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Tell me about yourself. This can be one of the most

nerve-wracking questions, but when you have an opportunity like a job interview or even networking or

Socializing you are going to be asked this question and you need to know how to respond

So let's stop hesitating

Let's stop the anxiety and let's talk about the best ways to answer this question

So we're going to take a look at some good answers and some really bad answers

Welcome to our company. I'm so pleased to have you here interviewing for the position

So, please tell us a little bit more about yourself first

I really need to know how much this job pays because I've got a couple of loans out

It may be true that you need a job but focus on how you can be of benefit to your potential new

Employer and not about your needs. It's not what the employer can do for you

But what you can do for them don't make it hard on the interviewer avoid one word or very short

answers, make sure that you're supplying all the

information that would be

Useful to your potential employer and beneficial for them to know about you

I'm so glad you're here interviewing with our company today. So Vanessa tell me about yourself

Well, there's so much to say. Yes amazing

It's great to be confident

But don't just talk about how amazing or incredible you are without providing

Logical examples and reasons. This is a great time to tell a very short story

About how amazing you are

But you don't need to say you're amazing pleasure to meet you in person and to have a chance to interview you today

So tell me a little bit more about yourself

well, I've lately been rediscovering my spirituality and

I have been meditating quite a lot

Let's just do it together

Sure that answers that this office has bad, you know, I can't be here you

want to show you a potential employer that you are knowledgeable about them and the company, however

Do not point out what they lack or what they're doing wrong because this can come off as really negative

Just talk about what you might be able to add to the company

Welcome to our company. It's such a pleasure to have you here interviewing

Well, I would first of all like to ask you to tell me a little more about yourself

Well first off, I'm sorry I was late today

I had to get an uber because my car battery actually died and usually my boyfriend would actually give me a ride

But instead, you know, he couldn't you can't see work. We're on a break sometimes so nice to meet you. Tell me about yourself

well, I said that I come from Jamaica and I

Really really really really like sunfish. Hi, welcome to our company

So tell me a little bit about yourself. I would love to tell you about myself

So you're a few important things to know my favorite color is blue and that was a little hard for me, too

I'm amazing. I mean look at me and my parents met in Kingston. I love to dance

I like to draw found solace in

you know going to the beach by myself and looking at the waves and they fell in love and

Also, they had me and I love pizza

We used to have this dog and it was like a German Shepherd, but it was actually mixed with Joe. I'm very positive

The dog we called it brownie because it was brown added dog up until a week ago

Likes actually passed away. Oh, I'm so sorry. Hey, do you have any coffee around you?

I think you already want to hide. Yeah, I don't think this interview even needs to go on. I mean, I think we're done, right?

Mmm if you're at a job interview, and the interviewer asks you to tell me about yourself

They're not asking about your personal life

They don't want to know your favorite color your favorite food or your birthday

They don't want to know all about your family your political views or your religion. This is

totally irrelevant to a job interview

They don't want to know how you got here as a human being so go

Directly to your professional experience and how it relates to the job you are interviewing for

Thank you so much for coming in today to interview at our company. So Vicky tell me about yourself

Well, I grew up in Chicago

I went to college in New York. And now I've just moved to this town

So I'm looking for a new position at my last position

I actually was a marketing director and I increased sales for the company by 30%

Wonderful, welcome to our company. Sometimes it's so nice to meet you. Tell me about yourself

Well, I studied design and I have several years of experience in international companies at my past a job

I successfully redesigned their branding which together with the sales team led to a

25% increase in sales

Excellent. Give a snapshot of your work history

Maybe tell a very short story about your achievements or accomplishments

Especially if you can involve numbers such as I helped to increase

revenue by

10% while I was at my last company. This is always really powerful to give a concrete example

Welcome to our company Vanessa tell me about yourself. Okay, I would love to I

Think that I'm a very experienced language teacher. I really love what I do

I have a passion for teaching and

I I think that shows because my students have given me very highly positive reviews

I actually helped increase enrollment and my last job really it's so exciting

I actually remember that last year I had a student who was not doing well

He wasn't progressing and he was just ready to give up

He decided to talk to me about it, and we were able to work through it and to this day

He writes me and he thinks me all the time for being a part of his life. Oh, that's wonderful

Oh, I love how you were able to motivate your students. It sounds like you could be a great fit

So whenever you tell a mini story make sure that it is

achievement oriented focus on your

Qualifications your experience why you would be a good fit for?

This job and this company and that's really where you can show that you've done your research

Talk about how you looked at the company's websites or the knowledge that you have about them

maybe you've read about them in the news and make sure to tell the employer what you know about this role show them that you've

Read the job description

Thoroughly and you've done your research

Show them why you would be a good fit and show them how prepared you are for

This interview and this question - tell me about yourself

I wish you luck in your next job interview

Please tell us in the comments if you are preparing for a job interview

If you have one coming up what field you're going to be interviewing in and let us know if you have any

Questions about how to have a successful job interview to get the job of your dreams I believe in you

I know that you can do this just make sure that you prepare and you practice and you're going to have a successful

Job interview. Thanks so much for watching now

If you'd like to continue learning and preparing for your job interview

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Difficult job interview questions and how to answer them and may sure that you are subscribed

Right here to go natural English. I will see you in the next lesson. Bye for now

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