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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 17 - improve your English - EXTREMES / HYPERBOLE - 17th October

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we are on baby

oh what a lovely day it is today it really does feel quite nice in fact

welcome today 17 of 31 days of October in 2019 yes it's time to improve your English

hmm are you going to 'stan' mr. Duncan?

apparently this is the trendiest word at the moment if you 'stan' someone

it means you are a loyal fan of someone so apparently all the young people on

the internet nowadays say 'stan' and that means they are a steady fan or they

support a certain person so please stan mr. Duncan I want to turn this into a

hashtag I want to see this trending all over the Internet by the end of today

okay stan mr. Duncan that's me by the way

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today?

are you okay? I hope so are you happy? I hope so

here we go then what day is it today what day is it

it's Thursday

thank you bbbbb out the way go on move out the way hello everybody it's nice to

see you it's Thursday and can I just say the weather is absolutely glorious today

I suppose I should have gone outside however it would have taken too much

time to arrange and sometimes I am a very busy man so let's have a look

outside oh my goodness look at that so that is a live view out of the window

right now and as you can see it is looking very nice the Sun is out and

already you can see many of the leaves on the trees have started to turn we are

now into autumn and there is an actual view right now so that isn't recorded

that is the actual view out of the window right now looking across the

beautiful landscape in the area in which I live I am in England for those

wondering yes I am actually in England there is another live view oh isn't it

nice a little bit of cloud in the sky now during the night I actually woke up

I felt very Restless last night I don't know why please don't ask me why I felt

Restless but I did so I got up I got out of bed and I wondered around the house

and I looked out the window in the moon was out twinkling in the sky and there

were lots of stars as well in the sky because there was very little cloud last

night which might explain the reason why it was so cold so as I was walking

around the house at around about 4 o'clock this morning I realized that the

temperature at night has really dropped so I think last night it was around 3

degrees which is quite cold for nighttime because normally at night

you have no heating in the house so everything was very chilly so I stayed

up for a while however I did come up with some very good ideas for today's

livestream so as I was sitting in a semi sleepy states I wrote some ideas for

today's livestream for example today we will be talking about this word

hyperbole a great word it is a word that describes the behavior of many people

nowadays so when we look at this word hyperbole what does it mean to you so

that is one of the words we'll be looking at today also I have received a

question which I am more than willing to answer mr. Duncan can you tell us what

this phrase means the phrase is miss the boat what does it mean if you miss the

boat well this is a very interesting phrase the meaning of this phrase is to

miss an opportunity or perhaps your chance to do something has passed

unfortunately you have missed your opportunity you have missed your chance

to do something sadly you have missed the boat or we might say that someone

has missed the boat so if you miss the boat it means you have lost your

opportunity your chance has sailed away just like Titanic I do do do do do do do

do do do do do do do

I'll never let you go I'll never let you go oops I've let you go bye-bye

hello to the live chat Oh a lot of people on the live chat I always get

very excited when there are lots of people on the live chat we had grace

Julie and Cho all of you appeared at the same time so can I say hello to all

three of you and congratulations for being first on today's live chat

you see all the emotions all of the emotions that were going across my face

during those applause I was really excited so this is a word we're going to

look at today hyperbole also we are going to look at

types of words that show the most and the least of something extremes is the

word so today we will look at extremes so things that are the most and the

least so when we talk about extremes we are talking about the furthest you can

go or maybe you go further than you should perhaps you go less or you do

less than you should or the very least so when we talk about extremes we are

talking about the most and the least and there are many words that describe

various types of things and we can use extremes to describe them so that is

something we are going to look at today and that is the idea that I came up with

at four o'clock this morning when I was staggering around the house in a

semi-sleep in fact I think I was sleepwalking so this might be the first

ever lesson that I've actually created in my sleep whilst sleepwalking can you

believe it so that coming up later here's an

interesting question this is something I thought of last night as well you never

see blue food how come why don't you ever see blue food have

you ever wondered why you never see blue food it's a very interesting question I

might answer that later on why do you never see blue food of course lots of

things to look at out of the window at this time of year Oh shall we have a

look at something nice so first of all here are some of the flowers that are

still growing in my garden you can see some lovely fuchsias so that particular

flower is called a fuchsia very nice also the sheep are still at the back of

the house and there so that is something that I filmed around about 10 minutes

before starting today's livestream so you can see the sheep are still at the

back of the house they look very comfortable now

even though one or two of them have injured themselves it looks as if

they've fallen over some of the sheep are having difficulty walking but you

can see the sheep look very comfortable very confident and even though I was

standing very close to them at the back of my garden they they really didn't

care they took no notice of me and oh hello you can see my socks that I'm

wearing today I was in the garden a few minutes before starting today's

livestream and you can see I have my colorful socks

but something even more colorful of course are the autumn leaves you can see

already on the grass there are many leaves that have fallen from the trees

lots of different shades of yellow brown red one or two gold leaves as well so

you can see at the moment everything is looking rather nice outside at the

moment isn't it nice it really is it definitely feels as if autumn has

arrived it really does so why don't you ever see blue food have you noticed that

when you go into a shop to buy some food you never see blue food apparently blue

is one of the most enticing colors so that is the reason why you never see

blue food even certain cheese that has a little bit of blue can be quite

off-putting and the reason why people don't like to eat blue food is because

it all goes back to our early ancestors so if something was blue quite often it

meant that it was inedible something that had gone rotten or maybe something

that is poisonous so the reason why you never see blue food is because most

people find it repulsive to look at and they certainly don't want to put it in

their mouths so that is the reason why you never see blue food blue food is

something that is an appetizing so that is why you often see food that is golden

or colorful or of course green so we often see green food as being fresh and

lovely and when we think of blue food we think of something that has gone rotten

or something that spoiled so that's the reason why did you

know that probably I think so because you are also smart well you must be

because you're joining me today on the live chat yes it is 31 days of October

and I am here with you every day during October the month of October 2019 Monday

to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m. just after midday sunday 2 p.m. UK time of

course soon there are going to be some changes with the time so my times will

change well they won't change at all however the clocks towards the end of

October will actually go back is it back is it fall is it fall into water spring

into summer spring forward and fall back yes so we go back one hour in a few

weeks is it a few weeks or a few days oh no I

think it's I think it's is it next week or the week after so I think it's two

weeks from now the clocks here in the UK will change and also many countries will

also change their times and that's when it gets very confusing so as we

officially say goodbye to British Summer Time what a shame what a pity hello to

the live chatters lots of people want to say hello hello to Anna hello Anna

Anna likes the Sheep as you know I love looking at the countryside and also the

nature Green is a lovely color also if you see something that is green you will

assume that you can eat it however blue things

if you see something blue you don't want to eat it isn't it strange

Anna asks a very interesting question when you are in your garden can you

smell the odor from the Sheep do the sheep smell now it is true that the

sheep will do their wee wees and poo poos at the back of my house on the

field that is behind my garden however it is very strange that you can never

smell the animals so whatever animals are at the back of the house you can

never smell them isn't that strange now you would think that we would be able to

smell their poop but you can't it's very strange

maybe I have become accustomed to the smell perhaps maybe maybe not I don't

know really Shahryar says here in sweden it is very gloomy oh well I will try to

send you some of our beautiful sunshine because here it is absolutely marvelous

Patrick says maybe because when something is dead it will turn blue yes

if something goes rotten or if something goes bad quite often it will turn blue

as as the thing becomes moldy so lots of bacteria will grow on the fruit and

quite often it will turn blue and that's the reason why we always avoid food that

is blue in color you never see blue food in fact the only

food I can think of that's blue is certain cheese so certain types of

cheese can have blue in them but it is true we never eat blue food Christina

says mr. Duncan did you have an inspirational moment during the night

yes I did I don't know what happened but I was wandering around the house in the

dark and then suddenly my mind I started to wonder so I was moving

around I was wandering around the house and also I was wandering in my mind

and I came up with some really good ideas today so today we are talking

about extremes how to express extremes in English hyperbole is a word that many

people are using at the moment and the reason is because we seem to live in an

age where people are overstating things or exaggerating or maybe they say

something that is overblown so maybe a small subject or a small thing is made

to seem more serious so hyperbole is something that is used a lot people seem

to enjoy exaggerating or making things seem worse than they are something that

is overblown or exaggerated or a statement that is too forceful so maybe

something that is normal or something you should treat as being casual is made

to seem much more serious than it is so hyperbole is often used in politics I

have been told that I am NOT allowed to say to say this word so today apparently

I am banned I have been censored from saying this so I am not allowed to say

this today but there is a lot of news taking place here in the UK about this

and apparently Europe has said yes unfortunately the Democratic Union Party

the unionists have said no don't worry I will not mean

this word I promise it's gone it's gone apparently one or two people seem to

think that I have become a cult at least I think that's what they said apparently

one or two people have said mr. Duncan do you realize that you have a cult

following what does this mean what does it mean if you have a cult following

well if you have a cult following it means that people like watching you and

maybe in some cases they want to be with you all the time so maybe they want to

watch your lessons all the time however it doesn't necessarily mean that you

have a large audience so maybe maybe this is correct

so maybe my audience is a small group but they are very keen they are very

interested in what I do so apparently some people think that I I have a cult

following I'm not sure about that I'm really not sure about that oh hello -

salad hello salad have you had fresh camel

milk I can safely say that I've never eaten or drunk camel milk no never I've

never tried that ever in my life hello - Maria yes apparently it is the 26th of

October so on day 26 of my 31 days of English the clocks will go back one hour

and that of course will cause lots of confusion for many people and of course

it makes some people late for my lessons however I will not be changing the times

so the times for my lessons will be the same for the

schedule however your clocks might actually be different because we will be

putting our clocks back here in the UK by one hour on the 26th of October hello

vinamra thank you very much all the efforts and

hard work you invested to bring out the best in us can never be repaid in mere

words well that's very kind of you to say we can only feel grateful for having

a teacher like you good evening from India hello to you as well did you see

my live lesson yesterday I was in the kitchen and I was talking about Indian

food so one of the things I mentioned was Indian food because I liked it very

much Giovani likes my t-shirt this is rather

nice isn't it in fact I bought this from mr. Steve's colleague so one of mr.

Steve's colleagues was selling some t-shirts that he had bought from someone

else I hope they weren't stolen I hope I'm not wearing something that's been

stolen I really do anyway to cut a long story short this is

a t-shirt that I bought from one of mr. Steve's colleagues so now you know it

was very cheap as well hello - sorry cat hello winter is coming

it certainly is it definitely felt like summer last night it definitely did

politicians talk with hyperbole nowadays says Anna yes everything is always

exaggerated everything is always overstated so if

you overstate something if you exaggerate if you are trying to make a

point and maybe you are trying to scare people or to make people more worried

than they need to be quite often people will use hyperbole

especially in politics if we leave Europe everything will be a disaster if

we stay in Europe everything will be a disaster so sometimes on both sides of

the argument you might find there is a lot of hyperbole a lot of exaggeration a

lot of overstating of things to get people worried or upset I think so

hyperbole something you will see quite often hello Tamiko thank you once again

for your lovely photographs of your trip that you had in Japan you can eat shaved

ice cream with blue colored syrup apparently this particular syrup is

called blue Hawaii yes that is very interesting now I remember

when I was little and we used to be able to get something called an ice lolly so

it was like a lollipop but it was made of ice and I remember there was one

particular type of ice lollipop that was blue and when you ate it it would make

your mouth in your tongue turn blue and sometimes around the edge of your mouth

would also turn blue so yes sometimes you might see things that are colored

blue especially dessert or ice cream but generally in life you won't see blue

food very strange

Luis makes a very interesting point people think that pigs are the dirtiest

animals but it is not true sheep are much dirtier yes a lot of people think

that pigs are actually quite dirty but in fact I think well I've never seen a

dirty pig I'll be honest with you although sometimes they do like

roll around in their own muck something I don't recommend

hello also to Patrick again yes this t-shirt was not secondhand so it wasn't

owned by another person so they were new but they were being sold off very

cheaply by a shop so one of Steve's friends actually bought a lot of them

and sold them but this wasn't very expensive it was very cheap I never buy

new clothing as you know I never buy new clothes unless I have to

even my socks many of my socks now have holes in them unfortunately but I never

change my clothing as if I unless I have to

so as soon as my clothing starts to dissolve on my body I will normally I

will normally buy a new thing maybe underwear or socks but nothing

else so I don't really spend much money on clothing to be honest it is now 231

it is just after half past two here in the UK we are going to have a look at an

excerpt from one of my lessons because yesterday I was asked if I could give

some advice about giving a speech so if you are about to give a speech or make a

speech in front of a group of people here is some very useful advice from one

of my very old lessons going back 11 years

is mr. Duncan

this is on ladies and gentlemen horrible judges

I mean honorable judges the title of my speech is I'm sorry I'm very nervous I'm

sorry I can't do this

hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today

are you okay I hope so are you happy I hope so

in this lesson we will examine the skin healing process of preparing and giving

a public speech apparently the two things that people are most afraid of

are death and public speaking sadly there is not much we can do about the

first one however there are ways to improve your confidence when it comes to

making a speech to a crowd of people the first thing you need to learn and

improve is your confidence speaking in front of people can be very scary so

first of all you need to get used to the idea of doing it especially if it's your

first time

who's the fairest of them all not you it's not very nice

it may seem like a strange thing to do but practicing in front of a mirror is a

great way to build some of that initial confidence get used to your own

mannerisms and ways of showing what you are saying facial expressions and body

language are just as important as the words you are saying if you happen

to have one of these wonderful devices then you are well on your way to

improving your vocal technique using a tape recorder can help you to get

accustomed or used to the sound of your own voice it may feel a little strange

hearing yourself at first but after a while you will begin to enjoy it and

your confidence will slowly build isn't that right yes mr. Duncan I suggest you

start off with some simple words and sentences and as you listen to the sound

of your own voice you will be able to hear where there may be some problems

one common problem which arises is the speed of speaking there is no need to

rush what you are saying give the audience a chance to hear your words of

course you must also speak clearly so don't rush it and don't mumble once you

are confident enough then you can move on to speaking in front of a small

audience get a few of your friends together or members of your family or

even your classmates to listen this will allow you to get used to speaking in

front of a crowd once you have built up your confidence and you feel ready to

face the audience you must then prepare your main speech it is good if you can

talk about something you are interested in if the topic is free and open then

you can talk about your hobbies or your favorite story or share an experience

from your life wow that judges will love this write the speech down clearly on

paper or type it out using a computer and slowly learn it paragraph by

paragraph do not try to learn it all at once if you feel tired then take a rest

finally here are some useful tips I would like to share with you when

speaking to a crowd try to use your body as a way of making the speech more vivid

and clear hand gestures are very useful and remember to always keep your eyes on

the audience if you forget a part of the speech do not panic just carry on from

the part you remember it's so hot in here

I hope this advice has been useful speaking in public is not easy but with

regular practice and steady confidence-building you will be alright

I should know I follow this advice myself

Wow look at that going way back in time to 2008 I can't believe it I feel so old

now that was a lesson from 11 years ago can you believe it and that is the

reason why I look so young in that video now of course I look old and gray it's

not fair now yesterday I was showing you some

food in the kitchen and I don't want you to think that I have an unhealthy

lifestyle now I'm going to prove now that not all of the food I eat is

unhealthy quite often I eat healthy food as well so for example can you see there

there are some some lovely lentils so lentils are something that I eat a lot

of so quite often I will have lentils when I'm eating curry or maybe in soup

so there are many ways to eat this particular thing so yes I like eating

lentils I eat lentils a lot so not all of my

diet is unhealthy it would appear if you were watching

yesterday it would appear that I'm always eating junk food it isn't true

even though last night we had pizza and I think I put too much garlic on the

pizza and that's the reason why I was awake early this morning walking around

the house like a zombie because I couldn't get to sleep I think I put too

much garlic in my curry sorry in my pizza we're having curry tomorrow night

Mangala says I watched that lesson that you just showed two years ago oh my

goodness even two years is a long time so imagine going back in time 11 years

or even 13 years can you believe it so I've been making these you

to blessin's now for almost 13 years at the end of this month I will be

celebrating my 13th anniversary on YouTube Maria you know mr. Duncan we

have a food stall or we have a food like the samosa that I showed yesterday I

will send you the recipe next time if you want to try to cook it at home I

know that you are a good cook well mr. Steve is a good cook I'm not sure about

me apparently mr. Duncan your your voice has changed over the years well I

suppose the reason why my voice sounds different on my old videos is because

way back in 2008 I didn't have professional equipment so the the

equipment that I used in 2008 was very basic so I didn't have a professional

microphone I didn't have anything that was professional I just used the camera

and that was it so that's all I used so it was very

basic equipment that I used when I first started my my English lessons all those

years ago wow it's incredible today we are talking about extremes where we talk

about extremes we talk about the most that something can go to and of course

the least that something can go to so we are talking high and low but we are

actually talking about the highest point and the lowest point so we are going to

talk about ways of using extremes in English and I will take you through some

words right now also what I will do I will also have a

look at the live chat now and again so don't worry I I am NOT ignoring you I am

doing a lot today in fact I will try to fit in as much as I can in the

next 20 minutes so we are talking about extremes now here is a good example of

extremes we have biggest and smallest so this often is used when we are talking

about size so when we describe size the the most extreme is biggest and also

smallest so when we go to the very large thing it is the biggest when we go to

the very small thing it is the smallest so these are good examples of extremes

from the biggest to the smallest so there is a good way of looking at one

particular type of extreme another one now largest and tiniest now I suppose in

this sense you can also use smallest as well so you can actually say largest and

smallest but also you can say largest and tiniest so the largest thing is the

one that is the biggest the tiniest is the smallest excuse me while I have a

little drink of water hmm this water is the wettest this is the wettest and if

you go into the desert you will say that that is the driest they are two extremes

another one now tallest and shortest so when we talk about the tallest we are

talking about height so the tallest thing and the shortest thing

so maybe we are talking about a building the tallest building in the in the world

the shortest person in the world tall short tallest shortest again they are

extremes here's a good one happiest and saddest happiest and

saddest so when we talk about the happiest it is the thing that gave you

the most joy or maybe the feeling that you have that can't be surpassed you are

the happiest you have ever been or maybe if something bad has happened maybe you

are the saddest you've ever been so you can have for example you can have the

happiest day of your life this has been the happiest day of my life perhaps it

was the day of your wedding or maybe you had a special birthday celebration this

was the happiest day of my life however if something bad happens

something that makes you feel unhappy an event that is not nice maybe the worst

thing that has ever happened you can say it was the saddest day when my dog died

it was the saddest day of my life it was the saddest that I've ever felt happiest

saddest they are both extremes Erik says Russia

is the largest country in the world and the smallest country does anyone know

I'm not sure what the smallest country in the world is I want to say I want to

say a country in Africa maybe I'm probably

wrong I'm sure someone will know but off the top of my head I don't know the

answer for that question so what is the smallest country in the world the

smallest country the brightest and the dullest so when we talk about the

brightest it is the one that is the clearest or the most obvious something

that can easily be seen the brightest colors the brightest light and then of

course we have dullest so the opposite of bright is dull bright dull we could

also use the word dim as well so dim can also be the opposite of bright so the

brightest or the dullest the brightest color the dullest color so

the brightest color is yellow the dullest color is black or maybe grey so

there you can see two extremes also it's probably worth mentioning that brightest

can also mean a person who is the most clever so if a person is very

intelligent or clever we might say they are the brightest he is the brightest

student in the class so bright and dull something that's interesting might be

bright so the brightest thing that you saw

today something that made you feel cheerful or happy and then we have the

dullest the thing that wasn't interesting or the thing that was boring

oh here's one here's one that I really do know about the fattest and the

thinnest fattest thinnest these are both extremes so when

we talk about the fattest we are talking about the person who has the most weight

they are very heavy they have a lot of fat on their body they are the fattest

maybe the fattest man in the world or of course the opposite is thinnest so

maybe the thinnest person in the world or maybe the thinnest person in the

classroom so the fattest thinnest and I know that some people will not like the

use of the word fact however it is still a word that's used even though sometimes

it is used unkindly so the fattest and the thinnest these are both extremes

fattest thinnest oh here's another one here's another one by the way I met the

smallest man in the world when he was still alive did you know that I actually

met the smallest man in the world he was actually living near to where I lived in

China and I actually saw him one day it was quite a thrill sadly he's no longer

with us here is warned that I really do understand very well can you guess which

one I am am i this one or am i this one am i number one or am i number two which

one is mr. Duncan attitude 210 did it I might be the

poorest person on YouTube maybe I am definitely not the richest person on

YouTube so the poorest has the least money the richest

has the most so the poorest person is the one who has no money and if we are

talking about a group of people we might decide to compare between each person so

maybe the poorest person has the least money the richest person has the most

money here is another one Oh most people say number two trust me

I'm I'm not this I am definitely not this a lot of people think I'm rich but

I'm not trust me if I was rich why would I buy a t-shirt for five

pounds of someone who Steve knows I mean would I do that if I was rich

definitely not oh oh this is a good one which one is mr. Duncan oh this this

could be a new game by the way I think this might be a new game so which one is

mr. Duncan is it one or two the cleverest are you sure the stupidest oh

thank you very much that's very kind of you to say so just to explain the

cleverest is the person who might be the most intelligent or appears to be the

most intelligent and the stupidest is the person who seems to have no

knowledge whatsoever the cleverest person in the class and the stupidest

person in the class even though that is not a very kind thing to say about

someone it really isn't

Pedro says number two Thank You Pedro for your support I do appreciate it

another one now o the highest the lowest high so the

highest is the point that cannot be exceeded it is the highest point there

is nothing higher than the highest and then the lowest is the one that can't be

exceeded going down so the highest voice the lowest voice so we can use this in

many ways so the highest can mean maybe something that is above you and the

lowest is something that might be below you so the highest mountain all the

lowest Valley the highest mountain the lowest Valley so there are many ways of

using this also if you are paying money for something the highest price the

lowest price so I paid the lowest price for this t-shirt it only cost me five

quid highest lowest maybe if we are talking about the score in an exam so

maybe the person who came top in the class got the highest score and the

person who did the worst got the lowest score highest lowest another example of


now when we are talking about extremes generally we will use best and worst so

that was the best day I've ever had mr. Duncan this was the best lesson you've

ever made and then the worst is the thing that was terrible something that

has never been so bad it's the worst it is the worst thing I have ever seen mr.

Duncan today's lesson was the worst lesson I've ever seen or maybe you say

it is the best lesson that you've ever seen so you can have the worst oh dear

the best so generally speaking we can say that was the best meal I've ever

eaten that was the worst meal I've ever eaten that is the best song I've ever

heard that is the worst song I've ever heard in my life another way of

expressing extremes is of course most and least so the most and the least so

when we say you give me the most joy I've ever felt or something gives you

the least joy that you've ever felt so we are talking once again about extremes

the most is quite often good the least is quite often bad however it also

depends on the thing you are expressing so maybe you are expressing something

negative but you don't have much of it so maybe the least sad so this is the

least sad that I've ever felt so because the word is negative we can

still say the least so basically you are saying that you are happy so I hope that

helps you we've talked about quite a few things today and we have been talking

about things called extremes so from the worst to the best the extremes the

extreme cold it is the coldest it is the hottest the hottest day the coldest day

I have a feeling that we are going to have one of the coldest days this winter

apparently apparently it's going to be very cold during the next few weeks here

in the UK thank you very much for your company today it's gone very quickly it

always goes fast I don't know how I don't know why but it always goes very

quickly what is the difference between the least and the lowest well they

basically mean the same thing the least is often used in quantity the lowest is

often used in position so when we talk about the lowest it is often position

when we talk about the least the least we are expressing quantity so I hope

that helps Mika says you are the best English teacher

thank you very much don't forget if you want to if you want to stand me they

can't find it there where's it gone there I can't find my Stan where is my

Stan there we go if you want to Stan mr. Duncan apparently this is the word that

all the teenagers are using now apparently it is very trendy so please

can you stand mr. Duncan can you stand by me and be a very loyal fan I would

appreciate it also if you want to make a donation you can also make a donation to

Pay Pal and there is the address right now don't

forget everything I do I do for free it costs you nothing not a single penny

thank you very much to ty thank you very much to pat you Louie Oh apparently the

smallest city the smallest country sorry country is Vatican the Vatican so yes I

suppose Vatican City is actually blessed as a separate place so yes maybe that is

right in fact that does sound right say I thought I thought it was somewhere in

Africa because there are lots of small countries in Africa Thank You Louie

Louie for that answer to the question that I asked earlier can you say the

most stupid yes you can so you can say that that is the most stupid thing I've

ever heard the most stupid thing I've ever heard although to be honest with

you it would be more normal and more acceptable to say that is the stupidest

thing the stupidest thing so the stupidest thing is the worst thing

you've ever heard it is the thing that makes no sense that is the stupidest

thing I've ever heard it is the fastest hour of the day because your lessons are

interesting Thank You Noemi that's very kind of you thank you also to our med

can you please show me how to pronounce ball ball and Bowl I will say them again

ball Bowl so one is Oh ball ball Oh ball and the other one is bold Oh Bowl

I hope that helps just before I say goodbye Thank You Maria thank you rich

Rashid thank you very much to Palmyra thank you

very much to Louie Louie thank you also to Bayern dave says please answer I'm

here right now what is the longest English word mr. Duncan well there are

many long English words some people actually debate which word is the

longest because one of the longest words in the English language relates to a

lung disease so there are many long words in the English language some

people disagree some people say oh this is the longest word whilst other people

say no this is the longest word so quite often it is open for debate

Thank You Louis Thank You Pat choo I am going in a moment

see you tomorrow it's beautiful outside I might actually go for a walk look so

that is the view out of my window right now it is so nice out there I might go

for a walk into the forest and there is another view right now looking out of

the window and as you can see the sun is shining and I am feeling very jolly

thank you very much for your company today I am going this is mr. Duncan

saying see you tomorrow don't forget to p.m. UK time and of course tomorrow it's

Friday Wow the weekend is just around the

corner ooh are you excited I hope so thank you very much Anna Thank You Maria

see you tomorrow and of course you know what's coming next

yes you do from your favorite English teacher I hope mr. Duncan in England

ta ta for now 8-)

The Description of 31 Days of Learning English - DAY 17 - improve your English - EXTREMES / HYPERBOLE - 17th October