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Practice English Speaking&Listening with: Guess the Idioms with Nergiz and Jet

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hello everyone welcome to the Central

YouTube channel from now on we will be

here with our funny videos to teach you

English better this is a challenge video

about idioms both in Turkish and English

so let's start alright so we will try to

draw some cards here yeah so they will

either be in English or it can be in

Turkish and then we will try to guess

what the meaning of the idioms are yeah

would you be up to that challenge yeah I

am alright okay so maybe let's start

maybe you should should have draw a card

okay I'm doing it alright and so I have

here this idiom means English wrap your

head around something okay so what do

you think that means

okay I know the words we wrap is like

wrapping getting used to some ideas kind

of close yeah very very close wrapping

around head around something something

is not true at first to me then it grows

on me is that about that yeah yeah

that's that's right so wrap your head

around something is knowing more about

something yeah to learn more about

things let me make sure the very case in

Turkey let's see oh it's in Turkish yeah

yeah let me try pronouncing it it says

dum-dum deuce the chair

I'm sorry it just do celery do should do

sell or do she'll do chef du shell yeah

all right so what does it mean what does

the words in this phrasing a in a

cultural context it's like suddenly yeah


yeah unexpected you suspected suspect I

said there's an English Indian similar

to this one it's like like a thief in

the night saving tonight

yeah something like I'm suddenly yeah

yeah maybe but physical literal meaning

in this sentence falling from somewhere

high yeah you that's why confusing

anything in its physical terms

yeah okay so I think it's your turn

again yes yay let me take another one oh


it's another English one all right

save for a rainy day hmm oh that's a

very nice saying yeah so what do you

think the meaning of that phrase is okay

it's I think we have a Turkish saying

for this one this one says for your

harder days you you need to be prepared

so save for a rainy day it's actually

there is Turkish phrase for that ciclo

some alligators are mana that means

there am i right you know what it means

is it so you should always be prepared

for an emergency so say v4 really so if

you have like money so you might want to

save some

in case like your your tire gets flat

yes you for an emergency okay okay I get


so it's like in the Turkish saying

la semana

it's the Hmong cycler some alligators a

mom yes all right so it's your turn all

right let's see okay

ah it's Turkish hmm it says dole of

development what does it mean it's the

lobster mermaid oh yeah chef is making

new yeah spinning yeah spinning spinning

love means closeted your how can I say

this spinning closet when you're being

fraud you're not being sincere oh you're

being like an insecure person

yes sneaky and making a fool of someone

like yeah I'm lying to you or I'm it's

like honest what I'm doing so you're

showing your poker face yeah yeah

showing your poker face and when we

suspect that someone is doing pokerface

and we said dole opportune video your

turn all right it's a blessing in


have you heard this phrase before a

blessing in disguise

I'm not sure but yeah it sounds familiar

zoom what does it mean so would you take

a quick guess on what what this phrase

means a blessing in this guy so blessing

is something good something godly in

this guy

hidden yourself something good in hidden

hidden seating Oh explain it to you a

blessing in disguise means something

that something bad might happen to you

but that bad thing might actually be a

good thing oh yeah we have a turkey so

that's cool are you guys

that's a Turkish term for it a blessing

is in disguise means has to be a

advantage nice cool okay last one is

mine yes look at me okay I think it's in

Turkish what do you think oh it's a

Turkish all right what does it say okay

you're gonna you don't like you're not

gonna like this one because you hate


so it says Kabakov the varmint mm what

does it mean

any guess kebab thud evil means hmm what

does each word me okay kabak means uh

what was the English word for kebab

kebab I knew it it's like a pocket job

maybe like the Greek population no no

equity I write a zucchini as a TV yeah

zucchini I don't come to terms when you

say it tastes like zucchini mm-hmm

it literally means man but figure it

away there is something behind that the

means it's taste like a zucchini but do

you think by the by which we say this I

think you would be good and people would

secretly add vegetables okay that's


yeah but it's okay so if something

unpleasant happens again and again and

again it become like a bad tasted food

haha so maybe we'd start to say it

tastes like zucchini yeah that's the

meaning of our Turkish kebab the

Devourer MEK am a idiot

so that's it for today thank you and

hopefully you like representation and if

you want to subscribe for more content

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