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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Ep. 2 เมื่อมันปิด!! ขอกินย้อมใจที่ปีนัง | Penang, Malaysia

Difficulty: 0

Closed! x2



It's closed.

Are you sure we can take this road?

I have no idea!



Here comes another.

I haven't got revaccinated.

I'm not properly immunized now, so please don't ...

Good morning!

I'm going to Penang Hill today.

I'm leaving this early when it's still dark because I want to watch the sunrise.

Here's what's special about Penang Hill.

When you ride the tram up to the top

you'll have a panoramic view of the city.

It's on my list of must-visit places in Penang.

That's why I dragged myself out of bed at 6 am.

Closed! x2



Closed from Jan 6-14.

[♬ All I can do is take the pain. ♬]

[It's on my list of must-visit places.]

[I dragged myself out of bed at 6 am.]

By the time this video is posted, it should have reopened.

But at the time of filming, it's closed.

I'm heartbroken.

How about we hike?

I've read somewhere that there's a trekking trail.

Let's give it a try.


Are you sure we can take this road?

You're asking me?

I have no idea!

This is not part of my plan.

My plan was to take the tram!

I forgot to tell you one thing.

I'm still wearing EZY Ankle Pants.

But these have a striped pattern.

[Is not the time for a plug?]

Perfect for an uphill hike!

My goodness.


There's a dog behind you.

Don't you dare!

I haven't got revaccinated.

I'm not properly immunized, so please don't!



I'm cornered!

Kat-chan, you're afraid?

Don't be! [Keep the camera still!]

[Keep the camera still!]

Here comes another.

Over there.


[Let's go back.]

Fine, we'll head back down.


Don't bite me, doggie.

Excuse me.

Can I take this path up to Penang Hill?

(In Chinese) I can't?

(In Chinese) You can't.

You have to go back down.

You'll see a small shrine.

And you'll see a path there.

Thank you!

Did I get all of that?

About 20%!

Is this the trail?


[Let's ask for directions.]

For hiking?

The gate has been closed for years.

So, what you can do is walk down.

The first road to the left.

And then keep going that way.

You'll see 1890 Heritage Trail.

That's the starting point of the trail.

How long does it take?

Over 2 hours?

2 hours!

You're unlucky. It's closed.

It's annual maintenance.

Twice a year.

So, we're the lucky ones.

You can go to the botanical garden.

Botanical garden? Where is it?

It's another part.

There are 4-wheel drive vehicles that take you up there.

How much does it cost?

It's going to be RM160 (THB 1200) for a round trip.

If you have 5-6 people, it's OK.

But you're a party of two.

If more people come, you can talk to them.

You can form a party of 6-7 people and share.

Or let's go eat dim sum.

Thank you so much!

I'll check out the Botanical garden, then.

Because I'm loaded.

I've been there, my friend.

It's not only me.

I want to roll the window down and shout to them:

"You wanna share a ride to the botanical garden?"

Is this the botanical garden?

Is it?

It's completely deserted.



Penang Hill?

All are open.

Except the Habitat. It's closed.

This one is closed?

The one that's so beautiful?

I wanted to visit the section with a stunning walkway.

And it's closed.

Entry will set me back quite a bit, too.

THB 1500.

So, I think I'll just go get some food instead.

[Because I'm loaded ]

Do you feel me?

This restaurant is called Tai Tong.

I came here once a couple of years ago.

It was phenomenal.

That's why I'm coming back today.

I'm gonna use pictures to order.


I'm getting all of these.

[Speaking in Chinese]


And pork as well?

You want BBQ pork?

BBQ pork.

- OK, thank you. - Thank you.

There's also a dim sum cart going around.

This one.

Pork ribs.


Shrimp? Wait.

I'll wait. OK.

Here they are!

- OK, thank you. - Thank you.

Where are you from?



Are these enough?

Are these enough?

Blame it on my impulse.

Let's start with the red bean bun.

It's a BBQ pork bun

[Red bean bun]

It's so good.

Their black bean bun is said to be the best.

The black bean filling is so smooth.

I'll take some home for my mom.




Slightly tangy.

The noodles are so tender.

The shrimp is also very fresh.

Here's my favorite dish: steamed pork ribs with black bean paste

So good!

You think I've come to Penang for sightseeing?

I've come for the food!

Verdict: Everything is delicious.

Next, we're going to get ourselves some dessert.

I've been told this stall always has a long line out front and their Chendul is amazing.

We'll check that out.

But first, let me finish all this.

We're on Lebuh Keng Kwee Street.

That's our Chendul stall.

With a line out front.

Let's go and try Penang's most famous Chendul.

It's filled to the brim.

Chendul is known in Thailand as Lod Chong.

It can be found in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore.

It's different from the Thai version.

It's not too sweet.

There's a hint of red bean flour or something.

[A few seconds later]

I was enjoying my dessert in front of the stall.

But I have to walk over here because it's swarmed with people.

After I finish my Chendul

I'm gonna head back to Bangkok.

And I'm flying back!

No more train for me!

So, that's Penang!

It's a cozy small town and a perfect destination for a short trip.

It's cheap, and the people are really friendly.

There are also a lot of urban and natural attractions.

If you're not too unlucky, that is.

Before I end this video

a huge thank you to Uniqlo - my trustee travel buddy

I'm a big fan of Uniqlo products, espeically their pants, because they're so easy to wear.

As you can see.

Amazing fits.

A huge variety of designs.

Most importantly, they're so comfy!

Perfect for travelers!

So, that's it for today.

If you want to know where I'm going on my next trip, please stay tuned!

I'm off!

Bye bye!

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