

- You came at an awkward time.

- You really did. - Yeah, yeah, yeah.

- I know.

Cynthia was sayin' somethin' about, um,

they blowed the-the proposal.

- I just kinda felt like

why would you ruin that moment for her.

- Yeah, it's a great moment. - You know what I mean?

- Did you tell her that she blew Marlo moment

at Marlo's hair event? Kenya.


- Well, I was in the middle of telling her

that I felt like what she did wasn't cool

when Marlo came over there

tryin' to bite my damn head off.

- Oh.

- It's not about her now.

- You can't tell me not to talk to her.

- Well, I can't, but you can leave with her then.

- Okay.

- No, but let me tell you this, though, Kandi.

When I met with Cynthia for lunch,

the only thing that bothered me

is when I asked Cynthia--

Do you feel that was right what she did?

You didn't need so wrong in it?

- Uh, again, I wouldn't have done it,

and that's all I real--

I'm just gonna leave it right there.

- Because guess what,

if she would keep it real with me like that

and would tell me that,

she would probably know who I heard recorded her.

You know what I mean? It's like--

- So, who did record her? - I don't know who did it.

I feel like I'm in the middle

of this whole recording scandal because, you know,

NeNe told me about it first.

Then I told Cynthia.

Somebody that y'all have as a mutual friend

recorded you doggin' her out.

Then I asked Yovanna about it.

Were you the one that recorded Cynthia?

- No. - Oh, okay, great.

So, I figure, you know,

I'm going to get to the bottom of it, now.

So, who did record her?

We got the lady of the hour right here.

- I don't know.

- You know?

- What? - Who did the recording?

- No idea.

- Ha! You got any hot sauce to go on 'em?

- I wish I had some baby. You was gettin' it.

- Whatever.

You shouldn't even have said nothin'

'cause you knew I was gonna wanna know.

- I-- Kandi, but-- [knocking]

- Who answer the door?

You got a butler or somebody?

- Get-- somebody check. Go. Go on.

- Oh, that's a butler [indistinct].

- Sher-jana. I mean, Yovanna.

I'm sorry. - Shavonna.

- Girl, leave the blonde to me. I done told you that.

- Hello.

- Miss Chanel, Tanya!

- How you doin'? - Come on, Miss Chanel.


- You had me over here

doin' a criminal investigation on people.

- You know what I call you? KMZ.

- What?

[laughter] - It's over.

- KMZ is everything-- everything, KMZ.

- And she remembers stuff.

- Listen, I don't remember everything,

but Eva said a lot.

- Well, it's really exciting to know

they all were able to, like, talk through issues.

- [indistinct].

- So, when are you gonna talk through yours?

Why you think that?

- Hopefully, they do. If they don't, that's fine.

- Okay, well, since we're asking questions...


- Come on, Kandi. Come on.

- Have you been saying stuff to B. Scott?

'Cause, like, how did-- - I don't even--

I'm not even a friend with B. Scott.

- How did your letter, your exact wording,

how did that end up in a blog?

- This blog has exactly what was on the card.

- She sent it to the blog.

- Let me tell you somethin'.

The one thing that a person can tell you about NeNe Leakes--

I don't ever talk to bloggers.

Don't always point the finger

at the person that you think, okay?

Point the finger at the mother----er who you don't think.

Kenya is known for leaking things to the blogs.

She's calculated.

She's a dirty-ass girl.

Whatever her intentions was for it,

it didn't work, honey.

My last name might be Leakes,

but, bitch, I'm not leaking.

One of y'all told me

that Cynthia said she lost the card,

and then she found it much later.

- Oh, she told me that.

- A lot of these girls sell stories all the time,

but they can tell you one thing they don't do,

is talk to NeNe Leakes,

or Nay-Nay Leakes, or Linnethia Leakes.



[phone ringing]

- Good morning. - Good morning.

Oh, is'm?

Oh! See? You must be lyin'.


The daggone phone done fell.

Where you goin'?

At this point, it would be called a pop up,

not a pull up.


- What's up? You're looking cute.

- I'm gettin' ready to go and try on,

like, our outfits

that we're gonna wear tomorrow in the Carnival.

You know, I can't be out there lookin' like a fat girl.

Oh, you're not right.

[phone ringing]

- Hi, baby.

Look at that little doll.

She's having fun, Nikita?

Okay, I'll let her go back to playing.

Bye. So cute.


- Thank God I ate arugula for a week.

Now, we can try these costumes on

and see what's up. - Yeah.

Honey, you treating me this morning.

I mean a full breakfast.

Hi. - Oh, my God!

[screaming] It's really here!

Toronto has a huge history of African, West Indian,

and African American cultures.

Toronto Carnival is really truly a celebration

of West Indian culture in music.

- Look at these costumes. - Hey, Porsha.

- Oh, this is pretty.

- Every single one handmade?

- Everything you see is handmade. Yes.

- Yes. - Oh, my gosh.

- These are incredible. - The quality is insane.

- The costumes are about pageantry--

sequins, over the top, beauty, bedazzled.

- Hey, good morning, good morning.

- Good morning.

- I called my girlfriend in Toronto

to create all our costumes.

You can't just go grab these at the store.

This is haute couture for Carnival.

- Now, wait a minute. This is one piece?


Child, Noelle can't even fit this thing.

Are you serious? - Uh, Cynthia

needs an extra-large in the rear and Porsha, too.

- I'm a size six, but my ass is a size twelve.

Where is the size 12 ass part?

- I'm gonna take my stuff to the room-- try it on.

- Okay. - Okay.

- I don't know if I'm ready for this costume.

I've been eatin' good, livin' my best life.

- Well, what are you wearin', uh, pregnant lady?

- I'm leaving.

Remember, I told you I have my charity event.

- Oh, that's right.

- Whoo! - Kandi!

- That looks good, Kandi. - Oh, my gosh!

- Tie it. - Wow!

That looks great, Kandi.

- Hi. - Wow! Hi, NeNe.

- Hi. Good morning.

- Hi. Oh, Kandi. - Oh, my gosh.

- Yes, hips and booty. - This is everything.

- All right, I'll be back.

I'm gonna go try my stuff on.

Since the snake is still somewhere

probably in this very room, slithering around,

I will just slide on up to my room

and do my fitting.

I mean, I don't wanna get bit with my ass out.


- All right, I'm gonna go try mine on.

- Okay.

[squeals] - Love, yes, Kandi.

- Oh, wow! - You like it?

- But, uh, yeah, I like it.

- Nair?

- Yovanna! - I forgot to get a wax.

I totally forgot.

- So, you're just bushy? - I'm bushy, right now.


- Lord, let me see.

I might need a third piece.

- Don't judge my bush, okay?

- Come on, Marlo!

Let me see what that big booty lookin' like, Marlo.

- Come on. Let's see.

- Presenting. [screaming]

- Yes, darlin'-- Oh, hi, darlin.

- Y'all look amazing.

- I wish I could be here with y'all.

- Wait, what?

- I gotta leave in the morning.

- Are you serious?

- Yeah, I'm hosting a comedy show in Dallas.


Uh, Eva, can you come here for a second?

- Sure.

- I wanted to talk to you for a second.

- Coming up next...

- So, we brought a special guest here

to really show you how important love is.

Hit it, DJ!

- Oh, my God!


- I wanted to talk to you for a second.

I just wanna say anything that I've done wrong,

I just wanna own my own stuff,

but I don't understand

what happened to you and I.

The longest we've ever known each other,

we've never had an issue.

- Not one.

- I just wish we could move on.

- Even though we've known each other for a long time,

what we were building was getting closer and closer.

- Yeah.

- I was having a vulnerable moment,

and it was a moment

that I felt like I was having in privacy with a friend.

- Yeah, I know.

- And you, of all the people,

knew how deep that was for me.

- Oh, yeah, I did.

Okay, don't start crying, Eva.

Don't. Just come on.

Oh, you know I know.

I know. I was with a ----in' cuckoo.

- And then when I expressed it to you,

I felt like you had no remorse

or any kinda feelings about it.

For me to learn it on TV, was very whack.

- I'm sorry she feels that way.

- Ugh. - There we go.

So, that's why I'm just like,

well, I guess that's where we're at with it.

You know what I'm sayin'?

Then I got blocked on Instagram and then--

- No, unfollowed. [laughter]

- Whatever. I was-- I was excommunicated. So--

- I decided to go to Canada

because I used to have a sisterhood with these girls.

We've shared so many amazing memories,

and I just want to get back at a better place.

I wanna be able to say, um--

I didn't mean to hurt your feelings.

I apologize for that, if I did. - Thank you.

- And I hope you understand

where we're coming from, too, okay?

Let me give you a hug and feel your baby.

- Aww. [clapping]

- Aww, that's sweet.

- I was happy to just move on with Eva

because it really isn't that deep.

I'm hoping that I can have the same type

of reconciliation with Cynthia and Porsha.

- Time heals all wounds.

- I appreciate NeNe's apology,

and I appreciate her seeming attempt to move forward.

I meet her there,

but I definitely tread lightly.

- Pretty skin-- pretty lady. - Thank you.

- Sorry.

- I'm so glad y'all made up and I'm gonna go get pretty...

- Shut up. - For the next two make-ups!

- This is so special.

- Aww.


Bring it. Bring it.

- Yes.

- Peace and love. - I know.

- Tanya, where are we going?

- So, guys, I don't know if you've noticed.

The one thing that everyone ever remembers about Toronto,

apart from the Raptors, is our CN Tower.

- CNN Tower.

- So, there is an exercise that we can do

where they basically strap us to the side of the building.

- Uh, no, ma'am.

- Oh, hell no.

- I know you-- I know you can.

- Wait a minute.

- You're on your own on that one.

- I'm not gonna do it.

- I'll be waiting for you when you get done.

I'm good.

- Yeah, I'm good.

- Uh, yeah, it's a no.

- Okay. [laughter]

- There's no better team building

than risking our lives together

as a group of sisters.

- I ain't gonna risk my life.

- To fling ourselves off a cliff.

Death becomes us.

- Okay, well, you die

and let us know what it was like.


- Y'all, look, look, this is that tower.

- We're going up there? - Yes.

- Is that somebody on the side?

- Yes.

- Oh, no.

I'm not hanging off the side of a building.

Nuh-uh. I'm black, honey.

We don't hang off sides of buildings.



- We're just checking in.

- So, everyone's gonna need to fill out a waiver.

There is a front side and a back side, as well.

- We have a specific time slot

that we've kind of overstepped.

So, we kind of have to make a decision.

We either all go and stay inside,

or, if some people wanna do the edge walk

and at least hug the wall, whatever,

we can do that.

- I'm doing it.

- Okay, I'm gonna do it.

- Can you do it if you're pregnant?

- No.

- Guys, everybody is going up.

- Oh.

- Can she go up there with us? Yeah.

- Uh, she can watch on the inside.

- Watch on the inside. - Yeah.

- Well, what if I get up there, and I--

and I see exactly what it is-- - And you don't wanna do it?

- Then you turn around.

- And-and-and I decide to change your mind.

- Do you see how high that is?

- We're gonna try it.

- I'm not even afraid of heights.

- But you know what? Fear is real, right?

- Right. - If we can't do it,

we turn around and go, but I'm gonna try it.

There's not a things in life,

like, that are gonna be buthis exhilarating,.

and I'm just happy to try it with you guys.

So, let's try it. - Right.

- That's the spirit, Tanya. - Thank you.

- So, let's go look at it together.

- I would experience this with my family,

not wit' you guys.

- Oh, bitch.

- 'Cause y'all ain't-- - But your family is not here.

We're your temporary family.

- Well, yeah, and I'm gonna temporarily stay on the inside,

and then y'all temporarily stay on the outside.


They said the wind be blowin'.

What if your hair blow?

- Ooh!

- Remember when, you guys, we were doing the fitting

for the costumes and stuff? - Yeah.

- When I decided to leave, NeNe asked me to stay.

- You did miss a little bit when you was gone, though.

- What-what happened?

- Um, NeNe and Eva, they made up.

- They did? - Yes.

- Yes, they made up.

- As they should've a long time ago.

- So, did she apologize?

- She apologized.

- Okay, and did you feel it was sincere?

- She had glasses on, so I couldn't see her eyes.

She took full accountability for her actions.

- That's good.

- And, um, she really wants to move on.

- NeNe has no other choice but to seem as though

she's taking accountability because she is over there

on a dusty ol' island by herself,

and nobody will play with her.

First, it was Kandi. Then Tanya.

[bell dings] And now, Eva.

Next, must be Porsha and Cynthia

because she's not comin' over here.

[buzzer sounds]

She gives zero Fs about me.

- It went really smooth, shockingly.

- Yeah.

- Well, that's good.

Time maybe, like, kinda--

- Yeah. - And that's what--

but that's what she's sayin', though.

Why does it take months for y'all to get over sh-- with her,

and it don't take time with everybody else?

- It's too much to unpack with NeNe, okay?

And I ain't got time for all of this baggage

that she brings.

If we begin to have a conversation,

she's gonna be defensive.

Now, we're arguing.

That's not what I'm trying to do.

- The stuff Eva said about you last night, that--

I wouldn't get over that in, like, one night.

Like, I would be pissed.

- Well, I don't know.

- Like, I'm not gonna be caca kiking with you.

Like, that's not real to me.

- Me being friendly to somebody

in a friendly situation, that's not fake.

You just have to checkmark certain things with people.

You don't always have to react.

- Okay, ladies, we're going.

- We gon'-- we're going to deal with this later.

- Oh, okay.

- You guys wanna follow me this way?

- Okay. - Bye.

Do you want me to keep your Chanel bags or anything?

Marlo, you want me to hold your purse

and keep it with me in case you don't make it back?

- No. - I will wear it.

- No, listen, listen.

I just used glue 'cause they said you had to glue it.

- That little glue ain't gonna hold that wig.

- If that wig fly off, I tell you I'm gonna die.

- That's everything. [laughter]

[dramatic music]



- Coming up next...

- Oh, my goodness, ladies, that's a long way down!

Porsha, come on out. You can do it.

- I think I'm gonna go back.

I'm terrified, like, in my soul.


- This is great for team building.

Come on, Linnethia.

We're going up.

[screaming, laughter]

- Oh, my God. - Yeah, we up high.

We are taller than any building out here.

[screaming, laughter]


- Oh, my goodness,

ladies, that's a long way down.

You better come check it out for yourself.

Lovely. Come on out.

All right, you're doin' fabulous, there, Kenya.

Come on out.

You're doin' great. You're doin' great.

[screaming] Lookin' good.

Cynthia, come on out. You're doin' fabulous.

You're doing great. Keep on comin'.

You're doing awesome. - I'm scared. I'm scared.

- You're doing fabulous.

- I changed my mind. [laughter]

I don't wanna do it anymore.

Drinks and food with NeNe and Eva sounds way better

than bein' up here, right now.

- Keep goin'. You can do it.

You can do it. You're doing great.

Keep comin', ladies. You're doin' amazing.

Porsha, come on out. You can do it.

- I think I'm gonna go back.

- You can do it, Porsha. You can do it.

I believe in you.

- Ladies, it's time to die.

- Who's ready to die? Who's ready to die?

- I am deathly afraid.

I just hope no one tries to push me over the edge.

- Ladies, look up.

Say hi to your friends in the skypod.

Give them a big wave. [bell dings]

- I gotta go to the bathroom, mother----er.

- You good. [laughter]

NeNe, you can look away from the view.

I got you. Just look-- just look the other way.

It's so pretty, though, NeNe.

- Honey, I've been afraid of heights all my life.

When I would go to the amusement park, honey,

I ride the carousel.

It don't climb up high.

It don't go up and down hills.

I sit right there with them horses,

and we turn in a circle,

and I listen to good music and eat my ice cream,

and I am fine.

- Oh, we movin'.

- I gotta sit down.


- Whoo! All right, ladies,

you're currently standing at 116 building stories high.

If you're not good with math, it's just a long way up.

Pretty cool, eh?

Ladies, you can all take a down, if you like.

Don't be shy. It's okay.

- Okay.

- Would you like something to drink?

- I would need really a stiff drink.

- Yeah?

- How about Tito's vodka and cranberry juice?

- Absolutely.

Do you want something to drink?

We have juice.

- Um, strawberry guava sounds delicious.

And then, NeNe, I know you like seafood.

You wanna get that-that tower?

- I do. I'd love to.

Yeah, I love seafood. - Good.

- I'm glad we made up before we got in the elevator.

You woulda throw me out the window.

- No, I'm glad we had our conversation.

- Me, too.

- I am. - Yay.

Will you carry me back downstairs?

- I got you. I got you.

- The first activity we're gonna do

is what I like to call toes over Toronto,

and Kandi is goin' first.

Have a seat.

- Let me tell you how I think.

I'm fine doing this.

- Have a seat. Sit all the way down.

- Okay. - There you go.

And now, you're just gonna walk back.

- Oh. - Please be careful, Kandi.

- This is easy to me.

I mean, like, come on, guys.

We're hooked to this thing. It's not dropping us.

I mean, let's enjoy this moment.

- Now, double high five for you.

Are you okay to stay there?

- Yeah. - Gorgeous.

Go ahead and push those shoulders back?

Relax. - Oh, my God!

- Have fun. Enjoy yourself out there.

- Whoa! - All right.

- I am a thrill seeker. [laughter]

And this is right up my alley.

I love stuff like this.

What's up, Toronto?

- All right!

- So, now that me and you have had a conversation,

I know that there are a couple more people in the group

that would deserve a little bit of conversation, too.

How you feel about that?

- Porsha, you hold onto my hand, right here.

All right. You got this, Porsha.

- What if I swing? - You won't swing.

I'm holding your rope, right here.

- I'm heavy.

- I'm open to, you know,

having some sort of conversation with Porsha.

Our relationship is not in the best place.

I just don't understand it.

- Thank you.

I know that, you know, you guys

considered yourselves sisters, at one point. Um--

- I've always liked Porsha.

I felt like, you know, yeah, being a big sister

and being there, you know, I don't feel like I--

I don't feel like I was getting the same thing back.

And then, um, the closet thing happened.


- (BLEEP) that.

Get the (BLEEP) out my closet, bitch.

- NeNe!

- I text her personally.

- Mm-hmm.

- She took the text and put it on social media.

It's sorta like you shared

some nude pictures with your husband.

He gets mad with you and put them on social media.

Those pictures were for his eyes only.

That text-- - You mean, like, revenge porn?

- Yeah.

Me and her texting was a personal thing.

- Mm-hmm.

- She went into all this fat shaming and all this stuff.

I'm like, no, I wasn't.

You were fat before you got pregnant.

- NeNe. - Huh?

- That's mean.

- I mean, but- but I'm sayin'.

Uh, okay, right.

- There you go. - Yes.

Oh, my gosh, girls. - Porsha, you're doing it.

- Can I give you a high five?

- Amazing. - You got it. You got it.


- All right, I'm gonna-- [screaming]

I'm gonna take my hand back.

- I love all of these women up here,

but I don't think these are the people I wanna die with.

Like, I'm sorry.

- Porsha, are you okay to stay there?

- Okay, I'm okay. - Gorgeous.

- You're a conqueror.

- I'm terrified, like, in my soul.

- It's time for a new activity!

You're gonna put your feet on the second line

of the platform.

If you're feeling extra spicy,

give me a superhero and fly.

All right, there, Kenya.

And you can fly. There we go.

Big round of applause. [applause]

- What about you and Kenya?

- I really don't see where the real, real conversation

really need to be had there.

Kenya and I aren't cool like that.

We're not friends like that.

I don't owe her anything, and-and, honestly,

she doesn't owe me anything, and I'm fine with it.

Bitch, pay me zero dollars, okay?

If I wanted to talk about Kenya, I could,

because we've never been friends.

It's no big deal.

Where Cynthia is concerned, I feel like it's personal.

- But I think y'all deserve at least--

- To have closure. - Exactly.

- Yeah, um-- - Or openture.

- And that may not be this trip.

- All right, ladies,

give yourselves a round of applause!

[cheers and applause]

- They really thought they did somethin'.

Like, this is so funny.

Everybody is... great job, great job.

I'm so glad we did this together.

If this helps y'all feel closer, then so be it.

They are cornballs.


Coming up next...

- Baby!


What are you doing here?


- Wahoo!

- Oh, my God! Oh, my God!

Oh, my God!

[screaming] Oh, my God.


- Back to work.

- Now, it's time to take a nap.

- I was so scared, and I conquered, overcame.

Like, I'm so excited.

- I need some Nair.

- I don't have Nair, but I have a razor.

- Oh, yeah, yeah, I need Nair.

- Yeah, right?

- No, you need Nair.

- You definitely need it.

- Ooh, what? - Damn.

[overlapped chatter]

- Why y'all say that?

- 'Cause her hair was showin'.

- We had this conversation, and she was pointing out her...

- Oh, when you tried on your bikini?

That's okay. That's why it grows there.

- No, no.

- Woof!

Okay, so, just a couple things about tonight.

Um, I thought it would just be nice

to have a little rooftop friends and family,

like, cocktail hour.

Um, so, that'll be at, like, 7.

I'm probably gonna go a little bit early

just to make sure everything is set up okay,

so you guys can just come and join me there.

- You should definitely have some glitter on your eyes.

- Okay.

- 'Cause we have to make the eye pop.

- That's the Carnival thing is, like--

- Yeah, it has to be dramatic.

- Dramatic, okay.

- Like, glittery eyes, cut crease.

- Okay. [knocking]

Do a little more in the crease

to make it sultry. You know what I mean?

Yeah, I wanna be sultry.

Who is it?

- Hi. It's the bellman.

- Hi.

- Good evening, Miss Williams.

I have something for you.

- Oh, thank you. - My pleasure.

- Thank you so much.

- Take care. - Thank you.

- So I'll see you tomorrow at six a.m.?

- Okay, yeah, 6 a.m.

I'm gonna wake up for you.

[laughter] "Dog-gone it.

"I'm sorry. I love you, Dennis."

I'm not gonna lie.

It does feel good to be getting wooed by Dennis.

He's trying to work on his family, girl.

Bless God for that.


Oh, she beat this face.

Ooh, you look so cute.

Do I, girl?

Look at these.

Dennis sent-- Dennis.


"Love you. Take care of my baby."

Girl, he put "Dog-gone it.

"I'm sorry. I love you, Dennis."

But he put dog slash gone.

See, he play too much.

Too soon!

See, you give 'em a inch. They take a mile.

Dog-gone it.

Yeah, too soon.

What do you mean?

'Cause he was in the doghouse

like a dog in a doghouse.

It came from a good place,

so I'm-I'm just going to accept

my little flowers, chile.

I ain't gonna say nuttin'.

I'm glad it's just the flowers

'cause he said he was gonna pull up on me

up here in Canada, girl.


- No.

Okay, here, I do this.

Both have a good look.


- Baby!


I'm so glad you're here.

Work out the waist Work out your waist

- [indistinct].

What's up?


Dennis. Dennis!


What are you doing here?

- Paul told me he was comin'.

I-I had to come get my lady back anyway. So--

- You're stupid.


- That's the spirit. - Yeah.

- Tanya is having a family party.

Ooh, girl, why I told him that I was going to Drake

and LeBron James party.

He gonna imagine me in the room with ballers doin' this,

doin' that, poppin' bottles.

Really, I'm gonna eat cornbread with somebody auntie, girl.


But I do gotta post a thirst trap picture

just 'cause, you know.

Huh? I can't hear you, girl.

The reception is bad, girl.

What? Girl, it said no connection.

It's poor. You're--



- He text me and says,

"Time to go get my lady back."

I said, "Let's go. Let's mount up."

- Yeah. You know, I'm ready.

I'm-I'm ready to--


I'm gonna have to get back on--

- You got that through security?

- Yeah. - Ooh, I missed this ring.

- I might have to-- - Dennis.

- I'm gonna-- I'm-I'm gonna have to get back on one knee.

[gasps] Yeah, I'm on a mission.

- The cherry on top of why Porsha and I

are good friends is because our guys are friends.

So, I'm so excited because I've been praying for this.

I've been hoping and supporting,

both Paul and I,

for Dennis and Porsha to just come to a better place.

How are you gonna do this?

- I-I don't know.

- Coming up next...

- The issue is, who is the snake?

- Have we cancelled out Yovann?

- I think Yovanna's ready to crack.

- Yovanna, can you come here for a second?


- Hey, Tanya. - Hi.

I was just checking to see how far you guys were.

- Everyone's here. We're-we're--

I thought we were waiting for you.

- Cool. We'll see you guys soon.

- Let's roll. - Yes, ma'am.

- You're over here shinin' on us.

- Shiny-shiny. [laughter]

[indistinct singing]

- Okay, are you guys ready?

- Yes. - Yeah.

- Okay listen, I'm Tanya.

Genuinely, I'm really just really happy

that you guys are here,

and you guys are gonna have, like, a really good time,

and I'm talking really, really fast.

[indistinct muttering]


And, um, let's just have fun, okay, guys?

Just, like, yay, team! Yeah.

- Porsha, you gotta pick somebody to imitate.

- Oh, God.

[laughter] - But it can't be me.

- Okay. I gotta stand up.

- All right.

- Okay, so, the person standing up

is the person standing up.

- Don't get your feelings hurt, whoever.

- Hi.

No, we're here.

- It's Cynthia.

- We're here.

- Talkin' to Mike.

- No, we just got there.

- Oh, my God. [laughter]

- Oh, you said, "Who's calling?"

This is Mike.

[laughter] - All right.

- Okay, honey, bye.

[laughter] - That was good.

- Kandi, you're tagged in.

- Yes, honey, these legs, honey.

These legs.

[laughter] - No, you didn't.

- The HBIC is here, honey.

[laughter] The original.

- Don't do it. Don't do it, Kandi.

- The HBIC.


- Boop. - Don't do it, Kandi.

- Ooh, you may need to call me about your dress.

I'm concerned.

[laughter] - What?

- Oh, Eva, uh, looking plain, as always.

[laughter] - Oh, really?

- Yes, um, no, I'm-I'm here with NeNe.

Um, you don't know who I am?

I'm that bitch.

[laughter] From [indistinct].

You don't remember me? Thank you.

Well, you'll remember next time.

[laughter] Thank you. Thank you.

- I have one. I have one. I got one.

- I like them [indistinct]. Um, the--

- Okay. All right, Kandi.

- Hey, y'all. What you got to eat, girl?

What you got? What you got?

What you got? You got some chicken?

- Porsha.

- You got some deviled eggs? I gotta get some deviled eggs.

- Not them deviled eggs, honey.


- Uh, now, bitch.

- I can't put my finger on it, but it's really creepy.

- I'm not about to be asking everybody for deviled eggs

because everybody deviled eggs is not good.

- No, that's Porsha. - Sh--, it's time to eat.

- It's gotta be Porsha.

[burps] - Oh, excuse me.

It must be the deviled egg.


So, all I do, is ask for chicken all the time?

- You ask for food all the time.

- I don't know if I quite ask for chicken.


[indistinct chatter]

- Hello.

[screaming] - Hi!

- You guys! Muah.

What took you guys so long?

Oh, my God. - Gorgeous.

- Eva, there's Eva.

- Oh, my God, you look so cute. - Hi, baby!

- This is definitely not a auntie's party.

Maybe Lebron and Drake are here.


- Is this all your family up here?

- Friends, family-- like, literally,

I went to high school, grade school, college.

- I don't know how you move from Canada.

It is so beautiful here. - Mm-hmm.

- 'Cause we're not here.

- The people are so sweet.

- So, what made you move?

Like-- - Yeah.

- It was at-at the time when, like,

everybody was travel nursing.

So, I lived in New York for, like, six years,

and then I've been in Atlanta since 2011.

And then when I met Paul, I was like...

- It's a wrap.

Canada was never gonna see you again.

- Oh, Canada. - No.

- Hey! - What up?

- Whoo! Oh, my God.

- How are you? Good to see you.

- I'm good. - I like that color.

- Ooh.

[indistinct chatter] Look at you, in love.


- Okay, cheers to Tor-- what'd you call it?


- Tanada. - Tanada.

- Oh, Tanada.

- No, no, it's Tanya time in Tanada.

- Cheers to Tanya's time in Tanada.

To love, life, sex, and blessings.


- Where y'all goin'?

- We'll be back.

- We're just moving around the party.

- Oh, you're gonna mingle.

Any single guy, send this way.


- Somebody's granddaddy.

With good credit.

- Well, I said somebody's granddaddy.

- Can you make me a mixed drink with some Hennessey?

- Some Hennessey? - Uh-huh.

- Sure. - Whatever you come up with.

- Okay.

- It's just really weird sitting in a group of girls.

- Right.

- And you don't know if one of those girls

is really the snake.

- That's what I was thinking.

Now, I'm gonna be honest.

- You think it's true?

- Oh, I definitely think it's true.

- Why?

- At all the things that NeNe is,

why would she come up with a story that,

oh, somebody recorded Cynthia talkin'?

- Right.

- Like, that doesn't-- why would you make that up?

Like, for what? - Well--

- Sometimes when the truth is bad enough, why add to it?

- She's not gonna deny that she said somethin'

because she was in her right to say it.

- Right, right, right. - The issue is,

who is the bitch that recorded it?

- That's my point. - Who is the snake?

- Have we cancelled out Yovann? [indistinct].

- No, I'm not canceling her.

- Have we cancelled her out? - You're not?

- I don't know her like that.

- Oh, you think she a liar?

- Yeah, but you have asked her.

- Because I have asked her multiple times.

You know? - What?

- Who did the recording?- No ide

- Why don't we ask her?

You know, snakes get bothered when you mess with 'em, right,

if you're the snake?

If you're not a snake,

you're gonna lay there and be cool.

So, if we ask you, you shouldn't get all bothered.

- Then maybe that'll push her to wanna tell who it is.

- Exactly, to get her ass out the fire.

[laughter] - You're the bad cop this time.

- Why I gotta be the bad cop?

- Because you need to be.

- Okay, I-I don't want her to be nasty with me.

[laughter] - I don't care.

I want her to be nasty with me?

- We are the three detectives, all right?

Kenya is the bad cop.

I am kind of the nice cop slash bad cop.

Kandi is mainly gonna play quiet,

and we're gonna be the ones to drill this girl.

- I think Yovanna is ready to crack.

- Let's go get Yovanna. - Really? Let's go.

- Yeah, she's been feeling the pressure.

- Okay.

Yovanna, can you come here for a second?

- Coming up next...

- Somebody recorded Cynthia talking crap about NeNe.

Do you know anything about that?

- I know who- who did.

- One of these. - Spread out a little bit.

- It's a mixed drink with Hennessey.

- You didn't put nothin' in it, did you?

- What are you drinking? You want a shot?

- Why are you guys trying to lure me with alcohol?

What's going on?

- No, this is your drink, right here.

- No, no, no. Something's going on.

What is this? - What?

- Where's y'all's drink? - Right here.

- This is mine, and I just had a soda.

- Y'all this is so nice.

- It really is.

- I didn't even know this exist.

I thought it was a boring town.

- Vancouver is cute, but it's not as fun as Toronto.

- This is very cute.

- You know what?

Let me say somethin' really quick, too.

Cynthia had called me to ask--

Said that she wanted to thank you for your card

and your platter, and what did you wanna say?

- I wanted to say thank you.

- I didn't tell her.

- Aww, you're welcome.

Like, you could never say thank ya.

Thank ya. You're welcome.

- No, it was-- it was very sweet.

- Yeah.

- She tried to text you. - I did.

Uh, I asked Marlo to tell you to unblock me.

[laughter] I've unblocked your number.

- See? She ask-- she asked you to unblock her.

- Well, she had me blocked, first.


- Typical NeNe-- tit for tat.

She blocked me back.

- I'm glad to see Mike do his thing on one knee

'cause I know the, like, real kinda first date

when we did karaoke, and he took off his shirt.

He be like-- - That was the turning point,

'cause I was like-- - 'Cause you weren't so sure.

- As you can see, it worked out, child.

It all worked out.

- It worked out. It worked out. Ahh!

- I told ya. Ain't it big?

- That's nice. - Thank you.

- That is huge.

- That's the whole rock, ain't it?

I see the stone. I can see the stones.

- Something's up. What's up?

- What do you think is up? - You--

- Why you watching us?

- I'm just trying to understand the dynamics

of-of-of everything.

- You know, I have a question.

- So, I've just been watching--

kinda watch how you ladies operate.

- And how-how do you think we operate?

- I think it's a lotta-- a lotta foo-foo going on.

- Foo-foo? - She said, "Foo-foo."

- Y'all know what I mean by foo-foo.

You know, everyone claims to be real,

but that's not what I see.

- So, talking about real, let's talk about real.

- Oh, that's not what you see?

- That's not what I see.

- Seriously, hold on, hold on, hold on.

- What?

- So, she brought up something, talking about bein' real.

So, some things have come up in this group

that they are questioning

who is not being real in the group.

Never take your eyes off the subject.

Never let 'em see you sweat

and make sure you get all the answers,

or they will pay for telling you lies.

- Okay.

- What are you doing?


- I know it's you.

You're the snake.

I can make a great handbag out of you one day.

You are insinuating as if I--

- No, no, not you, but did you?

- Did I? No, I didn't.

- You didn't?

- I have-- I-I-I know who-who did.

- Oh, so, you know who did.

- I know.

- Is it somebody in our circle?

- Absolutely.

- Really?

- Is there-- is that person here today?

- I'm not gonna speak on that.

- If you know that somebody's a snake,

and you're not telling the rest of the group,

you're fake.

- At least give us something.

- That's not my place to tell.

When they're comfortable coming forward with it,

they will do that.

- So, are they here tonight?

Girl! - Ugh.

- That's some bullsh--.

- And if they recorded Cynthia,

they could be recording me.

I wanna know who that person is,

so I can get them away from me,

and I will never be comfortable around you.

- You guys keep attacking me.

- Attacking is a totally different thing

than asking someone a series of questions

that are relevant to the point we are trying to get to,

which is, who is the snake?


- I'm not at liberty to speak.

- Like, everything we ask her,

she's saying the same thing.

Either she's really good at telling the same lie

multiple ways, or she's not the snake.


- I'm just gonna start with a little toast.

I am so happy to be home.

This is my city, born and raised in Toronto!


And I wanna introduce all my new friends

to my old friends and family from my heart, Toronto.

- Aww.

- I've been out of Toronto for a very long time,

but I wanted to bring my girlfriends from Atlanta

to Toronto to experience Carnival

and to understand what really

famil-la-la-la-la- la-la-la-ly is.

So, we brought a special guest here

to really show you how important love is.

Hit it, DJ!

- Oh, my God!

- Next time, on "The Real Housewives of Atlanta"...

- Whoo! Carnival!


- Yes, bitch.


- If you have heard that someone's man in the group

is cheating, would you want to know?

- I don't know who the (BLEEP) you gonna be talkin' to

like that, okay? - Okay, ladies.

- The most insecure woman in the room.

- Marlo! - No, no, no!

[indistinct yelling]

- I will (BLEEP) you up, bitch!

- Stop! - No, NeNe! No, no, no!

- Listen, let me tell you somethin'.

- NeNe, no!

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