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So now all the

studio needs is a few finishing touches

or as I like to call it door bling.

Today I'm meeting with the guys from

FSB and it's not a moment too soon

because we have a hodgepodge handle

situation happening.

Hi how are you?

Good Kerry how

are you?

I was actually just ready to go

and count all the different handles we

have throughout the studio and since

we're gonna be replacing them with you

guys I thought you could help me.

Great let's do it!

All right let's go do it.

One, two, three, four, five, six.

FSB has been

around for a long time creating timeless

designs all while staying ahead of the


So these are the handles that

we've actually put into the studio and a

design is beautiful can you tell me more

about it?

Sure that's what we call our

1241 it's designed by RDAI in France

it's a really new and unique design

because it goes from a square to an oval

shape which is extremely difficult to


At FSB design isn't out of reach they've

even developed an innovative approach to

making handles that keep germs from


So tell me about your history?

So family-owned companies since 1881

really got our start in brass and bronze

cabinet fittings an in-house design by

the name of Johann Petenti began to

create levers that are molded to the

hand a very comfortable feeling so it's

an extension of the hand we collaborated

with up-and-coming designers and architects to give us their

vision of what a lever would feel like in

the hand or what it would be like and of

course you get a lot of different

designs that come out of that.

Yeah I think it's

something that we take for granted just

everyday we see door handles but when

you see one that stands out like yours

does and how you're saying it's very

ergonomic I mean is that something you

wouldn't think that people have put so

much thought into.

Well sure typically

people will put think of a lever as just

something to operate a door open to the

door with FSB we consider it an extension of the hand or the

interaction between people and architecture

that's what you're doing, you're taking

the art and putting it into something

like the handle and you were saying for a

little while that the designs have kind

of changed what people are asking

for has kind of changed over time so

what was popular before and what's

popular now and how is that morphed?

Well it does

shift there are some timeless looks

stainless steel seems to last for an

eternity but black has become a very

popular finish over the last year or two

and also a finish that was popular years

ago, satin brass is now kind of the new

look again.

Code also plays a little bit

of a role there in California a door

lever is required to return to within a

half inch of the door we're in the East

Coast that's not a code requirement,

interesting, so we offer levers that have

a return to the door but still continue

to keep the timeless design.

Who knew staying up to code could look

so good.

So we really have to work hard

on which levers were able to create a

return and make it look natural, make it

look fluid, we we take security, you

have to it but then we don't want it to

just be an ugly-looking lock or piece of

hardware on the door we want something

that's beautiful that really complements

the design of the room and the door and

what the designer is looking for what

the homeowner or office owner is looking


But we we put them into series we

have our premium series which is our

stainless steel and bronze product, we

have our element series which is all of

our aluminum products and has a number

of different finishes, and then we have a

new series called transitions which is

our forged brass and that's a little bit

more price sensitive because not everybody can afford everything

that we make.

I mean we kind of stole the page

out of the German car manufacturing book,

BMW has a 7 series, a 5 series, a three


Mercedes has theirs, we're trying

to do the same thing, so that everybody

can get great design and within their


So whether you have a nice budget or

whether you have a price conscious

budget you've got a covered for them.

Absolutely it's the little details when

you get into what we do.

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