Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Multiplayer

Difficulty: 0

Welcome to the multiplayer demo

to use Multiplayer you need to have a multiplayer license

If you dont have one, you can purchase this via the Tacx Online web shop

the Tacx multiplayer works as follow

customers will open their own server so that other riders can join

the host can determine when a race will start

or makes a specific timeframe when he wants to start the race

when a user opens a server it is visible for all the Tacx users having a multiplayer license


in Films you do purchase the specific film that is selected

on Current Races you will see the multiplayer races that are organized and the ones that are already started

if the race is already running then you will not be able to join

you are able to filter the Type of training by selecting the checkboxes on the right

select the Race you want to join and press Join

on Organize Race you can select any ride

select training type and course

name the race and change any of the other settings

you can even attach a password to a race, when you want to organize a private race with friends

once you have start the Server you will enter the lobby

this is the waiting area

you can see that other riders are joining you

we also added a frame image that other rides see now when they want to joining a server

you do not have to wait for the 45 minutes

but the organizer can start when everybody

select ready or just start when he wants to

if you have GPS license you can follow on the GPS map where the opponents are

it is also possible in the lower settings or check above how far they are in front or behind you

you can stop the multiplayer ride anytime you like and save the data

this can be analysed in the Analyser

after the race everybody will receive an email in this email you can read the results from the race

The Description of Multiplayer