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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: We Tried Every Breakfast Item From Starbucks

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- Hi, I'm Becky.

- And I'm Katie.

- And we are trying every hot breakfast item from Starbucks.

(bouncy music)

On a week day, I just throw a banana down my throat

just to be alive, and then on the weekend if I'm hungover

then it's definitely Starbucks.

- I almost always eat breakfast.

Generally I'll make an egg bake or something

that I'll have. - What?!

- Or sometimes I make little egg cups.

- I am very familiar with a Starbucks breakfast.

I almost purposely make sure I move into buildings

with a Starbucks on the corner.

- That's a commitment.

- It's actually quite easy.

- Yeah they're everywhere (laughs).

- This is the classic oatmeal.

- We've got little packets.

We are building our own, building our own little oatmeal.

Here we got brown sugar, it looks like,

some fruit, nuts, are you allergic to nuts?

- No, I just don't like them. - Agreed.

So, should we go all in?

That's a lot of sugar, I'm gonna go all in.

- Whoa, it made a whole layer!

- What dried fruit do we have?

It looks like cranberries of different colors.

Will you do the honors of mixing this?

- Yes. Here we go.

- So far, loving the activity part of this.

- This is fun, you could do this with a friend like us.

- Yeah.

- Or you could do it alone, on the bus.

That was a rhyme.

- Okay, should we...

- It's not ready yet!

(both laugh)

I'm late for work.

- (laughs) You go first.

- Okay.

- And then, I won't look at your face.

(both laugh)

- Mmm, that's pretty good when you make it properly,

when you don't leave all the ingredients out like I do.

- Why would you leave all the ingredients out?

- Because I wasn't eating sugar

and Starbucks put so much sugar in everything.

Sorry Starbucks.

- I like it.

- I give that a yes, because it's customizable,

it's compact, and it's clever.

- It's an activity to do with friends.

This is a maybe and what I mean is

it's a maybe cause it just needs to be the right settings.

Like if it's a rainy day, then I'm gonna go for that guy.

We have the reduced-fat turkey bacon

which is my favorite so far that I've had before.

So it's a wheat English muffin, egg, white cheddar.

- And disappointing bacon.

- Oh, at the same time?

- Yeah. - Okay, lets...

(both laugh)

Okay, we've got this.

- [Both] One, two, three.

- Tastes like a warm blanket.

- Yeah, got the texture of a blanket.

- This is an obvious yes.

Definitely is my go to.

- Yeah, I don't hate it.

It's fine, it just tastes healthy.

I don't want to be shamed ever again

into eating this sandwich.

So I'm always going to pick the sandwich I like more.

Therefore it's a no.

It's not disgusting, it's just not my sandwich of choice.

- We'll just agree to disagree.

- This is a sausage, egg and cheddar breakfast sandwich.

- All right, this is like a classic breakfast sandwich.

Are you ready?

- I love this.

- I'd like it a little crispier.

- Crispier, eh?

- So maybe if there's a way to toast it a little more.

- A word of advice, if you're ever hungover

one of these and a full-fat Monster Energy Drink.

You're fine.

Doesn't matter how early you get up.

- This is a maybe.

- This is a yes and I'm gonna keep eating it.

- Oh, all right.

- Double-smoked bacon, cheddar, egg sandwich.

- Okay, ooo it's on a-- - Wow!

- Kind of flat croissant.

- Ready?

- Ready, yep, mm-hmm.

- It tastes like a Starbucks coffee, why?

Can you taste coffee?

- I think the smoke is what you're tasting as coffee.

Even though this is a very flat croissant

so texture-wise not the fluffiest.

I would say the buttery croissant is very delicious.

- I like it, yeah.

It's probably one of the highest calorie ones.

So I probably wouldn't pick it.

- For me, this is a yes.

Hell yes.

- I think I'm gonna have to go with yes.

It's a nice decadent one.

Maybe another good hangover one.

- This is the sous vide, egg white and red pepper

little egg cuppy looking things.

I've gotta say, it's dense.

- It's very dense.

That's gotta be the densest thing on the planet.

- Yeah.

- Like a tiny omelet.

- It's a little bit mushy.

- It reminds me of something you'd get at a weird party.

The more I eat, the more I'm a maybe.

- Okay.

- What about you?

- Yeah, I'm a maybe.

It just wouldn't be the first thing.

- Yeah.

- But I wouldn't not eat it.

- Continuing with the sous vide bites,

this is ham, cheddar and peppers.

I'll take one out and then you take one out.

- Ooo I like the, you know more of the egg look,

not the egg white look.

Still very dense.

It's very kind of quiche-y.

- It's like a quiche.

- I like this.

The cheese is good.

I'm down, I'm 100, I'm in.

- I'm 100.

- You're sold, and I'm in.

Is this a double yes?

- Yes.

- Continuing with the sous vide eggs,

these are the bacon and I can't do it--

- Gruyere.

- Gruyere? Gruyere? Gruyere?

However you want to say it.

It's very rich.

I don't know if there's like butter in this

but then the bacon grease.

I like it, but I like the other one better.

- I like both equally.

This one does feel a little richer.


- It's a maybe if I'm feeling really indulgent then yes,

but it wouldn't be something

if I just wanted a quick little light like a light bite,

it would be a no.

- Sous vide egg again, when will they end?

Chicken chorizo and tortillas.

- This sounds delicious.

- This sounds, yeah this is a fun one.

- I'm all in.

- I do love Mexican food-- - Insane.

- and this is Mexican-inspired I guess.

- Yes.

- Oh my god it tastes like a tortilla.

- I love this.

- It tastes like chilaquiles.

- Is that cilantro?

There's an herb I'm getting in here that tastes really good.

- It's cilantro.

- [Both] Yes!

- No!

- What?

- I don't like it (laughs).

- Oh, I love it!

- I don't like it.

I don't like it, it's weird.

- This is a chicken sausage and bacon biscuit sandwich.

- Yes.

- All right.

Cheers! Cheers!

- Oh wait.

God bless America, mixing that sweet with that savory.

- I know.

- This is recently my go to but only when I'm

I keep, I'm not an alcoholic.

Only when I'm hungover.

- It is so rich with the biscuit and the sweetness

that I couldn't do it all the time.

This would just be when I really want to treat myself.

So this is a yes.

- Hell yeah!

This is a

- [Both] Two hell yeah!

- Bacon, gouda, egg sandwich.

- What?!

- I don't know if it's good.

It doesn't deserve the fanfare.

Let's do that at the end.

- Is this what we call a ciabatta bread?

- Yeah, this is a ciabatta.

- Okay, it's a little dry.

- Yeah, I've never really been much of a panini woman.

- This isn't a panini!

A panini would be pressed, more cheese.

- No just that dusty, hard bread.

Do you know what I mean?

It's square all the time?

- This is a no for me.

It's not terrible, it's just, there's been better.

- I'm going to give it,

you know what, on a weekday if I was in a rush,

and I didn't want to eat badly for the weekday,

I might get this.

So maybe.

I'm gonna give it like a low-end maybe.

- This is the spinach and feta and egg white breakfast wrap.

It's wrap.

- Wow! - I've had it before.

- You have? - Mmm-hmm.

I like it.

- It looks a bit--

- I think you're gonna be surprised.

Sun-dried tomatoes are in there.

- Oooo! - You're getting that?

- I like the sun-dried.

- That's key.

- I like it!

I'm very pleasantly surprised.

I thought I'd hate it because it looks dry and healthy.

- Yeah.

- Like my ex-wife.

- I would eat this for dinner.

I would eat this for lunch.

I'd eat it for breakfast.

It's like super, it tastes more like a sandwich to me

even though there's egg in it.

- I wouldn't eat it for breakfast actually, you're right.

I would prefer it for lunch.

- Yes. It's a yes!

- I'm going to give it a lunchtime yes.

- A lunchtime yes (laughs).

It's a breakfast item but it's a lunchtime yes.

- Roasted ham, swiss and egg breakfast sandwich.

- Oooo!

- Oh look, there's another breakfast sandwich.

- Another croissant.

Ready? - Okay, yes I am.

I'm really full.

- I like the Swiss on this!

I'm gonna say something right now.

This is my favorite.

- Dropped the sandwich.

- Dropped the sandwich because it's so good.

This is my favorite. - It's your favorite?

- That Swiss on there with the salt

and then the sweet, buttery croissant?

Yes, I'm all in.

I'm doing this.

- For me, it's a little dry.

- Are we eating the same sandwich?

- I'm gonna give this one a maybe

just based on the fact that it has a croissant which I like.

I like croissants in general.

And it's not bad, so it's a maybe.

- This is the spicy chorizo, Monterey jack and egg sandwich.

- Oh, it's got flecks of color in it.

Like herbs and such.

Oh wait, you ready for this?

- Yep.

- (laughs) that was loud.

- Hmmm.

- Ooo.

Not for breakfast for me but I like it.

I mean I like chorizo.

- It's too dry.

It just needs a sauce with it.

- You're right.

All these sandwiches are relatively dry.

There's no sauce.

- Which I get because it would make it soggy.

You know storing it, - That's true.

- It's smart and the cheese is helping that,

but this type of bread is a little too dry for me.

This is a maybe almost no.

- Yeah, I'm going to give it a maybe

just because I would probably,

maybe I would eat that for lunch sometime.

This is more of a lunchtime episode.

It's a lunchtime maybe.

- It's a lunchtime maybe.

- Okay!

We did it!

It's happened, all the items.

I didn't know we could make it, but we did.

- I'm so full of eggs and bread.

We tasted some really great stuff.

Some, you know, all right,

but I'm impressed with the variety, really, that they have.

- I'm glad we learned all this,

because I didn't know they made this many things

and now if my favorite item isn't available

perhaps I wouldn't be as angry about a replacement.

- [Katie] We tried them and now you should try them

and let us know what your favorites are.

- [Becky] Did we insult your favorite Starbucks item?

Do you agree with us?

What'd you reckon?

Let us know in the comments.

(light jazzy music)

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