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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Dogdugun Ev Kaderindir Capitulo 4 Parte 6 | Episode 4 english

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This is a big mistake you made Apologizing does not change anything!

Zeynep dragged the wrong way!

Look what happened to Zeynep.

Look what happened to Mehdi.

Who knows what is the psychology of Mehdi!

No way! Motherhood is not so! Kids are not protected well!

Look at me girl!

There is nothing to defend what you're doing.

In this house, nobody lies. No fooling anyone

No one in this house theater plays, no actors.

No one underestimates the intelligence of anyone

no one in this house hurts the pride of anyone.

If we did not, we would not be together!

People who deceive each other can not become a family!

As a family, we trust each other in the bad events that happen to us.


this bad thing to be young and inexperienced ...

Your age is too young, all this will be the experience for you.

I think the lesson learned from this event

I took my lesson ...


Is there anything else you can say?

I spoke and closed the subject, Mujgan!

Do not do anything broken pride Mehdi?

You are going to the side of Zeynep

You gave advice.

Then closed the topic. Do you think this is the correct behavior?

We can not interfere with the problem between them!

do not worry too much!

My son is broken, yes, but forgiving ...

forgive and Mahdi? : /

If Mom, yes! The favorite thing about my brother is "forgive"

He likes to forgive. As long as you stay away!

Is the problem "Mujgan" for them?

You'll stay away from them

Mehdi find a way and not leave his wife alone

Everything will be fine, I showed him what to do!

esta chica no tiene a nadie

Allah le dio una familia doble

Pero nadie vino a ella como su familia. No le enseñaron lo que significa ser una familia.

estás hablando de familia, ¿verdad?


¿Por qué querías que Mahdi se casara?

Querías que pasara tiempo con su esposa e hijos en el futuro

Si te casas, pensaste: "No tendrá problemas"....

Este matrimonio fue agotador para el Mehdi. pediste esto!

Hani, ¿dónde está Mahdi?

Mehdi, con su familia?Mahdi, con su esposa?

Donde esta mi hermano?

Zeynep, no llores más

Tu también fuiste testigo

Él entendió el error de su hijo, no te dijo nada malo

Estoy detrás de ti, te estoy protegiendo de todos!

no llores hija mía, no llores


¿Viste cuán grande problema has estado mintiendo?

¿Qué dijo la mujer? ¿No oíste?

Habló con un niño de 5 años como si dijera "mentir es algo malo"

Dijo que no juegues al teatro, no subestimes mi mente...

Hipérbole Zeynep

hablaba vacio!

no tienen derecho a decir nada.El sabe que su hijo está enojado

Mamá, nunca me entiendes...

nunca entenderás.

por favor déjame en paz...

Zeynep mi hija!

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